Best Sister Experience Ch. 01


This is the prequel to ‘Shearing a text with my sister.’ (that funnily enough does not mention texting, much to the disgust of a few of the readers) The stories events are based on fact as I remember them.

The best nights sex I ever had was with my sister back in 1998, I was in my early 30’s and my sister in her mid 30’s. This happened almost 3 years before I first went to Manila. I had moved out of my flat a few months earlier and into my own house. At this time I had been single and sexless for about 18 months, my sister’s first marriage of 11 years had just broken up a few months earlier. We hadn’t seen each other for about 10 months so I arranged to catch up with her one afternoon after a helicopter flying lesson. I would never have imagined my sister and her husband splitting up. It was a surprise for a lot of people.

We talked about her marriage and she said her husband had been cheating on her with several different women for at least the previous 6 years that she knew of but suspected it may even have been longer. She decided enough was enough and finally pulled the plug as she concluded he was never going to change. It was largely an unpleasant and sexless marriage for her anyway she said. Looking at where she is today it was the best move she ever made.

After a couple of hours of talking and drinking tea I had to shoot away but we arranged for her to come around for tea on Wednesday night after work.

She came around knocked at the door about 6.30pm on Wednesday. I opened the door and the first thing she did was hand me a bottle of sparkling wine and gave me a kiss on the check. Good start I thought. She was quite nice looking with light colored hair and gave the impression that she looked after her body quite well. In reality though a bit like me, she was one of those people who always seemed to be slim but never needed to be concerned about what she ate or how much. I think we had both inherited our mother’s genes on this one. My sister was 3 inches shorter than I was and 3 years older.

We drank the wine and ate the meal that I had cooked, had a beer each and got a lot more talking out of our system, we decided to meet up again on Saturday night.

Saturday came and she turned up at my place about 6pm. We went out for a meal, discussing each other’s relationships, previous girlfriends – boyfriends and sex lives, or lack of.

Afterwards we went to a bar that had a live band playing. Because of the loud volume of the music, we couldn’t really talk like we wanted to, by about 10.30pm we were driving to a quieter bar. We were getting along like a house on fire so I asked her if she wanted to crash at my place for the night instead, she said she would like that, I diverted the car back to my place.

I only had one queen size bed at my place but the way my sister and I were bought up we had always been fairly comfortable sleeping in the same bed together, being nude around each other at an earlier age used to be a natural everyday event, though nothing like that had happened between us after she got married at 24.

When we got back home, I put the bedroom heater on, brushed my teeth then went into the bedroom, she was standing next to the bed and had removed her shoes. I think we were both about 50/50 of what we thought may happen but this is how it played out. While it may have been the first time in over 12 years it wasn’t the first time we had played around together. It was by no means the last either.

I removed my shoes, and testing the water so to speak, I suggested we undress each other one item at a time. She was quite agreeable to that and she decided to go first so removed my sweater. ‘No point in saving the best bit till last’ I thought so I decided to go in for the kill and her jeans were a good target, much too her surprise, I unbuttoned and unzipped them and took them down. She didn’t protest about it but while a bit surprised was happy to step out of them. I thought she was going to follow suit with me but she didn’t, with her turn she carried on and removed my winter shirt.

Hmmm, now this was a hard decision I hopped on my knees in front of her, admiring her pubis and camel toe outline through her undies, I pulled back the top of her knickers and looked down into her bush uuumming and aaarring. She didn’t say anything, just kept standing there smiling and looking down at me. I put my nose hard into the font of her knickers to smell her vulva through them, shaking my head sideways rubbing my nose over her clit. She giggled and called me a naughty boy.

So I pulled back the front of the leg band and peeped inside where I could bayan esmer escort bursa get a good side view of her vulva. Other than being a bit hairier than it was many years ago as I remember, it hadn’t really changed that much. She still didn’t protest, just smiling so I put my fingers on the inside of each waist band and quite fast lowered them to just below her knees. Her pussy was gorgeous and this was the first time I had seen it full frontal in over a decade. I remembered her bush was much tidier and smaller as well back then.

I held onto her knickers just above her knees so she had to lift and open her left leg to step out of them, giving me a fantastic view of her inner labia and clit. My previous girlfriend had very large protruding labia but my sister’s ones were not that big, the inner lips staying well inside her outer lips. They were nice and tidy with a bit of an overgrown bush. I commented that she could do with a trim.

Other than going to a couple of strip shows with friends during the year, this was the first live pussy I has seen in almost 18 months. I gave it a kiss in appreciation and slid my tongue up over her clit making her giggle.

Her next move was my tee shirt that I wearing under my shirt because of the cold weather we were getting. I was hoping she would have gotten my trousers so my cock could get some relief. It was straining sideways in my underwear and getting a bit uncomfortable, desperately trying to get out of its cramped quarters.

My turn again and I took off her sweater. She still had a blouse and bra on underneath.

