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My name is Manoj. I am from the northern part of India. I love Literotica’s site. I have read many stories here. I am about to narrate an incident that happened in my life. It is about fucking my aunt and then her helping me to fuck my own mother and finally my sister. My aunt’s name is Indira; she is around 45 yrs old and the elder sister of my mother.

The first incident took place in last December. Me, my mom and aunty were coming back after seeing a relative who was in hospital. Since the bus was too crowded, there was no space between my aunt and me. When driver applied brake, my cock would touch her ass. Soon my aunty got a seat but she let my mom sit on the seat and moved close to me. Now my cock was in constant contact with her ass and she never bothered to move away from me. By this time, my dick had come in life. It was exactly between her ass cheeks. By now, I was sure that she was doing this intentionally. On next bus stop, I got a seat and I offered it to her but she declined and asked me to sit and she moved near to my seat. Now her bare belly was touching my shoulder. Once I looked towards her, my face touched the bare skin of her tummy. When I looked at her, she gave me a naughty smile. The rest of my journey I thought about her and decided in my mind to fuck her.

Aunty Indira was living away from her husband for last 5 yrs. She has a daughter and she was with her husband. Once we reached home I went to my room and undressed and wrapped a towel around my waist. Suddenly my door opened and my aunt entered.

“Hey Manoj planning to take bath?”

I said, “Yes aunty, I want to freshen up after that bus journey.”

Then she said, ” I am sure that you enjoyed the journey” and laughed

Suddenly she took off my towel and I was totally naked

I asked, “Aunty, what are you doing? Give me my towel.”

She said, “It’s not first time I’ve seen you like this!” and caught hold of my semi hard dick.


“You have a nice hard dick, how do you manage that?”

I was in real shock and I asked what would happen if my mom came in.

She said, “Don’t worry about that, I saw her going to the bathroom to take bath and she will take at least half an hour to finish.”

She kneeled before me and taking my cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

Wow man!

It was great.

She asked me, “Is this your first time?”

I said, “Yes”.

By this time, my legs had become too weak to stand and I had taken my bursa eskort bayan cock from her mouth and fallen on my bed. She came over my bed and continued sucking my dick. I came in her mouth very soon as this was my first blowjob. She drank all of it and with my towel cleaned my dick and her mouth giving me kiss on my cheek.

She said “Manoj, your mom will be finished her bath by now. We will continue this later. Do not close your door tonight.”

I lay there for some time, finally after an hour I took a bath. By this time, my mom had called me to dinner. When I saw Aunty Indira she give me smile and while mom went inside she came over to and told me again to keep open my door. I caught her by waist and gave her a kiss on her navel.

I said to her, “Aunty I want you to wear sari while you come to my room”

She said “ok “

By this time mom had returned and asked, “What’s the big secret?”

I said “Nothing mom”

Aunty Indira said, “He wants me to teach him some biology”.

She gave me naughty smile.

I got back to my room and changed my bed sheet, put a new one and lay there waiting for her

I heard my mom’s door closing.

After half an hour, I saw my aunty coming inside wearing a red color sari, which she had worn for her wedding.

She asked why I had turned the light off and said she wanted it on.

I asked what would happen if mom woke up and saw a light on in my room.

She said your mom is a heavy sleeper and once slept would not wake up til morning.

She sat on my bed and began to run her fingers through my hair.

She asked, “Is this your first experience?”

I said “Yes Aunty.”

She said she would teach me everything and began to take off her sari. I asked her to stop.

Her face reddened.

“You do not like me.?”

I said, “No Aunty when I watch porn movies the best part I like is, girls taking off their clothes and I want to take off your clothes myself.”

I got up and began to remove her clothes item by item. She was the first woman I had seen naked.

After that, I asked her to take off my clothes. She asked me whether I had seen a lot of porn movies.

I said, “Yes.”

She asked if any of them were there. I said there weren’t any but if she wanted I would get some from my friends.

I only had some books. She asked to take and went through it page by page.

I got behind her and began to feel her nipples. By this bursa merkez escort time, I had become stiff. She caught my dick and began to play with it. She then lay on bed and asked me to suck her cunt. I sucked her cunt for some time and she came on my mouth once.

