An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 4

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An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 4The next Friday I again ask Coach H if the two of us could masturbate after baseball practice. Coach H invited into his office as usual. I undressed first and sat on the sofa and started to play with myself. Coach H stopped me and handed me an ice pack. “Put this on your groin and think of something non-sexual like physics. I want your dick limp” he tells me. I comply. After a few minutes my cock is cold and limp. It has shrunk to its non-aroused state. While I am holding the ice pack over my cock Coach H undresses and sits next to me. When he is sure my cock is fully limp Coach H leans over and puts my cock in his mouth. The warmth and wetness of his mouth makes my cock grow. As it grows Coach H sucks on it. When my cock is fully erect Coach H pulls away and has me put the ice pack back on my cock. “I love the feel of a young cock as it grows in my mouth” Coach H says. When my cock is limp again Coach H warms it back up to full erection with his mouth again. Coach H and I repeat this 2 more times. After the fourth time Coach H continues to suck on my cock. I ask him about the vibrating dildo he used in me during our last encounter. “I did not bring it but I did bring this.” Coach H replies as he holds up a string of beads connected by a thin flexible plastic tube. “These are vibrating anal beads. Each vibrates on its own. Would you like to try it? He asks. Remembering the pleasure from the vibrating dildo I say “Yes”. Coach H gets down from the sofa and kneels between my legs. He licks my ass hole until his tongue can enter. He moves his tongue back and forth in my hole stretching it out a little. Coach H wipes some gel on the beads and presses the first one against my hole. The bead is cold. Coach H presses the bead harder against me until the bead iskenderun escort slips in. The second bead is just outside my hole. Coach H starts the beads vibrating. It is pleasurable having a bead on each side of my hole vibrating. Coach H pushes the second bead in until the third bead is just outside of my hole. The third bead is also vibrating. Coach H continues to push the beads in one bead at a time until 12 beads are in. (Visual naked hairy fit 58 year old pushing anal beads into the ass of a hairless 18 year old) He touches a controller and the beads start to vibrate in unison. Coach H adjusts the controller again. The bead furthest in me vibrates the strongest, the vibration of each bead decreases as they closers to my hole. Coach H adjusts the controller again. This time the bead closest to my hole vibrates the strongest. Coach H continues to adjust the controller. The location of the strongest vibrating bead changes: Sometimes it moves up and down the string of beads , At other times the location of the weakest vibration moves up and down the string of beads. The ever changing vibrations are really pleasurable. I masturbate until I cum. Coach H licks the cum off of my cock, balls, pubic hair, and stomach.“My turn for fun” Coach H says. He has me lay face down on the floor. He climbs over me until he is laying over me with his cock up against my rear. Coach H thrust his cock through my butt crack a few times before sliding his cock into my ass hole. I feel his hairy chest on my back as Coach H lays down on me. Coach H starts to thrust his cock back and forth using just his hips. After several minutes Coach raises up on his hands while continuing to thrust. After several more minutes I feel Coach H’s hairy chest on my back. It moves off quickly. It comes back. This goes escort iskenderun on for a while. I twist my neck to look back. Coach H is doing pushups while his cock is inside me. Pushups soon turn into squat thrusts except Coach H’s cock never leaves my ass. Eventually Coach H roles the two of us on to our sides. His cock never left my ass. While Coach H continues to thrust he reaches around and starts to masturbate me. After 5 or so minutes Coach H starts to thrust faster and harder. He pulls out and squirts his cum onto the underside of my balls. Coach H quickly slides his cock back into my ass and thrusts for another minute. After a minute of resting there with his cock still in my ass Coach H asks if I need to be anywhere soon. I tell him no and ask him why he asked. “I am still horny and would like to fuck you some more.” Without saying a word I start thrusting my ass over his cock. We move to another position. I am on all fours and Coach H is crouching behind me. Coach H slides his hard cock into my ass without hesitation and begins thrusting his cock back and forth. (Visual: naked hairy fit 58 year old crouching behind a hairless 18 year old with his dick up the young guy’s ass) At first his legs are behind my legs but after a while Coach H moves his legs in front of my legs. I wonder how Coach H maintains his balance. His ass is behind my ass and his legs are in front of my legs. Maybe having his hard cock in my ass is keeping him from falling over. We have fun in that position of more than 5 minutes. Eventually Coach H stops thrusting and the two of sit next to each other on the sofa.We start masturbating our selves then each other. Eventually Coach H asks if I have ever tasted another man’s cum. I tell him that he has been my first and only man that I have been with. iskenderun escort bayan Coach H reaches behind my neck with the hand that he was masturbating with and pushes my head down to his groin. Since his cock was pointing straight up it went in to my mouth as Coach H was pushed my head down. (Visual: naked hairy fit 58 year old holding down the head of a naked hairless 18 year old down in his groin by the back of the neck) I pull up a little and Coach H pushes my head down again. This time further down. I pull up again and again Coach H pushes my head further down on his cock. I quickly got the point and moved my mouth up and down Coach H’s cock. He keeps his hand on the back of my neck. It was not long before Coach H’s hips starts to thrust in my mouth and he lets out a groan. I feel the warmth and wetness of his cum as it shoots out of his cock and into my mouth. It is salty and musky. I try to pull up but Coach H pushes my head down. I feel another shot of cum come out of Coach H’s cock. I move my mouth over his cock and another shot of cum comes out. Five shots of cum later Coach H lifts my head up. I close my mouth not knowing what to do with Coach H’s cum. Coach H sees the puzzlement on my face and tells me to swallow some of it. I do a quick swallow. I use my tongue to keep most of his cum in my mouth. His cum feels like a syrup as it goes down my throat. “How was it?” Coach H asks. I swallow more of his cum and make a face. “Spit out the rest if you do not want to swallow it.” he says. Not wanting to offend Coach H I swallow the rest of his cum. When he sees that I am not going to spit his cum out Coach H smiles, pats me on the back and says “That a boy. No need to worry. Cum is natural”As we shower (Visual: hairy fit 58 year old showering next to a hairless 18 year old. Both have limp but not retracted cocks) Coach H thanks me for letting him fuck me twice tonight and for blowing him off. I tell him I had fun. We joke around for the rest of the shower and while getting dressed. The two of us leave and go our separate paths for the evening.More to cum