Alternative Currency


Alternative CurrencyJust a quick forewarning before the story: There is deception and misleading and the line of consent gets murky, but no effort was made to revoke consent, even knowing the option was there._________________________________________________________________He was behind me and his hand gripped my throat, just beneath my chin, firmly. His goal was to hold my head still as pressed his middle finger into my mouth and his other fingers pressed against my cheeks and lips. He was testing me, seeing if I would resist or obey as instructed. I lifted my tongue and sucked on his finger, mimicking the same pointed tip, curls and swirls I would employ while sucking cock. He leaned down close to me, “I was hoping you would resist,” the old man growled.I stared straight ahead and into the mirror he held me in front of. My wrists were bound behind my back, I was slightly suspended as the rope from my wrists was secured to the canopy above me and I was made to lean forward until all of my upper body weight caused the rope to dig into the soft flesh at the base of my palms. My ankles were tied wide apart, my knees offered very little support as a result. At the head of the bed lay a mountain of pillows and on top of the pillows, angled towards me, was a large ornate mirror. My top was ripped open, my cold breasts heaved with each breath I managed through the grip he held on my throat. I said nothing, but I continued sucking on his finger as he pressed it down on my tongue roughly. When he removed his finger from my mouth he circled the wet digit over my lips and then slid it between my legs, penetrating me as he lifted my skirt up over my ass and onto my back. I swallowed the lump in my throat, the slightest bits of pride I still clung to, and just watched him take great pleasure in feeling how wet I’d become. He smacked my ass and I turned my head towards him, pulling out of the grip he had on my neck, and scowled at him, “If you were hoping to scare me, it’s not working,” I snapped as he rubbed his hand over my ass cheek and then smacked it again, harder, causing me to clench up and bite my lip to avoid making noise.“I didn’t say you could speak,” he said as he pulled his belt off and made a loop with it. It was a thin black leather belt, he slid the loop over my head and placed the belt securely between my teeth before he tightened it. “Just remember you can stop this at any point you want and we go back to the original deal. You have both verbal and non verbal cues you are free to use at any time.”He climbed up on the bed behind me and put his hand between my legs, rubbing me and roughly pushing his fingers into my cunt. I squirmed against the bindings and he tugged on the end of the belt, pulling my head back towards him, “You are an eager slut aren’t you?”I narrowed my eyes at him and he just smiled. He kept his lips beside my ear and grunted as he pushed into my pussy from behind, “Well look at that, so ready to accept me.” He tugged on the belt and pulled my head back as he began to fuck me, his thrusts were slow and precise. He groaned against my neck and ear, “Such a good little whore, letting us dirty old men fill your cunt just because you don’t want your boyfriend selling d**gs.”He pushed into me harder and groaned, “He knows what’s happening you know? What you’ve agreed to. We have him in another room, tied and gagged just like you are, did you know that when he heard our deal he begged us not to go through with it? Got on his hands and knees and groveled, offered himself and his father up instead. So we made a deal, he takes half of the debt and you take the other half. We have no use for his dad beyond fertilizer. Even knowing that his options were we fuck you or kill his dad, he still didn’t want his dad dead.”I groaned as I bit on the leather belt and he tugged on it to make me look into the mirror again, “He can see your cunt clinging to my cock, so show him how you really like to be fucked, princess,” he growled against my ear. His hand on the belt loosened and he grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking it back and making me cringe. I still couldn’t help but moan as his cock thrust in and out of me, banging repeatedly into the front wall of my cunt, edging me closer and closer to orgasm whether I wanted it to or not. My nipples were hard, my neck bruised under his grip and the belt loosened then fell from my mouth, I was moaning and panting on the verge of release. He came in me before I reached my own climax and, after a couple more pumps pulled free of me and started rubbing his still hard cock against my ass. I tried to pull away and he grabbed my hip with one hand and held me still as he started pushing his cock against my asshole.