ANR Lunch

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“Let me lie,
let me die on thy snow-covered bosom,
I would eat thy flesh as a delicate fruit,
I am drunk of its smell, and scent of thy tresses
Tis a flame that devours.”

Sandra strode down the corridor, her full breasts straining against her shirt so tightly it seemed her buttons would pop off from pressure. They ached pleasurably from her bra snugness in a way her skin stretched tautly. A small dark spot formed on her shirt where fabric covered her nipple. Stepping into an office at end of hall, she put a bag on a large desk.

“It’s lunch time, Bruce.”

Bruce looked up from his work, and his eyes widened as he noticed a growing damp spot on front of Sandra’s shirt. Rising from his chair, he walked around his desk and closing the door locking the knob.

“Why don’t you join me?” he said as he approached her.

“You’re leaking already. If you go much longer, you’ll end up in pain. I know; my wife had that problem when she stopped breastfeeding our son. Unless you have a breast pump, you’re going to need some relief.”

“I’ll manage. I just need to replace the pads.” Sandra’s chest heaved as her breathing grew heavier.

“Feed me Sandra,” Bruce said, his voice strong and commanding.

“Give me your delicious milk. Let me latch and suckle your nipples”

Sandra stood against the desk, her body frozen with indecision. Being a single mother was rough in more ways than one. Because she had full responsibility for taking care of herself and baby, she rarely had time for herself.

Last touch she’d gotten from a man had been from a mistake in a drunken one night stand that resulting in her pregnancy. She didn’t think having her breasts sucked by a grown man would do much for her, but he obviously looked at it as a sexual thing, so maybe it would lead to more.

She gave a slight affirming shake of her head and raised her hands to unbutton her tight shirt.

Bruce exclaimed; “No, let me.”

Bruce nervously gently pushed each button through its hole until her blouse hung open. Pushing it aside, he ran his thumbs over wet fabric of her bra where her nipples pushed against pad and cup.

Seeing it was a regular nursing bra, he unhooked the tops and let flaps fall open. Her pads stuck inside to catch leaking milk fell to the floor and exposed her engorged breasts. Sandra was engorged with her milk, and obviously needed to be drained.

“Beautiful”, Bruce said confidently.

Sandra sat on the edge of Bruce’s desk and leaned back on her hands as he bent forward and licked a droplet of milk from her protruding nipple. An unexpected shiver of pleasure sprang through her breast.

Bruce stood and took her hand saying; “Let’s get more comfortable.”

He casino oyna led her to his executive leather couch and pulled her down to straddle his lap after he sat down on his leather smooth sofa. She could feel the bulge in his pants against her mound as he pulled her forward. Licking his lips, Bruce latched onto a breast, latching eagerly began to suckle her nipple.

Sandra tangled her fingers into his hair and held him to her chest as he drank from her full breast. A warm tingling began to grow in her vagina, and she unconsciously rubbed her panty against his erection as his mouth and tongue suckled her nipple.

Friction of her vaginal lips rubbing against her cotton crotch and his erection sent shivers of desire through her body.

Bruce let go of her nipple with a wet plop. “Your milk is so sweet. Sandra, drinking from your full breasts has given me an erection. Hold my cock with your hands while I suckle your milk.”

Only thought she had, was that she was there to satisfy an aching throb in her crotch, it was a deep hunger she felt. With fumbling fingers, she unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants, pulling his shirt up and out of her way so she could have access to him.

She reached into his underwear and pulled out his erection. Squeezing it, she ran her hand up and down his length a few times, eliciting a moan from Bruce that vibrated around the nipple of her other breast that he’d now had suckled into his mouth. His sucking made her aroused, hungry and sensual.

Resonation transmitted through his lips shot a thrill straight from Sandra’s breast to her vagina. Not wanting to break contact, she simple pushed damp crotch of her shiny red panties to her side and guided his erection into her vagina. He slid in with ease filling her, which only made her hungry to have him increase his nipple sucking.

Bruce’s suckling continued with waves of pleasure moving from Sandra’s toes up to her crotch.

She moaned softly as she felt his warm erection internally between her legs deep within. His full cock head split her vaginal walls apart and pushing deep into her warm inner depths.

She slid all the way down until her vaginal lips brushed against his cock base. His continuous suckling sent waves of pleasure rolling through her body as she rode him, her juicy vagina clenching around his cock as she plunged up and down on him. Her vagina was swallowing his erection.

His sucking took on a frantic pace as she gave him pleasure with her body coating his shaft with her natural juices. With each movement downward onto him, she rocked her hips and ground her clit into his pubic bone, shooting hot shocks of ecstasy through her core.

