Best Customer Service

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Best Customer ServiceThe best customer ever!I have been in the plumbing business my whole life and I have had my share of Horny house wives calling up to get a young service man to come over and service their needs. I have had my share of women as well and I am always willing to help out a horny lady anytime. But I was never thinking that I would be sharing a story like this one. It all started on a hot summer morning and I was working in the office like I have been for the last few years. I mostly do the take offs for large jobs and leave the day to day work for my staff. But with summer holidays and all I had to get out and do a few calls myself. I knew the house well and I also knew that there was one very hot looking young lady there too. My son had dated her a few years back and I was always happy to see Nancy come over and swim in our pool. She had long blonde hair and a set of tits to die for. Her ass was as tight as bark on a tree and she was always so bubble. I had a hard on just thinking about her and what I might get to see when I got to her house. It was across town and it toke me a record 10 min’s from door to door. I was in a hurry to get there and start work. As I pulled in the driveway I noticed that there were no cars at home and that only added to my excitement knowing I would be there alone with Nancy. I pulled into the driveway and got out of the truck. I headed to the front door with my tools in hand and ready for an exciting adventure. As I rang the door bell I could hear voices within the house and I knew that there was more than one person home. My excitement began to die as I realized I might not have the benefit of Nancy all to myself. The door song wide open and there e stood Nancy in a pair of short tight, white shorts. Her tight ass hanging out and a full view of her tight pussy. The pink tank top was barely able to keep her large 38 c’s in place as she bounced with excitement. She ushered me in the door and shut it behind me quickly. It was then that I saw another younger girl at the top of the steps wearing a very small blue bikini and her large able tits were also busting from the top. It was Nancy’s younger sister that I had heard of but had never met. Kim was 2 years younger than Nancy but had a body to die for too. Nancy was quick to introduce me to her sister and the fact that my son had dated her a few times. Kim also knew my son and seems to giggle slightly with the name. Kim said well I see where Mark gets his good looks. And with that Nancy showed me to the stairs leading upstairs. She told me that it was in the master bed room ensuite and that she needed the shower fixed before the next day as her parents were away and would be back later tomorrow night. I smiled and agreed that I should have no problems getting it back in order before then. As I passed Kim I heard her whisper to Nancy – Maybe we could try it out once he has it fixed!! I love worker guys. She said it very softly but I heard it still as I passed. My cock got hard as rock again!! Nancy led me thru the hallway and into the master bedroom. The King sized bed had not been made and there were clothes all over the floor. I looked down to see a pair of skin coloured thong panties and a pair of white lace stocking and garders. My heart pounded harder. I had kastamonu escort always loved white lace and graders. She led me to large marble shower in the master ensuite. The fixtures were quite old and the gold shower head was sitting on the counter. Nancy was pointing to the head and explained that she was trying to realine it when the head came off in her hand and she was not able to get it back in place. The hand held unit was also off and lying in the base of the large walk in shower unit. I smiled and said no problems; it wouldn’t take very long and is an easy fix. Maybe that was a mistake but I wanted to make her feel a little more at easies. I toke out my tools and stepped into the shower stall. The marble floors were still a little wet from the shower that she had had before the head broke off. I could picture her standing nake in the shower as the warm water fell over her shoulders and down between her legs. I started to work on the shower and Nancy said she had to go but would be just down the hall if I need anything. I bit my tongue as to not say I would love you to give me a long deep suck while I fix this shower. But I didn’t and watched her turn and bounced out the door and down the hall. Her ass as to die for and her body was as hard as my rock hard dick. I worked away at getting the shower back in order for the next half hour or so , even though it really only toke 5 min’s I wanted to make my time in the house last as long as I could . I could hear the sounds of a person swimming in the back yard pool and I was dying to go to the bedroom window to see what I could see. As I finished up and wiped down the shower I stepped out into the bedroom. At the window I could see the outside pool and still could hear the person in the pool. I was slow and quite as I stepped out into the room and over to the window. At first sight I saw Kim swimming laps in the pool. The I realized she was naked , her swim suit on the deck of the pool and her tanned body was in full view as she swam to the other end of the pool and rolled over on her back . Her tits were now straight up and her large hard nipples were pointing straight to the blue sky. Her tits were perfect and even bigger then her sisters from what I could see. I slide my eyes down over her body and locked onto her bare love nest. It was clean and tanned like the rest of her body. The pink outline of her lips was easy to see in the water. My cock was out of my jeans and in my hand without a second thought. I was now standing in the window with my cock in hand and stroking it with each stroke of her arms in the pool. I was so locked on her beautiful body that I had not noticed that Nancy had walked back down the hallway and past the doorway. She was now standing in the bedroom door with her eyes locked on my tool. I was so excited at the view that I knew I was about to cum and I turned to try and find a towel or something to catch my load as I blew it out. As I turned I found Nancy now on her knees and her mouth opened wide to allow my hard cock to slip into her warm mouth. In seconds her lips were locked around the thick shaft of my cock and began to suck on the swollen head. It had been a long time since I had a good blow job. It was only about 30 seconds before I felt my thick hot cum escort kastamonu begin to push its way through my cock. Nancy was now