Amulya & Mechanic Part 06

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 06″Aaahhh…Ohhhh….shiitttt!!! I screamed as my orgasm hit me in just a matter of seconds. Gurnam immediately slowed down his stroking but kept fucking my spasming pussy in slow and longer strokes which prolonged my orgasm.My mind was numb from such an intense orgasm and for a few seconds I had no clue of what was going on but a hard slap on my ass brought me back.”Ha ha ha ….looks like you enjoyed my style of taking care of women but I not done yet, in fact, I am far from done.” He said as he withdrew his cock from my pussy.”Who said that I am done either?” I replied as I got off the couch. Gurnam gave me a wicked smile and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the table. He pushed me against the table such that now my torso was lying flat on the table and my ass was pointed towards Gurnam who was standing right behind me.My boobs were now pressed against the glass top of the table and the cold glass made my already hard nipples harder. Gurnam then placed his cock at my pussy entrance and shoved it back inside again. He grabbed my ass and resumed fucking me with the same fury that he did just a minute ago.”Ohhhh….Aditi…your pussy is so fine…I just don’t want to cum…I just want to keep fucking you…” Gurnam moaned.”Aawwww yeahhh…keep fucking me…Don’t stop…Don’t stoopp…aaahhh…” I yelled back at him.”Yeahh….you are going to get it….just wait for it…aaahh” He replied as he increased his speed.Gurnam then grabbed my wrists and as my back arched, my chest rose in the air. My nipples were pointing straight towards the wall.Gurnam kept hammering my pussy hard and fast and in this position his cock penetrated deeper. I was moaning and panting as my pussy got a beating of its life. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead on to the glass table.After fucking me in that position for a few minutes, Gurnam paused. He grabbed my left feet, folded it at the knee and placed on the table. He inserted his cock back inside my pussy and began stroking me steadily. The variation in speed was a welcome move as the rapid thrusting had almost knocked me out.”Uuhh…Uhhh..Aahh” I moaned as Gurnam changed his gear to a higher pace. His steady stroking now got pacier before again slowing down. Gurnam varied the speed for several minutes before he pulled out the pen that was holding my hair together. As my hair flowed down, he grabbed and bunched them in his left hand, placed his right hand on my right shoulder and began fucking me violently.”Aaaah…fuck fuck fuck…faster…faster…faster…” I screamed as another orgasm hit me seconds later. Gurnam immediately let me go and moved back. I just collapsed on the table, panting and moaning. I was in a state I had never been before. This marathon fucking session had worked my body out more than it had in weeks of gyming.I somehow managed to stand up but fell to the floor immediately and immediately ordu escort assumed the fetal position. I was still breathing heavily and was completely dazed. I had lost touch of time and the number of orgasms I had.As I lay on the floor, trying really hard to keep my eyes open, I saw Gurnam kneeling near me. He bent down and came closer to my face and said, “Want to continue?”My mind was screaming ‘No No No’ but my body just pushed it aside when I said, “Yessss…”Gurnam smiled and then pushed me on my back. He picked up the couch cushion lying on the floor and lifted my body to place it under my ass. I spread my legs as he got between them. He bent down and spat on my pussy before spitting a large glob of saliva on his cock and placed it at my pussy hole.I was jolted back to reality from my delirious state when Gurnam shoved his cock into my pussy. Gurnam was back to where he had left, fucking me mercilessly; the only thing that changed was the position. I was lying on the floor, my legs locked around his waist, taking it like a whore.After a while, Gurnam placed my legs on his shoulder and bend forwards. My ass rose from the floor and his cock went deeper. He grabbed my tits for support and started fucking me in the same b**stly manner that he had been all this while.As we stared into each other’s eyes, Gurnam bent lower and kissed me. My legs were now almost touching my shoulder and it hurt like hell. I had never done it before and I never thought I was capable of contorting body to such an extent. But the kiss was a huge relief from the madness that Gurnam had subjected me to and it was starkly contrasting to his fanatical fucking.Gurnam broke the kiss and looked up and closed his eyes. His strokes got erratic and he started sweating more than before. I knew what was coming next; my pussy could feel his cock twitching. I braced my self to what was to follow and prayed that he didn’t cum inside.”Aaahhh…Take that…take my cum bitch!!!!” he screamed as he sat up, pulled out his cock and sprayed his spunk all over my body. The first jet of his thick, hot cum hit my face followed by a couple more before his cock ejected semen all over my torso. Gurnam continued spewing cum by vigorously stroking his cock, forcing more and more cum out of it.Once he was done cumming, Gurnam collapsed on the floor right next to me. He was panting and moaning, still recovering from that eruption. I managed to open my eyes which were covered by globs of his cum to look down at my body. There was a little cum on my breast, a little on my upper abdomen and there was a pool of semen which went all the way from my navel right up to my pussy.I could barely inspect myself for a few seconds before I collapsed back to the floor. I don’t know how long I was lying on the floor when I felt a pat on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Gurnam wearing his jeans.I tried to get up but just couldn’t muster escort ordu the strength