An Object for Daddy


I walk downstairs quickly and assume my usual position kneeling next to you. Without looking, you reach down and yank me forward by the hair to all fours. I brace myself, trying to keep my back arched as you usually prefer, but with a sharp smack you order me to straighten it. Confused, I do so, before feeling something settle in the small of my back. I realise by its shape that it’s a plate, and hear your smirk in your voice as you say “good, I needed the desk space. Don’t let anything drop, Cunt”.

I stay quiet, attempting to zone out to keep still for as long as possible. Every few minutes, you reach down to rub my clit, or finger-fuck my pussy or mouth, testing my ability to maintain my position. I can feel myself growing incredibly wet as your use of me continues, and soon you’re wiping your fingers on my face and hair after every time you tease my cunt.

My eyes glaze as the smell of my own cunt juice fills my nose, almost making me miss the moment you remove the plate, instead handing it to me. I blink, taking it quickly, and waiting for permission to leave. The plate has some crumbs left from whatever you were eating, a sandwich I think, and my stomach rumbles. I hadn’t eaten yet today.

“Hungry, Cunt?” You ask, waving a hand dismissively Pendik Esmer Escort as you turn back to your computer, “you may lick the crumbs from the plate.”

I hurriedly say “yes, Daddy”, and do so quickly, extending my long tongue to scoop the scant crumbs. I look up at you after swallowing a final time. After a pause, you begin to look irritated.

“What do you say?” You glare at me, and somehow I get even wetter.

“Thank you for allowing me your crumbs, Daddy,” I answer evenly, hoping it’s enough. You point towards the kitchen and I take it as a dismissal to go clean up.

After washing the plate and putting it away, I return to my position by your side. This time, your screen is filled with porn, a threesome where a man and a woman both dominate a slave. Your fly is open, and you’re stroking your hard cock. I wait submissively, knowing I am not allowed touch without permission.

You grab my hair again, moving me forward to ram your cock in my throat with three quick thrusts before pushing me back, your cock now satisfyingly wet for your stroking.

“See Cunt? That’s where you should be, serving your Daddy and whoever he wants, isn’t that right?” You barely look at me as I nod furiously, feeling my clit Pendik Eve Gelen Escort throb at the thought. On the screen, the slave is forced to lick the woman’s ass and her Dom’s balls as they fuck, and I’m drooling at the thought.

You reach over, smearing the drool on my face, “you’re such a whore, Cunt. Always wanting to be used. Show me how much you want it,” you finish as two of your fingers push into my mouth, and I start sucking desperately. I slurp and moan as spit spills from my mouth, coating your hand and dripping onto my chest, gagging myself on your fingers to beg for your cock.

You grin, turning up the porn’s volume as you stand, teasing me by wiping your cock on my spit-covered face, smiling as I eagerly try to turn and catch it with my mouth or tongue. Grabbing me by the hair, you drag me upright before pushing me onto the couch, flipping me over so I’m on my back, with my ankles over my head.

You thrust into me, no more teasing. I moan loudly as you fill me for the first time that day, but your attention is mostly on the screen as you continue, pounding into me as you continue to watch. I bite my lip, trying to keep quiet to not distract you, but I can feel my orgasm building, turned on more as your Pendik Evi Olan Escort fucktoy, an object for your use.

As the scene finishes, you look back down at me, feeling me shaking as I hold back for permission, my body tightening around your throbbing cock, quivering with desire. You begin to harshly pinch and twist my nipples, your other hand coming up to encircle my pale throat as you thrust harder, filling every inch of me as your face comes closer to mine.

The sudden lack of breath causes my mind to float and my eyes to widen, exciting you further as instinctive fear crosses my face. As I open my mouth to breathe, you spit in it, instead making me moan and my cunt spasm on your dick. You move your hand from my marked breasts down to my clit, pausing to spit again on your fingers before rubbing it gently, enough to make my back arch painfully.

I can’t get enough air in me to speak, so instead I mouth the words “please may I cum Daddy?” to you, gasping and squeaking with pleasure as you hit the very best spot in me with every movement. You pick up your pace, your breathing ragged too as I feel you’re close to cumming.

“Now, Cunt!” You command, and my body tenses in a blinding orgasm as you pull out at the last second, ropes of cum shooting up to cover my face and chest, marking my body as your toy. I come down slowly, your hand now off my neck and instead gently holding my side as I unfurl, a deep smile on your face that matches my own, as you slowly pull me off the couch and take me upstairs for a hot, steamy shower…