An Eleven Inch Surprise

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An Eleven Inch SurpriseIt was a nice fall day in Baltimore and pretty much like every work day, except today I was going to Florida for business. During the drive to the airport and flight to Florida, I started to think that I was going to be alone for several days, I had no plans at night, so what a great opportunity for hitting a few clubs maybe meet some little hottie I could take back to my hotel and fuck. I love the exotic Latin women in Florida. Once I got into my rental car my thoughts were in overdrive and my cock had been hard for the last hour. How the hell was I going to get through the rest of the work day?Finally, it was time to call it quits for the day. It was already 7 o’clock. I quickly got into my rental car and raced to my hotel. I checked in and after unpacking took a shower and got ready to go out. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and started looking for a club to go to. I spied a local strip club. This of course was of no help. I was already so horny my head was going to explode from backed up cum and now I am standing looking at 20 plus girls mostly topless and am a sucker for stripper clothes. I see a pair of stripper heels and get instantly hard and practically cum everytime. I walked around looking at the girls, but started to pay more attention to their sexy little outfits and shoes. I thought to my self, “Hmmm osmaniye escort I like that outfit; I bet I would look good in that one; damn those shoes are hot, I don’t have them.” After a couple of lap dances, I decided I had had enough teasing for the night and headed back to my hotel. I logged onto Eros Tampa and started checking out the local talent. Not finding any women that got by blood flowing and having just enough tequila in me to have eliminated my inhibitions, I decided to checkout the transexual listings. I instantly saw this beautiful black trannie, Nikki, who said she had a very large special surpirse in her ad. I called and she sounded very hot on the phone. She told me she could be at my hotel in an hour. I asked her to bring some sexy clothes and heels for me to wear.I got off the phone and started to get ready. I douched and put on some hot porn. With in no time Nikki arrived. She was amazing; 6 feet tall wearing a black lycra stretch mini dress and 4 inch slinky heels. Her tits were busting out of the dress and was wearing this deep red shiny lip gloss on the most amazing cock sucking lips I have ever seen. She opened her shoulder bag and handed me a pair oc clear stripper heels, white thigh high stockings and a school girl plaid micro mini skirt. How did she know? I started to go to the bathroom to change escort osmaniye and she said, “No I want to see you transform into a slut right here.” I certainly was not going to argue. I quickly undressed and then started to dress into Nikki’s very hot clothes.After I slid on the heels she pulled out some lips gloss and painted my lips. She then pulled me close and we started to kiss, deep long french kissing. It was amazing. I eased my hands up to her tits then pulled down her dress exposing two tits that had to be 38DD. She told me to suck on them. Next I felt her press on my head, obviously, wanting me to get on my knees. Once I was on my knees she massaged her cock a bit teasing me, then pulled put this big beautiful cock. I quickly reached out and started to stroke her cock. It was magnificent. I asked her how big her cock was and she said 11 inches. I started to suck it first just around the head, then I eased my mouth deeper of her shaft. I started to feel her get hard. I love the feeling of a cock getting hard in my mouth. Before it got too hard I deep throated her already gagging on its enourmous size. I then picked up the pace and started sucking her faster, she moaned with pleasure. Although she was ready to fuck me I had not had enough of her cock and insisted to suck on it some more. I spit on her cock and osmaniye escort bayan continued to suck She was now rock hard and all of 11 inches and with a nice curve. After about 15 minutes sucking her cock, my ass was aching to be filled with her thick meat, which was now dripping wet.Nikki told me to get on the bed on all fours. I heard her put on a condom and lube her cock then I felt lube on my ass. She was talking really nasty at this point asking me if I was ready to get fucked. I said, “Yes fuck me, fuck me really hard!” I started to feel her cock ease into my ass. She started fucking me with short fast strokes, then started to ease in deeper and deeper until I felt her balls against my ass. It did not take her too long to develop a good rhythm. First she would fuck me shallow and fast, then she would bury her cock balls deep and fuck me hard with her balls slaping against my ass. The whole time she kept saying, “You like it don’t you cunt! You like my cock in your ass!” I told her that I wanted her load in my mouth. After 20 minutes of hard fucking she pulled out, removed the condom, and straddle me placing her had cock in my mouth to finish her off. It only took a few seconds before she shot her load all over my face. So much for having her cock in my mouth at that time. I quickly took her cock deep down my throat for the rest of her cum.I thought that was it, but next she eased her way down to my cock and gave me an incredible blowjob. It took me less than a minute to cum and she expertly swallowed every drop.Nikki dressed, we kissed some more and my erotic night came to an end.