“You don’t get to complain. You also don’t get to cum until Brayden does so you better hope he enjoys dick as much as you do.” I glared at him, “That wasn’t the deal. The deal was for me, alone, nothing involving B at all.” I pulled at my restraints and he just laughed as he spread his cum into my ass with his dick until the head of his cock was inside of me. I cringed and clenched up a little and he pinched my nipple hard, “Relax or I will make this really hurt.” I took a few deep breaths and tried to not resist, “We haven’t started fucking him yet, he’s just all bound on the bed and free hanging for the moment. None of us are really into guys, so we thought we’d come to you and make a counter offer. Double the time we previously agreed to, and no ‘one at a time’ limitation. It doesn’t stay private, we get to release everything we record if, and when, we choose. Agree to those terms and we’ll only make him watch.” I nodded and let my head drop forward.“Say it out loud,” he said as he grasped the end of the belt and tightened it on my neck. I gasped and he let up so I could speak, “You can fuck me any way you want, with as many people as you want and I won’t fight it as long as you don’t fuck B at all.” I lifted my head and saw him smile in the mirror as he pushed hard and deep into me, “I knew you were a smart girl.” After a few more thrusts there was a bit of commotion behind us, over by the door to the room and I could see the light from the hallway as the door opened, but I couldn’t see what was going on really as Mr. Tallmadge was a large man and blocked most of that area from my view. The door closed and I heard shuffling, trying to look over at where the noise was coming from. Mr. Tallmadge grabbed the belt and pulled it tight, almost completely cutting off my ability to breathe. I turned my head straight ahead again and he loosened the belt, letting me breathe and gasp.“Good girl,” he said in a taunting tone. I was crying and squirming, partially trying to pull away from him and partially just trying to get myself into a more tolerable position. I heard muffled yelling coming from the right and I tried to glance over to see what was going on without moving my head. They were binding B to a chair beside the bed. He had a ball gag in his mouth and there was dried blood on his lower lip and on the bottom of his nose, I wondered if he got that before or after he tried to bargain with them.Mr. Tallmadge had his hands on my hips, pulling me back to meet his painful thrusts with extreme force, making me cringe and cry out every now and then. With B tied to the chair the other two guys climbed up onto the bed, one stood in front of me and the other climbed under me. There was no illusion porno hikaye that this was anything meant for my pleasure, from their point of view I was just a warm piece of meat to stick their dicks in. Mr. Tallmadge reached up and untied the bindings at the top of the bed canopy, causing me to fall forward onto the man beneath me. That binding had largely been the thing holding me upright and my wrists bled and burned to prove it. When I fell forward the big guy beneath me put his hand between my legs and guided his dick into my cunt without hesitation. I screamed. His dick wasn’t long, but it was thick and it hurt. Mr. Tallmadge continued to fuck my ass, pushing me down against this other guy as I sobbed on his chest. The standing man grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head up, my lip quivered and my eyes burned with tears. He put his fingers in my mouth and pried my jaw open enough to push his dick deeply into my throat, causing me to gag, which made my ass and cunt clench up on both men inside of me. I tilted my eyes up to the man down my throat and he smiled and shoved himself deeper. If I’d had anything on my stomach, I’d have hurled, instead I just gagged and drooled on his cock. They got into a rhythm that seemed to please each of them. Mr. Tallmadge grasped the rope binding my wrists behind my back and helped hold me upright so Mr. Woodhall, the large man in my cunt, and Mr. Townsend, the man ramming his dick down my aching throat, could focus on how they wanted to use my body to get off. Those weren’t their real names, of course, I didn’t know their real names, neither did B or his dad. They were just upper management of a d**g and gambling ring and liked the tie to the revolutionary war. They saw themselves as soldiers fighting a battle right under the noses of authority. They were from different parts of the country and only came to our little town because B’s dad was making a scene and they had planned on getting rid of him and putting his debts onto B.B and I had been dating for just a few years, but we’d been friends for so much longer. He struggled with his dad’s addictions, trying to get him clean numerous times, always failing as his dad stole and lied to get access to the d**gs he wanted. Eventually credit with his dealer ran out and he went to B for help trying to pay it. The dealer let him rack up multiple thousands of dollars, knowing it would trap B into selling for them to keep his dad safe. B already had a reputation around town as being a trouble maker, in