Annie has a new boss!


Annie has a new boss!Annie was pleased to find that the man she had recommended for position of accountant for her firm had actually got the job, she had worked with Mark at her previous firm and although he was 20 years younger than her they had always had a good relationship and flirted together and had the odd ‘snog’ at Christmas time.As she showered to get ready for work on Mark’s first day in charge she thought about him and gently stroked between her legs in the shower her fingers found her clit and she went weak at the knees as she brought on her own climax. She went back in to the bedroom and found that Robert, her husband, had already put clothes out for her to wear and had then gone down stairs to get her breakfast. She looked at his choice for her and smiled to herself, he had put out a half cup balcony bra which she always liked to wear when she was teasing someone as her nipples could be seen but wasn’t something she would normally have chosen for work. She slipped it on and wondered to herself if her new boss would notice her breasts jutting out of the bra, Robert’s choice of top for her was a cream blouse which in certain light was see through, god thought Annie he wants me to flaunt myself to Mark! She found her knickers a tiny black thong and she felt very sexy as she pulled them up and she felt the tiny back part disappear between the cheeks of her bum. Then looking for her tights Annie found a new pair of hold up stockings so she carefully pulled them up each leg and then put on the stretchy skirt that had been laid on the bed. The skirt finished just above her knee and was very clingy showing every outline of her thighs and her backside. Annie slipped it off again and took off the holdup stockings reaching into her drawers she found a suspender belt and another pair of stockings these with a seam on the back, she thought if my husband wants me to flaunt myself I may as well do it properly! Then she put her skirt back on and was pleased to see that the outline of the suspender belt was clearly visible, she decided to add to the effect by wearing the skirt slightly shorter and turned the waist band over twice the resulting in it now resting at least 2″ above her knees. Annie finished her outfit off with a pair of black shiny stiletto ankle boots. She walked down the stairs and Robert came out of the kitchen and looked at her he smiled and said ‘god my darling you look so sexy! Mark will love the suspenders I’m sure’ Annie laughed and turned round on the stairs so her husband could see her seamed stockings, ‘are my seams straight’ she asked. Robert replied ‘They are for now I wonder how long it will be for he touches them!’ ‘Don’t be silly’ said Annie ‘I am nearly old enough to be his mother he wouldn’t want to touch an old woman like me!’ Robert laughed and said’ look sexy you might be 60 but you don’t like it and any way haven’t you ever heard the term MILF?’ Annie looked at him and said ‘no what does it mean?’ Smiling her husband put his arm around her and said ‘it stands for “Mother I’d Like To Fuck” Annie gasped and said ‘I don’t think Mark sees me like that just looks at me as someone who gets on with their work. ‘ Robert laughed and said ‘ so that’s why you have dressed like a really sexy bitch today then is it? Annie gave him a quick kiss and replied ‘You actually selected what I am wearing!’ ‘Well some of it’ said Robert ‘but I didn’t put out a suspender belt or seamed stockings and that skirt is normally longer than you are wearing it today but it looks fabulous you just go and tease him all day but what are you going to do if he makes a pass at you?’ Annie gave Robert a wicked grin and said ‘what do you want me to do?’ ‘oh I think you should let him make you into his very own MILF! and let him fuck you whenever he wants then come home each evening and tell me all about it!’ Annie could feel herself getting wet as her husband suggested it to her she gave him a passionate kiss and said ‘Would you really mind?’ Robert replied’ If you haven’t got him to fuck you before the end of the week I will be very cross with you! Now you better eat your breakfast and get yourself off to work’.Chapter 2Annie arrived at work she felt good and even better when she heard the wolf whistle from the lads at the building across the road as she bent to get her handbag out of the car she realised that the guys could see her stockings so she stood looked at them and smiled then gave them a little wave and went into the office. she was pleased to see that she was first in and got her desk ready to work and then went to the kitchen to put the coffee on for the morning, moments later her new boss Mark arrived, he came into the kitchen and looked at her and said ‘wow Annie you look so sexy this morning it is going to be so good working with you again’ and he put his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead