B5 Chapter 6 The Contest Is Set


B5 Chapter 6 The Contest Is SetChapter 6: The Contest Is SetBarocca entered the conference room, and sat down at the table, across from Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee. “All right, Barocca. Let’s get this over with,” said Tiffany.”Don’t take it so hard, Tiffany. It’s no shame admitting that you’ve been outmaneuvered. I’ve been doing a little thinking, and I’ve come up with a few ideas on just how I want the contest to be held, and what events will take place.” Barocca began rummaging through her purse for some papers.”Whatever you’ve got in there, Barocca, save it,” said Dee Dee. “We are going to have a contest, but we’re going to do it our way.””Excuse me? Did I hear right just now?” asked Barocca. “Are you girls that anxious for me to go public with my exposé already?””Go ahead and do it, Barocca,” said Clyda. “Nobody’s stopping you.””I don’t believe I’m hearing this. Are you actually willing to risk letting them shut the doors on this place, without putting up a fight?””We are going to fight you tooth and nail, Barocca,” said Tiffany. “But not necessarily in the manner that you might think. If you want to go public with your exposé plan, go ahead and do it. If you do it, you’re probably right in that we’ll be under the microscope from the govern-ment for all sorts of things for a long time. “I figure the worst thing they could do would be to shut us down outright. But once they find out just how much money we take in here, and how much they could make, if they took their slice of it, by putting us above board, and assessing taxes, that they might change their tune. Not to mention that there are a number of people on Capitol Hill that are some of our very best customers. I know that they’d pull some major strings, and do a big time cover up, and it might just cancel out your exposé.””It’s always good to have a politician in your pocket,” said Clyda. “Having several by their balls, is even better.””You can’t be serious,” said Barocca. “You’d risk letting them shut you down, and throw away everything that you’ve worked so hard for?””Who said anything about throwing it all away?” replied Dee Dee. “If they did close the doors and kick us out of here, it would be a serious setback, but nothing that we couldn’t overcome.”The simple fact of the matter Barocca, is that if we had to start over from scratch, and recreate everything, I know that we could. anadolu yakası escort I did it once, and I know I could do it again. I don’t know how you managed to create a clone of yourself, as well as giving your own girl the treatment. But I know for a fact, that you couldn’t have done it without my machines, and my technology. I’ll give you credit for being intelligent, Barocca. But I don’t think there’s any way that you can match my training and education in science and medicine, and be able to duplicate what I’ve done here on the Island on your own.””In other words,” said Tiffany, “we might have to close the doors, in the worst case scenario. But we can rebuild somewhere else, and be back up and running in about a year. I don’t think that you can make the same claim.””But in the meantime, you’ll eventually run out of Dee Dee’s ‘wonder pills’,” said Barocca. “You’ll eventually lose the ability to get a hard-on, or do anything effective with your cocks.””And that’s exactly what’ll be happening to you and your girls too, Barocca,” said Dee Dee. “I figure that you might last a little longer, with what you managed to steal from us. But your and your clique will be living on borrowed time too.””The three of us, as well as the majority of the girls on the Island, are prepared to have to possibly go without our cocks for a number of months, before we can rebuild,” said Tiffany. “We’ll have to wear baggy pants and skirts for a while, but it’s a sacrifice we’re prepared to make.””Like I said, not only can I recreate my technology,” continued Dee Dee, “I also know some surgeons who can help any girls who want to make a break from the Island. We figure there’ll be a little fallout of girls who don’t want to go through the rough times. So I know some cosmetic surgeons who can undo my operations, and make them look normal again, for a fee.””That information isn’t on any backup tape, or papers you’ve stolen, girl,” said Clyda. “So unless you’re willing to make ‘John Wayne Bobbitt: The Sequel’, all of you will also be stuck with limp noodles between your legs eventually.”The tension in the air was so thick between the four girls that it was almost tangible. As they sat at the table, glaring at each other, Tiffany finally broke the silence.”As you can see Barocca, we aren’t that cowed ataşehir escort by your threat of the exposé. Yes, it would wind up making things extremely hard and inconvenient