An Hawaiian Vacation Surprise Ch. 02


Notice: If you are underage, please don’t read this story. If you are easily offended by gratuitous sexual acts performed by consenting adults, please don’t read this story. This story is entirely a work of fiction. Editing and polishing are all thanks to RF-Fast. The bad Grammar that remains is all Mine.

The steamy windows quickly cleared as the air conditioning cooled the interior of the SUV. Stan and Ollie dressed after their sex fest. Ollie was thankful they were ignored by the beachgoers who walked past the dark tinted windows without a second glance.

Except one smoking hot bikini wearer. She stopped, and looked directly into the darkened windows.

Ollie looked back at bikini girl

Bikini girl straightened her breasts, tightened her long ponytail, and walked away. As she was walking away she ran an index finger along the seam of each buttock to sexily pull a wedgie out of her ass.

“Did you enjoy that?” Stan asked

“Oh yeah. I believe that was for you as much as it was for me. That’s what I would you do if I knew a hot couple was inside a vehicle doing what we have been doing.” Ollie said with a grin watching bikini girl walk down to the beach. “The same exact thing.”

Bikini girl walked to the same spot where they had been splashed by the wave, and looked directly back at them.

“Stan look. I think she wants us to come talk to her! We will talk to her but let me do the talking.”

“If I lose a kidney because you want put some sexy shit on social media…”

“Stop your bitching and live a little. Remember, you still owe me for yesterday. And you will continue to owe me, until I say your debt is settled.” Ollie said with a wave of her hand as if to silence Stan.

Stan and Ollie exited the SUV and started walking toward bikini girl. Bikini girl smiled a bright white smile when she spotted them and sat down in the sand, started looking out at the ocean. She closed her eyes. The smell of sex was all over Stan and Ollie. It made bikini girl’s pussy wet. Her beautiful white smile grew.

They were in the Pacific. The waters had been chummed with the smell of sex. They didn’t know it yet but bikini girl had the senses of a great white. But what this great white didn’t know is these two were killer whales. All is fair game when there are three predators on the loose.

“Hi, I’m Ollie this is Stan. What is your name?” She said

“Isabella. And from the sound of things you are from down south. I just love your accent. I love his everything. Yummy.” Isabella purred.

“Yes Isabella we are from the south, you got that southern part quick.” Ollie said trying to ignore the play for Stan.

“I was here on the beach two hours ago when you were drenched by a rogue wave. You went to that SUV, stayed there for quite a while. The windows fogged up at one point. The engine started and the windows cleared. I walked by. It was a fifty-fifty shot of who was at the window. It was you Ollie. I like sex with boys too Stan.”

“Fuck! Are you following us?” asked Stan

“I’m not following either of you. I simply walked up to a window of an SUV to straighten a crooked strap on my swimsuit. Both of you approached me.” Isabella purred.

Ollie liked the game she was playing because it was fun. Sex was involved. Stan potentially could be involved. Bonus for him.

“I’ll take the bait. Is this your thing? You come to the beaches and lurk for potential couples and pounce when you get the chance?” Ollie asked

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Isabella said with a sexy pout.

The sex smell they both carried with them from the frolic they had earlier was intoxicating to Isabella. She wanted…no she needed to taste the sweet nectar of fuck perfume she was smelling at this moment.

“To answer your question no. I don’t troll beaches waiting for something to wash up so I can take it home. But in your case I’ll make an exception.” Isabella said.

“Wait. You want to take us to your home? You can’t have my fucking kidney.” Stan objected.

“Stan calm down. I assure you no one is taking anyone else’s anything without his or her consent.” Ollie said.

“Agreed, I won’t take anything from you if you won’t take anything from me.” Isabella said.

“See, Stan she is easy to negotiate with.” Said Ollie

“Ok, but if any of this gets fucked up.” Stan pointing to his and Ollie’s face; then he referring to Isabella’s whole body “I’m going to fuck all of that up.”

“Deal, now follow me. I live five minutes from here.” Isabella said

They all got in their vehicles and followed her from the beach to a modest community that was a few miles away.

“Bring in our bottles of water so she won’t offer us something to drink. I don’t want some bitch we just met drugging us.” Ollie said.

