Bathtub double


Bathtub doubleIt had been an incredibly stressful day at work. I came home like a thundercloud, angry, overwhelmed, and ready to snap at the very next person I saw. My husband was incredibly understanding when I told him that I just needed some down time, some alone time to recharge my battery. I declared the evening a “be nice to me” evening, and hung up the “do not disturb sign” as I poured myself a glass of wine and drew a hot steamy bath without fixing dinner or tidying the daily messes that come with being a working mom. As I waited for the tub to fill my eyes wandered to the brown box on the floor beside my bed. The box concealed my random collection of vibrators, dildos, and lube. I lifted the lid thinking a good old fashioned fuck might be just what I needed to calm me down. But what was I in the mood for? I had a long, somewhat slim blue dildo filled with pearls that had a nice arch to it and prominent head that never failed to hit my G spot and make me come almost instantly. But then I had a newer, shorter, blue vibrator that made up for its shorter length with a much wider girth. Too flustered to decide I grabbed them both and a tube of lube since fucking in the water had a tendency to wash away my natural moisture. With just a few inches of water in the tub I slid down and let the running faucet flow over my pussy for moment. I spread my legs and leaned back and took a long sip of wine as the warm water gently lapped my clit. I closed my eyes and thought how he would love to see me like this. For a fleeting moment I thought I should snap a picture and text it to him, after all he had just gotten a new phone, but decided to stick to my guns that this night was all for, and about me. Another long sip of wine and I was finally feeling the stresses of the day lifting from me. I reached over and grabbed the thick blue vibrator the one that most reminded me of his cock. Teasingly I slipped the tip into my mouth pretending it was him. I bobbed the vibrator a few times before I decided it was wet enough. I removed it from my mouth istanbul escort and switched it on a nice low steady vibe. I placed the tip on my right nipple and roughly rolled it around. The sensation sent instant wetness to my already moistened pussy. I then gave my left nipple the same treatment but with an unexpected result. My left nipple was clearly far more sensitive than my right. Oh lefty, I thought to myself, no wonder you’re his favorite. As I danced the head of the vibrator on my small brown peak I began to feel the most intense sensation between my legs. I slipped my hand under the water and gently flicked my clit a few times while brushing the vibrator over my nipple. The effect was nearly overwhelming as I felt my first orgasm of the night slowly building between my legs. I wondered how this was possible as I had only ever read about nipple stimulation causing an orgasm, I never suspected I was the kind of person who could experience that. But I was. It was happening and it was new. My body was suddenly humming with arousal. I slapped my nipple roughly with the vibrator, this only caused the intensity in my pussy to quicken. I slid my finger across my clit and panted “Fuck yeah” in a long breathy whisper. I realized as I slapped my nipple hard again that I didn’t need my hand I was going to come without any manual stimulation. My breath quickened as I slapped my nipple harder and faster. “Oh fuck yes” I panted. I slapped harder as I felt myself about to explode. “Fuck” I moaned again as the first waves of pleasure crashed through my body my left nipple was hard as diamonds and zinged with delight. I panted. I moaned his name softly knowing I had to tell him about this, it would blow his mind. I turned the vibrator off as I basked in the afterglow of one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I took a sip of wine and I looked down at my left nipple. “You’re pretty proud of yourself” I thought with a smirk. avcılar escort Though my left nipple seemed satisfied, my pussy was not and I knew she would never forgive me if I neglected her. I slid the vibrator down my body and let it glide between the warm moistness of my pussy lips. Yes, my pussy was ready. In one quick shove I filled her with the massive thick vibrator. I pounded deep, feeling the head of the cock hitting that magical spot at the back of my cunt. I moaned as I began to pound my cunt rhythmically, quickly, as if to punish her. My body became ever more alive and I enjoyed watching myself fucking my own pussy roughly with the thick blue cock. I was on the verge of another orgasm. I drilled my hole faster, relishing the full feeling mingled with the pounding of my G Spot. Faster. Oh God I was so close. Faster, harder, Yes! “Fuck me” I panted as my cunt succumbed to a second more intense orgasm than the first. I panted his name again. My body twisting and bending as I slammed into myself. As the waves of my second orgasm passed, I looked over and saw the pearly slim standing erect like a good little soldier waiting his turn patiently. “You want some of this?” I asked him. His silence told me yes. I let the thick blue slip from my pussy on his own accord, he bobbed and floated in the bathwater as I opened the container of lube and tantalizingly drizzled it over the pearly slim. I had grander and dirtier plans for him. I arched my back and tilted my pelvis so it was almost out of the bath water. I fingered my pussy for a moment getting as much of my natural jizz on my hand as I could before massaging the juice down to the tight sphincter of my ass. I flicked the tight closed hole for a moment before aligning the head of pearly slim. He had been here before so he knew a slow gentle pressure was all I needed. My ass exploded as the tip of pearly slim broke it’s seal. I gasped with painful pleasure while the burning subsided and was replaced with the most intense split apart feeling şirinevler escort one could possible experience. I gasped and slowly slid him deep into my ass. When he was fully inside me I paused savoring the fullness, the pain, the pleasure, the mere thought of how hot and dirty this really was. I suddenly imagined it was his cock in my ass. The image was vivid as I slowly pulled the dildo out almost to the verge of removal then slowly eased it back. I moaned his name as we were suddenly alone in my imagination. “Fuck me” I commanded him. I could almost feel his hands on my waist easing my ass up and down his cock. I could almost smell the sex between us. But it was not enough. I opened my eyes and saw the thick vibe floating in the water, looking up at me with his one eye. I grabbed him roughly and quickly shoved him back into my pussy. I felt ripped apart. Again I used him to violently slam my naughty pussy. Swirling him, splitting myself, my clit was a hot mountain, hard, zinging with pleasure. With one hand pushing the pearly slim deeper I railed my cunt with the other, swirling the vibrator, pumping in and out. This is what I needed. Yes. “Oh God fuck yeah!” I panted. I pounded faster, my back arched, I watched as I fucking myself roughly, tortuously. “Oh fuck!” I panted as yet another orgasm built. I pummeled faster. Faster. I was so close, so overcome by the full feeling of having both holes jammed with cock. His face came to mind once again and I exploded as I pictured myself riding him, his cock in my ass and my blue vibe in my pussy. I moaned, panted, gasped, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over me. I shuddered as I came down from my high. I lay back, finally spent, finally satisfied in the bath tub. I took a long sip of wine and emptied the glass. I looked down at my body, my huge tits, my nipples tiny peeks, my pussy and ass filled to the brim with not one but two dildos. I savored the sensation and the sight. Oh he would love to hear about this I thought. The idea of telling him about my bath time adventure brought a smirk to my face. I let my body push the toys into the tub naturally. The pearly slim sank to the bottom, spent, tired, while the newer younger thick vibe floated on the surface and looked at me, asking if I wanted more. “No more tonight boys. You guys did good. Real good.” I said out loud as I put my head back, closed my eyes, and savored the afterglow of a good fuck.