Alternate Therapy

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Alternate TherapyMy name is Natalie Smart. I am currently studying for my Phd in Classical Literature at a large university in Eastern England. I find my studies absorbing and I guess most will call me bookish if not actually a prude. It’s not that I don’t get on with people, I can be very sociable whenever I want to, it’s just that I quickly tire of them, finding most of them shallow and in the case of the men, interested in one thing and one thing only. Unfortunately I am frequently pestered as I am judged to be quite pretty. My breasts are larger than average, I have a heart shaped face with flashing brown eyes and I work out regularly so my body is quite athletic when I choose not to hide it under my baggy jumpers and jeans. My one concession to my appearance is my hair. I am very proud of the cascades of thick black ringlets falling onto my shoulders. I have had a few desultory relationships in the past and a boyfriend once told me that I have “come to bed eyes” but to tell the truth I will rather curl up under the blankets with a copy of Ovid or Horace than engage in sexual congress. I have never had an orgasm and in fact, have never felt the need to try for one.Altogether I am fairly satisfied with my life as I research for my thesis in some dusty corner of the library, apart from one thing and that is my continual inability to sleep at night. I am not keen on d**gs as as a solution as I find that they dull my mind and do not give me a refreshing night’s repose. Nor have I found the very many other remedies much help so I was fairly doubtful when I saw a notice in a local whole food cafe. It was pinned on the board amongst the offers of free kittens and old copies of text books next to a very tacky ad for the Sexual Healing Clinic. It was headed Alternative Therapy and claimed to cure a variety of ailments from premature ejaculation to baldness, but amongst the many other empty boasts it claimed to cure sleeplessness. It did not seem at all promising but I had had a very bad night and so thought it worth a try.Dr Theo Carter was younger than I expected and I seriously doubted whether he was a qualified doctor, but he had mesmeric eyes and appeared very professional in his manner so despite the fees which were much higher than my student budget could really afford, I agreed to a course. Surprisingly, I found the weekly sessions tremendously effective and I was soon sleeping better than I had for a long long time. However as I was struggling to fit the costs into my budget, after a few weeks I reluctantly told him that I would have to stop. The doctor seemed disappointed at first but gave in after suggesting that I have one last session to reinforce his techniques. “I’m not sure I can afford it””Don’t worry, I’m sure we can work something out.” And so I agreed.On this final session I went behind the screen and changed into the robe. Dr Carter had suggested that I will be far more comfortable being nude underneath but I found the idea embarrassing and I always ensured that I kept my heavy underwear on. I don’t think he noticed and it did not seem to interfere with my ability to relax. I then laid on his red vinyl couch and after the customary cup of herbal tea I sank into the trance. The sessions with Dr Theo were fantastic. I always felt so wonderfully relaxed, but this time it was even more intense. I felt as though I was lying in a lagoon around a South Sea island as the sun was going down. The water was thick and warm as it sank into every single part of my body. There was an intense musky smell of some exotic perfume and it felt like I was immersed in a bath of warm sensuous golden honey. The waves slowly lapped over me in a peculiar yet compelling rhythm that seemed to match both my heartbeat and the cadence of Dr Carter’s voice. I guessed that if I strained I would have been able to make out what he was saying but I didn’t care to do so, I just wanted to stay there forever. “Return to the comfort of the womb,” he had called it, and it was indeed so very comforting although I also found it quite erotic.Normally when I would wake up I would feel this wonderful warm glow recede slowly like the tide going out from my body, but this time it stays with me as I drink another cup of the Doctor’s herbal tea. He tells me that this is quite usual as he has strengthened the suggestions to enable to me to continue to sleep well in future and suggests yet another cup to further reinforce my relaxed mood.I leave the practice walking on air, but am disappointed after a few steps to find that the glow seems to be receding. Then I realise that in fact rather than diminishing it is actually contracting as it creeps up my body from my extremities. And it is getting stronger and yet more exquisite as it slowly rises up my arms to my shoulders and then down towards my breasts. My tits harden and thrust out as suddenly as if someone had blown up a balloon and they strain with an unbearable intensity against my bra. I have to fight an urge to rip them free and massage them and this seems somehow to strengthen still further the intensity of this glow.The tide does not stop contracting. My breasts still feel almost unpleasantly sensitive, but I can feel the glow continuing downwards and at the same time upwards from my toes, my feet, my legs, my thighs. It is with both apprehension and anticipation as I realise where it is inexorably heading and I flush bright red as my breath comes in faster and faster gasps of desire.It is an almost physical sensation as finally it sinks into my vagina. My pussy clenches and spasms in an unbearable, wonderful feeling of intense joy. I let out a squeal and I clutch the bus stop sign for support as my legs buckle. Then I look round to see the waiting passengers staring at me with assorted faces of disapproval, support, laughter and envy. All I can do is to stare back and try to catch my breath and my dignity.The bus arrives just then and I plump down on the first seat I can find. My breasts and my vagina tingle with the most delicious feeling I have ever experienced but at the same time they are insisting that I yield to their demand for satisfaction, something which is rather difficult on the front seat of the bus. I reach behind my back and release the catch of my bra. My tits jump out like a jack-in-the-box but still feel constrained by the rough wool of my sweater. My crotch meanwhile is soaking wet. I try crossing my legs but the pressure on my vagina becomes intolerable and finally to make it almost bearable I have to sit with my legs as far apart as I can and the ice blue of my denims glistens darker and wetter as the journey continues.The bus trip is a nightmare of embarrassment and perverse pleasure. It does not help that the supermarket is a good twenty minutes further on from my flat. I rush into the loo. I am so naïve that I do not realise what is happening to me as I sit in a cubicle massaging my boobs with one hand and trying to mop up my sopping pussy with the other. My knickers are far too wet to keep on but I have to do something to stem the flow. In the end I stuff my bra in my vagina. I helps a bit but as it is made of nylon it does not really soak up much and when I pull up my jeans it seems to make my bulging wet crotch even more noticeable. Leaving my soaked panties on the floor I rush out to make my purchases and stand in a fog of frustration slowly rubbing my lower body against the checkout shelf as I wait for the other customers to be served. “Bitch on heat,” says the checkout girl under her breath. I would have complained to the manager but my face is on fire with embarrassment (although nowhere near as hot as my vagina.)I run as fast as I can to my flat and struggle to get the key in the door. Finally I fall in and with a shriek of relief I throw my bag to the ground, tear off my clothes, release my throbbing breasts and plunge my fingers deep into the wetness of my sex. Despite the strength of my desire to release my pent up pleasure I still feel somewhat detached and have a strong sense of shame that I am behaving like a slut but for some reason this further increases my lust. I have never really explored my body before and I curse my inexperience for somehow despite my overwhelming desire and my shrieks and increasingly desperate gyrations I must have been doing something wrong for I just cannot climax. It is not for want of trying and I am pretty sure that I am rubbing all the right places but my clitoris which had seemed so sensitive now feels curiously numb whenever I touch it and no amount of pulling and prodding can deliver the pleasure my body is aching for.I don’t know how long I writhe on the floor, tweaking, pulling, pinching my breasts, rubbing, stabbing and twisting all parts of my vagina, but despite my overwhelming desperation I can get no relief at all and finally I stop out of sheer exhaustion. It is then that I realise that in my haste I have not fully closed the door of my apartment. Any passer by will certainly have heard my lust, and must have seen much of my body as I rolled around in oblivion.I almost hate myself for the sight I must have been – sobbing in frustration, nude and covered in sweat and dust from the floor, still feebly playing