Baby My Baby Ch. 04

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I paced around the room, then went to the kitchen and got two bottles of water from the refrigerator. I stood there thinking about the last two days. I never imagined that what had happened was possible. It was astounding to me.

I went back to the living room and turned on some music. I found the jazz satellite station and adjusted the volume.

I turned the ceiling light off and turned the lamps on opposite sides of the room on. They cast a soft light through the shades. I wanted the mood to be languid for her. I sat waiting with a pounding heart.

“I like that music, Daddy.”

I scooted over and patted the couch next to me.

“I do too baby. It sounds so smooth and mellow, just the way I feel tonight.”

“Oh Daddy, that gave me goosebumps to hear you say that. See?”

She held her arm to me as she sat down. I took her hand and examined her arm. I kissed her wrist, then kissed my way up her arm to her shoulder.

“Stand and show me how you look, princess. Do you like your first sexy lingerie?”

“Oh yes. They make me feel sexy and special.”

She stood and walked in front of me, then turned to me and waited. The black stockings contrasted with her tan skin and made it look whiter than it was. The stocking tops squeezed her thighs .

My eyes poured over her legs. Her smooth, firm, muscular form was encased in the sheer black nylon. I was fixated. I looked up to her face and saw her smiling.

“Do you like, Daddy?”

“God, Baby. I am speechless. You are a goddess….so lovely…so sensual…so beautiful.”

She turned and modeled for me.

I drank in her sexuality and felt nervous as I studied her body. Her breasts were pushed up by the bra and I could see traces of her pink areole. I looked down across her taught belly to the garter belt that clung to her waist.

Her panties were pulled tight against her pussy and as she turned, I could see the vague outline of her labis, even through all of her thick bushy pubic hair.

Her buttocks looked firm and round in the shiny black silk. The lace trim enhanced her skin and called attention to her vulva which was barely covered.

I could have looked at her all evening.

I became aware of the music as I sat frozen under her spell, and I stood and took her in my arms. She melted into my embrace and we danced slowly to the music. I leaned down and felt her hair on my cheek.

My arms held her tight and I felt like I would burst from the excitement of holding my beautiful daughter; my sweet baby, whom I had loved all of her life, and whom I now wanted sexually and needed physically.

My mind was full of so many different thoughts and images of soft pleasures with her. So many ways I wanted to show her I loved her and so many ways I yearned to make love to her.

We danced as one without knowing what was playing. That was the first time I experienced bliss. A peaceful yet urgent feeling that made me want her both lustfully and tenderly.

I felt in my heart that she had returned to become part of me. Not that she had been away, but that the part of her that came from me had recognized her origin and had blended back into me.

I felt like we were one, and my heart was full of love for her sweetness.

I leaned down as she tilted her face to me and we kissed…such tender kisses, full of meaning and so rich and delicious. Each time I broke away from her lips to look at her, I couldn’t wait to taste her again, and then we kissed continuously as we held each other.

No longer dancing, we stood in the middle of the room, loving each other.

I led her to the couch and helped her lie down. I knelt on the floor next to her. I slid my arm under her back as we resumed kissing. Soon my hand moved to her face and I stroked her cheeks as I stared into her eyes.

I moved my hands down to her feet and I held her right foot in my hands and my thumbs pressed into the soles of her feet as I flexed them, massaging and relaxing her. She sighed and lay back, giving me permission to touch her.

I took each of her feet in my hands and kissed and licked the bottoms of them, then sucked her casino oyna toes one at a time, then all at once.

She raised up on her elbows and watched as I enjoyed her feet. When I had kissed them wet and had given each toe attention, I rubbed the flats of my hand across the bridges of her feet.

My fingers curled against her feet and my thumbs pressed into her arches, then I moved up to her ankles and caressed and massaged and rotated her feet in slow circles. Then, taking each calf in turn, I stroked her muscles and flexed and massaged them, relishing the sensation of the stockings sliding under my hands.

I bent her knees and then straightened them out as I gave them the attention I was giving the rest of her legs. I moved up to her thighs and flexed and applied my fingers to her muscles, alternating my movements to create constant and varying pressure.

As I reached the elastic band of her stocking tops, I slid my fingers under, and moved my hands under her to the back of her legs. I leaned down and kissed her panty-clad pussy…just a brief almost casual kiss, but one to telegraph my intentions.

She groaned at that diversion from my almost-clinical massages. My hands returned to her thighs and they worked in swirling motions across her thighs and soon reached the area where her legs join her torso….. that most wonderful border of soft succulent flesh.

