Bound Fur


I am excited tonight. I have never been to your house. Up until now, our relationship has consisted of public meetings spent intensely discussing erotic abstractions, and a few hurried fumblings in my parked car. There’s just not space in that situation for what I have in mind. I have been dropping hints in our conversations about my little fetish, but as you’ve said nothing to encourage me, I’ve stopped to reconsider. Although your invitation has given me hope. I fantasize about seeing a pair of handcuffs hooked on to your bedpost as I dress for our date. As I am in gleeful anticipation, I dress carefully. I pick items of clothing purely for their arousal factor alone. Black, latex, thigh-high boots, a matching lacy pink bra and panty set, a short black leather skirt and a pink and black striped, tight, silk shirt completes the outfit. Oh yes, wait, I need one more thing. The Accessory: a pink leather, bejeweled, cat collar. Purrfect.

I arrive a fashionably few minutes late and tap lightly on your door. Light splashes out onto the front walk and you pull me in and give me a long kiss and a squeeze.

“Welcome to my world.” You smile broadly as you usher me in. I take a quick glance around the room, looking for tell tale signs of my fantasy. Instead, I am greeted by hundreds of stuffed animals in all shapes and sizes. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my. Large, colorful, posters of cartoon animals cover your walls and a mannequin stands in the corner wearing what looks to be a person-sized wolf fur suit. Grey and black fur. A wolf suit. I think, hmmmm? What’s really going on here?

You notice my surprised look and laugh. “I am a plushophiliac, my dear. Or to be more specific, some one who participates in the adult enjoyment of stuffed animals, or of all things furry, as I like to say.” Your eyes glitter as you emphasize, “the erotic enjoyment of fur.” I am now confused and tell you that I don’t really understand what that means.

Mysteriously, you murmur, “oh, you will”, and hand me a glass of wine. An hour later we are deep in conversation on your couch. You ask me about my interest in power play relationships while fingering my cat collar. “I’ve caught your hints and I am intrigued. It’s something that I’ve never done, but I am feeling the need to expand my experiences. Perhaps we could arrange a compromise?”

I smile in answer to your question, lower my eyelashes and lean back against the couch cushions with my knees Marmaris Escort slightly spread. You pounce swiftly to unbutton my top as one hand reaches up under my skirt to stroke my damp panties. Your tongue probes my mouth and in the process I lose my skirt and pink, lacy bra. As I begin to realize that I am almost nude on your couch, you hook a finger through the ring in my collar and pull me forcibly to my feet.

You lead me across the room to a chest of drawers with a mirror over it. You open the top-drawer and pull something pink out.

“Put these on.” I look at you questioningly. You want me to put on pink kitty ears? “Now. Don’t question me.” You pick up a black eyeliner pencil and outline my eyes with it, drawing long points of black on the outsides of my eyelids. Lines indicating whiskers are next and you ‘re done. You spin me round to look in the mirror and I admire myself in the reflection. I feel cute like a Japanese anime girl.

You then snap a delicate leash to my collar and order me down on all fours. You lead me over to the bed, tugging on the leash. Your big bed is covered in a blue fun fur spread.

Just like Grover from Sesame Street, I muse. (I’ve always thought that Grover was pretty cute…) The fur feels so good on my smooth skin! I roll around crazily, intoxicated by the feel of the soft fur. You loom over me suddenly and bend down and grab both of my wrists, jerking me up slightly off the bed.

“Stop that”, you say quietly with narrowed eyes. “Who told you could move? Keep your hands together over your head.” I grasp my hands together, stretching my body out. You tie my wrists together with a long, slender, plush purple snake that you’ve pulled out from under the bed. It’s body winds around my wrists and a spring in its mouth fastens the bonds tightly together. A large hook is sewn on the tail and it fits securely into a metal ring attached to the headboard. I am trapped on my back in front of you. You stand above me, your hands clasped in anticipation.

“Spread your legs”, you command gruffly. I hasten to comply. I glance up to see that you have put on a glove made out of black fur on your right hand. Mmmm. You begin to stroke my body with it. You move the glove over my breasts, down my stomach, brushing my thighs and then to my sex. Soft, endless circles and whorls you trace into my skin. The patterns criss-cross and tease every hidden part of me. You start to focus Marmaris Escort Bayan on my clit, pinching and pulling at my lips with your fur-covered fingers. The soft, prickling sensations are driving me insane with frustration. I spread my legs wider and wider, lifting my hips, trying to make deeper contact with the glove. As my body begins to shake with the signs of an impending climax, you stop abruptly. The glove is removed and I moan weakly over it’s loss.