with my nipples and my sex. My hair is plastered to my head and my pubic hair to my mound, with wet strands trapped inside the lips of my vagina. My bush has always been very thick, perhaps that very hair is insulating me from the final sensation, maybe if I cut it off I can become more sensitive and achieve the release I need? I scramble around for the shopping bag, rush up the stairs to the bathroom and empty the contents onto the floor. It is almost with resignation that I watch the shaving cream roll out of the door and bounce bounce bounce down the stairs through the front door and roll out onto the public landing. With a huge sigh I plod downwards By now I just can’t care if anyone is around, I march straight out of the door and bend to pick up the can. It is then that I hear the main door of the building slam. The back draft pulls at my front door and I watch in horror as it snicks closed whilst footsteps come up the stairs.It is Ivan. I don’t know him that well, he lives next door with his girlfriend and is some sort of labourer. I never know what to say to them both and I think they regard me as a bit of a snob. He has seen me around several times but he has never before seen me wearing nothing but a pair of mismatched socks and a sheen of sweat, sobbing in frustration and pounding on a locked door with an aerosol can.”Good Grief, Natalie, What the fuck’s up?”Looking at his crotch I can see what’s up but that doesn’t concern me at the moment”I NEED TO SHAVE,” I scream.As explanations go this one is bit lacking. There is a very long pause whilst he looks me up and down. He opens his mouth to speak then doesn’t, then he starts again and then still doesn’t With a shrug he bends down to examine the lock and try the handle.”It’s locked, you can wait next door whilst we call a locksmith.” He turns around from his half crouch with the beginnings of a leer on his face. He hasn’t realise how close I am standing. How my rigid tits don’t poke his eyes out I don’t know.”NO NO NO NO NO. I NEED TO SHAVE! KICK THE DOOR IN!”I am jumping up and down with my sweat streaked hair in my wild eyes. My boobs are dancing almost independently and I am brandishing the shaving foam like a war club. There is an even longer pause. I feel that he is going to make another suggestion but then he thinks better and he turns around and crashes his heavy boot against the door jamb which splinters.In one fluid move I push him aside, slam the door shut and with my other hand hook a chair against the handle to keep it closed then swivel and race up the stairs spraying shaving cream somewhere in the region of my pubes.In my haste I don’t do a particularly good job with rough patches and nicks on my mound but as I empty half the bottle of baby oil over most of my body I have a look in the mirror. I gasp in admiration. The shocking sight of my baby bare pussy covered in sweat and dripping with oil almost, oh almost enables me to come there and then. It does however give me a great idea and I rush into the bedroom where I spread my legs as wide as I can in front of the full length mirror, insert the shaving cream can and hump and work myself once more into a frenzy of overwhelming but still unsatisfied lust.The rest of the night passes in a daze. Exhaustion means that I have to stop now and then and sometimes I doze for a while. But my rest is fitful and most of the time I hardly know if I am awake or asleep. Towards morning however I have a particularly vivid dream. I am masturbating still, indeed it now seems as if it is all I have ever done in my life, but what makes this so intense is that I dream that I am lying on a table in the research library in full view of the readers, all of whom are staring and pointing. I feel an extreme rush of shame but curiously this merely increases my lust as I become aware of my exhibitionism. Slowly a figure approaches down the long corridor of the room and as he gets nearer my rutting becomes greater and more shameless. I cannot take my eyes off him and feel that I knew him but I strain to make out his face. Then as I am on the point of recognition, I climax.This is the first time that I have ever climaxed and part of me tells me that I am a stupid cow to have left it so late. Warm waves of joy riddle through the walls of my vagina, through all the muscles of my body which arches and bucks as if I have been electrocuted by lust. I let out a piercing scream. Slowly I become aware of a banging on the partition wall and shouts of “shut the fuck up you noisy slut” as I open my eyes, become aware of my body which aches everywhere and yet feels totally blissful. I dreamily suck the cum off my fingers as I struggle to regain my senses and remember what it is that has finally caused this joyful eruption. Then as the memory of the dream returns my frenzy begins again and recalling my shame and my joy, for the first time in my life I frig myself to a successful conclusion. It is even better than in my dream as I float forever on a cloud of sheer joy. I have never in my life before feel anything half so wonderful. My cunt, my breasts, every pore of my skin seem bathed in a blissful glow, similar too but much much greater to the tingle I experienced on Dr Carter’s couch. The banging and the swearing start up again and at the back of my mind I squirm in shame at the exhibition I have made of myself but as I lie back with my legs wide open drenched in sweat and contentedly playing with my clit I really couldn’t give a fuck.If I ever feel after last night that I have finally learnt how to come I soon find as I awake that I am wrong. My nipples are still rock hard, still stand out from my boobs like Mount Etna and are just as hot. My vagina still throbs with a deep and burning heat and I still feel on the edge of the most explosive orgasm. Yet like yesterday as soon as I touch it, my bud goes numb and extremely frustrated. Last night I climaxed and it was the most overwhelming experience but I guess that in my inexperience I cannot replicate it now. I have to concentrate hard as I try to dial Dr Carter as my burning desire makes it hard to co-ordinate on the buttons and to my disappointment I get his ansaphone. I leave a message telling him that something has gone terribly wrong with yesterday’s treatment and can he please ring back immediately. Meanwhile I concentrate on the task in hand, the serious business of trying to bring relief to my demanding pussy. The morning drags slowly on with straining, prodding and pushing punctuated by groans, wails, occasional banging from next door’s wall and my increasingly desperate calls to the the doctor but he just isn’t returning my calls. Finally when I am considering going round on the off chance, the phone rings. I find it very difficult trying to tell him the problem. I blush and stammer trying to explain that my body is on fire and I can’t stop “touching my bits” but can’t “relax.” He gets quite cross.”I can’t help you if won’t make yourself clear. I’m a busy man with a busy clinic. Tell me exactly what you’re doing or I’ll ring off.”In desperation I force myself to explain and it suddenly becomes easy to speak the words I would have been far too embarrassed to use before.”I’m standing here stark naked fondling and massaging baby oil into my left tit, I’ve pressed the door handle into my bum whilst my right fingers are slowly sliding in and out of my cunt, tweaking my clit, I’ve been like this ever since I left your surgery but I just can’t make myself cum, Doctor.”There is a brief pause.”I take it that this isn’t your normal practise then?””Doctor I can’t cum I’m desperate to cum ever since your last session my cunt has been full of this deep burning desire to cum but whatever I do I can’t cum I feel that I am on the verge of cumming but I just can’t cum I’ve never frigged off before I must be doing something wrong because I can’t cum but I just don’t know what to do to cum you must help me to cum because I can’t cum I can’t cum and I want to cum I must cum.” I am on the verge of tears, but whether it is from shame or my inability to satisfy my urge I don’t know.”Well I’m not a sex ther****t you know but I can see what I can do.”Dr Carter explains his idea and I do what he tells me to. I put the phone on speaker so that both hands are free and push the phone into my cunt. With the very first push I feel ready to climax. I thrust in and out quicker and quicker gasping and trying to describe my rising emotions to the doctor. My words must have been muffled most of the time but I think he must have guessed what is up as I reach a crescendo and my cunt spasms the phone out across the passage hitting the far wall as I collapse in a shrieking heap. Surely Ivan will knock the wall down at this rate. As I retrieve the phone I can feel my incessant desire building up once more but I think I must have convinced the doctor of my overpowering need as he agrees to see me at the end of the day when he has finished with the rest of his clients.I am still unsatisfied however. The tingle is still there, still growing in my tits and cunt and and I still can’t make myself cum. I try and I try but surprisingly the phone can no longer satisfy me and nor can the various other objects that I spend the rest of the day sticking with various degrees of desperation