Bonnie’s Impossible Dream


My wife and I have an amazing sex life—in our minds! In the bedroom and occasionally elsewhere, we are good, but you can’t beat our imaginations. Our fantasies get us so turned on, they provide a safe, cheap, and reliable alternative to trying to do it all in real life.

“So-ohhhhh,” one of us would start, turning a short word into two seductive syllables. “What would you think about…?” Bonnie or I would continue, laying out the new idea or embellishing an earlier one. Sometimes it would be a solo inspiration, sometimes we both would contribute. They could range from simple roleplay (Do they even have traveling salesmen anymore?) to impractical situations (How do you sneak onto the International Space Station?) to celebrities (If you can have young Elvis Presley, I want young Helen Mirren.) to science fiction (Someone is going to get anally probed.). Over the years, some scenarios would repeat, or be improved upon.

It was easier to keep sex exciting for two decades without having to hide various media, paraphernalia, and activity from the curious eyes of our two kids. When we sent our second off to college, we celebrated our freedom by enacting some ideas we had only imagined. Both in our 40s, what we lacked in sheer stamina we made up for with erotic creativity.

This is the story of how we made one of Bonnie’s Impossible Dreams come true.

A recurring favorite of hers was to be worshipped and made love to by a group of men. It was rebooted by our twenty year college reunion. Back on campus, we visited the fraternity house of Eta Bukkake Pi. (You didn’t think I would use the real name, did you?) I had been president my senior year. As I showed her around, recounting some of my adventures in the house, Bonnie was turned on by the hot young men, some shirtless in shorts playing basketball, others in tight jeans and T-shirts just hanging out.

Although she wasn’t dressed provocatively, Bonnie is a tall, Nordic blonde, whose shoulder-length hair, full breasts, and long legs can attract attention anywhere, not just from a bunch of horny frat boys. Her crystal blue eyes and easy laugh have made a lot of guys think they might have a chance with her and made a lot more wish they did.

We both enjoyed watching the guys checking her out, her reveling in the knowledge that she was still so desirable, and me flaunting the fact that she was with me. She was sure she heard the word MILF come up a few times almost out of earshot. When we got back to the hotel, she insisted on a quickie before the dinner. As we fucked, we discussed one guy’s abs and the bulge in another’s pants.

It gave me an idea that would take a lot to arrange, but also the motivation to try. Over the next week, I made some calls to see how it might be accomplished. When it started to seem possible, I told Bonnie what I was considering, and she was enthusiastic. Even if it didn’t happen, working out the details was exciting and led to some hot sex as well.

It was a few months later, just after the start of a new school year, when everything was in place.

The evening arrived. We entered the fraternity house through the back door and went downstairs to the ceremonial room. It was private and soundproof and off-limits except for official events. John, the current president, escorted us in. Everything was ready.

Bonnie had styled her hair in an updo that made her even taller and more elegant. She removed her coat to reveal the filmy gown that cascaded to her bare feet. It gave her a regal appearance, as well as showing off her full breasts, taught belly, round ass, and shapely legs. She was truly a sex goddess to be worshipped. She inspected the odd, low, padded bench in the center of the room before taking her seat in the large leather chair on the dais.

I stepped into the side room where the other guys were. As did they, I stripped naked and wore only the ceremonial hooded robe of our fraternity. Checking that everything was ready, I stepped into the main room and announced, “Oh Venus, goddess of love, we come to worship you and pay you homage. We offer the tribute of our seed and the sharing of our ecstasy. As your high priest, I present these supplicants for your inspection and use.”

Bonnie almost broke out laughing at the pageantry, but I mock-scowled at her to stay in character. “Approach, and demonstrate your fealty,” she said, extending her leg. I knelt in front of her and kissed the sole of her foot, gently massaging it.

“Show me yourself,” she ordered, gesturing that I had permission to stand next to her. I parted my robe and shoved my hips forward. She grabbed and squeezed my half-hardon. Flicking it with the back of her hand, she dismissed me, saying, “Is that all you have?” I knew the guys güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri could see this from the side room, and I imagined them stroking beneath their robes to be sure they were fully erect.