“How bad do you want to have sex with this girl Ollie? There are red flags everywhere. I already told her I was going to fuck her shit up if she laid a finger on us and she didn’t flinch. Usually if a man says that gorukle escort to a woman he either gets the shit slapped out of him or she backs off. Not this one. I’m on the fence is all I got to say.” Said Stan.

“We’ll see what you have to say when you have your cock down her throat.” Ollie said.

Stan pulled in behind Isabella’s car at a very modest wood framed house with a chain link fence connecting to the neighbor’s yard. It looked like any house they would see on one of their favorite television shows about Hawaii. They walked up a set of steps to enter the kitchen.

Isabella opened the door for Stan and Ollie. The intoxicating sex smell coming off them as they walked past her was the last straw. She closed the door behind them.

“First, I want your pussy. Second, I want the cock. Finally, I want you both at the same time.” Isabella said with a shiver. Names no longer mattered to her. She was drunk on their smell.

Clothes began to fly in all directions. The smell.

Isabella needed to feel the warmth of Ollie’s body. She began to undress Ollie. She took off Ollie’s shirt. The sex smell was getting stronger. She took off Ollie’s bra. This is where Stan must have shot a load of cum because the sex smell was very strong here. She liked this. Isabella’s pussy was so wet it was running down her leg.

Isabella took Ollie’s shorts off. The smell. She removed Ollie’s panties and the smell almost made Isabella cum. She tried to lick all of the sex smell off of Ollie she could.

She licked off of her chest, out of her pussy, everywhere she smelled sex she licked and suckled until Ollie no longer smelled of sex. Isabella wanted most to get Ollie’s scent straight from the source. Ollie’s pussy. Isabella lapped Ollie’s pussy until she came in convulsions on Isabella face. Isabella slurped Ollie’s juices up and moaned slightly with each convulsion.

Ollie was very pleased by the tongue lashing that she received from her new friend and wanted to return the favor. She changed positions and began to lap the tender folds of Isabella’s pussy. Isabella was wet from her pussy past her ass. Ollie was feeling very adventurous. Ollie wanted Isabella to enjoy having her pussy being eaten as much as Ollie enjoyed hers. Ollie lapped every inch of her pussy until she began to cum.

“I need to taste your kiss, and I need it now.” Isabella demanded

Ollie slid up her wet pussy to her mouth and kissed Isabella. Their pussies touching and rubbing as they continued to kiss and taste sex from one another’s kiss. Eventually breaking their kiss, the both were looking at the voyeur.

“We haven’t forgotten about you Stan.” Ollie said

“I was starting to wonder if you needed me to come back in time for the flight home.” Said Stan.

“Oh my, the male ego is so fragile. Come over here and let us stroke it for you.” Isabella said.

Stan began to slip his shoes off and take his shirt off.

“It’s my package,” Isabella said. “Let me unwrap it.”

Isabella moved away from Ollie and started to remove Stan’s shirt, detecting Ollie’s scent on him. It was so sexy that she began to touch and lick his chest, sliding to his navel where the sex smell got stronger. She unbuttoned, unzipped, and dropped his shorts. The sex smell made her pussy convulse again.

Ollie noticed that when Isabella kissed Stan’s eight pack, Stan began looking at Ollie. Ollie knew Isabella could smell her on Stan and she liked that she had marked her territory. It made her wet thinking about what Stan could do to a pussy with his big cock. Ollie spread her knees wide so Stan could get a good view of his sister’s pussy that he violated just a short time earlier. She saw his hard cock was already testing the limit of his boxers.

Isabella was once again intoxicated by the smell of sex that was on Stan from Ollie. She pulled down his boxers and his seven inch cock nearly slapped her in the chin. The smell of their mingled sex was more than she could handle. She took the length of his cock in her mouth. She wanted to consume him as quickly as possible.

While Isabella was deep throating Stan, Ollie moved closer and began to touch Stan as she walked around him. Her hungry gaze was looking for something to kiss, bite, nibble, suck, or stroke to keep herself entertained.

“I need that cock inside me now.” Isabella said.

Isabella led Stan over to the couch. She lay on the couch and Stan began to fuck her. While Stan fucked Isabella, Ollie put her pussy on Isabella’s face while she passionately kissed her brother.

Shortly she came on Isabella’s face and Stan moved around to eat Isabella’s pussy. Ollie positioned herself for a very thoroughly tongue lashing by one of the best.

