Becoming Sadi: Part 2


Becoming Sadi: Part two

Hey guy’s, just wanted to say thank you for the positive response to part 1 and I hope you enjoy part 2! ^_^ I kept it a little shorter this time! Positive or negative feedback as always are much appreciated and enjoy the story!

Cody quickly pack’s a book bag with random clothing items from his sister Amy’s closet, looking back multiple times to make sure his Mom or Dad don’t come upstairs and catch him. He look’s, down into the book bag ” this oughta do….I hope anyways!” he says quietly to himself.

He was just about to walk out before he stop’s “shit! Makeup and hair straightener!” he quickly walk’s over to his sister’s vanity table and grabs some eye shadow, blush, black fingernail polish and her hair straightener. Looking around real quick to make sure he didn’t leave a mess and then closes the door and leaves.

Walking down the stairs quickly to get outside to his car and….” hey where are you going?” he looks over to see his mom looking at him. cleaning his throat before speaking ” I’m uhh going to stay over at my friend Devin’s house….” she looks at him a little surprised…”oh well okay….staying at a friend’s huh? Hmmm that’s a first but have fun!” He smiles before quickly heading for the front door and to his car.

The drive is uneventful as he finally reaches Garet’s house…..his heart is beating a little fast. He isn’t nervous, excited sound’s more right in his head. Garet sent him a text earlier that day to park his car in the garage so no one would know he was there. It was a nice one story house, blue siding, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. He didn’t have any neighbors too close, was kind of the country but it was still within city limits.

Pulling into the garage and putting his car in park as he is greeted by a smiling Garet coming through a door in the garage that connects it to the house. Cody, gets out with a big smile, he was extremely happy to see Garet, walks up and tries to hug him and show him how much he missed him ” woah woah go get dressed before we do any of that kiddo” he winks at Cody.

Smiling and laughing a little bit at Garet as Cody start’s heading to the bathroom to get prettied up for Garet “I’ll be out back on the patio deck whenever you’re done kiddo!” Cody turn’s and look’s a little confused ” it’s okay for me to be outside…?”. The big man chuckles a bit “Yep, no one is going to see you out here, you’re free to be a girl all day and night until you leave tomorrow!” they smile at each other as Garet head’s outside with a beer in his hand.

Wow! Cody think’s to himself at the thought of being a girl all day and being with Garet, closing the bathroom door and sitting his bag down as he begin’s to undress. He look’s, into the mirror for a moment at his naked bottom and reaches beneath his round cheeks and bounces them a little. Laughing a little bit before unzipping kağıthane escort the bag. Hmmmmm so many choices, he smiles to himself.

Deciding to keep it simple he grabs a black and blue thong, blue denim short shorts and a black tank top. Apparently his butt is a little bigger than his sister’s….he has some trouble getting the short’s over his “hump” he finally gets them over it thankfully and smile’s. Garet was definitely going to enjoy the view.

Sliding the black tank top on frowning at how flat his chest was…..he wished that he had bigger breasts. Even Garet said that if he had breasts no one would ever guess he was a guy, wondering what it would be like to be a full time girl…have, men lusting over him. He snaps back into reality and pull’s, out the makeup, applying, eyeliner, a little blush, and some darker red lipstick.

Plug’s in the straightener and let’s it get hot before straightening his hair. After that he would just have to paint his nails and he was good to go.

Staring at “herself” in the mirror, she was happy with the results and was hoping that Garet would be as well. She blow’s the mirror a kiss and head’s out, looking down at her toenails that were nicely painted black now. She stay’s barefoot as she reaches the back sliding door to the patio outside. Sliding the door open and feeling the wooden flooring on the outdoor deck touch her bare feet.

Greeted with whistles as she approaches him, he stands up from a big lounge chair and sit’s his beer down. Putting his hands instantly on her hips and lean’s down, giving the much shorter Sadi a kiss. Grabbing his face and returning it “god I was thinking about you all night baby” He say’s to her “you and me both!” She says in a higher pitched femine voice. He takes a step back and sit’s back onto the lounge chair, ” whew, you’re Dad has been being a major dick about the auto garage…..won’t let me make any of the decisions at all it feels like” he frown’s.

She also frown’s ” yeah he’s a jerk…I really hate him sometimes….but I could make you feel better if you want baby” she get’s down and goes to the end of the lounge chair and up it a little to his belt buckle and start’s undoing it. He smile’s “hmmmm idk if your Dad would approve of you sucking you ol uncle Garets big cock though sweety” winking at her as she giggles sexually ” well what Daddy don’t know can’t hurt him” as Garets huge cock springs out.

Holding the long and thick ten inch cock with both hands and softly stroking, she can feel her much smaller cock in the tight short shorts trying to break free just from the sight of what a real mans, cock look’s, like! Lowering her head, she begins to lick all around the shaft and stroking to his delight ” oooohhhhh yes Sadi….god I love your tongue baby” she smiles and moves down a little lower…..