I bowed deeply and whimpered, “No, goddess, I bring you the finest in manhood, young, strong, virile.” I called, “Come here, John.” He entered the room and I pushed him next to her. This was the moment of truth, but Bonnie didn’t hesitate, seizing the young man’s cock and balls with her hand. John was not only fraternity president, but also the quarterback on the football team. His strength and leadership would be needed tonight, and his long penis would also be put to good use.

“He is adequate,” Bonnie’s wide eyes showed that she was more impressed than her words implied. “But he should learn his place!”

“I am most unworthy, goddess,” he said, hurrying to kneel in front of her. She extended a foot and he licked her toes eagerly.

“Marcus, approach,” I called, and he knelt before her other leg, joining his frat brother worshipping her feet.

“Enough,” she said after a bit, withdrawing her feet. John stood and backed away. “Let me see you,” she said to Marcus. He stood and exposed his cock to her. It was not as long as John’s but was notably thicker. Bonnie’s hands are not small, but her finger and thumb could not reach all the way around it.

“What else do you have to offer?” my wife’s voice was less stern as I directed Marcus to his spot.

“Louis, approach and worship our goddess,” I called. He was a basketball player, tall and thin. When he knelt before her, Bonnie stood up, opening her gown to position her bush in front of his face. He did not need more instructions as his mouth pressed into her. From the sound of the slurping, Bonnie definitely was as turned on as the rest of us.

“Mmm,” she moaned, “I may not need what is between your legs.” She paused. “But stand and show it to me anyhow.” She sat back down and he stood next to her, putting his genitals within reach. Louis wasn’t as long as John or as thick as Marcus, but the taste of her pussy had him hard enough to drill concrete.

When she released him, I waved him to his spot and then continued with some pomp.

“Finally, dear Venus, we have a unique offering. We searched far and wide to find for your use and enjoyment… twins!” On cue, Jeff and Carl entered. Bonnie’s eyes lit up. The fact that the last two were twins was a surprise I had kept from her. In their hooded robes, only their faces were visible, but she could see they were a match. “Not just any pair,” I paused for dramatic effect, “but twin virgins!” Jeff and Carl blushed, and the other three struggled to suppress their laughs.

Bonnie broke character and exclaimed “Really? No way! How…?” She seemed on the verge of tears. Fantasies involving twins or virgins are fairly common, and she had her favorites but didn’t expect any to be part of this event.

Arranging it took a lot of luck and cooperation from my fraternity brothers. First, there had to be twins in the freshman class. Then they had to be virgins. Then we had to get them into the fraternity. Fortunately, these two engineering freshmen were nerds from a small town and hadn’t yet found willing partners. They were desperately hoping to change that situation when they arrived on campus.

Jeff and Carl were not the kind of recruits my fraternity would normally seek, but I appealed to our fraternal bond with the current officers, as well as made a humongous contribution to the party fund, to get them to give the pair a try. In any case, those two would soon no longer be virgins, and might just turn out to be Eta Bukkake Pi material.

The two stood confused, looking back and forth between my wife and me as we all tried to compose ourselves.

Bonnie could not stop grinning, but took a deep breath and stood up, back on script. “Come to me, my beautiful boys,” she said, standing and holding out her arms. Exchanging a glance, the two freshmen approached and stood a step below her. She opened her gown to enfold their heads, drawing each to a nipple. At first tentative, they sucked eagerly as she pulled their faces against her soft globes.

After a bit, she gently pushed them away. “Indeed, high priest, you have exceeded my expectations. I am pleased, and wish to share my love and pleasure with all of you.”

Walking to where they had lined up near the bench, she gestured to it. “On this altar, we will celebrate love and lust, giving and receiving. You honor me and fill me.” She made a show of removing her gown, turning around, and letting them see her in all her glory. Indeed, she could have been a Greek goddess. Her breasts swayed and her ass rippled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as she did a turn, flexing her strong legs and arms.

