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AngieAngieMature and Younger, Up Skirt, Flashing, Multiple Partners, Cream PieAngie was still in a daze from the past 24 hours as she walked through the empty house, with Keith. It had started when he unexpectedly came to her room at the boarding house. She was in a depressed mood, accessing her life on her 50th birthday wondering if she actually mattered to anyone when Keith came. He had left more than 8 months ago, she had thought he would be like many before and never return. He was 20 years younger, lived as another boarder and they had sex occasionally, never confusing it to be love. They did really like each other but she kept a distant by having additional “one niter’s” for his knowledge. She wasn’t a beauty, she could get pretty and she had mature plumpness. Angie wasn’t stylish in dress, she was average and casual. He walked in carrying a Styrofoam chest, opened it showing a bottle of Wine in Ice grinning “Happy Birthday”! Not expecting anyone, she wore an old button front dress, bra less and grannies panties. Plain faced, freshly showered with her hair brushed down to dry. “You look great to be 100”, Keith laughed. They sat and sipped for hours catching up.Angie caught him glancing down her her breast she grinned “don’t start it, I’ve had one too many. I’ll go to sleep on you”! He grinned, “it won’t be the first time and it works when you’re sleep”! They giggled together. He told her that he had ran into Rob and Tony asked if she remembered them? Angie laughed, “you know I do, you know I slept with both of them a few times”. Keith poured them more to drink then said “we’ve found a house to rent and want you to leave here and move in with us. It will be less expensive for all of us”. Angie grinned “Me, move in with 3 guys I’ve laid”? Keith smiled, “hey! It’s not bothering us, we already discussed it, know it and no one has expectations”. Angie grinned “right”, he added that she could have the extra large main bedroom with her own bathroom, he would have one to his self with a small Shower bathroom, Rob and Tony would share one with a Shower bathroom, leaving one bedroom with a house bathroom open. They wanted to find someone additional to fill it. She grinned, “I may know someone, actually two! Before you ask, yes I screwed them”. Drunkenly Keith laughed, “5 guys you’ve had”, she answered, “you’re the Old man, Rob and Tony are mid 20’s, Alan and Gary aren’t 20 yet”! Keith nearly fell from his seat when she added, “and they both are currently active”!Keith grinned, “Hell, they will fit right in”. They chatted until they both were nearly totally drunk, she agreed to look the place over. “You may as well sleep here with your drunk ass! If you get any, you can tell me about it tomorrow, I’m too drunk”, she laughed. They finally stumbled into her bed. Angie giggled as he groped her then removed her panties as she unbuttoned her dress. His cock sank into her, then giggled, “don’t feel any older”. She grinned as he thrust 5 times then fell on her snoring. In a minute, she started to roll him off her then felt his cock spurting as he snored. She held him as he threw 6 wads of cum into her. then giggled as she rolled him away. The next morning, they woke, she grinned “you got it last night”. He grinned, “I did”, she laughed “not really, you just blew your load, so you owe me”.She was concerned since it was outside the city, “we all have vehicles, transportation for you isn’t a problem”, he spoke as they rode. She gasped when she saw a brick, Ranch Style house on 2 acres of land! Inside she was awed by it’s size and beauty as they walked room to room. Her room amazed her, she said “Damn, I can hear my breaths echo”! She screamed inside the Kitchen, It was all Stainless Steel and Natural Gas fired! She open cabinets, drawers and bins. Keith saw her squat flashing full frontal up skirts, bend flashing rear legs then hissed “awesome”, she grinned “you’re right! This place is awesome! How did you get it”? He laughed “my boss got a sudden transfer and he sort of “willed” it to me”. Angie looked confused, he held up a Zip Drive grinning “I ‘will not’ give this evidence that he got his secretary pregnant. So I got a cheap lease”. She laughed, he added “I found it on the company computer, 9 videos of them having sex and a copy of their nondisclosure agreement”.They were back in the Family room, he turned on the imitation Fire logs, gas flames rolled up, “it can warm most of the house in an emergency”. They sat on the floor as she smiled watching “I couldn’t even dream of living like this. How, where will we get furniture”? Keith grinned “we already have it, Rob manages a Good Will and has been gathering it. You will have an old but reconditioned all wood Four Post Bed and matching accessories”. Angie hugged him trembling as she unexpectedly came! Everything was too much for her, she laid back slowly dragging him on top of her. He scrambled getting his cock into her, then rapidly thrust! “Yes, yes, I’ll move here” she shouted! Keith slammed his cock into her more than 15 minutes, he grinned “you know I’ll need