and looking down he smiled and said ‘god I’ve missed you and dreamn’t about having the chance to be with you again! Annie could feel the warmth of his body against her and was aware even at 8-30 in the morning of his hardness in his trousers. She gazed up at him and said’ It is going to be so good being with you again Mark’ and reached up on tiptoe and kissed him gently on his lips.Mark and Annie then discussed the work on a daily basis as they waited for the others to arrive and he told her he wanted a meeting with them all to introduce himself properly and make sure they were all happy with what he wanted them to do, then he told her that he would want a private meeting with her every morning at 9am to discuss the work. Annie felt a warm glow knowing she was going to get to spend time with this man, she fancied him though he was 20 years younger than she was and with her husband’s encouragement this morning she knew she was going to do her best to make something happen between them and she thought and hoped that Mark found her as attractive as she found him.The others arrived and Annie suggested that they got themselves a drink and that Mark then wanted to have a quick chat to them all. The girls were a little nervous but Mark soon had them at ease and explained how he wanted to work he said he had had chance to study the systems and everything seemed fine but obviously he would look at everything as time progressed but there was nothing for anyone to worry about. He then said that his office was always open to any of them at anytime and that they didn’t have to wait to talk to him he also said once he was talking to any person though it would be private and the door would be shut and he expected them all to respect that. Then he said ‘As you know I have worked with Annie before and I intend to have a meeting with her every morning to discuss any queries or problems so if you have anything you need me to be aware of then let Annie know and we will discuss it each day.’ Then he said to them to carry on and to Annie he said ‘come on we better get on with it then’ and led her off to his office.Mark held his office door open and Annie squeezed past him as she did she felt his hand brush her leg and she gave a little shudder of excitement. When they were inside Mark closed and then locked the door and stood and looked at her, Annie smiled and said ‘what are you looking at then?’ He said now the door is locked I think it is time I got a real look at that body of yours don’t you, get your skirt and blouse off now you slut!’ Annie gasped as she heard him Mark had never been like that with her before but at the same time she knew she liked being told what to do but she hesitated for a moment and Mark said in an angry tone ‘do not make me have to tell you again or you will regret it!’ Annie gasped and her hands went to the buttons on her blouse and they were shaking as she undid them the blouse opened and Mark said ‘Oh yes such lovely tits Annie I am going to enjoy sucking and biting them’ Annie’s blouse was now open her breasts heaving in her bra but she hadn’t taken it off. Mark walked over and pulled her blouse down her arms leaving her in just her bra he pulled her breasts out of the cups of her bra and tweaked each nipple, ‘Yes very nice’ he said ‘now get the skirt off you slut let me see the rest of you’ Annie felt herself going hot this was the first morning working together it was only just 9-30 and he was ordering her about in a way that no one ever had before not even her husband but she felt very turned on and she knew she was going to do whatever she was told. She slipped her hands inside the waist band of her skirt and slid it down anadolu yakası escort exposing her suspender belt and her stockings and her very tiny thong, she let the skirt drop to the floor and then stepped out of it, although she was still partly clothed she felt very naked in front of him, Mark told her to stand in the middle of the room and Annie did then he told her to stand with her legs wide apart, Annie complied at first she did not realise that as he walked round her he was taking pictures of her suddenly she was aware of his camera phone in his hand and she felt very exposed, ‘what are you doing’ she stammered Mark said ‘I am just taking some pictures of you to show off online!’ Annie gasped and said ‘no no what if someone sees me an knows me?’ Mark just laughed and said ‘then you might be embarrassed but you are my slut now and you want me to show you off don’t you?’ Annie stammered again as she said ‘No oh Mark I don’t know what do you want to do?’ He laughed and said ‘It is not what I want to do I am going to do everything possible to you over the next few months and you are going to learn to love it! Now I want you to ask me to show you off on line!’ ‘oh please Mark please show me off I want you to be proud of me’ it was now that Mark realised what his friend and Annie’s husband Robert had told him was true that Annie was a slut just waiting for the right man to control her. He knew he was going to enjoy controlling her and sharing it with Robert even if the silly bitch Annie didn’t realise that they had planned it all between them well not yet any way.Mark continued taking pictures of her in various poses he made her touch her toes then he told her to take her thong off and she did as she was tod and put it on his desk but Mark picked it up and smelt it and sighed and said ‘That is a lovely smelling cunt Annie’ Again he got her touching her toes and he took more pictures then suddenly he said ‘that is enough for now get your clothes on bitch!’ Annie was feeling so hot and horny but was frustrated she wanted him to fuck her now but Mark knew how to play her and he told her again firmly to get dressed. Then he said ‘You can have your pants back after work this evening if you are good! and realise in future you must always come to work in stockings and suspenders never never any tights!”Now get back out here and do some work whilst I look at your pictures’ he told her but just as a tender moment he kissed her again on her forehead and squeezed both breasts, other than that he hadn’t touched her but Annie felt so excited and so controlled she loved it!When she went back into the main office the other girls asked how she had got on and Annie said ‘oh fine I hope you don’t mind him wanting meetings with me each morning’ the others laughed and one of them said ‘god no Annie you keep him entertained each morning and we can have a slow start to the day’ Annie smiled and though to herself I wonder what you would think if you all knew how I was going to entertain him!Chapter 3The rest of the morning seemed to drag for Annie she found it hard to concentrate on her work, wondering if Mark really was going to show those pictures off on line, just before lunch he came into the office and spoke to them all nicely and then said to Annie ‘that publishing idea we discussed this morning seems to be going well it has had a lot of reaction’ Annie tried to stop herself blushing but she felt the warmth creeping up her cheeks and she smiled at Mark and said ‘thank you that’s good to know’. After he went out of the office the other girls asked Annie what it was all about, she told them that she had suggested that it would be good to publish details on line about various jobs the firm had done and that Mark was looking in to it and it would mean him getting a lot of pictures taken, one of the others laughed and said ‘well as long as he doesn’t want to put pictures of us online’ and they all laughed. Annie laughed with them and said ‘no I don’t think so well not yet any way’ and again the girls laughed.Just before they were all due to finish at 4-30 Mark popped back in to the office and said to Annie ‘ I know you should finish in a little while but I wonder if you would mind staying for a little longer and going through one or two things with me?’ she tried to control herself and not say yes to quickly but Annie had been hoping all afternoon that he would ask her to stay so he could fuck her when the others had gone, she felt so wet between her legs as she replied and said ‘no that’s fine Mark I had told Robert that I might have to stay a little later tonight’. the other girls finished their work and said jokingly to her ‘just watch what you are getting up to then Annie!’ and off they went.She gave them a few minutes and then went and locked the front door of the building and went to Mark’s office and knocked on his door, he shouted to her and said ‘Okay my little slut take your clothes off out there and leave them there just come in wearing your little tarty boots and your stockings and suspenders.’ After seeing Mark get cross with her in the morning Annie did as she was told and her skirt blouse and bra lay in a heap by his office door. Mark opened the door and looked at Annie and said ‘I am pleased you are learning so quickly! Come in I want to show you your on line pictures!’ Annie walked round his desk to look at the computer and to her amazement there were pictures of her dressed and then undressed clearly visible on the screen, she gasped and said ‘Can anyone else see these Mark?’ ‘Of course they can you silly slut lots of guys have already looked at you and enjoyed you there are lots of comments about you on the site already, just click on the pictures and see what has been written.’ Annie’s had shook as she took hold of the mouse and clicked on a picture of her with her legs open that Mark had taken earlier that day. There were lots of comments there some of them just saying she looked nice others saying what a dirty slut she looked and things like I bet she is a dirty fuck. Annie gasped as she read them but felt herself getting turned on her nipples were hard and her cunt felt wet, Mark was stroking her as she read the messages, Annie opened her legs wider as his hand slipped between them she gasped and felt weak as his fingers slipped inside her. Mark laughed and said ‘ Oh what a dirty bitch you are Annie I am going to have so much fun with you do you want me to use you like a slut now?’ Annie was beginning to lose control and whispered ‘Yes Yes Yes Mark please take me use me’ Mark pushed his fingers deeper inside her and said ‘that’s no good Annie I want you to say it louder so I can hear how desperate you are’ Annie said again but very loudly this time ‘ Yes Yes Yes Mark please take me and use me’. Poor Annie didn’t know that she was live on line and that Mark had got her to make her request louder so that the watching audience could hear her.Mark said ‘well as you are such a good fucking whore Annie I am going to let you suck my cock before I fuck your lovely tight arse and if you are really good tonight I might even let you have my cock in your cunt tomorrow.’ Annie gasped at his comments and said ‘but Mark I don’t like it in my bum please don’t do that’ Mark grabbed Annie’s nipples and pulled very hard bringing tears to her eyes and said to Annie ‘I thought you understood that you are now my slut to do as I want with, do you agree?’ as he asked he twisted her nipples very hard. Annie looked at him she was crying and said ‘ Yes Mark I am sorry I will do whatever you want me to please let me suck your cock’. ‘Do you want me to fuck your arse as well you slut?’ Mark asked still pulling on Annie’s nipples. ‘Yes yes ‘Mark it is yours to do what you want to.’ Annie gasped through the pain but she knew she was enjoying him hurting her, no one had ever treated her like this before and she was beginning to enjoy it. Mark let go of her nipples and told her to undo his trousers Annie pulled his zip down and his cock almost burst out of his trousers now she did feel scared she had never seen anything as big as that before. ‘ Do you like it my slut? he asked and Annie said ‘Yes my god it is so big I don’t know if I can cope with it.’ Mark pulled Annie into the middle of the room she didn’t understand why but she was passed caring but Mark just wanted to make sure that his slut was in the best position for the cameras he had set up for the online show she was giving without realising. He pushed Annie ataşehir escort down onto her knees and told her to suck it and suck it good, ‘Remember the wetter you get it the easier it will be for you when I shove it right up your arse.’ Annie opened her mouth and flicked her tongue around her new bosses big thick hard cock she knew she was going to struggle to take all of it in her mouth, after all she hadn’t got much experience of sucking cock and Roberts was much smaller than this, but she was eager to please and she opened wide and took the big knob in her mouth her eyes still watering from when Mark had hurt her nipples but then she started to move her head up and down on Marks cock it tasted so lovely and filled her mouth fully then she felt his hands on her head and he started to push his cock deeper into her mouth his movements getting stronger and rougher Annie gagged and Mark laughed at her and said ‘come on you bitch get it all in you have got a great mouth to fuck I wonder what your arse is going to feel like’ Annie could hardly breath and Mark pulled her head hard against his stomach and she gagged again. He let her go and pulled his cock out of her mouth he wiped his wet end around her face leaving a trail of precum across her face. ‘ Now let’s see what your arse feels like you lovely slut stand up and then touch your toes for me.’ Annie did as she was told and Mark stood to the side or her and pulled her arse cheeks apart allowing the camera to see her tight little rose bud arsehole she was scared but at the same time wanted to please Mark and take it all in her bum for him. She felt every exposed and naked like this and thought to herself thank god no one can see me and at least he isn’t taking pictures at the moment, little did she realise what a big audience was already watching her, Mark took his cock and started to rub the big knob around her little arsehole she flinched as he started to push it against her hole he laughed and said ‘it is going to hurt but you will thank me after wont you’ ‘Yes’ replied Annie ‘ I will I will I promise’ Mark said ‘I want to hear how loud you can scream you bitch’ and pushed his wet big thick cock into Annie’s lovely tight are just a little way and she didn’t disappoint him as she let out the loudest scream possible. ‘Oh god no Mark no please stop please stop its hurting’ he laughed and pushed further in to her and Annie screamed again. Mark loved the sound and the feeling of controlling her as he pushed harder and deeper into her tight shit hole he was really enjoying himself and loving her cries of pain and her tears he got a rhythm going and was almost pulling out with each stroke before ramming back into her arse hole again Annie’s tits were swinging and slapping together as she was hanging onto her ankles trying to support herself through the pain and the pressure of Mark ramming into her but she suddenly realised she was enjoying it and she cried out for him to fuck her harder, Mark laughed and said ‘ there you are you bitch I told you that you would love it didn’t I?’ Annie cried’ Oh god Oh god Mark it is so big I am coming I can’t stop myself please let me have your spunk in my bum please please Mark come inside me’ Mark pulled her hips back against him to make sure he was as deep inside her as possible then he felt the spunk rising from deep in his balls and pumping through his cock and spurting into Annie’s wonderful tight arse. ‘Oh you lovely fucking bitch take that’ he cried Annie was crying as she said ‘Oh yes yes yes oh god Mark that’s so wonderful thank you thank you’ she was nearly ready to pass out with pain and pleasure and Mark just kept on spurting spunk inside her she had never in her life felt anything like it, slowly Mark started to pull his cock out of Annie’s arse there was a loud popping noise as air started to release from her enlarged hole, Mark stood to one side to hold her arse open again for the camera to see as his spunk started to dribble from her anus. Then he let he stand up she was weak and he told her to get on his knees and clean his cock up she didn’t want to but knew better than to argue so she got down and started to lick and slurp on his cock tasting her own arse juices mingled with his cum from it she felt disgusted with herself and worn out but she knew she would do whatever he told her just so that she could have his cock inside her again. Mark eventually let her stand up her legs were weak and she had to hold on to him he said ‘well Annie my slut did you like that?’ Yes oh Yes Mark it was wonderful thank you’ He looked at her and said ‘ now say it again louder and smile at the camera as you say it this time.’ Annie gasped and said ‘what do you mean the camera?’ Mark laughed and said ‘why my little slut you have been live on a video link to a new web site I have set up about you and during the day I have had lots and lots of members join and they have all been watching you, I had told them what time you would be on and that you will be appearing every evening this week at 4-45. so we will have to think what you can do to please them all tomorrow wont we.?’ ‘Oh my god oh my god ‘ said Annie through her tears as she thought how she had been degraded but Mark just laughed and said ‘smile and say thank you to the camera and tell everyone you will be back for more tomorrow. however terrible Annie felt she knew Mark was right she had enjoyed it and she knew she would be back the next day for him to make her do whatever he wanted to she smiled to the camera and said ‘Thank you Mark that was so fucking good, I hope all of you watching enjoyed it as much as I did and I will be here tomorrow for more!’ Mark laughed and said ‘You are learning slut aren’t you’ and then he unlocked the office door and pushed out and said there are you clothes get yourself dressed and home to your husband let him see how full your arse is.Annie looked back at the door as Mark closed it and then realised the cleaners would be here at anytime so she quickly pulled her skirt on and her blouse only just managing to get some of the buttons done up as she heard the keys in the outside door, she knew her makeup was a mess and her face had spunk streaks on it but she couldn’t do anything about it she tried to straighten herself up and looked up as the young lad that did the cleaning came in he smiled and said ‘hi Annie you look good.’ She thought oh my god has he seen me on camera, but didn’t say anything but smiled at him other than a mumbled ‘goodnight’ as she went through the door she heard him say see you again tomorrow!Annie got in her car and sat down gently her arse was throbbing and she new Marks spunk was oozing out of her arse hole she just hoped it didn’t go through her skirt and stain the car seat. As she drove home she kept thinking to herself what would she tell Robert would he understand would he realise what she had done she was so scared but kept thinking of the feeling of Mark’s wonderful monster cock inside her and realised it was all worthwhile. It wasn’t long before she got home when she opened the door she could here noises but couldn’t think what they were when she worked in the room Robert used as his office he was sat at his computer with his cock in his hand as he watched her on screen taking Marks cock in her arse. Now my lovely dirty little slut said her husband come here and show me your arse. Annie didn’t know what to say but she slipped her skirt off and bent over so her husband could see her throbbing little arse hole he bent forward and flicked