spite of never having caused trouble in any capacity for anyone, so the cops were always on him, trying to catch him with d**gs or paraphernalia on him. But B was pretty straight edge thanks to the trouble he saw his dad in all the time. B’s mom had approached me when I first started dating B and told me to be careful of them. That loving the wrong man could put us at risk in more ways than we ever thought possible. I didn’t know what she’d meant at the time. B was always good to me and looked out for me. But I found out when I tried to intervene and ended up on their radar. Mr. Wilkins had arranged payment in alternative currency many years ago, not long after he married B’s mom, they told me. They could find a similar deal, with me, acceptable. Then they told me about how B’s mom, Mary, agreed to work off her husband’s debts with the use of her body. She was young and beautiful and terribly in love with her troubled addict of a husband. So when he approached her about being in trouble, she saw it as her duty as his wife to do what he asked of her, what his debtors demanded of her. B was the result and his mom didn’t actually know who his dad was, but B is completely unaware of that aspect. His dad was the only dad he’d known and B tried hard to protect him from himself, especially since Mary died. Learning all of this made it easier for me to see how Mr. Wilkins could put his son through hell day in and day out, he was a selfish man and knew he likely wasn’t Brayden’s biological dad.I understood why Mary did what she did. I did what I did because I loved B and I knew that if they got him to sell for them, he would be stopped and caught by the police within a week. When I first approached them, I thought I could pay in cash, but they wanted to make an example of B’s dad, the only payment they would accept was servitude, they wanted the son to suffer for his father’s sins, even knowing it was likely that one of them was Brayden’s real father, they saw him as nothing but a commodity to be traded, a soldier for their war.They made the terms clear, either B sold d**gs for them to pay back his dad’s debt, earning pennies on the dollar which meant it would take years to earn enough to pay it off, and that’s if his dad didn’t accumulate new debt in the process. Or, I could agree to service them and some of their friends sexually over a couple of nights. They would cut B’s dad off from their supply completely if I had sex with them. I agreed to it and they agreed to only one person in bed with me at a time.They clearly never planned to honor that stipulation and knew just how to manipulate me into dropping it. B watched me gag and watched them grasp my body and fuck it. I felt ashamed at first, ashamed that he knew it was happening and knew that it was something that I agreed to. I hated myself, but I also knew B wouldn’t have made it as a dealer. After a while my clothing had been completely torn from my body and I wasn’t crying anymore. They switched places numerous times, it was just a carousel of cock in me and at some point I started fucking them back, curling my tongue under their cocks and pushing myself back against them. I just closed my eyes and gave in to the situation. I moaned and writhed and once they untied my wrists and ankles I really got into it. B began to enjoy it as well. What started as horrified forced observation slowly turned into him sitting there, watching me being fucked by these powerful horny old men, and he got hard. I noticed that when they came on me, or in me, or when they pulled my hair so hard I nearly bent in half backwards, he squirmed in his seat. Mr. Tallmadge noticed too, and fucked me a little harder when B looked at him. The old men tired out eventually, but instead of stopping completely, they opened the door to the bedroom and other men came into the room. Friends of the Culper Ring. I couldn’t tell you who they were. They wore those old plague doctor style masks. I just knew they were old, mostly white, and probably very wealthy. My wrists and ankles were bruised, my neck and hips were bruised, and cum was splattered all across and in my body. Money was exchanged between the Culper Ring and a few of the new men in the room, and they climbed up on the bed and lifted my aching body between them. Some of the men were a bit turned off by the fact that I was already covered in cum, but not these two. My head was bent back and my legs were spread wide as they fucked my pussy and throat. My arms hung limply at my sides, I had no resistance and no fight left in me and I just wanted them to get it over with. They were soon joined by two more men. One of them surprised me by rubbing my cum slicked clit and sucking on my cum covered tits while the other three drilled their dicks in me. He seemed to want to see me orgasm in the midst of all of this, which is something I hadn’t yet achieved, though I’d come close a few times, they seks hikayeleri stopped and let me calm down then started