“Bye Lana! See you tonight!”

Alone! Finally! I closed the door after my parents and locked it with a little laugh. They were going on an overnight in the mountains and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. I ran downstairs to the Rec room. Humming, I went behind the bar and pulled out a bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps. My favorite.

I ran upstairs to the “Big Bathroom.” I turned on the hot water and went to my bedroom. I pulled out my Pampering Kit. A bottle of special rose bath gel, rose bath oil beads, rose shampoo and rose skin cream. I stripped off my clothes and pulled my waist long hair out of its confining braid. I loved the feel of it tickling my bum as I walked.

I sidetracked for what should have been a minute and turned on the cd player in the living room. I was pissed about five minutes later when I still couldn’t find my favorite cd.

“Damn It! I bet Daniel borrowed it again!”

My brother, older by exactly 10 1/2 months was constantly taking my cds without asking. Ugh.

I really needed pampering now and I was pissed I wouldn’t have my music to listen to. I returned to the bathroom and dropped oil beads into the steaming water. Mom would yell at me later for getting the whirlpool all oily.

A few rose candles, lit and softly glowing. My haven was complete.

I slipped into the hot water and sighed. There was nothing like a good bath and some hard liquor. I quickly unscrewed the bottle cap and tipped it back. The sweet amber liquid flowed into me. I smiled and took another swig. For the next 20 minutes I drank about half the bottle. A little too much now that I think about it. Hell, a lot too much.

I soaked for quite a while before I could move again. When I did, the oil made my limbs slide against each other. My skin felt like silk, gliding, sliding with each movement. I rubbed my legs together, relishing the smoothness, the softness of them. My arms were the same way.

I gorukle escort bayan stood up and then frowned. What would it be like if I was smooth everywhere? At 18, it was never long before my mind wandered to other things. And of course, thinking of how smooth my body was made me think of other things. I reached for a razor. With careful movements, I started to remove the hair around my little cunt. I spread the lips and got all the little hiding places clear, but I couldn’t help but rub.

I soon found my hand rubbing “that” spot. In and out, my fingers danced around my lips, delving, teasing, oh now this was pampering. As the hair was removed I felt how the oil made everything slick and smooth. My hands slid in and out of myself so easily. I bit my lip, arched my hips and let my fingers work their magic. One finger, two…oh, it felt so good. My knees got weak for a minute and I decided it best to stop before I fell down in the slick tub.

I turned the shower on and washed myself. I nearly lost it when the water ran down my belly and onto the newly revealed skin. It produced sensations I never imagined. I spread my legs, propping one up on the tub edge. My fingers danced again, slick with oil and soap as I washed myself thoroughly. Gently dancing in and out, pulling, pinching my lips. Every time I touched my swollen clit I felt a sharp sensation run into my lower belly. It was almost painful. I wanted to make myself cum, but I knew it would be better if I waited a little more….

I rinsed myself and turned off the water. I grabbed a towel and barely took the time to wrap it around myself. I hurried into my room and threw myself on the bed.

I squeezed some cream on my hand and started on my left leg. Slowly, I let my hands rub it in, starting at my ankle. Slowly, I covered every inch of my legs, moaning to myself when I touched behind my knee, I stopped at my thigh and repeated the process on nilüfer escort bayan my other leg. I rubbed my legs together and gasped at how good it felt. Silky, slippery, like satin was running over them.

I renewed my ministrations, putting lotions on my arms, my shoulders, my belly and what I could reach of my back. My hands were slick as I started to rub my butt, sliding down the crack, imagining a man’s hands there…Ugh!

I quickly laid on my back, my legs spread. I squirted the cream directly on my pussy and jumped at how cold it was. The now bare skin was so tender, so sensitive! I had never been this sensitive before. I began to work the cream in, rubbing gently and as I became excited, harder.

My hands could feel my pulse as I rubbed my kips, pinching them, pulling, just barely delving into my pleasure cave. My clit was throbbing, and I pinched it. I nearly came then and there. I was so close! I groaned in frustration. No matter what I did, I couldn’t find the edge! I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I was so horny I hurt!

“Need help?”

I jumped at the sound and quickly tried to scramble off the bed. I was still so drunk I fell.

“Easy sis. Easy.”

I could barely look at him as my brother came around the bed and picked me up.

“Dan, you shouldn’t be…whoa.”

My head was swimming. My pussy throbbing and my skin on fire. I looked at Dan and tried to focus. I couldn’t.

“Did you get into the Buttershots again, Lana?”

I heard him, but all I could see was his mouth. His lips looked to full and inviting. I’m not sure what happened next, but I was kissing him.

I remember hearing his murmur of surprise and then I only remember his hands. They were everywhere! His fingers pinched my nipples. My hips bucked like they had a mind of their own. I was falling!

I landed on the bed with his weight on me. God it felt good! My bursa otele gelen escort bayan legs had ended up splayed open and Dan landed right between them. I felt the crotch of his jeans on my clit and I just began grinding myself against it. His bulge grew as I did so. The denim felt so good, rubbing, exciting me more. If I moved right…YES!!! My hips bucked and my back arched as my clit connected with the denim. I felt myself spiraling into oblivion. I didn’t care about anything, only that I was falling over the edge. I rubbed harder, a greedy siren moaning my song into my brother’s ear.

“Damn it Lana.”

I heard the words, but I was floating in oblivion. I felt the warmth and weight move and moaned, trying to hold on, trying to keep the weight on me. I only moaned louder when my wrists were captured and moved to above my head. One strong hand held them down while I tried to arch into his body. The sound of air being forced in and out was loud. Was that me or him? I didn’t care. I needed that warmth. That weight….

I screamed and started to shake as my brother plunged into my cavern hard and fast. My hands realized, I held onto his back, scratching, clawing, looked for anything to hold on to as my World Rocked violently.

I found and held onto bare skin as the heat built again. The heat was burning me. His skin was SO HOT!! I cried and moaned and….OH….I bit into his shoulder as I felt myself tense and start to shake. He cried out and pushed deeper, harder…It hurt and I wanted more! My hips ground into him, trying to get more. The burning stopped as he pulled himself up onto his arms. He was ramming me, the entire bed shaking. He grabbed my legs and threw them over shoulders and pushed deeper, pulling me onto him. I screamed as I felt him hit my cervix. He was in me, totally, absolutely.

His head threw back and my brother screamed my name. I watched in fascination as he stiffened. His eyes closed, his teeth clenched. I could see the muscles straining and then I was with him, straining once again. My body shook and I cried. It was so tight, I was so full and he was so hard!

He fell on top of me and breathed heavily into my neck. I wrapped my arms around him and fell into sleep, his weight a comforting anchor on my used body.