Bonnie walked up to me at the head of the line. Removing the hood, she held my face and kissed me, her eyes shiny with emotion. She lifted the robe off my shoulders and it fell in a puddle as she hugged me tightly, my now fully hard cock poking her belly. “Attend me, priest,” she ordered. I picked the tray up off the table and followed her.

She first approached John, tugging the robe off his shoulders and dropping it to the ground. “You will be the base, supporting me and guiding the others.” She took the prepared condom from the tray and rolled it onto his erect penis.

Next was Marcus. “You will set the rhythm and pace,” she said as she removed his robe. She rolled the proper condom onto his massive organ as well.

Continuing to Louis, she discarded his robe, saying “You will spread the ecstasy throughout my body.”

Bonnie stood between the twins. Turning first to Jeff, she removed his robe, then took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. She did the same for Carl and then stood back, shaking her head with a smile as she surveyed their bodies, marveling at how identical they indeed were. “For you two, tonight is just the beginning,” she said, wrapping her arms around Carl, pressing her naked body against him. She hugged Jeff in turn. “It gives me great joy to share this initiation with you.”

She held out her hands, and I pumped lube from the bottle on the tray. She stroked it onto the awaiting cocks, first the twins, then Louis, then Marcus. Finally, she led John to the bench. He knew where he was supposed to lie and his cock stood straight up.

“Let us begin,” she said, her voice full of excitement. She generously lubed John’s condom-covered pole. Standing between his knees, she lowered her butt onto it. John helped spread the lube as Bonnie gradually opened her rear entrance to him. It was not long before she was able to slide up and down his cock. She leaned back onto him, and he easily supported her weight, the fingers of his large hands digging into her soft buttocks. He gave a few test thrusts to confirm they had a good position.

The bench was a custom design, to ensure everyone’s comfort, especially hers. Its dimensions were calculated so each would be in the right position. The twins built it, and I knew they were motivated to do a good job. There was a headrest for her by John’s shoulder so as not to strain her neck.

“Now Marcus,” she invited. Bonnie lifted and spread her legs to rest them against his chest when he moved into position. She gasped as the head of his cock breached her opening. So turned on, she had more than enough natural lubricant to enable him to stretch her wide as he slowly pressed into her. The three bodies found a leisurely cadence.

Bonnie was close to coming already and I hated to distract her, but I didn’t want things to go off half-cocked (pun intended). I leaned over to apply lube between her breasts. Briefly ignoring what was happening below her waist, she spread it, getting it on her fingers as well. “Louis, here,” she said, pointing to the strategically placed footboards on both sides. Standing on them, his long legs were able to straddle her chest as she pushed her majestic hills to form a narrow canyon. He slid his dick into her cleavage, reaching down to take hold of her breasts, skillfully thumbing her nipples as his fingers tried to contain her pillowy flesh.

“Jeff,” she called, raising her left hand. “Carl,” she said raising the right. They raced to their spots, standing so the angle of their cocks matched the grip of her hands. She scooped more lube from the lake that I had created on her chest until she was satisfied that she had enough to easily milk their shafts.

Bonnie looked so happy, and I gently stroked the hair from her face. We didn’t really expect the hairdo to make it unscathed. Her eyes were glazing over and I bent to kiss her deeply. I knew she was in heaven, or at least turning into heaven’s driveway. I checked to see if she was ready to handle more. For a few moments, her eyes focused on me. “Yes, my dear, thoughtful, wonderful, high priest. I command you to join us.”

A lever on the headrest allowed me to slowly ease Bonnie’s head back. If she had been standing, she would be looking straight up. Her lustful eyes told me she was ready. She licked her lips and opened wide, inviting me to slowly slide my cock into her mouth, relaxing her throat to take me deeper. She had sucked me before this way, but not with so many distractions, and we wanted to be sure she could handle it.

This was Bonnie’s Impossible Dream: six at güvenilir bahis şirketleri once!