over, edging me over and over until I just ached and gave up on the idea of getting any resemblance of enjoyment out of this. But this gesture is what encouraged others to pay the fee and climb on the bed. They helped the man fondling my body and soon there wasn’t an inch of my body that wasn’t being supported or groped by someone. I convulsed in their grip as they brought me over the edge with a screaming full body orgasm. The two men in my cunt and ass both groaned as I squeezed their cocks rhythmically, and the man in my mouth rubbed his cock through the front of my throat as I moaned and vibrated against him.I was held up and passed around, sometimes just fucking one guy, sometimes two held me sandwiched between them, Cum poured down my inner thighs and was drying onto my stomach and breasts, clumped on my cheek and lip and streaked through my hair. They stuck their fingers in my mouth, making me suck on them as their friends held me up, bent over so they could pound my cunt from behind at the same time. I don’t actually know how many of them participated and how many just watched, touched, or just ejaculated on me. It repeated for each day, more and more masked men each night, I think at least some of them were repeat customers. It’s hard to tell they just blurred together in all honesty. There were many photos taken between and during fuck sessions and cleanings, plenty of video recorded too. The last day was just a little different. The Culper men came into the room and I barely even glanced their way, my body was covered in bruises of varying ages, not from being hit, just from tight gripping and groping and B was lying in the bed beside me, it was the one comfort they let me have after they finished with me each night, but there were still restrictions, the gag had to stay in his mouth unless one of them came in and took it out, and we were not allowed to have sexual contact or he would stay confined to the chair and I would be restrained to the bed at all times. Mr. Tallmadge called out from the shadows, “Take the gag out of your mouth, Mr. Wilkins, and put it in hers.”He reached behind his head and undid the buckle on the gag, his jaw ached and the gag was still coated in his saliva. He put the red ball in my mouth and secured the buckle tightly behind my head. I closed my eyes and actually savored the fact that the gag tasted like B. It was the closest I’d come to kissing him in days and oh how I wished him gagging me was just a precursor to a wild night for the two of us.Mr. Tallmadge approached the bed and smiled as B’s cock got hard, involuntarily, knowing what he would be witnessing soon. Mr. Tallmadge motioned to the chair and B climbed off the bed and sat down. Mr. Tallmadge secured B to the chair tightly. Then, Mr. Townsend and Mr. Woodhall moved forward from the shadows and standing between them was Mr. Wilkins, B’s dad. Mr. Wilkins was naked, and he climbed up on the bed towards me. Mr. Townsend and Mr. Woodhall just watched, ready to grab me if I tried to run, but I honestly don’t think I would’ve been capable of it if I’d tried. B looked to them, horror on his face and he started to pull at the restraints, to verbally protest but his jaw still ached too much to speak. Mr. Tallmadge walked over to him and leaned down, whispering something in his ear that made him stop, looking away from his dad. I just lay there as Mr. Wilkins climbed over me, and though I didn’t think myself capable of crying anymore at this point, I did. I had never wished anyone dead in my life before, but now, as he lowered his lips to my breast and bit and sucked on me, I wished this coward of a man, this monster that had the audacity to touch me, knowing I was only in this situation because I loved his son and wanted his son safe, I wished him dead, painfully dead. Mr. Tallmadge had one hand on B’s shoulder, and one hand on his chin, forcing him to watch as his dad, who was, possibly for the first time since I’d met him, completely sober and clean, grope and fondle my body. I cringed as he pushed his cock into me, a few mostly dry thrusts pushed him into my wet inside and made it easier for him as his cock got coated in the moisture, but it still hurt for me. He began pumping his body against mine with grunts and groans. He moaned in my ear as his hands moved down under my hips and lifted me to push deeper into me. I cried out and cringed, closing my eyes tightly and trying to ignore the stale tobacco smell that clung to him. He groped the back of my head with one hand and kept my hips lifted to his cock with the other. His lips were against my ear as he breathed hard and whispered to me, “I should’ve just done this when he first brought you home. Thinking about your warm wet cunt every time you came around is what pushed me into using again. I used to watch you in the shower. I even crept into Brayden’s bedroom a few times and pulled the blanket off of you. You’ve always been a little slut, sleeping in my boy’s bed