Isabella closed her eyes, taking her to another place. She tasted Ollie’s sweet pussy as Ollie rode her face; while Stan went to work on her pussy. Both women came simultaneously and Ollie came with great force. Isabella was very pleased with Stan’s skills. When Ollie altıparmak eskort bayan got up Isabella pretended to be in bliss for a few more moments. She opened her eyes slightly to see Stan say to Ollie before kissing her deeply.

“This is so fucking hot. I love you sis”

“Motherfucker! You two are brother and sister!” Isabella wanted to shout.

She wasn’t ready for the fun to end just yet. This information was to be toyed with.

Isabella was even more turned on by this. This taboo situation was very sexy to her. It made her pussy very wet and her nipples began to get hard. This new information was twenty-five different kinds of wrong but that wasn’t her problem. It was also fifty different kinds of sexy for her benefit. She was getting all the benefits of their personal problems right now.

Stan began to pound Isabella’s pussy. She didn’t complain. She wanted it pounded. She needed it pounded. All of this was fun to Isabella.

“You can stop fucking around and beat that pussy up like I know you can.” Isabella taunted.

“Isabella you are about to get exactly what you are looking for.” Stan said

Stan’s pace quickened. He tightened his grip on Isabella’s hips and increased his force until finally thrusting to his balls before pumping cum deep inside in her pussy.

“Oh. Oh. Oh my. I can feel you spew inside me each time you shoot.” Isabella said. “That is quite the load and a real treat.”

“Well, I do try my best.” Stan said with a sly grin.

“I must admit the two of you have most certainly made my day today.” Isabella said.

Isabella was referring to sex as much as she was referring to the bonus that they were brother and sister.

She sat up and his cum gushed out of her pussy. She was less interested in her dripping pussy and more interested in the brother and sister couple that washed up on her beach.

Isabella moved from the couch to the wooden chair that was adjacent to the couch and flopped down in it with one leg hanging over an arm of the chair and the other on the floor. Her legs were spread wide and they could both see Stan’s deposit oozing out of her pussy. She reached over for a pack of cigarettes that was on a side table between the couch and the chair.

“Do either of you smoke?”

Queen Isabella was instantly holding court and these two were now her subjects to toy with. They had their fun now it was time for her to have hers.

“No.” They both answered.

“Good, it’s a fucking nasty habit that’s bad for your teeth.” Isabella said as she lit up and inhaled deeply.

“I have certainly had the pleasure of fucking you Ollie and believe me it was a pleasure. You have a very sweet pussy that if used properly will get you places in life that you can only imagine. I’ve had the pleasure of fucking you Stan and you are very skilled with that tool. If you continue to use it properly it will become a key to open doors or hearts; whichever you prefer. Am I right girl or what?

“What I haven’t seen is the two of you fucking each other. Please use your best moves on one another so I can watch beauty in action.” Isabella said with a wide toothy smile.

Ollie, began to lightly run her fingers along Stan’s shoulders, down his bare back. She kissed along, as she touched him, and saw goosebumps appear along Stan’s arms and legs. Ollie lightly scratched down his back, across his ass and up his sides.

Moving around to his front, Ollie began to lightly scratch down his chest, across his rock hard abs, and bypassing his very erect cock. She knelt down in front of him and lightly scratched down the front of his thighs to the back of his thighs. Then she grabbed each ass cheek like she was a bird of prey latching on to an innocent unsuspecting field mouse, before inhaling his erect cock.

Ollie worked Stan’s cock like she was trying out for a position on a cheerleading squad.

Isabella had her fun and was ready to move on. She needed to put them out of their misery but it needed to be their idea. She watched every position Stan and Ollie changed to and each one made her pussy wetter. She studied both of them closely and felt she knew when Ollie was actually cumming and when she was faking.

She believed she could tell when Stan was ready to erupt inside Ollie. Isabella snuffed her third cigarette and sat on the edge of the chair with her fingers interlaced and her elbows on her knees in anticipation. At the moment that Stan was about to erupt inside Ollie’s pussy, Isabella asked with a wide smile. “Why didn’t you guys come right out and tell me that you were brother and sister, instead of letting me figure it out?”

“What the fuck kind of fucked up question is that?” Stan was trying to overreact. “Ollie, get your shit, we’re getting the fuck out of this fucking place. I knew this was a fucking shit show.” He pulled out and started grabbing up his clothes.