more of this”. Angie came again hissing “I think all of you will”. After dumping his load inside her, they lay as he said “if you get those other 2, you’ll have no expense here. I had it figured all ready that if you came, it would be free for you”. She grinned “Oh, you’re buying pussy”, he giggled “no, we can’t cook or clean”. She pushed him off giggling “a fucking Maid”, he smiled “ I wouldn’t exactly say that”. The next morning she talked with Alan and Gary. They agreed to move in, Gary asked “are they past lovers”, she grinned “yes and probably will be again so if you can’t deal with it”, Alan interrupted “we can handle it, if you can”. The next week the boys met and moved furniture in the house when they could. Alan and Gary fucked Angie as usual after returning from work in the mornings. Keith came by to fuck her afternoons after she got off work then Rob and Tony came through separately during the evenings, while Alan and Gary slept. The guys became close friends in minimum time, all adoring Angie and having her as the main subject of constant conversation. Unknown to Angie, Alan said “If we all chip in, we could pay her what she gets in take home pay easily! She wouldn’t have to work, she could just take care of us and the house”. They all agreed, Keith told them he would ask after they ordu escort moved in. Angie was preparing also, daily she left her job to shop for clothing. She needed to increase her full wardrobe being around 5 males daily. With meager savings, she spent wisely shopping clearance sales and modifying her choices on her sewing machine. She bought much cheap yet sexy intimate wear knowing they were all “peepers”. The day before the move, she was “off limits” they were not to see her until the next day. She spent the day at a Spa getting a complete make over. Hair cut, colored, restyled, Eye Brows shaped, Manicure, Pedicure, wrinkles Botox and waxing with a full crotch hair removal. She appeared a full decade younger!Keith wolf whistled when he saw her in a Blue Casual loose T-Shirt dress with ¾ sleeves and pockets! It was a swing style dress, very comfortable, flowing, almost a mini. Angie blushed replying “paint on a pig”, he grinned, “that’s meat I’ll eat”! Inside the car he grinned, “the guys are going to flip the fuck out”! He eased his hand in her lap dragging her hem back and hissed “Mercy” as he saw her Red Mesh bikini panties and bare cunt! The guys were waiting as she stepped from the car, rushed her hugging her, viewing her head to toe and complimenting her! Inside the house, each guy escorted her to their area showing it, then having a quickie with her! In an hour, Angie had been fucked 5 times. While she freshened up, they sat temporarily sated chatting gleefully.Angie returned wearing an Orange thong beneath her dress, giving them a glimpse as she sat down. They made small chat until she spoke “guys, I’ll need to meter myself to you or I’ll never get anything done and I’m 50! You’re 5 to 1, efficiency is important during the week. In plain words, “pump and dump”. They grinned, she smiled “weekends, you can take your time”, they nodded “yes”. Alan blurted “it’s the weekend”, she laughed “I know and it means you’ll all be getting sloppy seconds later. First we make a few changes to add my touch to everything”.“Speaking of your touch, “we” decided that you need to quit your job to have more time here”, Keith said, “What, she gasped, my job”? They all chimed in explaining, she blushed answering “me? A kept woman”? Keith smiled “No, You our main stay, our stability, the reason we work”. Angie teared up, Gary said “Our Mother, Lover, sort of”, Angie smiled “sweet words from the youngest here. OK, I’ll do it”. Keith laughed, “Baby Boy”! The guys all chanted “Baby Boy” until she grinned at them, saying “Behave! Come on Baby Boy, we need to change a few things in my room”. In her room Gary said “I’m your Baby boy”, she snickered “you always have been squirt! You little, cute boyish thing. I had a hard time deciding to let you in my panties because you appeared so young! You were so excited, so sweet, so inexperienced when you chased me, It really seduced me”. Angie laid on her bed spreading her thighs, He dove his face between them snatching her thong aside. His tongue flicked, lapped and dug into her! “You eat me like you’re enjoying something so delicious. You claimed me from the very first time”. She whispered as she came gushing into his mouth! He climbed over, thrust into her, she said “cum when you want, you’ve already taken me there”. Gary made 15 rapid strokes, them chugged his load into her! She wrapped her legs around him holding him as young, fertile, hot cum pumped inside her. They came out 30 minutes, she sat flashing them her stained, wet gusset as she crossed her thighs. By dinner time she had taken all of them twice, refreshed her cunt then sat grinning “grannies panties! Cum Catchers, I’m not going to drip and no one gets any until bedtime”.They fucked her relentlessly through the night, she lost count of how many times they actually made her cum. The next day was Sunday, a day they chose to “make love” to