into my twat. I have no idea that masturbation could be so hard to learn. Why have I not practised it before? Why on earth don’t schools teach useful subjects?At last the time comes for me to leave for the clinic but then I find a problem that I had not anticipated. I have been naked all day and I have not realised that my cunt is now so sensitive that there is just no question of wearing panties whilst rough jeans are similarly impractical. The only thing I can find bearable is a pleated gym skirt. It is pretty shabby but luckily it is really short so I have plenty of ventilation. My boobs though are another matter. There is no possibility of wearing a bra and most of my tops are so heavy that I cannot bear the sensation of their rubbing. Finally I find an old T shirt that I’d had from my school days and which I have been using as a duster. It is crumpled and covered in some distasteful stains, but by cutting it as short as possible I it becomes just about bearable to wear. For some time I stare in the mirror admiring the swell of my boobs and the perfection of my bright pink aureole peeking out from below the fabric. My desire is growing and the pent up tension of my pussy is becoming almost unbearable. I really feel that this time I could cum but then I realise the time and have to run for the bus.I soon discover that running in 6″ heels is not that straightforward. I bought these about 2 years ago for an end of term ball but never had the confidence to wear them before. Dr Carter’s therapy must be working well because the way they stretch my muscles all the way from my feet to my bare bum really edirne escort turns me on. So as not to overbalance I have to keep my knees together making my feet kick up sideways. Throwing out my tits and rushing along in this parody of the most girly of runs I soon understand why all the bimbos at school run this way as I my labia rub together gloriously with every tiny step.The bus is about to pull out and I wave and yell as I double my speed and throw myself into the doorway. A huge cheer goes up from a group of lads at the back and, breasts heaving I blow them a kiss and make a mock curtsey to thank them for their concern that I should catch the bus. I plunge onto the red vinyl of the seat with a gasp of relief as it cools my steaming pussy and and only then see that in my exertions my boobs have popped out from my T shirt. I peel the now translucent cotton from my sweaty breasts, but as soon as I touch my stiff tits a shock of erotic electricity rushes down the length of my body. I gasp out loud as my spine arches and my pussy clenches down on the now sticky vinyl with a loud squelching noise. Unfortunately the driver must have been newly qualified as his style is very rough Every time he stops he hits the brakes hard and the whole bus jerks forward, prominently led by my tits. Passengers on entering the bus hear a sharp gasp followed by what sounds like a fart and then see a sweat streaked woman, her back arched, squirming on the front seat whilst trying to stuff her boobs back into a ridiculously short see through T shirtOne of those passengers is my Head of Department.”Hello Professor Lacy,” I say politely. He ignores me and marches straight ahead to the back of the bus. Rude man. I’ve always been taught that courtesy costs nothing.I have to walk the last mile after the driver throws me off the bus. A short flared skirt is not really the best thing to wear in blustery weather as the gusts catch it and expose my newly shaved and inflamed pussy. In stretching to hold it down my tits pop out again and so I have to compromise. With one hand holding down the T Shirt which is barely covering my boobs and the other rubbing hard against the now sopping front of my skirt I take little tottering steps down the street whilst the back pleats of the skirt flap merrily like a ship’s ensign above my naked bum. My cheeks are red with embarrassment.I finally make it to the clinic and Dr Carter opens the door.My body explodes in a release of erotic tension. My cunt clenches and releases again and again, and I fall sobbing against the Doctor, slide down his body and collapse at his feet in a puddle of sweat, cum and pee. My eyes travel up his legs, linger longingly on his groin and as I catch his face I immediately come again. Every time I orgasm it seems to get more intense, my pleasure greater, my control less and my desire for more satisfaction become unbearable. He helps me up without speaking and I climb onto the couch whilst he leaves to prepare the tea.He stands for a moment on his return and silently hands me the robe. I can’t believe what I have done I have just thrown my clothes on the floor and for the first time my doctor has seen me naked. How embarrassing. With my newly shaved pussy he must think I’m a slut. I really have to get Theo to help me conquer this new obsession or I just am not going to be able to live in civilised society. I have to admit though that the consequences of that last session have awoken a sexuality in me that I have never known before and which I would like to retain if only I could control it. Could the doctor find a middle way and show me how I could satisfy myself, with or without another?I sink into my trance as easily as ever and lie back as the golden tingling washes over my body. Somehow though it seems pale and lukewarm compared to the intensity I have been feeling, and I feel a degree of sadness as my tits and cunt return to normal. Indeed I feel myself fighting against the outflow. I tense my buttocks and try to suck the glow deeper into my body. I find that if I buck my hips and contract my pussy I can draw the feeling back into my vagina. It is hard work but slowly I get into a rhythm of pumping and contracting and steadily I feel that I am pulling the tingle back into the core of my being. I am moaning and sweating but I am winning and moreover this wonderful glow now seems even more intense than it has before Then at last I succeed in drawing the last bit back into my cunt and once more I scream into an orgasm that I feel in every muscle, every fibre of my body.Finally my shudders subside and I slowly turn my head towards Dr Carter. He is sitting there silently with a professional manner and then asks me how I feel. He smiles gently when I tell him wonderful but he then points out to me that the robe has come undone and once more I am lying on the couch totally exposed. I move to cover my body with my hands, but as I feel once again the hardness of my nipples I have to start playing with them and the warmth and musk of my arousal gives me no choice but to start fiddling once again with my clit. I thrust my fingers slowly at first and then with increasing urgency as I become more aroused. It does indeed feel different than previously. I can feel a response from my body that I did not experienced yesterday. The feeling is so wonderful and so urgent as that delicious tension fills my pussy but I am not sure that I am about to come yet. Then I hear a noise from my right and I turn with a shock to see Dr Carter still sitting there impassively. In my passion I have completely forgotten that he is there and my excitement doubles as I realise I am lying fully exposed, frigging in front of a stranger. My hips rise and I feel on the verge of explosion, but what tips me over the edge is the reflection in the mirror of myself bucking and thrusting in front of this man in a white coat. I feel a stab of embarrassment, a greater one of shame but more importantly an overwhelming feeling of lustI am living the same out of body experience that I had felt yesterday in my dreams but this time it is for real and my excitement and passion soar. My hips rise a good two feet in the air, my cunt spasms and clenches on my trapped fingers and then my bum falls back on the couch with a sharp slap like a gunshot whilst the air screams out of my mouth like the steam from a kettle. I lie shuddering and unable to speak as my heart slowly returns to a rate approaching normal and my fingers walk unchecked once more down to their heavenly destination. “Well I think we’ve established that you can make yourself come,” says the doctor and I nod somewhat doubtfully. I am not at all sure that my orgasm came as a result of my actions rather from the voyeuristic excitement of my frigging publicly.”I believe that you are over reacting to your previous repression and I am certain that I can control this, but it may take some time. Can I suggest that you return tomorrow for the day and I’ll try to fit you round my other patients.” I feel really grateful for the doctor’s help, especially as he states once again that payment can be sorted out later, and after another cup of the herbal tea I get up to leave. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”I jump. I have been sitting with Dr Carter all this time discussing my problems completely unaware that I am still naked and I have just been about to leave in the same state. I feel a surge of gratitude to the doctor that he has been so thoughtful in pointing this out and I reluctantly struggle into my clothes and leave the clinic.The bus journey back is just as bad as before. Once again I have chosen the front seat and I squirm as before, half to relieve my throbbing pussy, half from embarrassment as I am ogled my a group of lads out for the night. I try to ignore the whispered giggles but I do hear snatches of conversations along the lines of “…bangs like a shit house door.” I hate crudity and can’t understand why they should have to discuss their toilet arrangements in public.The mall is still open and I pop in to get some clothes to replace the totally unsuitable ones I am wearing. I select a tiny lace camisole top that fits like a second skin. I wonder whether the skirt makes me look slutty, but the red PVC is is the exact same shade as Dr Carter’s couch and the feel of it on my naked skin is wonderful. As I stand in the fitting room I decide it is actually a very practical purchase as I can now finger myself without having to lift the hem. To test this I plunge my fingers into my demanding pussy. How can it be so wet whilst I am convinced it is on fire? Carried away by my passion I plunge and buck on my hand in a frenzy of lust but still my clit feels numb whenever I touch it. My frustration and my volume build still further.I become aware of a loud knocking on the door of the cubicle.”Would Madam care to dress more quietly, please” I am shocked back to reality. There is someone else in the room! Then I realise it is just my reflection. I hardly recognise the figure staring back with wild mindless eyes. It looks ravishing! It is wearing nothing but a wide plastic belt with its hand up to its wrist in its pussy. Its face is flushed, hair plastered to its head and sweat running down its face body and legs whilst its beautiful boobs and outstanding tits heave raggedly up and down. There is a strong heady smell of sweat musk and passion that I find irresistible as my fingers stray back to my twat, but once again I am interrupted.” Are you all right, Madam. Do you need some help?”Of course I need some help, but unfortunately not the help that is being offered. I shrug into my top and shakily leave the room.The Salesgirl gives me a very strange look. “You’ll have to be careful with those silky straps. If you move too fast they’ll slip off your shoulders.”I look critically at it in the mirror. My boobs can be seen quite clearly through the flimsy fabric. My nipples stand out like sexy bullets. It is perfect! ” No I’ll be all right. My nipples are so hard that if it slips they’ll catch in the holes of the lace and keep it up.”For some reason the girl seems to find this amusing. “Do you fancy going clubbing together sometime and we can get some action?”.”No thanks,” I say, ” I prefer to be by myself.”She stares at me for a while and then mutters “snotty cow.” I leave feeling rather puzzled then realise that unlike me she might not have the confidence to go to the sports club alone. Next time I come I will suggest that we will indeed go together to exercise.The bus is empty as I make my way home but I feel a curious pang of disappointment that there is no one to admire my oh so beautiful body. It does mean however that I can more easily satisfy my urges and I am resolutely continuing my quest for satisfaction when the bus suddenly brakes hard and a stream of curses come out of the dark.”Sorry Mate,” says the driver to the pedestrian he has narrowly avoided. “I was distracted by that tart on the front seat fingering herself.” Fortunately we have almost reached my home so I run off with my face burning once again. I am determined to complain to the bus company. I am sure that I have been completely discreet, he can’t have seen anything. Well not that much really.I have to rush to catch the bus the next morning as I have overslept My dreams of unfulfilled lust have returned. Once again I find myself in the library. As the stranger approaches I can see that it is really Dr Carter and I find myself begging him to fuck me on the library table. But despite my cries and groans he just stands as I fail to frig myself into the orgasm which is my sole desire. This time Ivan comes round to complain. Rude man. He presses on the bell till I have to answer, I stagger to the door and throw it open. We have a rather curious and very prolonged slanging match. Strangely he seems reluctant to leave. It isn’t until I slam the door on his grinning face that I realise I have been yelling lustily for several minutes completely naked and fingering my bare clit. No wonder he wouldn’t look me in the eye.I arrive at the clinic and ring the bell. Dr Carter answers the door speaker”I’m with a client at the moment. I’ll be down shortly.”I am surprised by my reaction. Memories of my dream flood back but this time I climax immediately. It takes over my life — my heart races, the blood pounds in my ears, my muscles contract, my juices squirt and I collapse against the door and slowly slide down on to the step where I must have sat satiated for some minutes.”Are you all right Luv?”I look slowly up at the grizzled face of an old Postman leaning solicitously over me. I can only only nod in dreamy ecstasy.”I’d put them away at least”I slowly follow his gaze and realise that the sales girl has been right. Both my boobs have popped out of my top, and I stare in wonder as they rise and fall gently as my heart rate returns to something approaching normal. There is no way that I can ever again cover up these wonderful magnificent breasts with their firm red tits straining out from the delicate pink of my aureole. These things of joy should be worshipped by the world but at the moment I am only exposed to the Royal Mail.My muscles relax as I let out my breath and I lose control of my bladder. My skirt has ridden up and a stream of amber piss jets out of my cunt and starts pooling in the PVC. The jet looks to me like nothing so much as the jet of a drinking fountain and I have an overpowering vision of the old postie leaning over and drinking from it. The image is so strong that I can distinctly see the the few short hairs on the top of his sunburnt head as he leans and sucks and I let out a sudden burst of nervous laughter, clenching my buns and so making the jet rise a good foot into the air. We lock eyes for what seems an eternity while I run my tongue slowly round my lips and then the postman shakes his head, grimaces and leaves muttering something about drunken hussy and how it wouldn’t happen in his day.I can’t care less. I slowly come down from the height of my orgasm, with my wonderful beautiful boobs heaving, my perfect shaven pussy exposed to the world, sitting in a pool of my warm golden piss. I feel a deeper sense of fulfilment than I have ever experienced before.I enter Dr Carter’s therapy room in a daze of satisfaction There is no way that I can put the robe on and I stretch languorously on the couch seeming to feel its vinyl cover with every pore of my skin. I am fully aware of the doctor’s appreciation of my naked body and so he should. I feel a deep sense of gratification that this wonderful man is willing to help me with my psychological problems. This time as I lie in my trance I am determined from the start that the glow will not seep out of my vagina into the rest of my body. I feel myself fighting the flow, seeking to retain and enhance that wonderful heat. The struggle seems to heighten the feeling and as I buck and clench and thrust I am drawing deep breaths as I fight to retain this essence. After a long struggle I realise that I have succeeded and I come round feeling like I have run 10 miles with my cunt full of molten lava. I have not come, however, and my one think is to achieve the satisfaction that I have had before. I am in a frenzy. My one, my only desire is to climax and I have to climax immediately if not sooner. My pussy contracts and clenches and my desperation increases. After what seems like hours I slow down and stare through wild and glazed eyes at Dr Carter, finally aware that he has been watching as I debase myself publicly. My face colours but I don’t care. I have to ask him politely to help me.”Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I lunge for his cock, but he pulls back.”Ms Smart, I’m a doctor, it will be most improper to have sexual relations.”I beg him to screw me. I have to satisfy this overpowering burning urge in my pussy. He seems bemused by my inability to achieve satisfaction and tries to talk about it but I’m not sure I am coherent and we seem to be getting nowhere. In the end he says as much in irritation as anything, “well just come then.”I scream. A pent up dam of frustration roars out in waves of superheated pleasure. I buck and writhe and must have fallen off the couch for when I come round I am lying on the floor in a pool of my own juices looking up like a puppy in adoration of this wonderful man who has just given me so much pleasure. I have finally reached my goal but even so I feel that burning , glowing wondrous feeling seeping back into my pussy and my fingers feebly make their way back to their destination.”Do you want to come again?” I nod, incapable of speech.”cum?”I come.”CUM!”I come!This continues several more times. Each time my body explodes in joy, each time I cannot believe that my pleasure can be any greater, each time the pleasure is greater and each time my fingers wander back to my twat. I think that he only stops because he thinks my heart will give out.I lie panting at his feet. The doctor seems puzzled that I am still not