Ollie was ashamed and could not make eye contact with Isabella at nilüfer eskort bayan first.

As she was gathering her belongings she was scanning the room for personal effects. She didn’t see any. This was not the first time Isabella had done this. Would it be the last? As she walked out of Isabella’s house Ollie tried to make eye contact with Isabella as she held the same door they entered. Isabella would not make eye contact eye contact with her. Ollie could feel something was off with Isabella. Something more than the obvious.

Stan backed out of the drive way and drove in the opposite direction from which they entered the neighborhood. They drove to the end of the street and sat there while Stan programmed the GPS to send them back to the resort. Ollie never took her eyes off of the house in side view mirror.

Isabella’s car backed out of the driveway and went the way it came from the beach. Ollie wondered if she was going back to the beach to look for another couple to bring back to her love shack.

“You know something strange I noticed about Isabella’s house.”

“The house? You mean like a secret room or something?”

“No, nothing like that. There were no personal things in her house. No pictures, no keepsakes, no achievements. Nothing. It’s almost like no one lives there at all.”

“You think that house is even hers?”

“Don’t know. She did have a key. Maybe that house belongs to her and she has some sort of connection to it. I think she lives someplace else.”

“The sex was out-of-this-world, maybe she does this type of thing for fun. If that is the case then she is one fucking scary ass crazy bitch.”

“I am with you bro. Get me the fuck away from her and get me to a shower.”

Isabella stopped at the end of her street and was looking in her mirror at Stan and Ollie’s SUV.

“Please don’t turn around. Please don’t turn around. You can’t follow us the last time a couple followed us, well… ” Isabella said looking into the mirror.

Pulling her visor down revealing a yellowed wallet size photo of a little girl that was thirteen with braces. Isabella touched the old photo and smiled a wide toothy. The resemblance was still there. She flipped the visor up putting the photo away.

“We made a promise to ourselves. We were never again going to let someone else control what the outcome was going to be in that house. That decision would ultimately belong to us. And that couple made couple thirty-six little Isabella. They keep getting better and better. I’m tired, so let’s go home to the real world. And have a warm bath, and a glass of white wine before I have to go back to being a dentist tomorrow.”

Stan pulled into the parking lot a little over an hour later.

“Sis you go get in the shower and I’ll go out to the pool. When I see you out on the balcony I’ll go the shower and we can hang with the family for the rest of the night.”

“You know I never did get that last nut at the house. Now you owe me one. I just want you to know that I haven’t forgotten.”

“I always pay my debts.”

Stan scanned the parking lot to see if there was anyone around and he saw no one.

“Give me a quick kiss. I know it is the last one I can get for the rest of the day.” Stan said

Stan and Ollie had a prolonged kiss to last them until later that night when they were alone in bed.

They came in their front door and Ollie went straight to the bathroom. Stan saw the family on their balcony so he quickly stepped in their room to put on swim trunks. Then exited the room; out on to the balcony to talk to the family.

“Hey everybody we made it back. As it turns out, this island is bigger than you think. It takes much longer to go to sightseeing places than we realized. Not to mention it is eighty degrees everywhere. We only went to two places. No problems we can go to other places as a family anyway.”

“Where is Ollie?”

“Turns out girls don’t like to be sweaty and stinky. Who knew? She is in the shower. When she gets out I’ll go get a shower and we can do whatever. Right now I’m going down to the pool to see if there are any hot girls that might want get to know me better.”

Stan went to the pool and found a spot that was highly visible. He watched all of the sexy gym moms that were out by the pool. He wondered if any of the perfect looking families around this pool area had any nasty little secrets that they might be hiding. In a closet up in their rooms or in a suitcase.

In a non-descript house on a non-descript street in a non-descript neighborhood.

Isabella had actually gotten inside his head. He wondered if Isabella had gotten inside Ollie’s head as well.

Ollie walked into the front door and could see three of her family on the balcony talking. She saw Allie and Denver facing away from her and she saw her Aunt Francis facing sideways talking to someone across the table. She wanted to get into the shower to get the sex off of her body and out of her hair.

She gathered clothes for lounging and started for the bathroom as Stan started stripping to put his trunks on. Ollie looked at Stan with an eyebrow raised.

“Remember when we are around family you are my brother.” Ollie said and gave Stan a peck on the cheek, smacked his limp cock, and flipped her hair in his face as she turned away.