her in appreciation of her. Through out the day they teased her, courted her, made her blush and smile. She was constantly bombarded with compliments, peppered with kisses, hand held, arm wrapped and petted without anyone having sex with her. They kept her so excited all day that her panties remained wet as she emitted pheromones. As each had her that night, their session with her were long, gentle and meant to bring her satisfaction. By morning, each had given her an orgasm that knocked her out!Two weeks had passed, they had established a routine. Angie had sucked, fucked and taken them anally. She found out their true kinks and were catering to them. Everyone was happy and very sexually satisfied. Laying beside Keith she said “I’m being fucked more or less, 20-25 times daily. Is it wrong that I like it, really love it, anticipate having everyone”, he smiled “no”. She kissed his cheek saying “I’m admitting to you only that when they enter me, even for the shortest of time, I cum and I’m almost addicted to it”. Keith smiled “good, it should be enjoyable to you as it is to us. We live to fill you”. She giggled, he added, “we sit with you knowing that you sit with our cum inside you and want to get back into you”.A month passed, their neighbor 55 year old Daniel, a commercial Pilot had been stopping by when he saw her, Alan and Gary outside when he was off. He generally flew 4 days a week, stopped by cordially chatted yet they could tell he had interest in Angie. In time he had met everyone and given them a positive impression. The guys joked with her implying that Daniel had the hots for her. She laughed, “I can’t date him”, they grinned “why not”? Angie laughed, “I have you guys”. Keith smiled “it would probably appear better if you did have someone other than us in your life”. Gary chimed in, “he’s gone most of the time, we could work around him when he’s around easily and he really thinks we are your boys”. She screamed laughing “guys, another cock! How many more do you think I can stand”, Alan grinned “many”. She launched from her seat as he sprang from his running away!In a week she was in the yard with Daniel saying “Dan, why would you want to date an old girl with 5 boys that won’t leave home”. He grinned, “they’re the smart one’s, there’s no reason to leave, they adore you, I can tell”! She smiled, “they play with you, it keeps you young and you would miss them if they left” he grinned. She flirted, “Dan, I’m no spring chicken. You could date a younger woman”, ordu escort bayan he smiled “did that 3 times, married and divorced them. I’m looking more for a friendly beneficial relationship”. Angie grinned, “we’re grown, what you want is to get in my panties without issues, non committal yet friendly”? Dan smiled “Honestly, yes”! She smiled, “my boys do like you, let me hash it over with them and we will discuss it”.Angie had showered before her 1st date with Daniel. She came out wearing a Denim Shirt Dress. It snugged at her waist, had metal snaps from collar to hem with 2 front pockets. Over plain, old style bra and full sized, off white Cotton panties. “Everybody is good right? You’re all shutdown until late tonight” she grinned as she brushed her hair while gaping her thighs wide. Her 1st date included them going to Dan’s house for a back yard Barbecue. Keith grinned, “big ole cotton’s, guess you’re giving it up on the first date”, she snickered “what a thing to ask your “mother”, she laughed “probably”.They drove to his averaged sized home and could see smoke and smell his cooker going. Parked they walked to the rear and saw a building 200 ft away not visible from the road, It was large and long. Dan greeted them in an apron as they sat at several tables. Gary asked about the building, he grinned “Y’all come on, lets go see”. At the door, he pressed a code then the doors rolled up, Alan screamed! They saw a World War 2, folded wing Naval fighter plane, a Speed Racer Plane and a 10 passenger Cessna. “My toys”, he giggled “maybe y’all would like to fly over Colorado sometime, the views are fantastic”! Angie was thrilled, Gary said “I want to ride in that” pointing to the fighter! Dan laughed, “it’s a fighter bomber, I can take 2 at a time if your Mom approves”. The guys were beaming smiles, she said “bathroom! I gotta go”! Dan pointed, she walked away, Keith grinned, “Dan, you’re freaking Mom out, you are completely different, kind of out of our league”. He grinned, “no, poor boy once, military trained made good, been stupid a few times but I like your Mom”. They guys checked out the planes as Angie came back, Dan said “I’ll show you later” walking her back to the cooker.