satisfied. Despite my pleading he still will not fuck me because of his medical ethics, but finally he suggests a compromise. He will see whether the patient waiting in his other therapy room will be willing to help me out. It seems an awful lot to ask of the man, but I am so desperate for relief that I agree to his suggestion.I wait nervously as the doctor leaves to sound out his patient. I am not a virgin but the few times that I have fucked before have been brief tumbles in bed that have brought me no joy at all. I have never willingly made love before and so I hope he will understand my inexperience and that he will be gentle with me, It does not occur to me that the naked wanton lying on the couch with her legs wide apart and her hand up to the wrist in her pussy might not be the demure maiden I consider myself to be.In the end what could have been an embarrassing situation becomes curiously matter of fact. There is no finesse in the experience. I don’t think that the man who entered moves at all as I grab his cock, wrap my legs around his waist and gasp as I feel his prick grow into my cunt. I pump and press desperately, my legs wrapped round his back as my muscles try to suck him ever deeper and deeper. I feel him cum almost immediately but still I cannot. I buck and squeeze even harder and feel another erection returning. I must have wanked him dry but I am no nearer reaching an orgasm. Finally he has to fight me off him as he peels back my legs and rather gingerly walks out of the room to settle the account for his therapy. I guess that he is consulting Dr Carter about some gross sexual perversion because I hear him saying something about a vacuum cleaner swallowing his balls. I am surprised that the doctor finds this funny but I just lie back with tears seeping out at my inability to get satisfaction.It must have got quite late as Dr Carter explains that he has to close his surgery. A slight problem follows. There is no way at all that I can bear to put my clothes back on but despite my determination the doctor will not let me leave as I am. I am surprised that he seems not to comprehend”My tits and cunt are far too sensitive for clothes, and besides they prevent me from frigging properly. Anyway everyone should be free to admire my beautiful body,” I explain patiently. He has to respect my logic so as a compromise he suggests that I stay the night in the clinic.We have one last session. This time I am prepared and I determined that the glow will never ever leave my cunt again. I buck, clench and suck, seeking to retain its overpowering warmth. I am soon covered in sweat as I pant and heave and slowly feel that I have won the struggle, I have reeled it back in and somehow know that it will now never leave my cunt but I still have not come. I look up weakly and beg the doctor once again to fuck me. He looks down sadly shaking his head but I must have looked so pitiable that he allowed me to cum once more. I just don’t know how I can manage without him.Dr Carter has to go out for the evening but before he leaves he brings me a meal with yet another cup of herbal tea and says goodbye. escort edirne The tea is as satisfying as always but after drinking it I realise that I have to pee quite urgently. The doctor has left an old fashioned enamel basin for just this purpose and so I squat down. For some reason I can’t pee in this position so I stand up to piss. I have great fun practising my bladder control, seeing how far away I can direct my stream into the basin but then I find another small problem. The sides of the bowl arch outwards and whilst it is very easy to pick up it is thus impossible for me to drink from without it slopping down my breasts. After a few messy attempts I place it on the floor and start to lap up the ambrosia like a cat. This is very effective although I have to continually swat away the rats tails of my hair which keep on falling into the bowl and into my mouth. Glancing sideways I am so taken with my reflection in one of the mirrors that I daintily raise my bum as high as I can and wiggle it saucily like a frisky kitten as I lick clean the bowl. The evening then stretches like eternity. Before he left, the doctor has told me not to touch my pussy. He thinks that if I stopped frigging for a while I might be able to control the insatiable desires that are dominating my life but the urge is so demanding that it is causing an agony of frustration. Time and again I catch my fingers wandering down to my twat only to guiltily snatch them away. Then inspiration hits. I am not allowed to touch myself, but something else can!I look around the room but it is quite bare. The walls are mirrored and the tiled floor slopes gently to a sluice in one corner. The only furniture is the couch in the exact centre of the room. I try rubbing up against a corner of the bed but it is too low when I am standing and too high for kneeling. I am weeping in frustration when I notice that there is a slight mound in the centre of the couch. In a frenzy I start shagging the mound which fitted quite comfortably into my slit although nowhere near deep enough to easily reach my clit. It gives me some small relief. Then I devise a quite elegant solution. Wiggling both my thumbs in my arse gives me some extra stimulation and I can massage my cheeks at the same time!As I lie humping the sticky red vinyl of the couch I feel a sense of triumph that I have cleverly outwitted Doctor’s commands. If only I could come everything would be perfect!I have my normal troubled dreams and I awake stiff and uncomfortable. My arms are tingling from cramp and I wince as I slowly manage to extricate my thumbs and then raise them to my mouth to lick them clean. Doctor pops his head round the door, says that he will bring in breakfast shortly and shows me the bathroom. I gaze in incomprehension at the shower. My body is covered in dried sweat and bodily juices whilst my hair is matted with piss and cum. Why on earth should I want to remove these trophies of my ecstasy? Then I see my shaving kit and realise that he wants me to pretty myself up.I return gleaming into the treatment room. I preen at my reflection and think that my freshly oiled body gleams just like plastic. The Doctor compliments me.”Your head looks wonderful and I see you’ve shaved off your eyebrows too, my little fuck doll.” I preen on hearing my affectionate nickname. “I’ve shaved absolutely everywhere. My pussy is the smoothest though,” I say proudly, thrusting it forward and peeling back my cunt lips, hoping against hope that he might fill it. He laughs and unzips his fly. I almost faint in expectation but once again he has to explain that medical ethics will only allow him to pee in my mouth. How can I be so dumb as to forget that the doctor patient relationship is absolute? I have to admit though that I am disappointed with his prick. It is very thin and it is tiny, barely reaching below his balls. If it was not for the fact that he had shaved himself bare I doubt if I could have seen it. I hide my disappointment and do my best to drink all the pee but my inexperience hinders me and most of it seems to go all over me. I collapse giggling at his feet and he kindly lets me come. Dr Carter has been considering my situation. My inability to come is surely down to my lack of practice and to this end he has devised an experiment. I must fuck as much as I can for as long as possible and so learn how to orgasm. To this end he will ask all his patients whether they will mind helping me in this experiment. I agree that this seems a very sensible solution and lie back in excitement to await my first volunteer of the day.I hadn’t known that Dr Carter’s practice is so busy. No wonder he stays open so late into the night. A steady stream of his patients come to help me out. I had no idea that pricks can come in such a variety of colour length and size. I’ve always been a fast learner and I feel quite proud at how I quickly I am learning to perfect my first awkward fumbles and to understand how to prolong their pleasure and avoid damaging what are very vulnerable tools of delight, but despite the many different positions we try, I am no nearer reaching an orgasm myself.I am surprised at how matter of fact most of the clients are. I’m sure that what Dr Carter is asking his patients to do is hardly a common occurrence, yet they seem to take the activity and indeed myself for granted and treat me almost as an object . There is rarely any talking and when there is I have to say that it is usually very rude. Some are downright horrid. One man is particularly objectionable. He is very rough and from the start he insists on insulting and abusing me in very explicit terms. He seems to be treating me like a whore. After a few minutes he pulls out and to my horror starts trying to fuck my bum hole! I’m not having any of that, but he seems quite put out when I slap him away. Blow me if he doesn’t then try to put his prick in my mouth. The dirty man. After he has been trying to stick it up my arse!”That’s enough of that, Sonny Jim,” I yell furiously, and I jump up, and forcing his arm up his back in a half Nelson, frogmarch him to the door, thrust him through it and slam it shut. I stand back, my breasts heaving as I seek to control my outrage when the door