without anything on. All those times you walked around my house in shorts that barely covered your ass and crop tops that showed the bottom half of your tits, such a little cock tease you were. I was losing my mind having to climb into bed with my cunt of a wife knowing such a pretty little thing was just down the hall.” I turned my head towards B, he had a couple of tears trailing down his cheeks, his jaw was clenched tight and his hands were balled into fists. Mr. Wilkins came inside of me pretty quick, but instead of being done with it, he turned me over and I screamed as he pushed his dick into my ass. My drool was mixing with B’s on the ball gag, I could still taste his mouth on the rubber and I tried so hard to focus on that.Mr. Wilkins grabbed my hair at the back of my head and lifted me up into a kneeling position. Fucking me hard, my tits bounced and I sobbed as B watched and listened to everything his dad said, “Just think, if I’d walked into the shower and fucked you that first time you stayed over, or maybe ensured Bray and Mary slept all night without being able to interrupt us, you could’ve just serviced my cock to keep me clean and you wouldn’t have had to have all of those dicks in you the past few days, just mine.” I screamed behind the ball gag but it was muffled greatly as he pounded his hips against my ass. There was a trail of drool from the gag going down my chin and onto my chest. I looked to B and he was fuming as he watched his dad fuck me and admit that he’d wanted to do just that, apparently, since I first became friends with Brayden. He thrust into me a few more times before he came in me again and shoved me down to the bed. I was on my forearms, head down and sobbing for a few minutes.He looked me over, his cum dripping from my body, then looked to his son, “She’s nothing but a whore, just like your mom was. You’re better off knowing it now so you don’t get tied down to her when she starts fucking around,” he was cold as he said it. He leaned over me and grasped my jaw so tightly that I reached up to try and pull his hand away as he lifted me up from the bed and spoke to me, “He’s never going to be able to look at you the same way. He’s just going to see the girl that let his dad and a few dozen others fuck her. I bet he watched you get off on their cocks like he’s never been able to get erotik hikayeler you off on his. Every time he fucks you he’s going to see you covered in their cum, ass and pussy gaping and filled to the brim and he’s going to be disgusted by your little whore body.” He grasped a handful of my hair and undid the ball gag, my jaw ached from the short time it was on me, I wasn’t sure how B had endured hours of wearing it at a time. He started to pull my mouth to his cock and I put my hands on his hips and pushed him away from me, refusing to participate anymore. He let go of me after a few more failed attempts to get me to suck his cock and I spat in his face, “Because that’s how you saw Mary after you traded her for a hit of coke?” I looked to B, his eyes were narrowed, he was clenching his fists so hard his palms were white at the creases, and I could see the tension of the muscles at the back of his jaw. He was absolutely furious.Mr. Wilkins slapped me, hard enough to leave a red handprint on my cheek. I was leaning on my left hip and arm and Mr. Wilkins grabbed my hair again and yanked my head back hard enough to make me cry out. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Tallmadge untie B. I tried to to stop him from attacking his dad, but he pushed me away and punched his dad before his dad even realized he was loose. Mr. Wilkins tried to defend his face, B punched right through the defenses, leaving Mr. Wilkins bloody and swollen after just a few punches. He didn’t stop until I literally blocked him from hitting his dad anymore. B’s knuckles were bruised and bloody and his dad’s face nearly unrecognizable from swelling. I pulled his head to my chest and stroked his hair, trying to calm him, but I could feel the tension throughout his body. He looked to Mr. Tallmadge, “I won’t be helping him with his debts anymore, kill him if you want, but I’m done with him.” He clung to me and I looked to Mr. Tallmadge, he was smiling. “Well done, young Brayden,” Mr. Woodhall said from the end of the bed. Mr. Townsend grabbed Brayden’s dad with Mr. Woodhall and they dragged him, moaning and groaning off of the bed, disappearing out of the door with him. Mr. Tallmadge sat on the bed beside us, “You should know that he requested to participate, and for you to see him participating when we approached him to tell him his debts were cleared and we would no longer supply him. He knew I would find your girlfriend a more attractive currency than you could ever be.” Brayden had his head lying against my chest, listening to my heartbeat with his eyes closed, without moving he said, “Why?” his voice was hoarse and it was clear his jaw still hurt, “All I’ve ever done is take care of him…”Mr. Tallmadge sighed, “What he said was true. The reason he used was an unhealthy affinity towards young girls and he tried to keep it at bay with d**gs. He blamed you for tempting him with her, bringing her around.” “Why agree to that? Knowing what you know, why would you let him?” I asked. He nodded to Brayden, “To cut the bond of guilt. It’s a harsh lesson, but you would have continued sacrificing your own life and happiness to keep him safe and you needed to see that he was not worth that. Do you remember what I said to you? Right after you saw him?”Brayden nodded. I looked at them curiously, “What?” I asked. Brayden looked up at me, “He’s clean and knows exactly what he’s doing.”