Garet’s body jolts eyüp escort up as Sadi take’s balls into her mouth and sucks on them “oooohhhh my fucking….Sadi you’re fucking amazing!” sucks on them for a little longer before moving up to the main course. She take’s the head of it into her mouth, she is having trouble going too much farther though ” take a deep breath and hold it in for a second…then see how far you can go down” she shakes her head and take’s a deep breath, holding it in.

The results are good “oooohhhhhh fuck Sadi…no ones, ever taken that much in before!” She was also astounded, she must have gotten atleast eight inches of his 10 inches into her throat before she started gagging and had to pull out! She is breathing heavy as she let’s, him out and decides just to lick it and stroke it until he finishes.

Moving down lower and she begins to lick and suck on his balls, his heavy breathing ushering her to continue. Stroking his long shaft with her left hand as her head is somewhat sideways so her mouth can get to his balls easier. Garet jolts and lifts his head “ ugghhhhhhhhhhh oooh!” no warning as he begins to shoot out a thick string of cum.

After he finishes Sadi begins to wonder where it all went “oh…..I’m sorry Sadi…” reaching up she can feel all of the cum in her hair. She wasn’t necessarily grossed out….angry that she would have to do her hair again though yes. Garet kind of stumbles up “ uhhh I’ll help you clean that!” he was so cute she thinks to herself.

Standing up and smiling at him “hey it’s okay I’ll just go wash my hair and put it in a ponytail. She looks, back at the woods behind them right in Garets backyard.
It was nice and sunny out, probably around 80 degrees she can see that he has a trail leading back an area where her father and Garet go hunting sometimes.

Turning and looking at the tall man as he put’s, his anaconda away “would it be okay if….we went for a walk on your trail?” looking down at the girl “yeah of course” he says with a smile. After washing her hair and getting all of the cum out Sadi dry’s it a little bit with a towel before putting her long blonde hair up in a ponytail. Going to her book bag and rummaging through it for a pair of shoes. She wore a pair of low top converses with her boy outfit earlier and decides to just put those back on.

Sadi is greeted by more whistles as she goes back outside to the patio area. He sure did know how to make a girl blush! Smiling at each other as Garet finishes up his beer and grabs another before taking Sadi’s much smaller hand in his and beginning their walk into the woods.

He owned a lot of the woods behind his home and it was private property. Definitely good considering how many slutty pictures Garet had her stop to take for him. Mostly pics of her nice round bum in the black and blue thong, “damn babe….got mecidiyeköy escort me excited again already!” he chuckles a little.

She still had the shorts just down below her butt as he made the comment and then she smiles at him. He smiles back wondering what this little freak had in mind no doubt! Sadi pushes the shorts down completely around her ankles and bends over, pressing her hands against a tree and wiggling her round butt at him.

Not needing to be told twice he is already on her, spanking and squeezing her nice round bum before kneeling down and pushing her thong to the side. She can’t help but smile as she feels his long tongue creeping its way into her ass again. Grabbing the tree tighter “ooooohhhh Garet….god I love this so much baby…” he smiles and slides his tongue out and begins sliding his index finger into her small hole.

It hurts quite a bit at first “ jeez Sadi how did you manage to tighten up on me so fast?” he laughs a bit. Finally getting his finger in all the way and sliding it in and out of her “fuck…..mmmm I think I want something bigger” she looks back and winks at him. Sliding his finger out and standing uo straight “ yes mam” he says with a smile on his face.

Both of them now have their bottoms around their ankles and Sadi can already feel the head of his massive cock at her hole, pushing the thong to the side. He spits on his cock and tries to lube it up a little before starting to push a little harder “ugghhhhh fuck….why is the head so big!” the head now completely inside of her “ooohhhhh not too fast this time baby” he nods to let her know he understands.

Still sliding as much into her as he can, about 5 inches in now and he begins to slide in and out of her slowly. Tight grip on her hip, looking back she sees his phone in his hand, “really? Aren’t the pics good enough?” she jokes with him and he smiles “blow me a kiss baby” she smiles and blows him a big kiss. Snapped back to reality however though as she feels a couple more inches going inside of her “god…..I love that your cock is so big but jeez baby!” giving her a nice smack on the ass and squeezing her cheek.

Holding the tree tightly as she gets pumped into” ugh…..get down on your knees and open your mouth baby!” his cock makes a popping sound as it comes out of her and Sadi quickly drops to her knees opening her mouth wide and sticking her tongue out. Garet strokes his cock wildly and fast “ ughhhhhhh!” she feels his warm seed hitting her tongue, some goes above her lip and kind of on her nose.

They both laugh a little after he finishes and she wipes it off and licks it off of her fingers. Getting off of the dirty ground and pulling her shorts back up as she wipes her knees off a bit. Caught completely off guard when she feels Garets big strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her in for a soft and passionate kiss. She loved the way he made her feel….so special.

He breaks the kiss and smiles at her before taking her hand in his as they make their way back to the house. The day was still young Sadi thinks to herself and can’t wait to see what was next. Smiling at the thought alone!!!!