opens and he tries to creep back in. His manner is the complete opposite of the objectionable oaf who has been so roundly abusing me, but before he can open his mouth I spin him around send him out again with a firm kick on his arse. Patient or no patient I am having no more to do with this degenerate.The door opens for a third time. I balance on one leg raising the other for a karate kick to the groin and barely manage to restrain myself as Dr Carter enters. He collapses as my momentum carries me spinning into him and we both end in a heap with my ever wet pussy sitting on his face. I am mortified.”Oh I’m so sorry Theo, what an awful thing to happen.””Well, I’ve have worse. Can I get Councillor Cummings clothes for him?”Dr Carter squirms out from me, collects the clothes and with a wink takes them out to his client. When he returns with a cup of herbal tea I explained what has taken place, my face burning with embarrassment.”He is a really rude man, Theo. He kept on using all these really nasty words and he wanted to stick his penis into my bum and my mouth, the disgusting pervert. I don’t know why he should want to do that. I’ll never get to climax that way.””You’d be surprised at what people can get off on. You’re really uptight. Let’s try an experiment.”The Doctor asks me to lie on my front on my couch. I am really wound up so it takes some time before I drift into the trance, but finally the glorious glow once more suffuses my entire body. I know that it will never leave my vagina but I still need to increase its intensity and so I try to suck it in. Because I am on my front I find that I can’t use my pussy to draw it in and instead I have to buck and clench my bum as I try to draw the wondrous intensity into my body. It is hard work but I am winning and I find myself panting and sucking as I struggle to draw it in.I come round, aware that something is wrong…no, not wrong, something is gloriously right!…Something is filling my arsehole snugly…no not something…a prick is filling my arsehole…not any prick…it is His Prick! Time seems to stand still for ever as I wriggle in ecstasy. Dr Carter is standing still with his huge huge cock stretching my bum and it is the most amazing, most glorious, most sexy feeling I have ever had! As he becomes aware that I am now fully conscious, Theo draws back and then rams forward with one tremendous thrust and I come! I scream and I writhe with joy but then realise that he is no longer in me. Panicking I squirm on the couch but then see his erect cock is now waiting patiently at my lips. I pounce and I swallow the tool as far down as I can. His taste, combined with my juices and my shit is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and once more my whole body shudders in an overwhelming erotic electric shock.I am not so far gone though that I am going to lose his prick again, and as I convulse my hands cling to his glorious sexy buns, pressing him hard against my face and fellating him with my convulsions. My tongue explores the length of his tool from head to balls and I would have crammed them in my mouth as well if I could. I hear a few grunts of pain as in my desire I bite his cock or squeeze his balls too hard. Then he comes…. I cannot believe anything could taste as wonderful as his semen, so delicious, so unbearably desirable. I am desperate to drink it all down but my inexperience must have caused me to let his prick slip out so that his cum shoots all over my face and my eyes and it keeps on coming and coming and somehow no matter how much I try I cannot guide his tool back into my gaping throat. How can such tiny balls produce so much cum and with so much force? My whole face is completely covered in a wonderful sticky paste.Dr Carter withdraws his deflating prick and I sit back trying to lick his spunk from my lips.”Aren’t you forgetting something?”Of course. Where are my manners? My selfish desire to drink his come has made me forget to clean him up.”I am so sorry Doctor.” I lean forward and delicately lick the last of his spunk from his tool and then clean his entire groin taking care not to get any of the mess on my face onto his gorgeous body. I linger for sometime pressing my tongue as deep as I can into his bum before drawing back onto my haunches. He is obviously pleased with my conscientious cleaning.”Don’t lick it off. Let it dry on your face. Semen is great for the complexion. You’ll never worry about wrinkles again””Thank you Theo,” I say and he kindly lets me come once again.When I recover I excitedly ask him whether I am now cured having come twice of my own accord.”One swallow does not make a summer.” He says as he zips up his fly. “We need to see how you get on with others of my patients first. You’re obviously improving but you need to improve your technique if you are going to climax regularly.”Unfortunately the Doctor is right. For the rest of the day my every opening is entered, banged and ejected into as a constant stream of his patients try to help me climax but I never manage to cum again.If I am ever going to be able to cum I have to improve my skill so Dr Carter brings in a plasma screen. I am delighted to find that as part of his research he has been filming all of my encounters. Now I can admire in close up my beautiful body as it rapidly gains a coating of piss sweat and cum and see where I can improve my performance. My fucking will improve in leaps and bounds. Dr Carter likes to come and talk in the mornings after breakfast. One day I catch him in a reflective mood.”Do you enjoy doing that?” I am lapping up my piss from my bowl as usual, saucily raising and wiggling my bum whilst he watches. Hoping against hope that he will he will fuck it.I give it some surprised thought. “Well I hadn’t thought of it either way before. Its just something everyone has to do like shaving your pussy or your head or… eating your shit or cutting your nails.”This reply seems to amuse him”Well which do you prefer. Being penetrated in your vagina, anus or mouth?” “Cunt arse or mouth.” I muse, “It’s so hard to choose. I always seem to prefer it wherever I’m being screwed at the time. They’re all great fun but it will be even greater if I can ever come,” I say wistfully.”We’ll have to devise an experiment,” he says, and then because I am looking so sad he lets me come twice.”Thank you Theo.”The next day I am surprised when three lads enter the room together. I have learnt to accept the attitude of most of Theo’s patients but I can’t really understand why they should be so offhand if not downright rude despite their showing an initial compassion in agreeing to help find a cure for my problem. These three are even more objectionable, treating me not as a person but as an thing.They don’t introduce themselves which is always rude but I catch their names as they k** around, joshing and generally acting Jack The Lad. “Gawd, look at the tits on that,” says Bazza with a leer. “They’d poke your eyes out from 2 feet away.”Jimbo is a man of few words, but just squeezes my bum. “I’ll take the cunt,” says Delroy, “those lips look right for fucking.” He then lies down on his back my couch, my couch! as though he owned it with his legs dangling onto the floor. I am intrigued though. I examine his cock thoroughly, much to the lads amusement. I have never seen a black cock before, it is a bit thicker but it not much different from all the others I have experienced recently. Keeping ny legs straight, I bend down from the waist and delicately take the head of his tool in my mouth. The lads cheer as I look saucily up at them and then continue downwards savouring its taste and feel against the back of my throat. I squeal as without warning Jimbo enters my arse. His prick is not as thick, but my God it is long! Does he have an eel in his pants? I can feel it sliding up and up and up until finally his pubes tickle my bum. I am half expecting it to come out of my mouth. With one move he lifts me up and then thrusts my cunt onto Jimbo’s erect tool. My cunt is now far more constricted and I can feel Delroy’s cock pressing against Jimbo’s through my walls. It is exquisite. In this position Delroy cannot drive hard but Jimbo can. Each thrust raises me up and then I slide down Delroy as I shag him. As the two of them move into a rhythm my excitement and my lust increases.Bazza has been watching as we groove into our rhythm but then he draws out his prick with a flourish.”What do you think of this then Darling?” he smirks as he prods against my mouth.Not much, if truth be told. It isn’t as thick as Delroy’s and nowhere near as long as Jimbo’s and it is decidedly cheesy, but I have always been taught not to speak with my mouth full. I get to slurping with a will as I feel it tickle my tonsils.The constant stimulation of my arse and my cunt as they build up a steadily increasing rhythm is driving me against Bazza’s cock and driving me wild. My boobs are heaving and my breath coming in ever shorter gasps as waves of pleasure pulse through my body. I am going to cum of my own accord. God I know I am going to cum soon, it is building, building, building pressure. Jimbo thrusts hard. I rise up Delroy’s prick and drive into Bazza’s cock. I slide back down Delroy and squeal and bite down in ecstasy…Bazza’s scream is as unnerving as it is unexpected. I flinch