“It was the stipulation I’d made when he asked about it. He could fuck you, but only if he was completely clean when he did it. No getting out of it after by saying he was high and didn’t know what he was doing,” Mr. Tallmadge said. “Now,” he continued, “Since I used this arrangement to my advantage at the expense of both of you, I will destroy the videos and photos we took. Mr. Woodhall will see to it that you are both cleaned up, injuries addressed, and compensation given as this wasn’t what either of you agreed to, ultimately. You are still bound by the NDA, however.” With that, Mr. Tallmadge left and Mr. Woodhall entered the room again. We were taken to a bathroom and given everything we needed to remove as much of the last four days as we could and a doctor examined both of us, treating some tearing on me and testing me for various STIs in case anyone falsified their testing records in order to participate. He noted that the bruising would fade over a few days and gave me a package of pregnancy tests, telling me to test and 4,6, and 8 weeks out just to be safe. It disturbed me how routine this seemed to him. B and I were taken downtown and dropped off by a bus stop that went back to his house. Many of my bruises were still visible, especially the ones at my wrists and neck. It made me feel a little insecure to be honest as people whispered as they walked by us sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. B got annoyed at the gawking and pulled me up on his lap, grasping my neck along the bruise tightly enough to look convincing, but not so tightly as to hurt me and started kissing the back of my neck his hand slid down my arm and grasped my wrist, also along the bruise, holding it up and to the side as I squirmed on his lap. He caught me by surprise and as much as my heart was racing and fear crept in, logically I knew I was safe with him, and I knew he was just giving people a reason to gawk and to know where the bruises came from. I also couldn’t hide that, when in his grip, I was instantly turned on by the display of force. He was hard and I pressed myself against him as the bus pulled up. We composed ourselves and climbed up the stairs, the bus driver eyed us as we headed to the back of the bus, “There’s cameras back there,” he warned as we both giggled and sat down.I’m not going to lie, it was rough going for the first few months after that, we both woke up in tears from time to time, or outright screaming, but we pushed through, and Mr. Tallmadge arranged for both of us to see a ther****t while we adjusted to the reality of what had happened. But, not all of the after experience was bad. Brayden and I learned a lot about ourselves and each other. He, for example, discovered that he really enjoyed grabbing my neck and having me suck on his middle finger, specifically, as he fucked my ass or pussy from behind. I, on the other hand, came to terms with enjoying being pinned between two guys. Exploring that on our own led to another series of discoveries, Brayden was at least somewhat bisexual and enjoyed kissing our companion as they each fucked me. We haven’t really gone the distance in testing how far his interest in other men extends, he’s neither fucked a guy nor been fucked by one yet. We have shared a blowjob with a friend and Brayden’s found he really likes licking their cum from my mouth and pussy. He’s discovered a love of restraining my hands and eating my pussy as someone else fucks me, which happens to be extremely enjoyable to me as well, and I’ve discovered a love of his hand on my throat as he fucks me slowly and deeply from behind.As much as I want to be mad at how things went down, I can’t deny that our experience really freed us from the shame we’d been raised to have around sex. Now we explore freely and wantonly and we’re on the lookout for a real partner to join us in a long term situation.B’s birthday is coming up soon and I think it’s time we test his enjoyment of getting fucked, his friend is willing, and I’m anxious to see if he cums as hard from a dick in his own ass as he does when he watches his friend fuck mine. For now though, I’m just going to lie back, close my eyes, and bite my lip as his tongue curls and scoops his friend’s cum from my cunt. He’s extremely good at that.