his tongue round it and then said that tastes so nice then he stood up and shoved his hard cock deep in her arse, even though he was much smaller than Mark Annie still gasped as she felt it go deep inside her. Robert was fucking her very hard and rough and said well this is great you fucking slut coming home for me to have sloppy seconds I am really going to enjoy this every night! It wasn’t long before Annie felt the second load of spunk in her arse in less than an hour and she loved it.Robert told her as they lay in bed together later that he and Mark had been planning it for some time and that he, Mark, had lots of other ideas for her and that every day was going to bring something new into her life. Annie told him she didn’t know whether to be scared or excited, Robert laughed and said probably both is best. Annie went to sleep wondering what would happen to her the next day.Chapter 4Annie slept but it was a disturbed night, her mind kept going over what had happened to ümraniye escort her and a couple of times she came to and realised just how sexy she was feeling, her hand slide between her legs to find her cunt so wet she could not believe it as she stroked herself to a climax and then drifted back to sleep.When Robert woke her the next morning he brought her a cup of tea and as she smiled at him, he opened his dressing gown and offered his cock to her lips saying to her ‘come on my lovely slut swallow this your first cock of the day!’ Annie opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her throat he wasn’t as big as her new boss Mark and she knew she would have to suck his cock as well at sometime that day. Robert put his hands on the back of her head telling his wife just what a dirty fucking slut she was and how he was looking forward to seeing her perform later in the day! It didn’t take him long to reach a climax and he held her head tight as his spunk exploded into her mouth and down her throat, Annie gagged slightly but eagerly swallowed as much of her husband’s cum as she could. Robert pulled his cock out of his wife’s mouth and rubbed it all around her face then he pulled her out of the bed pulling hard on her nipples Annie squealed and Robert said ‘Go and get showered you dirty bitch and I will sort out what you are going to wear today. Annie gave her man a little kiss and said ‘Yes Boss’ Robert slapped her arse as she walked past him and said ‘Just remember my lovely slut you have two bosses now and you must do whatever you are told to do you understand?’ Annie said ‘Absolutely anything do you mean that?’ With a wicked smile on his face Robert said ‘Yes absolutely anything now go get ready for work!’As Annie showered Robert went through her wardrobe and selected a black button through dress for her to wear it was one of his own favourites as it opened nicely to show off her big tits and when she crossed her legs it opened virtually to her thigh. Then he got out a pair of shiny light coloured hold up stockings and a tiny G string pair of pants , for what they were worth but he knew the effect would be good. His final selection was a pair of black shiny spiked stiletto shoes with a 4 inch heel to them. Annie came back into the bedroom and looked at the clothes laid out for her and smiled and said ‘yes very nice darling but where is my bra?’ Robert smiled and said ‘no bra today for my slut, just get dressed and let me know when you have finished so I can inspect you!’ He went off down stairs to his computer then to let Mark his partner in sexual deviation just how he was sending the slut to him for the day, Mark said it sounded good and asked for a picture of the finished goods. Robert shouted to Annie to ask if she had finished dressing and she told him she was nearly ready so he took his camera upstairs and instructed his wife to sit on the stool in the bedroom and took this picture to send to his friend.Once Mark had seen it he replied to Robert that she looked superbly sexy and that he was looking forward to using her well that day and to keep watching the video link.Robert gave Annie a kiss and sent her off to work wondering what Mark was going to make her do today.Chapter 5When Annie arrived at work she was aware of how exposed her legs were by the coat dress she was wearing and as she opened the car door and swung her legs out the dress opened right up to expose not only her stocking tops but right up to her very brief pants, unfortunately for her one of the guys from the business next door was just getting out of his car and saw everything, ‘My god’ he said ‘that’s a lovely way to start my day thank you’ Annie was surprised as she felt her blush slightly but she just smiled at him. She wasn’t aware of Mark her boss, now in so many ways, behind her. He laughed at the guys comments and said to him do you have access to the internet?’ ‘Yes why?’ the guy from next door Mark then gave him a card and said ‘link into this site this evening at 4-45 and you will see why’. Then he said to Annie ‘come on you teaser lets go and get some work done!’Once inside the building Mark took her into his office and took her in his arms and kissed her his tongue fighting with hers Annie felt the excitement run through her body and suddenly her cunt was so wet and she knew again that she would do whatever Mark told her. He broke away and stood back to admire her he smiled and then said ‘come on now you slut undo the buttons let me look at that magnificent body again’ Annie did as she was told without any hesitation she knew she wanted to show off to him but also knew that if she didn’t comply he would punish her in some way. Annie undid her dress and stood with her legs wide apart as Mark liked her too he smiled and said ‘Oh you dirty bitch you look magnificent’ then he walked over and squeezed each breast before biting her nipples very hard, Annie gasped at the pain but loved the feeling that seared through her as her new boss hurt her. After a moment Mark stood up and said ‘the other girls will be here soon so you better get yourself ready for work’. Then he smiled, almost to himself, and said ‘Oh being as you were such a good girl yesterday I have got you a present.’ He went to his desk and picked up a parcel and gave it to Annie to open, once she had undone it she found an smooth egg like object, she took it out of the packaging and said ‘Tell me just what this is for then?’ Mark laughed and said ‘It’s for your cunt you stupid bitch now let’s see you slide it in’ Annie hesitated slightly but enough for Mark to see and quickly he slapped her tits ‘ Don’t make me have to tell you again’ he said. Annie felt a little tear in her eye from the pain but she controlled herself and pulled her panties down slightly and inserted the smooth egg like object into her wet cunt it stretched her as she slid it in but suddenly it was deep inside and it felt nice as her cunt closed around it, Mark told her to do her dress up again and she obeyed without hesitation, he said to her that she would have to keep that inside her all day. Annie replied that yes of course she would and told him how nice it felt, in return Mark showed her a little control unit and said ‘Well my darling I am going to hold onto this and use it from time to time during the day I hope you enjoy it.’ Then he pressed one of the buttons and the egg in her cunt started to vibrate, Annie gasped as she felt the movement in her she almost climaxed there and then ‘Oh my god oh my god’ she stuttered ‘no Mark no please not in front of the other girls I don’t know if I can control myself’. Mark just laughed and used the other button to turn up the speed of the vibrating egg and watched the pleasure on her face as Annie responded to the pressure in her cunt, he knew she was cumming and he laughed as he said to her ‘Well my little slut you are enjoying that aren’t you?’ Annie just gasped and nodded her head she couldn’t talk for the sheer pleasure that was coursing through her body. Mark switched the unit off and told her that was the first of many times she would be made to cum during the day and he told her that he could control it from his office so she might just be sitting at her desk with the other girls and he would be able to turn it and get her excited again. Annie was still feeling weak as she recovered from the wonderful feeling that the egg had given her and she said to him ‘Oh that is so unfair I don’t know if I will be able to control myself in front of them if you do that to me it feels so good inside me just switched off that I am going to be wet all day.’Mark smiled and said ‘I am glad you like your present but you will need to learn to control yourself so the girls don’t know or you will have to tell them what you are up to wont you!’ Annie said ‘I couldn’t tell them that’ Mark said to her ‘Well I might want you to at some stage’ Annie gasped and smiled and said ‘Well you are my boss and I have to do what I am told don’t I?’ She did her dress back up and gave him a little kiss and said ‘Thank you for my present, I love it’ Then she carried on to say ‘I better go and do some work before the others arrive make it look like I am keen’ Mark said ‘ Yes and of course you have to get yourself worked up to perform for our time on the net at 4-45 lots of guys will be looking out for you!’ Annie smiled not quite knowing what to make of that remark but left him so that she could get to her desk before the other girls arrived. She had never felt so sexy but at the same time so used as she did now and with a little smile to herself she realised she loved it all.During the morning as she was at her desk Annie felt the egg inside her cunt vibrate for a few seconds on several occasions and whilst she wondered if anyone could hear it she found the sensation really good and to herself quietly cursed Mark for teasing her.