and my entire body clenches down whilst the muscles of my cunt contract and become rigid in shock. Delroy and Jimbo begin struggling and swearing as I squeeze hard on their trapped pricks.Bazza is yelling in agony but myself Delroy and Jimbo are all stuck in a three way dog tie. The harder they struggle the harder my muscles clamp down, firmly anchoring them in my body.Dr Carter comes running in and surveys the scene. Bazza is standing in a half crouch with his hands clutched to his cock, blood running through his fingers. Delroy is pinned on the couch by my body whilst Jimbo is alternately pummelling my back and pushing on it as he stretches his firmly clamped tool. The lads are swearing blue murder and I am wailing in despair. I had been about to come! I was going to climax! And it has all been ruined by that bastard Bazza!The doctor leaves the room and then returns a few minutes later. I can tell he is really worried because he is wiping away tears of what must have been nervous laughter. He uses the time honoured solution to a dog tie by throwing the bucket of icy water over our groins. The shock loosens my muscles and with a pop like a champagne cork Jimbo withdraws from my arse. I lever myself off Delroy, leaving what seems like a deflated slug resting on his crotch. Both lads start vigorously rubbing their tools, trying to get some blood and feeling back into their withered members. Bazza is cupping his prick, fairly sure that it is still attached but afraid to look down in case it isn’t. I furiously plunge my hands into my cunt and into my bum and begin frigging like an Olympic marathon. I was about to cum! Perhaps I still can! Having determined that he is still attached to his cock, Bazza now seems more concerned about his therapy fees.”Give me a refund you bastard. I don’t pay £100 just to be castrated by a fucking whore!”My nerves are on edge. I hadn’t liked these guys in the first place, and this is the last straw. My hands are busy inside my cunt and arse and I’m not going to lose the chance of a climax, so I run across the room and head butt Bazza hard on the bridge of his nose. I feel the cartilage break and a stream of blood flows out together with a stream of curses. One hand now covers his nose, the other his cock and blood pulses through the fingers of both. Dr Carter pulls me back and tries to soothe my fury. “Come, come, Natalie.”I scream and writhe, finally released.My body heaving with great gasps I look up from the floor. Delroy and Jimbo seem to have recovered from their ordeal but Bazza is still cursing and arguing and trying to ease the pain of his damaged body parts”The fucking bitch. Twat her one Delroy.””You can twat her if you want to. I’m not hitting her, that cocksucking cunt is fucking mental.”I am still wound up and with a roar charge at Delroy. He is on the other side of the room though so we end up with us running round and round the couch, me yelling and frigging, Delroy screaming and rubbing his cock and Bazza swearing constantly covered in blood. Dr Carter reluctantly ends the pantomime in the only way he can.”CUM, CUM, CUM.”Whilst I writhe on the floor in a delirium of joy. He ushers the three lads quickly out of the room and slams the door.”So why did you attack Delroy?” Dr Carter asks some time later as I lie back on the couch savouring the tea.”He called me a cocksucking cunt”The Doctor thinks for a while. “Well, strictly speaking he is right.”I look sharply at him. Is he teasing me?”Let’s face it, most of my patients don’t think of you as a person when you’re copulating, you’re just a receptacle for their semen, in other words a cunt. And what are you doing to Bazza just before his unfortunate accident?”As always Theo’s logic is unshakable. I think for a while. “You’re absolutely right as always Doctor, I am a cocksucking cunt! I should apologise to Delroy. I think for a while. I won’t say sorry to Bazza though, he called me a whore and that’s wrong. I will never stoop to selling my body for sex…are you all right Theo?”Dr Carter must have swallowed his tea the wrong way. He had snorted and is sitting on his chair choking. I pound on his back as he slowly recovered.”Thank goodness you’re OK Doctor, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”He composes himself and I settle down on the red vinyl and once more fall into my trance.I awake much later from a far deeper trance than usual. Usually I would be aware at one level of where I am, but this time it almost feels as if I have been anaesthetised. I did have extraordinarily vivid dreams though, all based on my sucking an endless stream edirne escort bayan of ice cream or lollipops all with a flavour that is almost orgasmic.My head feels thick and my mouth feels as though it is stuffed with cotton wool. My tongue feels twice its size as I run it round my gums trying to find out what is wrong. Realisation hits hard just as the Doctor enters the room.”Feo, my teef are missing!”Dr Carter looks a bit uncomfortable.”Yes, we had to remove them all. We had no choice, it is a health and safety directive…””But my teef…” “We can’t have our patients penis’ bitten off you know. Bazza needed several stitches.””Oh the poor man! I had no idea I had hurt him so badly when he was only here to help with my cure. I’m so selfish to worry about myself when he was so badly injured.””We do need to make sure that the directive has been properly implemented” He unzips his fly.My gums are feeling quite sore but I have to admire Theo’s dedication and I feel it would be most selfish to put my wishes ahead of his desire to ensure the safety of his patients so I carefully take his cock in my mouth. It is a revelation! Without teeth my gums and mouth can embrace his cock like a sensitive condom. I can feel the glans and each and every vein pulsing, every throb transmitted directly through my gums, through my mouth down my throat and to my tender clit. The head hits the back of my mouth with an ecstatic jolt and I suck harder then tongue it back then deeper again down into my throat. With each thrust I try to suck him further down, down towards my demanding clitoris. The taste of his flesh, of his sweat is even sweeter than in my dreams. I can feel the moment coming, the urgency building up and he comes!And I cum!! I don’t care about my complexion, I will not release his prick, I need every delicious drop of his spunk and I drink deep savouring his beautiful nectar with my gums clamped firmly around his shaft as my pussy clenches and spasms in joy in time with my swallowing.Finally I release his now clean and limp prick and sink back in satiation. “Fank you Feo” I gasp as I my tongue licks languorously round my empty gums and I’m not sure whether I am thanking him for the orgasm or for having the foresight to remove my teeth and so increase my pleasure. I hardly notice him leave.Time is a very hazy concept as I stay in my room on my couch, screwing all who enter. All I know is that it is sometime later that my tutor enters the room. I recognise her immediately. We have always got on very well and she is the nearest person to a friend that I have. I am touched that she too has volunteered to help with my therapy and I determine to make her experience as enjoyable as I can. In one rapid move I tear down her skirt and and panties and bury my head hard in her groin. The unexpected force of my action must have aroused her lust as I can taste her juices starting as soon as my tongue probes into her pussy and she screans with shock and pleasure. I am pressing her back hard and to maintain her balance she is forced backwards, but with her knickers wrapped around her ankles she has to back off in little bunny hops whilst I pursue her crouched in a duck walk. She hits the wall with a thump. She lets out a another scream at the top of her voice and the contraction seems to suck me even deeper into her pussy whilst the first of her orgasms clench down on my tongue. My toothlessnes is just as effective in a pussy as it is on a cock. I can nibble and suck her clit as hard as I can without danger and I have more direct contact on the fleshy part of her lips. I think I will drown as her sweet juices flood down my throat. I double my efforts in a kind of jealous lust. She is having my orgasms! I want them! She screams and writhes in my clutch as my thigh muscles jerk and slam her back again and again and again against the wall and I can only wish that I could share the extremes of joy that are consuming her.Slowly I become aware of her fists beating feebly on my head. I reluctantly withdraw my tongue and look up to see her still wearing the top half of her business suit, slumped against the wall, her legs buckled and her juices running down her legs onto myself and onto the rumpled skirt at her feet. Her head is pressed far back. Her huge gasps of exhausted satisfaction making her boobs rise and fall in time with my own gasps of exhausted frustration. Then she is pulling at my fingers, trying to pry them loose from their vice-like grip on her buns. I am still too spent to help and watch as she peels them back one by one. I can see the bruises on the creamy smoothness of her bum as she struggles with each of my fingers . She will have to sit down very carefully for the next few days. I lean back and we both slowly calm down. Simple courtesy demands that I introduce myself.”Good afternoon, Ms Smif, I’m surprised to see you here”She gasps and stares down at me. “…Good God…Ms Smart?” she says tentatively. I sit back on my haunches licking her cum from my lips, my bald scalp gleaming to match my bald pussy, my naked body, oiled and sweaty and heaving whilst my fingers automatically toy with my clit. I guess l that I do not look very much like the prize Honours student who has regularly sat by the fire in her study discussing Greek epic literature.”Yes, but I’m trying to free myself from all personal bonds so I’m now just called Cunt” I say proudly. “Have you had a chance yet to assess the last chapter of my fesis regarding the influence of Minoan myfology on the belief structures of the Iliad?””