I love that small area of her legs because it is the last part of her leg and the first part of her vulva…such a heavenly range of kissable tissue…muscular yet soft…supple yet strong.

I couldn’t control myself and I leaned down and began to kiss and suck that patch of naked flesh. I sucked it and kissed and licked it and caressed it with my fingers and hands and my mouth and tongue and I lavished my attentions on her until I could see the pink wetness I had caused.

I looked at her.

“Baby, I want to eat you up.”

“Oh Daddy, I think you are.”

I moved over between her legs and I looked at her pussy. My face was only 2-3 inches from her mons. I could see little hairs through the silk. I could see her lips well defined as a little crease and I could see her mound which pushed the panty up to a soft round shape.

I took a finger and ran it under the panty leg from the side of her leg all the way under her ass. She moved her legs apart to give me access.

As my finger rode across her flesh, I felt the wetness that leaked from between her lips. Her pussy hair was wet. I brushed my fingers back and upward to tease her lips.

She gasped as my finger lingered for a few seconds over her lips. I felt her body shift as she raised her pelvis up toward my hand. My finger moved across her lips a few more times and then I pulled it back.

I slid my fingers under her garter straps and I kissed and sucked her naked thighs, making sure they were wet from my ardor. I moved from leg to leg.

My lips closing over her muscular thighs from the top of her stockings to her panty legs; back and forth I went as if I was afraid I had missed a spot. I couldn’t leave even the smallest area unkissed.

When I was satisfied that I had enjoyed her thighs completely, I moved to her belly and my tongue circled her navel, then probed into it, then licked her stomach from the panty waist to her rib cage.

I kissed and sucked and licked behind my hands which circled unceasingly up and across her belly.

I crawled closer to her. I cupped her breasts in my hands as I stared into her eyes. Her bra was thin and designed for visual pleasure not support. Her nipples were already stiff when my thumbs first rubbed across the ends of them.

Her eyes narrowed as I rubbed back and forth, teasing her nipples like little toggle switches. I pulled the bra down enough for her nipples to appear over the tops of the cups. The stiff eraser-like nubs hung on the edge of the cups as I flicked them with my tongue.

My tongue flicked each nipple 10 times in an upward motion then sideways, then I pulled the bra lower so I could suck her nipples without the bra hindering me.

I sucked and bit at her nipples and scraped my teeth over them canlı casino until I felt her hands on my head holding me down to them, and I reached behind her and unfastened the bra. She raised her arms and let me slide it off.

I lay my head across her breasts and then began to kiss and lick every inch of her chest. I stretched my mouth open as wide as I could and covered her breast, sucking and trying to devour it, then moved to the other breast and covered it as well. I moved across her body, my mouth opening and closing, licking, sucking, kissing.

I circled my tongue around her nipples, going round and round and round and round. Then I pushed her nipples over with my tongue, then flicked them, sucked them between my lips, then bit them between my teeth.

She groaned and moaned and began to squirm. I took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and I rolled them back and forth, increasing the pressure with each roll, until her nipples were flattened between them.

Her body heaved under the pleasure/pain that now shot through her chest. Her mouth was open as she gasped for air between groans.

I grabbed her nipples and pulled them hard. I could see her breasts stretch up from her chest as I pulled them. I pinched and pulled and rolled them between my thumbs and I watched carefully her response to each change in play, and I drove her on and on with my rough and abusive treatment, then I calmed her with soft and tender caresses and loving kisses.

She was panting from excitement when I moved away from her breasts. I immediately moved down between her legs. I pulled her legs apart, pushing her left leg up against the back of the couch, and I splayed her right leg down over the edge of the couch seat.

I looked at her pussy with her legs spread open like that. I could see wet spots on her panties and I even saw wetness on her ass, that had run down from your pussy.

I placed my hand over her pussy so that my fingers were between her legs and under her ass and I began to vibrate my entire hand as I pushed and rubbed across her vulva. I pressed and flexed my hand against her as she pushed back harder than I.

I rotated my hand at the wrist and pressed in circular motions over her lips. I then rubbed up and down her lips, then I rubbed across them, then drug a finger between them, forcing the sheer satin into her pussy.

It was easy to stuff the panties into her pussy. It was loose and wet. Her lips parted as my fingers pressed deeper and deeper. Her sweet beautiful pink pussy was so hungry and needing to be filled.

My cock was ready.

I stood up and removed my shirt and pants. When I was naked, I grabbed her panties and pulled them off. She had put her panties on after the stockings and garter belt so when I had her panties off, she lay there in her stockings and garter belt.