“You look really nice, I like your casual comfortable style”, Dan spoke. She sat crossed her thighs flashing her side thigh, he said “careful, those legs! I’m trying to be a gentleman but I’ll look”. Angie grinned, he said “its almost done but I think you’re sitting on a better meal”. She giggled “it’s not been served in a long time, may not be worth having now”, he giggled “I’ll be the judge of that”! The meal went on without a hitch as the guys talked about the planes. Dan dazzled them telling his war stories as they hung on every word for an hour. He and Angie left to walk off their meal and tour his planes, Keith said “she will bang him before they return”. They had made it to his building, the guys watched as she climbed a small ladder, bent looking inside the fighter. Gary grinned, “He’s getting an eye full of her ass”! In a minute she stepped back down as Dan assisted, “now he’s grabbing it”, he added. The guys saw them climb inside the Cessna, Keith grinned “in 15 minutes he will come out on shaky legs”.The Cessna had 8 rear seats, 4 in upright position and the very back 4 laid down forming a cushioned area, Dan groped her as they moved back. At the cushion, she knelled on them as Dan lifted her dress then pulled her panties down. His face sank against her ass as his tongue probed into her loose cunt. Her sucked her loose inner labia out then said “meaty, like a real woman should be”. His tongue lapped low then slid up her open labia and over her slightly budded asshole, he grunted “experienced” as he swabbed it then deep probed her asshole. His hand slid up to finger squeeze her clitoris and in seconds he felt her cunt quiver as it spat cum. Dan jumped to his feet slamming his cock into her! It felt beer can wide but only 4-5 inches long. He made 5 quick thrust into her then jetted cum inside her saying “sorry, my strength isn’t in my hips, but in my lips”. He pulled from her, drew her panties up, she turned smiling “I like your lips, I’m sure we will get along just fine”. Dan hugged her she whispered “I’m sort of used up down there, if you find pleasure, I’m happy”. Back with the guys, Angie popped a gap flashing her soaked gusset as Dan went inside for beer, she grinned “30 seconds”. He came back, they chatted a short while before the guys left telling him he could bring her home later.Their car was barely on the street before Dan was between her thighs trying to eat her! “Dan, I’m not clean”, she shouted, he lapped her wet gusset replying “flavored, like I like”. Tonguing his way past her panties, he quickly ate her through 2 more leg trembling orgasms! Inside his house, he rushed her on his bed, opening her dress snaps then removing her panties, she said “it’s not pretty, it’s pretty well used”. Her cunt was bald, plump, wide seamed with ribbons of dark inner labia, swollen exposed from his sucking. “That’s real pussy woman! Be careful around your boys, they are men and it’s taboo but natural to look”. Angie acted shocked replying “they wouldn’t look at me”, he grinned as he crawled over her, thrust into her answering “Angie, they are from a different time. They won’t only look, they will make “hay”! He stroked into her, as his talk made her horny, she spoke “you mean they would do me”? He pressed deep into her spurting cum saying “it’s safer than chasing the disease ridden girls out there today”. She let him “pump and dump” twice then he rolled off.“Dan, you’re so smart and worldly, it never crossed my mind but since you mentioned it, k**s “are” staying home”, she said. She faked a lost look saying “I’m so far behind today’s world, I’m a hick, plain stupid”. He smiled “No, don’t be hard on yourself just because you don’t know. Just be aware”. She threw him a ringer saying “but that’s it Dan! I’m so dumb, they’re actually doing it, they’re peeping me. I just didn’t see it”. He hugged her saying “it’s OK! You “think” from an older time, you wouldn’t see it”. She played his ego replying “but what do I do..if”, he covered her mouth kissing her then said “it’s no one’s business what you do”. She lustfully kissed him saying “my god Dan, you’re so smart, I may need your advice often”. He drove her home, escort ordu before she got out, she removed her panties and gave them to him saying “you’re the one getting into these”. He grinned , walked her to her door saying “keep your legs closed until you get panties on, if it’s as you think, they will be peeping”. She went inside sat gaping her thighs saying “he’s probably chewing them already”.A month had passed and Winter winds blew as snow moved in. Rob and Tony had come home, fucked her twice each then went to bed. Keith was fucking her before he left for work while Alan and Gary still slept. “Stop playing with my asshole”, Angie grinned, he replied “Dan’s made it pussy, bulging outward like that”. Angie grinned, “he likes to fuck me but he cums in my ass”. Keith’s cum splattered into her, he rolled off, she said “he’s trying every trick in the book to get me to admit that I’m fucking y’all. He knows I am, he’s ate more of your cum, then talks about y’all needing pussy”. Keith laughed “he just wants to see it, I’ll figure a way”. Keith left, then Alan and Gary had their turns with her. Angie was walking around nude air drying from her shower when Dan called telling her that he was returning early since his flights were canceled. He would be there in an hour. She immediately called Keith then they worked out a plan of getting “caught”.Dan arrived finding Angie in a hip length Blue/Black/Grey Sweater, over thigh top Black leggings, bra less and a White Thong. He sat on