So here she was standing in front of me with socks still on and a top but naked in between. She undid my trousers and lowered them so I could stand out of them, not taking her eyes off the outline of my sideways growing cock still trapped in my underpants. As I took my second leg out of my trousers my cock decided it had had enough and moved up vertical so its head was poking out the top of my underwear. We both had a bit of a giggle about it.

I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it looking at a nice b cup bra she had on. Next she knelt down and got me to raise a leg so she could remove my sock, the head of my cock inches away and at her eye level.

I got her to turn around and unclipped her bra, releasing her boobs. They were gorgeous and still well supported and shaped for her age at mid 30’s. From behind I put my hands on them massaging them in a circular motion and lightly doing her medium size nipples making them quite hard pressing my vertical standing cock up against the small of her back. She moved her head back and rubbed it up against my cheek.

Her turn again and she turned around and pulled back the top of my underwear and looked down into it. Gave the head of my cock a quick kiss, then her hands went down to my other sock, I lifted my leg so she could remove it while she was bent over still smiling and staring at my fully grown cock head.

I knelt down and removed her left foot sock, marvelling at the view of her clit and smaller inner lips as she lifted and opened her leg to step out of it.

She got on her knees again turned around to face me and slowly lowered my underwear finally releasing the pressure my stiff as a board cock. It was much more comfortable after she did that being free and pointing up towards the roof. She wanted me to shake my hips so she could watch my hard on swing from side to side.

She pulled the foreskin back on my cock as if inspecting it and said she had forgotten what it looked like after being married to a cut guy for the best part of 12 years. She said uncut ones were so much prettier and more fun to play with. She then pulled it down almost horizontal and let it go hearing it slap against my tummy laughing as she repeated that a few times. She declared herself as the winner since she still had a sock on and I was nude. I insisted that she had to keep it on and wear it for the rest of the night. I would have done the opposite if she still had her bra on.

With the bedside lights still on, we climbed into the bed and spent a few minutes just cuddling up and stealing each other’s body heat under the blankets. It was so nice to cuddle to my sister’s naked body again, the first time in well over a decade. We kissed a really long and passionate kiss, she lay on her back as I moved down and sucked on her nipples with her hands massaging my neck, and running up my sides giving me a very sensual tingling sensation. My hands were on her breasts caressing her nipples, the heater was on full slowly warming up the bursa ucuz eskort bedroom.

I moved further down running my tongue down towards her belly button, then down over her clit and between her lips to that faintly familiar slight female ammonium smell. Not an offensive taste but would have been better if she had washed there first. I opened her legs and moved her knees up, my mouth sucking her inner lips and clit.

Concentrating mainly on her clit sucking and drawing as much blood to that area there as I could so it would swell up. After 10 minutes or so my neck needed a rest from that position I straddled her chest and hopped on my knees where she could suck the head of my cock with my forehead leaning on the wall. At least the room was much warmer now.

After a few minutes I laid on my back with my sister straddling my face while I was tongue fucking her with half of her pussy in my mouth and my hands alternating caressing her breasts and ass. The ammonium taste had been replaced by the sweet nectar taste of her pussy juices, she was getting really wet from her arousal.

Her clit was poking out on a little stork like a match head and bright pinky red in colour. She moved her pussy down my chest rubbing her wetness all the way down to my cock. When she got there she reached behind, grabbed hold of my cock rubbed its head all over her clit and between her inner lips.

She lowered herself on my cock and slowly fucked me up and down for a few minutes until she orgasmed. It was a strong but silent orgasm with her whole body quivering for about 30 seconds and she told me to just keep still and relax.

After her body stopped quivering she started fucking me again. I had to get her to stop a couple of times to stop myself from coming too soon, this was the first sex I have had in almost 18 months and I had no intention of it letting it end too soon. After her third orgasm she rolled her onto her back and I slid back down with my head in between her legs and stayed there for a few more minutes sucking on and playing with her clit deliberately keeping her away from my cock.

When I felt ready I got her to get on all fours so I could fuck her doggy style. Her tight pussy around my cock made me feel I was a going to come after only a couple of minutes, she had another orgasm, she was fairly quiet but her body started quivering and she pushed hard back into me for about 30 seconds. I had to try hard to stop myself coming inside her. After she calmed down we both lay quietly on our backs side by side for a breather with our hands fondling each other’s genitals for a few minutes.

She got up and moved into a 69 with me on the bottom and bed table light shining on to her ass giving me a marvellous full view of her ass, anus and inside of her pussy with its beautiful small inner lips. So amazingly different from my ex girlfriends pussy, and much richer in colour, I sucked on her clit and pussy lips, with her sucking my cock, a few times I had to get her to stop again before I would come.

Several times I still hadn’t come, very close to it but not allowing it to happen, with my cock still hard as a rock I fucked her in the missionary position until I was ready to cum again but stopped myself short. My brain was going all fuzzy from getting so close to orgasm on so many occasions.