She asked me to enter her.

However, the first three times I was not successful. She laughed and caught my dick, positioned it correctly and asked me to push it slowly. This time I entered her. I came inside her very quickly.

From that day on, I fucked my sweet Aunty Indira. She taught me everything from oral to anal. And we fucked in every part of the home. We fucked each other while watching porn movies.

One day after our session we were going through an erotic storybook and we came to a story in which a son fucked his mom. She looked up at me and asked

“Do you like this?”

I said, “Yes”

“Do you want to be that son?”

I hesitated for some time

“Yes”, I Said.

I asked how we would ask mom. She said she would do that for me. And we fucked one more time.

After a week, I asked her what happened about the story. She said she is on the right track and I would get surprise in two days.

Next day at noon, she came to me and told me that she would not come to my room that night.

Hearing this I become sad.

She smiled and told me “You will get your surprise tonight”

In addition, she asked to keep the door open and dick hard.

While taking dinner, I saw mom was not there and Indira gave me dinner. She asked me to do as she said that afternoon

It was 10pm and I was lying on bed with my shorts around my ankles. I was getting increasingly hotter thinking about the woman I was going to fuck tonight. Suddenly I saw a dark figure coming to my bed.

Wow my God!

It was my mom. I pretended to be sleeping. She came over and sat on the bed, she looked at my face. She thought that I was sleeping. She turned and began to look at my dick. She never got up from there or showed any sign of touching it. Suddenly somebody switched on the light

It was Aunty Indira.

She asked, “What are you both doing?”

“If you want to do something, do it otherwise go to sleep”,

And she went out of the room. I caught mom and kissed on her mouth.

I said “Mom from the first day I came to know about sex. You are my dream girl. I will take care of you from now and ask dad bursa sınırsız escort bayan to fuck off”

She said she knew that what was going on between Indira and me, and she was the one who gave Indira the idea. Moreover, it was her plan to let me read that story.

I caught her and pushed her to bed.

“You bitch, now you listen to me, you will be my slut.”

She has to agree to let me fuck her anytime, and anywhere I wanted. Saying this I removed her sari and panties and with one push I entered my mom’s cunt.

I told mom I would call her only Radha from now onwards.

I rammed my cock into her cunt as fast as I could and she responded to my every thrust. Finally I take my cock out of her cunt and moved to her face and lips and entered her mouth, within two thrusts I came inside her mouth.

I asked her to suck it clean and since I wanted to enter her ass asked her play with my dick to get ready for seconds.

Right at that time Indira came into the room.

She asked, “Radha how is your son?”

“Didi, he has a bigger one than his dad and he knows very well how to satisfy women.”

I asked Indira to suck my mom’s ass to lubricate so I could enter it. She positioned behind mom and started to lick her ass. By now my dick was ready for my mom’s ass. Suddenly Indira took my dick began to lick.

I said, “You bitch this is for my mom.”

I asked mom to bend over doggy style and I entered her from behind. On my first thrust she gave a loud moan




“It’s hurting me ahaaaaaaaaaaa”


I said, “Shut up u bitch you are my property and I will do anything I like.”

After some time I took my dick out and entered her pussy.

I hold her legs and positioned it over my shoulder. With each thrust she given loud scream. I came on her pussy and Indira sucked her pussy violently for my cum. We all got up and took a bath and slept together.

Next morning mom woke me up by sucking my cock. I asked her to get on top me and fuck. She positioned herself over my cock and slowly started to move up and down.

“Radha keep it fast you bitch.”

Indira woke up hearing this noise; she began to laugh seeing the position mom, and her son were in.

Radha fucked my cock like a wild animal, and she moaned like a wild dog.

Indira positioned her cunt over my mouth and sucked Radha’s boobs. Once mom was finished Indira positioned herself over my cock. We fucked until afternoon. We decided to go out and have lunch. I fucked both of them in a hotel bathroom and in our car on the return.

Nowadays we fuck together and even go on holiday together. I will tell you how they convinced my sister to fuck me. That is another story.