to stand up. Gurnam helped me stand up and took me to a small enclosure behind his cabin. It was a dark, dirty make shift shower. I stood under it as Gurnam turned on the shower and left. I shivered as the cold water fell on my head and shoulders before trickling down my exhausted, aching body.I washed the dried cum stains of f my body and cleaned my still convulsing pussy. After several minutes under the cold refreshing shower, I came out naked and walked back into his office where Gurnam was standing with a dry towel. I took it from him and started wiping my body. I saw my clothes on the table and started wearing them one by one.Gurnam by now was also fully dressed. Without speaking a word, we walked over to the car. I was in no condition to drive so Gurnam helped me into the car and he himself got into the drivers seat. Moments later we were driving back towards my house. The test drive had finally ended!A few minutes later, Gurnam turned the car into the drive way of my house before stopping. We both got out and walked to the front porch.”Here are the keys to you car. It is all fixed up and ready to drive.” Gurnam said as he handed me the keys.”I hope you liked my service madam.” Gurnam said as he broke out into a wicked grin.”Hmmmm…What about the bill?” I asked as I took the car keys from him.”Don’t worry about that madam. This one is on the house.” He replied.I said nothing to that, turned around and walked to the door. I inserted the keys into the latch and turned it around once before stopping. I stood still for a few moments before turning around to see Gurnam still standing there.”Why don’t you come inside…I mean inside the house.” I said as I broke into a shit eating grin, realizing the fumble.”Ha ha ha ha ….It will be my pleasure and I wouldn’t mind doing both.” He said as he followed me inside before closing the door.The door behind us was closed and soon the windows were closed too and the curtains were drawn but I was sure that anyone outside could hear my screams of pleasure as Gurnam fucked me on my bridal bed.Later that night….”Hey honey…wassup?” Arjun spoke to me from the other end of the phone.”Nothing much…you say…” I replied as I was lying on my bed naked. Gurnam had left just a few minutes ago.”How was your day?” Arjun asked.I shivered and the whole day just flashed in front of my eyes and my pussy twitched but I replied, “As usual. I brought the car back.””Ohh great…is it fixed up?” Arjun asked.”I think so…” I replied.”What about the bill? You paid it?” Arjun asked.”Yeah…I paid the bill alright…” I replied.”Why do you say so?” Arjun asked, little concerned.”No…it’s just that the price was huge but Gurnam repaired the car very well. In fact I am so impressed that I am going to take the car to him every time for servicing.” I replied, ordu escort bayan trying hard to sound genuine.”Ohhh…alright honey…hey…I will call you back later…I have to attend the corporate dinner…bye love…” Arjun said.”Bye….” I said before disconnecting the call.I was sad about cheating on my husband but what had happened had happened. I didn’t think about my husband when Gurnam was groping, licking and fucking me and I was more than a willing partner in the show; so why be a victim.Thinking so, I decided to move on with my life with my loving husband and my new car and got up to take a shower, resolving to wash away all that had happened today.A month later….”Gurnam here…” I heard Gurnam at the other end of the line.”Gurnam, this is Aditi here…” I replied.”Ohhh…Hello Aditi madam…nice to hear from you after such a long time. How is the car doing? Giving any problems?””Yeah…it’s been acting up in past few days and the car is making weird noises. I didn’t want to bother you but had to as my husband is out of town.” I replied.”Ohhh…Don’t worry madam. Gurnam is always at your service. Why don’t you bring the car over; perhaps the valves need to be cleaned and oiled well. I will take a test drive before jumping to conclusions.” He said.”Well…alright…I’ll be there in sometime.” I said before disconnecting the call.Almost a couple of hours later I was in almost the same spot where it all began; at the isolated end of the old highway, the difference was that we had taken a detour into the wooded area around the highway.The car engine rumbled quietly and the continuous cold blast of air from the AC vents had fogged up the already tinted windows. Gurnam’s trousers were lying on the driver’s seat and my bra was lying on the adjacent seat along with Gurnam’s jockeys. My soaked panties were lying on the floor of the car.My tank top was pulled up to my neck and my mid thigh length skirt pulled up over my waist.We were in the back seat and I was bouncing on Gurnam’s cock, moaning and sighing as he wrapped his hands around me in a bear hug and nibbled on my nipples.”You said the engine valves needed cleaning and oiling, then what are you doing?” I said as I started bouncing faster.”Yeahh…but I am going to clean and oil your valves first before I get to the car.” Gurnam replied as he squeezed my ass hard.”Aahhhh…do you do this with all your lady clients?” I asked.”Not all my female clients are as sexy as you are…and I can assure you that no woman has every taken my cock like you do.” he said with a wide grin on his sweaty face.”The AC is working well…” Gurnam said.”And the shock absorbers too!” I replied listening to the loud rumbling and the creaking of the car.Gurnam and I laughed out loudly to that comment. And those were the last words spoken between us for the rest of the afternoon. The only things that came out of our mouths were screams, guttural moans and saliva. The car was filled with sounds of rustling of the leather seats, sweat soaked skin rubbing against each other and his balls slapping against my pussy as we went at each other like deranged nymphomaniacs.