I wondered how she knew to wear her panties over her garter.

I loved the contrast of textures and colors I saw as I studied my beautiful babygirl’s body.

I crawled between her legs and I let my cock position itself between them. The head pressed against her buttocks as I lay down over her and began to kiss her. Her arms closed around my neck and she pulled me to her. I kissed her as my hands stroked her face.

She raised her legs and as she moved, I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she pressed it against my cock. My cock jerked with lust and I raised my ass up a little to allow my cock head to press against her pussy, plowing it’s way through all of her hair.

I slowly stroked my cock against the outside of her lips and against her lower belly. She pushed back to me and pulled her legs apart. Her pussy lips now were gaped apart such that when I rubbed my cock down against her, I felt the head between her lips.

She pushed hard against me and her pussy enveloped my cock head. She held me tighter and with her feet on the couch seat, pushed her ass up so that her pussy slid over my cock, taking it deeper inside.

I kissed her deeper and I slowly began to stroke my cock into her…long slow strokes…all the way in to my balls and out until my cock head was barely held in her lips. kaçak casino

My cock head was swollen and was bigger in diameter than my shaft, so that as I pushed in into her, the head spread her vagina open. The veins popped out on my shaft drug against the inner walls of her lips as it passed through them.

I fucked her deep and with long strokes, setting a rhythm which she soon met. We moved against each other in that horizontal dance of love. Her pussy was so wet and hot and it gripped my cock and squeezed it as I thrust it into her. My balls were crushed against her ass in my effort to fill her completely.

We made love in that passionate and tender way for a time and when I began to speed up, she threw her legs apart. I pushed her legs back toward her, my hands on her thighs, spreading her open.

She grabbed them and held them back and up and I pulled back and drove my hard cock into her as hard as I could.

I slammed my cock into her hot pussy as deep and violently as possible. My mind was filled with the sensation that surrounded my cock. Her pussy was so slicky wet and felt like a sheath that squeezed and coaxed my cock for more.

And I gave it all I had. I slammed into her..I drove my cock into her without stopping… I pounded her so hard she bounced up from the couch with each thrust.

She screamed and pushed against me like a wild animal and I was like an animal also. My cock pistoned into her with a ferocity that she had never imagined, and I pushed her up on the couch with the force of my body slamming against her.

She was thrown around under me as my cock ravaged her pussy. The more I fucked her, the more she screamed and provoked me and the more she moaned and groaned, the harder I fucked her.

We were covered with sweat and were flushed and hot, but we still couldn’t get enough. My legs began to tire and I slowed down. I pulled her legs together and I got on my knees.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and in that position, her ass was against my balls and her legs straight up against my chest.

I kissed her feet as I started to stroke my cock into her again. As I straightened up on my knees, I raised her ass up in the air.

With her legs together, her pussy was much tighter. Her lips were closed around my cock and the friction was much greater. I felt every millimeter of her pussy as my cock stroked into and out of it.

“Oh Daddy, this feels so good,” she cooed.

“Yes, Baby it sure does.”

“Daddy, do you like my little pussy?”

“Yes Baby. I love your little pussy.”

“I bet I love your cock more though Daddy.”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart. I want you to cum for me. Will you do that? If you will, I will shoot my cum into you when you do and we can cum together.”

“Yes Daddy. I’ll do whatever you want. Can you go a little faster and maybe a little harder. It feels so good when you fuck me hard.”

“Like this baby?”

I started hammering my cock into her again as hard as I could. She moaned and I saw her eyes close as she concentrated on the feeling that raged in her pussy. My cock drove into her tight little slit relentlessly until I heard her.

“Now Daddy. I am cumming……..I am ccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmiing”

She tried to sit up as she was wracked by her orgasm and she tried to pull her legs apart but I held her down and held her legs together. She shook and squirmed as my cock pushed deep into her.

I held her pinned in that position as my cock began to jerk and then shoot my cum deep into her. She dropped her hands to her side and she lay staring straight up. I pumped my cum again and again and I could feel her pussy flooded with my hot juices.

After a few minutes, I let her relax her legs and I pulled back. I looked at her pussy and saw her lips remained open. My cum flowed out of her and down onto the crack of her ass and then onto the couch seat.

I sat at the end of the couch while she lay on her back. We rested for a few minutes longer before moving. She finally sat up and moved beside me.

“Daddy, thank you for the sexy lingerie…and thank you for making love to me.”

“You’re welcome sweetheart. We did make love didn’t we? It felt good to be able to share our love like that.”


“What Baby?”

“Can we do it some more?”

“Yes baby, afterwhile.”