I glanced at the others. John was focused on keeping my wife in position as he drove up into her ass. Louis was trying to keep his balance while wrangling two slippery boobs. Marcus seemed like he was struggling not to cum, while having to provide more support for her upraised legs. Bonnie was losing her grip on the twins because of all the other sensations overwhelming her, but as instructed, they wrapped their hands around hers. They wanted her to keep stroking their dicks as much as she did.

Her body rocked as Marcus fucked and we all synchronized to that movement. It was not for long, at least to the men and me; it likely seemed longer to her.

Bonnie suddenly groaned, as loudly as one could with a cock down her throat. She shook and writhed and I worried something might be wrong, but Marcus smiled and nodded indicating that she was climaxing.

“Thank you, Venus, goddess of love, for sharing your pleasure with us,” we chanted on my cue. I couldn’t tell if Bonnie heard it or if it mattered at that point. But we wanted to follow the script. We repeated it two more times until her orgasm had finished.

My wife was not big on multiple orgasms. She would sometimes go for more, but she usually preferred to cool down before starting again. She had said it would be more than enough if she could make the six of us cum at once, whether or not she did at the same time. In this situation, though, I was sure she had another one in her.

I withdrew and cradled her head to see her eyes. “Let me repay the joy you have given me,” she croaked. Taking a deep breath, she opened wide and leaned her head back, welcoming my return.

“Gentlemen,” I said, “Brothers.” I bobbed my head to indicate the pace. “Let us prepare to share our essence with our goddess.” I gradually picked up speed. I figured the men couldn’t last much longer, and I wanted to get my wife back to the peak.

“Almost there,” I said, seeing the tension in her neck and arms. Marcus nodded in agreement, feeling her thighs tighten.

Bonnie’s moan was even louder this time, and the twins yelped as her hands suddenly squeezed their cocks involuntarily. Her body spasmed as the rapture overtook her, but she was safely enfolded between our bodies.

“Now!” I called, but it wasn’t really necessary. All six of us were erupting. She gulped as I spurted deep in her throat. My knees grew weak as the pleasure washed over me. I was focused so much on orchestrating the event, I hadn’t realized how turned on I was. Seeing my beautiful, sexy, loving wife—the goddess I truly worshipped—like this, having her fantasy fulfilled, was like no emotion I’d ever experienced.

Louis shot as far as my belly, with stripes painting from her chin to her breasts. Carl and Jeff both showed cum streaks high on their chests. (Ah, the memory of days when I might have shot that much or that far.)

I stroked her cheek as again we said in unison, three times, “Thank you, Venus, goddess of love, for sharing your pleasure with us.” We slowed our movements as did Bonnie. When I slipped my cock out of her mouth, she was still sucking so it made a quiet pop as the head emerged. Gently I raised her head back to normal and bent to kiss her.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her eyes unfocused in euphoria. Somewhat louder, she managed to whimper, “Thank you all!”

Louis climbed off her, Marcus withdrew, and John wiggled out of her ass. I lifted my wife and carried her to the other side room where we had set up a king-size bed. As planned, John, Marcus, and Louis took their leave.

I gave my wife, still languid in the afterglow, a gentle sponge bath and settled her comfortably on her side in the middle of the bed. After the twins cleaned themselves up, I positioned one on each side like three spoons. Falling asleep, Bonnie instinctively put her arm around the one in front and nestled her butt against the one in back. This part wasn’t scripted for her since they were a surprise, but I had given Carl and Jeff advice about how to behave.

Dimming the light and closing the door, I left the three of them to enjoy whatever they were going to experience. I slept on a couch in the main room, awakened a couple times by sounds from my wife and the twins.

Carl and Jeff were gone when my wife woke me in the morning. She told me she had just finished teaching Introduction to the Pussy, and both students had passed the oral exam! We dressed, packed our things, and made a quiet exit.

On the drive home, Bonnie told me how when she woke up in the middle of the night, she had sucked one while she fucked the other. When she woke a few hours later, she did the reverse, so neither would feel he missed something.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I let them take a selfie. You couldn’t see my face because I was swallowing Carl’s cock while Jeff screwed me from behind. One pic was enough, though,” Bonnie laughed, “because both can claim to be whichever guy he wants!”