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bi coupleMy name is Bert and when I was 18 this happened to me. I had applied for summer work without success and I was very happy when I saw on the school’s bulletin board a paper on which it said: that a young man was wanted for a summer cottage for mowing, repairs and other minor jobs.I called immediately and got to talk to Kurt who turned out to be a lecturer at the university. We agreed that I would visit them in the evening to get to know each other.When I called the door, Lena came and opened. She regretted that her husband had gone to a lecture, but that he had instructed her to ask a little about me.She turned out to be a pretty handsome woman aged 45-50 with a very pretty face framed by dark brown hair with a few gray hairs.My young eyes immediately fixed to her breast which was quite large, certainly D-cup and they were due to a white blouse and a beautiful red lace bra that shone through the thin fabric.As she walked in front of me in the living room, I admired her round tail that tightened under the tight skirt and moved sexy at her soft gait.We sat in each armchair and she offered a glass of white wine and smiled encouragingly at me when she noticed how nervous I was. istanbul escort After a few questions here and there, we agreed that I would start arriving Friday, when I could go out with them.When they came after me, I noticed, to my delight, that Lena was wearing shorts and a light yellow bikini bra that exposed most of her mature woman’s breasts and she and Kurt could hardly avoid seeing how I admired her middle-aged beauty and mature charm.She hugged me warmly and I felt her warm and soft woman’s body against my harder, youthful body and I took her back and my heart chopped like a bar hammer inside my chest.Like me, Kurt was wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and now I got to meet him too. He was in Lena’s age, it turned out later that he was 45 and Lena 47, but he was a very handsome man with almost gray hair despite his age.He also hugged me, but not as tightly as Lena and I felt strange about this immediate proximity that my employers showed me, but I felt happy that they clearly showed their appreciation to me.I should probably explain here that I grew avcılar escort up in a home without almost any physical touch of my parents and I had not seen my mother or father naked, neither on the beaches, in the sauna or in the home where you generally see each other bare.Their snowy religion, which I did not want to share with them, made the naked body considered sinful. With this background, all my readers probably understand how overwhelming my experiences and especially my first sexual experiences became this hot summer.When we arrived I saw that it was a fairly large house, which probably needed to be painted, there was also a sauna with large porch and a large jetty with swimming ladder.Lena showed me my room and said that Kurt and she would go down to the beach and swim and asked if I wanted to come along and I thanked yes. I switched to bathing pants and went down to the beach where Kurt and Lena were already lying on the dock and basking in the heat.They both wore swimsuits of the same light yellow thin fabric and I thought they probably showed their affinity even when it came to swimsuits. I looked at my hostess and saw that she şirinevler escort wore the same revealing bra as before, but now she also wore a bikini pant that turned out to be a string model when she lazily swung around.Her round, very mature, female tail was now completely naked for my admiring looks. I looked at her from behind as she bent down to remove the sandals, and saw how the thin string disappeared between her buttocks and how the thin fabric came forward and tightened over her round hill and slid a little into her fit running.When I gently looked at her from the front, I saw that the minimal triangular fabric patch on the front did not completely cover her Venusberg and the outer labia. Even on the front, the thin fabric tightened so hard that it slid into her pussy’s groove and I could clearly see where it ended.I felt my own cock start to grow so I went down into the water all the way down to my waist and turned around and saw Lena coming towards me and now I saw clearly her stiff nipples from the cooler water beneath the thin bikini bed.After her came Kurt wading and I saw clearly how his cock was drawing through the thin swimsuit and saw how big it was. It was lying horizontally from the center to the left and I wondered if he had pulled the foreskin away from the oblong, because so clearly his large oblong appeared under the thin shiny fabric.We prayed and glamed and I came to touch Lena’s body several times by mistake and she hugged laughing about both me and her husband. I noticed how my cock was growing as I felt her almost naked body mo