on us. But there are some things that we simply aren’t going to back down on, and this is one of them. We did agree with you that since everything on the Island revolves around sex, that there should be a contest of sorts.””All right…I had no idea what a bunch of fanatics you girls were,” said Barocca. “So… just what kind of format or events did you have in mind for the contest?””You see, Tiffany?” said Clyda. “I told you Barocca could be reasonable after all. All we had to do was threaten to take away what she values the most.””It’s nice to see that you’re not being impossible to reason with, Barocca,” said Tiffany. “Now as for the contest itself, I think we’ll start off with a Milking session between the two girls. I want everyone to see just what Jordan and your girl have got between their legs, and just what they can do with their cocks.””All right, that sounds like a decent start. Then what?””I haven’t given that a lot of thought, to be honest. Whichever girl produces the most jism, her side will have the advantage, and can call the shots for the next event. We’ll go back and forth in various sexual events, both giving and receiving pleasure. We’ll let things take as long as they need, until one girl gives up, or until a majority of the amazons recognize one of them as the clear, overall winner. We’re not gonna let your side win everything in one event. It’s not going to be that easy for you.””So what you’re saying is that this whole affair could drag on for days, or even weeks, Tiffany? To tell the truth girls, I don’t think I like the structure of this whole contest of yours…””Shut the fuck up, Barocca!” exclaimed Clyda. “Tiffany and Dee Dee have tried to sugar coat this, and be polite with you, but I’ve had it with you and your damned snotty attitude. We’ve already made it quite fucking clear that we aren’t afraid of you and your exposé. You need us to hold this contest, so you’ll have a prayer of staying on the Island. Not the other way around!””Did it ever enter that pointed little head of yours, Barocca,” asked Tiffany, “that if we’re serious enough to call your bluff on your exposé, that we might also ümraniye escort be bold enough to take even more drastic measures?””Specifically, such as hauling you and your prodigy’s asses straight into detention, and then turning you over to Ebony,” said Dee Dee.”If you’re going to pull out all the stops, and go for the knockout punch, you’d damn well better believe that we’re going to do the same, Barocca,” said Tiffany.”You wouldn’t fucking dare!” shouted Barocca.”Just try it Barocca,” said Dee Dee. “I think you also ought to know that I’ve spent a lot of time going over your computer and all the CD’s and other software on it. You were in such a hurry to hightail it out of here, you completely forgot about it. It’s taken me years, but I finally figured out why Ebony suddenly grew so large, so unexpectedly on us. Once I saw all those advanced medical programs there on your PC, it all fell into place. You fucked around with my machines, and put in some type of program that changed Ebony!”Barocca just sat at the table in shock, as the other three girls’ emotions raged at her.”Not only could we see to it that you’re turned over to Ebony, Barocca,” continued Dee Dee. “But I could use that wonderful software of yours to make Ebony even bigger and more powerful than she already is. We’ve all seen the tape of when you and Ebony had it out a couple of weeks ago. Ebony almost split you in two that night. I could turn her into something even bigger, that’s barely human, and you might not even survive the experience.””Or we could select several other lucky girls to ‘supercharge’ and then turn them loose on your new creation,” said Clyda.”Rest assured Barocca,” said Tiffany, “Ebony hates you the most of any girl on the Island. But she’s certainly not the only one. We’d have no shortage of volunteers itching to get at you, after everything you’ve done here recently.””Now then,” said Tiffany, as she cracked her knuckles, and sat up straight in her chair. “I think we’ve made it brutally clear how we feel about you and your demands, Barocca. We will hold the contest for final superiority on the Island. But we’re going to do it under our terms and conditions, or not at all. You and your side need us, far more than we need you.”Barocca glared at the other three girls for a moment, before she finally let out her breath in frustration.”All right,” conceded Barocca. “It appears that maybe I’m the one who’s been outplayed here after all. We’ll meet in the main auditorium in ten minutes. I’ll introduce my new girl to everyone, and we’ll officially announce that the contest is taking place in a month.””Sounds good to me,” said Tiffany. “C’mon Clyda, Dee Dee. We’ll see you in the auditorium shortly.”