the couch as she settled side saddle in his lap. They casually chatted as she told him that Keith had been getting really touchy with her , rubbing past her, bumping into her. He grinned responding that Keith was oldest and he hadn’t a girlfriend. She replied that she just didn’t see the attraction, he answered it wasn’t attraction it was simple primal need to breed. She felt his cock rise under her, she slid her thong aside, sank on his cock saying, “let me just grip you as we talk”. Dan said “he’s going to make a move on you”. Angie smiled, God Dan, what should I do, be totally honest with me”. He told her that first of all, sex was nothing new to her. That pregnancy wasn’t a worry and they wouldn’t be the first so there wasn’t a need to panic. “But he knows that you’re fucking me”, she replied. Dan grinned, “that’s probably what stirred his lust, after all you weren’t dating, you were only mom before not even female”. She flexed her cunt saying “I didn’t consider that” stroking his ego.Dan kept giving her positive reasons for fucking Keith without directly saying “fuck him”. He judged her by her flexing cunt reaction and thought he was plying her on. In minutes, he finally said “Angie, he’s a good young man, just give him some! It won’t kill either of you”. She knew she had him, flexed her cunt then actually came! Dan’s cock exploded inside her, throwing cum upward as she circled her hips! In a minute they calmed, she asked “is it really OK with you, I don’t want to lose you”. He kissed her replying, “you have plenty to share and you’re probably going to need it”. She acted bewildered, he added “your other boys are growing up”. She flexed her cunt muscles on his shaft again, rapidly almost jerking until his cock started spurting again! “Good Gracious Angie”, he shouted! She squeezed his cock asking “do you mean I’ll have to do them too”? He grinned as he panted “they’re yours, aren’t going any where and you’re available”. She came furiously, shaking and squirting! “Dan! There’s 5 of them, with you that’s 6” she moaned. They lay with his cock inside her, Dan grinned “Keith is driving up”. She jumped , he held her in place as she asked, “what’s he doing here”? He grinned, “Don’t move! Play sleep, we will see how he reacts”.Keith came in, acted surprised as Dan waved him to be quiet! Keith sat glancing Angie’s panties then spoke in whispers “water main froze, closed the job”. Dan replied, “I got snowed out, myself”. She’s napping early, you wore her out! Not complaining, I’m glad she’s feeling alive again”, Keith grinned. Angie flexed her cunt on Dan as she faked a soft snore. Dan moaned, Keith gave him a stare saying “Damn! Excuse me Dan, are y’all”, Dan grinned “she’s still got me”. “Awe man, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you”, he whispered, Dan replied “we’re grown, everything is good”. They winked, Dan said “I’m not saying anything bad about Angie but I’m older and she’s more than I can handle, but I do my best”. Angie wiggled lower in his lap spreading her thighs more, flashing her panties showing Dan’s shaft. “Maybe I should get you a blanket” Keith grinned, “you’re exposed”. Dan answered “no need, you’re grown, you know. If your younger brothers were around, but we’re men”. Keith moved to get a better view grinning “you’re right! I shouldn’t ask but man to man, how is she”?Angie’s cunt fluttered on Dan’s cock, he answered “straight talk! Her pussy is great”! Angie flexed her cunt as she came, Dan hissed, “she’s cumming in her sleep”. Keith acted surprised, then whispered “Damn”. Dan grinned, “ I swear I think she’s making up for lost time, she wears me out! Not complaining, I just wish I could do more for her, she needs more”. Keith grinned “if she wasn’t my mom, I’d do her”! Dan quickly replied “I wish you would. I mean you’re safe, clean and wouldn’t be trying to take her from me”. Keith grinned, “Aweeee man, I wish” as leaned close and saw her cunt meat surrounding Dan’s cock. “Get a good look, that’s what you’re missing. You should make an attempt, she can only turn you down”, he smiled. Dan pulled Angie’s thighs wide open, showing her meaty cunt oozing cum.Dan let him look then told Keith to go back outside, give him time to wake Angie. She wouldn’t know he had been there and he would leave soon, Angie would still be hot and he should make an attempt on her, before any of the other boys came. Dan saw fake hesitation in his face, he spoke “Man up, you need pussy and she needs cock! I won’t know anything but I’ll rest better knowing she’s taken care of, safely”.In minutes, they were sitting with a lap blanket on Angie’s legs as she asked “why are you here”? They played the closed scenario then Dan left. Keith slid over her thrusting into Dan’s cum grinning, she grinned, “I milked him dry”. He slammed into her thrusting slowly saying “feels like jam in there! He really wanted me to fuck you”. She grinned as she came saying “he wants me to fuck all of you, he flat out admitted it today”. Keith rammed into her squirting so much cum it pulsed outside with each thrust!*** The first segment is posted with more waiting to post***