We carried on alternating sucking and fucking and myself continuously edging until about 5.30 am when the birds outside started chirping. We both fell asleep with me spooning my sister and my cock still inside her, both too tired to carry on.

After a good long snooze we woke up slowly got up at about 11am and I realised that I had spent all night fucking but still hadn’t ejaculated. The sheets were a bit damp around our hips but it was all my sister’s pussy juices. She told me she couldn’t believe the self control I had and it would have been over in the first 5 minutes with her ex. Personally, after waking up I felt like death warmed up with a low batt light on.

My sister had a shower and after a coffee and a couple of bits of toast she left as she said she had other things planned for the day. We had an amazing night but I was not sorry to see her go. I was pretty tired but I couldn’t sleep and my penis shaft had a blister about half way up on the left hand side it from all of the constant rubbing action of intercourse. Even though she was quite wet all night it still wasn’t enough. I was left wondering if my sister was a bit sore inside her pussy as well.

I changed the bedding and went for a bike ride, trying to wake up bursa anal yapan escort a bit more, to visit my old flatmate since we were still good friends. I was quite fond of my old flatmate. We could talk about anything – our sex experiences quite often on the agenda – but we had never had any sort of physical relationship between us. I told her what had happened and we had a bit of a laugh about it, I didn’t mention it was my sister but rather just a blind date. She talked about the last time she had sex many years earlier and said it usually only lasted 10 minutes and she didn’t really enjoy it. I must have enjoyed it a lot more with almost 6 hours of constant fucking she said. I had a feeling she was telling me she may have been like a sack of spuds in bed. I didn’t tell her about the blister.

After filling in the afternoon I biked about 7 km back to my place and got home about 5.30 pm. I had been home for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door. It was my sister again, ‘Oh my god’ I thought as I realised this poor sexually starved girl had come around for another helping like a drug addict. My poor cock, ‘OK’ I thought, ‘Take the bull by the horns and lets finish this.’

She stripped off and lay back naked on the bed showing off her freshly shaven pussy to me, she said she hoped I might like it. I loved it but with a sore penis and still tired from lack of sleep it was a bit harder to get in the mood for it. I went down on her for a few of minutes with my knees on the floor and her pelvis and feet at the edge of the bed and her knees wide open and up in the air. It was sooo much nicer going down on her with all of that hair removed. I stripped off, I thought I would have trouble getting hard again but I didn’t.

So I climbed on board and I fucked her in the missionary position going for it like a jack hammer, my thumb and forefinger squeezing the base of my penis, feeling it move in and out of my sister’s very wet vagina and holding off coming until it built up to an almost impossible level that I just had to release, I came quite hard inside her. I stopped humping her but could still feel my penis draining my balls, filling her pussy with my juice until it started spilling out the sides. It seemed to carry on for at least 30 seconds or more.

The blister the side on my penis had rubbed raw and made it a bit sore and uncomfortable but not unbearable. I don’t know if she orgasmed that time, she didn’t say and I was busy looking after my own needs for a change than to take any notice of what her body was telling me. I certainly did orgasm big time, pumping at least three or four times as much juice into her pussy than what is normal for me. It was such a huge relief for me to finally finish the game. She seemed pretty happy as well though.

Sexually speaking, it was the longest and most amazing episode I have ever had in one 24 hour period. My sister told me she orgasmed more times in that one night than she had in total for her whole life. She said she lost count after 8 times which by my reckoning was only 1 ½ hours into it. So I took that as a compliment. No wonder she came back for seconds.

My previous girlfriend said she thinks she only orgasmed once in the whole 7 years we were together, we did have a fairly active sex life but an orgasm was so hard to achieve for her.

My sister wanted another shower to douche her pussy properly, she certainly needed it, warm jisim was still leaking from her pussy all down her leg after she came out of the shower. I gave her a clean handkerchief to put in her knickers to wear on the way home. I was quite glad to finally see her drive away back to her own place after only one hour. I felt completely shagged out, had a quick shower, could not be bothered with tea and went to bed looking forward to work on Monday morning so I could have a break.

I involved myself in work by doing some overtime for the next couple of weeks giving the blister on my penis plenty of time to recover, it took about 2 weeks to heal and completely disappear. I never told anyone about that. She got in touch with me just before the week ended to say her period had come so would not be staying over during the weekend, I told her not to worry about it, my penis and I were secretly pleased to have some extra time off.

Over the next three months she would come around twice a week, usually every Tuesday and Saturday night. We would go out and have a drink and talk at a local bar for an hour or so then head back home for more sex which I was quite happy to supply. Usually it lasted only about an hour or less, nothing like the marathon 6 hour stint of that night.

After a few months another guy started taking an interest in her and I was forming another relationship with a lady from work, so we both moved on for a while.

Whenever I think of the best or longest night sex I have ever had this is always the first one that pops into my head and I don’t think I will ever beat it.