Sounds of pleasure and approval spilled from her lips as her body shuddered. canlı casino She threw her head back, her hair flying as she clung to him. Her gyrations on his erection became erratic as her cries rang out in the office. Bucking wildly, she rode him as waves of pleasure blasted through her body.

An orgasmic release of her desire signaled a more intense let down with her milk practically flooding Bruce’s mouth chocking him.

Bruce gulped her sweet liquid down as she spasmed. He switched back to the other breast to catch leaking milk from her other hard nipple. Bruce latched on to her nipple causing milk to squirt from her breast.

In time, a last burst of pleasure faded from within her, Sandra felt Bruce’s cock twitch inside her. She knew he was close to his orgasm, as he moaned loudly latching down on her nipple, sucking with ferocity as he spurted his semen into her inner depths.

He kept feeding, even as his cock softened inside her. Her milk had thickened and grown even more delicious as hind-milk began to flow.

A knock sounding on his door broke their passion. Bruce wanted to continue sucking until no more of nourishing liquid streamed from her nipples.

Bruce’s secretary called through the door; “Bruce, you have a meeting in five minutes.”

Reluctantly, he released her slippery nipple from his mouth, taking one last lick from each dripping pearl before straightening up. “I’ll see you same time tomorrow,” he said as Sandra climbed off his lap.

Bruce gave Sandra some towels offering her use of his private bathroom to freshen up, which she did.

On the next day, Sandra leaned over a copier and extricated a piece of paper causing it to jam. Whirring of the copier machine started back up, and her mind wandered to the day before in Mr. Bruce’s office.

“Darn” she exclaimed, coming back to present as she felt let down in her breasts. Her leaking was enough to soak through nursing pads that she kept tucked in her bra. Two wet spots noticeably appeared on her blouse.

Sandra still had 500 copies to run but could not leave the machine to go into the restroom and change her pads or clean up her shirt. With her nipples leaking milk, she also needed to pump them to relieve pressure flowing from her milk ducts.

Since her desk was located very close to the copy room, Sandra dashed out to grab her bag from her bottom desk drawer. Once back inside the copy room, she closed the door and pulled a chair close to the copy machine. She needed to keep an eye on the machine in case of more paper jams. She knew she was taking a big chance since copy room door didn’t lock. Anyone could walk in on her at any time, but she felt she didn’t have a choice.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she pulled open kaçak casino her nursing bra flaps removing soaked breast pads that smelled of fresh breast milk. She threw them in the waste can next to the copy machine pulling a handheld battery powered breast pump from her bag.

To be on the safe side, she stuck a new pad against her right nipple and re-closing its flap. Without hesitation she pressed pump suction cup against her left nipple. Switching it on her pump whirred to life with small drops of milk flowed from her nipple down into the pump bottle.

“Ms. Thompson!” said a voice from the corridor.

Clacking of copier and humming of pump had obscured sound of copy room door opening. A pink flush crept across Sandra’s face as her head flew up. “Bruce… I’m sorry, I…”

“I thought I made myself clear yesterday,” Bruce said as he entered copy room.

Shutting the door behind him, Bruce said; “If you needed relief, you should have come to my office.”

Nervously Sandra spoke; “I couldn’t leave the copier, Sir, these copies aren’t finished yet.”

Bruce knelt in front of Sandra and gently pried the breast pump from her hand. He turned off the small machine off and dropping it into her bag.

Taking her hands, he pulled her to her feet and led her over to the copier. He placed his arms on each side of her, each hand resting on copier top bending toward her exposed breast, still leaking milk. With his tongue, he licked the fresh drops from turgid nipple before latching onto her breast and hungrily sucking.

Sandra cooed happily and ran her hand down the front of Bruce’s trousers. His cock was hard and ready beneath smooth material. Unzipping his pants, she pulled out his cock circling his shaft with her fingers. Tingles of pleasure ran from her breast to her pussy as he sucked fervently. He thrust into her hand as she stroked him, pushing his cock through her fingers.

Once the first breast had been drained of milk, he unfastened flap covering her right breast. Before lowering his mouth to her leaking nipple, he reached between her legs and pushed her panties to the side.

She eagerly spread her thighs apart and moaned as his erect cock split her vaginal lips sinking deep inside her. Their coupling was hot and frantic. His mouth stayed latched onto her breast as he sucked life giving milk from her. Her breasts bounced up and down with frenzied movements of love making.

Their cries echoed through small copier room as pleasure flooded their bodies. Sandra’s breasts were no longer full and firm but soft and drooping as last of her milk was drained. When Bruce’s flaccid cock slipped from her vagina she straightened her panties pulling two new pads from her bag.

Bruce said; “If you spring another leak, you know where to find me.”

He left the room. Sandra hurried to button her shirt. Neither of them noticed a small crowd scurrying in down the hall away from copier room door.