You then cover both of my breasts with your hands, fingers spread wide, kneading and kneading. I feel blood suffusing into them as my nipples thicken and toughen. You pinch and pull, hardening them further. I breathe in sharply with each new sensation. When they are harder than I have ever felt them, you take out two small plush figures that look like raccoons. The toys have flexible arms that are meant to pinch on to a pencil or a lamp stand. You clip them on to my reddened nipples. I breathe a sigh of relief. Not too tight. You hear me and reach up to pinch the toy’s arms together tighter and tighter. Each new pressure sends electric vibrations straight to my swelling clit and I begin to moan and writhe on the long, blue fur.

“Shhh, pussy cat”, you whisper, “we’re almost there. This is a Love Bunny.” You pick up a large, stuffed white rabbit toy off the floor. “Have you ever heard of a strategically placed appendage?” you inquire as you stroke the stuffed rabbit. As I am in no condition to answer properly, I just shake my head mutely. I notice with interest that the Love Bunny has a vibrator attached between its short legs. You turn the vibrator on the lowest speed and work it into me. My juices flow around the vibrator and I quickly realize with a cry of frustration that they are not strong enough to allow me to cum. You begin to stroke me again with the glove, concentrating on my sensitive breasts and then down between my legs. As you stroke me, your tongue glides into my mouth and takes up the rhythm of the Love Bunny’s vibrations. I am going mad from the stimulation. I begin to plead pathetically for release.

“Not yet, pussy cat.” You turn the Love Bunny up to a higher speed. “We need to play a bit more.” You begin to work the bunny’s vibrator in and out of me with one hand. You then lean over and begin to tongue my clit at the same time. I can feel the brush of the fur on my lips every time the Love Bunny is pushed against me. This, Escort Marmaris combined with your insistent tongue brings me to a raging climax and I claw frantically against my padded bonds. I arch up against your arm and scream into the furred glove that’s placed firmly against my lips.

“Quiet!” you hiss as my cries die away into strange purring sounds. “I have nosey neighbors.” As I lay panting under you, a velvet-scaled snake with a long tongue pops up between my legs. You have on a hand puppet. “This is Samantha”, you explain, “She wants to clean you up. Doesn’t that sound nice, pussycat?” I don’t care what happens now and can only moan softly in response. Samantha’s forked tongue is covered in red velvet. Your finger wiggles inside of the tongue of the puppet. The velvet tongue gently strokes my swollen clit and lips, absorbing all fluids. The soft texture stroking my still swollen sex feels fantastic. I begin to feel the tingles of arousal start up once more. I mew softly again, punctuated by low, guttural cries.

“I told you to be quiet!” Samantha is suddenly shoved in my mouth. I can taste myself on the velvety fabric. You force my legs wider apart and begin to lick my pussy in earnest. Your teeth drag across my now incredibly sensitive clit. Keening screams of joyous sensation rise out of my throat only to be muffled by Samantha. You insert a finger deep in my vagina, massaging in slow circles. My hips follow the motion in a spiraling pattern. The blue fur beneath my hips is becoming damp and matted. The warm fuzziness of the bedspread enhances the aroma of pooled fluids and the scent becomes maddening to me. You drag your finger slowly along the roof of my vagina, stopping when you feel the soft mound of my G-spot. Stroking. Your mouth teases one tormented nipple, then the next. When my second climax crashes around me, I hear muffled screams that I only dimly realize as my own. I float, shuddering on a sea of blue fur. You stroke me softly with the glove as my spasms subside. I am then untied and lifted off the bed.

“That was fantastic, pussy cat”, you murmur, kissing me. “I’m a convert!”

“What about you?” I grab your arm for support for my weak legs. “I got to have all the fun tonight.”

“Oh, that comes later, pussy cat. Plushies have strategically placed holes too”, you say with a quick wink. “Watching you was most arousing for me. We’ll experiment more next time.” The thought of more makes me feel slightly wet again and I contemplate that fact as I dress in silence.

I turn to leave. “Does this mean I’m becoming furry too?”

“Most definitely, pussy cat, and just think! You haven’t even experienced the fur suit yet!”

My mind starts to reel as I shakily walk up the front path.