moaning with each stroke of my dick in her mouth. Her hand was now working her clit thought her cotton shorts and I could see the wetness begin to soak thru the crotch. I felt my cock to begin to erupt in her warm mouth , I have always shoot off larger loads , it seems that my balls create excessive amounts of seed and I never have a hard time filling whatever hole imp in . As the seed began to spill Nancy tried to swallow as much as she could, she seemed to chock on the large amount of cum being pumped into her mouth and throat. The excess cum was spilling from the edges of her mouth. I was now reaching down and placed my free hand on her firm hard tit and I began to rub her hard nipple through her tank top. As my cock begins to fall free fro her mouth Nancy glanced up and locked her brown eyes with mine. She smiled and began to stand up in front of me. Her hand reached out to mine and she lead me to the king size bed. As we crossed the room she reached down and released her shorts and stepped out of them as she reached the edge of the bed. Her firm ass was exposed and I could see that she too was total shaven down below. My eyes locked on her love nest as she turned and lay back on the bed. Her legs fell apart to invite me into her hole. I slipped to my knees now and slide my gear tongue deep into her wet hole. Her sweet love juice now pouring from her body with excitement. My head now buried deep in place. Nancy was working to take off her top and release her tits. She would begin to rub each breast and pulled her nipple close to her own mouth in order to suck on the tip of her nipple as I sucked on her hard clit. I had now stepped out of my jeans and was naked from the waist down. I had taken care of my body over the years and I knew that my cock was much thicker than most guys in the change room. I was not gay or interested in other guys but was always wondering how I would measure up to other guys my age. My stung tongue action was working Nancy up to the edge of climax and I knew that she was going to cum soon. I worked my hands over her ass with each stroke of my tongue. I even slipped it down between her legs to reach her firm ass hole with every third stroke. Nancy was now lifting her hips off the bed to meet my thrusts and moaning loudly. I was sure that her sister would be able to hear her outside at the pool. But I didn’t care at this point I was looking to stick my hard cock into this hard body and fill it full of seed. Nancy relaxed and her juice filled my mouth, she had cum and was now enjoying the afterglow of the climax. My cock had time to regain its hardness and I too was ready for round 2. I lifted my head from between her legs, my eyes still a little blurrily from all the excitement and the sweet cum that had covered my face. It was then that I saw Kim now entering the room, still wet from her swim. She climbed up on the bed and positioned her wet pussy directly over her sister’s face. Nancy had her tongue out in seconds was eagerly sliding it into her sisters wet hole. Kim’s tits were larger then Nancy and her nipples fuller and very hard. Kim’s eyes were now locked on my cock as I stood up kastamonu escort bayan and placed my hard dick at the opening of Nancy’s love hole. My hands were locked on her hips as I guided my cock head passed the outer lips of her pussy. I one slow thrust I had slipped half of my massive cock into her body and stopped to allow her pussy to expand and except my cock. Kim was now lowering her head and sliding her tongue out between our bodies. Her firm tip of her tongue stocked my exposed shaft and the tip of her sister’s clit. Her ties were now pressed firmly on Nancy’s body. Kim’s hands now locked on my hips and pulling me into her sister’s whole. The muffled cries of Nancy could be hear as I pushed the entire length and width of my dick into her. She was so tight, I was sure she had never had a cock of my size in her hole before. Once I had my full cock inside me held her hips firm in place and didn’t move. Her pussy began to suck on shaft with each second. Then Kim began to push me out. Her hands guided my hips straight out until half of my dick was now exposed and she began to lick the sweet juice off of my shaft. Then she pulled me back inside dapper then the first time. Before long I was taking full strokes in and out of Nancy’s hole. It was slow and firm with each stroke and Nancy had climaxed at least 3 times before I felt the cum begin to drive up my shaft. Kim could sense my edge of climax and she pushed me out of Nancy’s hole entirely and my cock was now exposed to the air. Kim’s mouth was quick to open and take the entire head of my cock into her mouth as my seed began to spill freely from my cock. She to seem to have problems swallowing the entire load of seed as it spilled from my rod. But she was gear to save all of it in her mouth and then sat up and rolled over on the bed. Her mouth full of my cum. She opened her mouth and allowed it to spill from her mouth and into Nancy’s awaiting open mouth. They both moaned with excitement and swallowed my seed quickly. By this time my cock had now become semi hard again at the sight of these two young women sharing my hot seed with each other. Kim now rolled over on her back and lifter her legs high over her head to expose both of her openings. And with that invite I slipped around the side of the bed and positioned myself between her legs. She smiled and reached down to guide me into her love nest. With a firm stroke and thrust of my hips my entire cock was deep inside her. Her pussy was tighter and wetter then Nancy’s, she seem to have more experience in the use of her hips. After 5 strokes she reached down between her legs and positioned my cack head at the ass. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before so I guess this was going to be the first. And what a first it was. Her ass was tighter again then her pussy and she knew just what to do to milk the cum from my cock. The firm grip of her ass made me cum very quickly and this time I filled her ass with my 3rd load of seed. Nancy was right there as I pulled free from her tight grip and began to suck my seed from her ass. I continued to fuck the girls for another 2 more rounds before I reached a call room the office for another call. That was not the last time I had a service call to the house that summer, I enjoyed 4 more visits and I even had to go one time when their mother was home. The apple does fall far from the e tree, I was sure she had seen me getting sucked off by Nancy in the pool shed that summer too. As always imp always happy to service my customers, no matter what the trouble is or maybe.