… er it is fine…very good… yes very good…” and she hobbles out the door, trying to pull up her skirt whilst her panties still dangled round her feet.I wail in despair and utter humiliation. What can I do? My career is ruined. Her mumbled reaction sounds so forced. Obviously my work is seriously flawed and she is far too polite to admit it. How can I possibly hold my head high in academic society if she lets it be known that my thesis is not up to scratch?As I sit sniffling, too dispirited even to frig with much enthusiasm, Dr Theo enters the room. My dark despair increases even further when I see that he is far from happy. Apparently Ms Smith was giving him a hard time about my presence here. For some strange reason the bitch seems to think that my change in circumstances might not have been of my own personal choice. It was only by using all his persuasive skill over a cup of tea that Dr Carter has managed to stop her contacting the university or even the police. She has agreed to delay talking to to the authorities until after she has seen me again.”But You mustn’t talk of personal matters to my patients, Cunt. I upsets them and distracts you from your cure. You need to concentrate solely on giving pleasure if you are ever going to achieve you desire for an orgasm.”Sobbing, I beg his forgiveness for being so selfish. Dr Carter is about to ban me from ever speaking again, but I point out that some of his clients find it necessary for me to keep up a running commentary whilst screwing, so Theo kindly lets me continue to talk but restricted to purely sexual matters.The next time I see Ms Smith is revealing in every sense of the word.I am lying frigging fruitlessly on my couch when a pair of boobs come jiggling through the door. These are not just any boobs, they are Magnificent Boobs! Full and perky they sway jauntily as if they have a life of their own. They are wrapped loosely in a white blouse so sheer as to be almost transparent. The delicate pink of the aureoles manage to peep cheekily out of the top of that stunning cleavage. Surprisingly a few of the buttons are still done up but for how much longer can they resist the rampant pressure of those carmine tits? Next there comes a pair of legs, balanced precariously on ridiculously high heels they go up and up and up and then vanish into a scrap of latex whose glorious shade matches perfectly the red of my couch. The skirt is not so much a second skin as sprayed on and it barely coves the downward swell of the shapely buns as they join those magnolia thighs.Following closely behind comes Ms Smith herself. All trace of the academic has vanished. Her hair is now released from its bun and hangs in ragged strips across her face down her neck and halfway down her back, her cheeks are flushed and her tongue is slowly wetting lips whose colour matches both the tits and the skirt. Her breath is low and ragged as she catches my eyes.I am too shocked to move. She looks a complete slut. What sort of way is that to attend the clinic of such a respected doctor? It shows a complete disrespect of his profession.Ms Smith is unaware of my disapproval. One shrug and her tits escape their flimsy covering. Then still watching me she places one long red fingernail on each hip and runs them slowly upwards, prises them under her skirt and then slowly rolls it up her waist to reveal a freshly shaved and glistening pussy. The lips of her cunt are moist and swollen and just as red. Her head darts down to my pussy whilst she swings those never ending legs round to press her own cunt to my mouth. It is an offer I just can’t refuse. My tongue thrusts into her hole and I suck long and hard at her sweet sweet juices. I nibble her clit as she nibbles mine and in mutual desire we both thrust hard into each others mouth. We start a rhythm of thrust, suck, clench and push, a syncopated erotic ballet as we try to satisfy ourselves and each other. Previously my tutor had come quickly, in fact she had come quickly many times but this time strangely she seems to be finding this goal as hard to achieve as I am. Our frustration grows as our speed and rhythm and intensity increase in our mutual desperation to achieve a climax that neither one can achieve.We might have been fucking for hours, days for all know, but all to no avail. Finally sheer exhaustion makes us slow our rhythm and then come to a panting pause. We sit up and move our legs off to the side of the couch, a pair each on each side so we can sit shoulder to shoulder like a couple on a love seat. We are both dripping with sweat with our boobs heaving as we gasp for breath. Her tits are so tempting that I move to suck them, but with a huge effort of will Ms Smith stops me gently.”…No, no not yet Natalie, later. I need to talk to you. Tell me what’s wrong. I’m worried about how you’ve changed. I want to help you.”Well of course she does. This is the whole reason why she and the other patients are taking part in Dr Carter’s experiment. “I need to cum.””Well, yes… yes we both do, but this is so unlike you. Why are you so different? Is everything all right? How can I help your problem?””I need to cum.” Impatiently I thrust her fingers hard into my wet cunt.There is a long pause. She starts again. “I talked to Professor Lacy about your thesis. He is most impressed. He says that some of your insights are most astute. Why have you stopped coming to our seminars? Something’s wrong here. We would both like to help you sort out your problems. Tell me”What is the stupid tart wittering about? I have been as clear as possible in telling her what I need and she is going on about some meaningless essay. She says she wants to help but she isn’t even frigging me. Her fingers are just resting there in my cunt. “Eat my pussy!” She just sits with her mouth open, motionless. I sense that she wants to continue with this useless talk but I have had enough. I snatch her fingers out and thrust my own in deeply and frantically resume my endless quest for satisfaction. She seems troubled but her eyes are drawn to my fingers prodding and probing and her desire grows again. Slowly her own fingers drop and she inserts them delicately into her own hole.I can’t be bothered with all this philosophy. I stare insolently into this slut’s eyes as she makes a public exhibition of herself. I increase my speed. She stares back as though mesmerised and increases her speed. I slow down, she slows down. I raise my hand and pinch and twist my right tit, so does she. I move over to the left tit and so does she. For some time we perform as mirror images tweaking and probing and gasping in unison. Then I shuffle forward slightly on the couch to raise my bum so that I can thrust my thumb into it. She does the same, but as she shifts she sees the image of the doctor in one of the mirrors. He has come into the room and has been silently watching us for some time.Ms Smith jumps up and now even her blushing cheeks match her colour scheme. She is the most colour co-ordinated tart I have ever seen.”Oh my God, Dr Carter how embarrassing! You really must cure me of this awful exhibitionism.” With that she runs out of the room in a curious knock kneed fashion that make her buns bounce almost as deliciously as her tits.Stupid Cow. How on earth did that ditzy slut ever get a job in the university? She has shamelessly exposed herself to a professional man and is such an airhead that she can’t even remember to take her clothes with her! How could a slut like that ever think she could help me? I just continue frigging my twat and my bum having transferred my gaze into the doctor’s eyes, all the time smiling politely and licking my lips. After a few minutes he comes over and pats my bald head. He smiles and and as my body explodes in bliss I knowing that I am the luckiest Cunt in the world.I see Ms Smith one more time, and that is not in person. A long and ceaseless stream of Dr Carter’s patients come and visit, singly and in groups. Every position ever invented by the Kama Sutra and a few new ones are attempted. Every hole is poked probed and cum into and over many many times. Whenever there is a break I study the recordings both to see how I can improve the pleasure I give and also to see whether I can succeed in cumming by copying the clients’ actions. My technique improves constantly but I am still no nearer to cumming by myself.I watch the screen as a naked body is being buggered. Its bald head is rolling from side to side and loud screams are coming from its toothless mouth. It is lying on its back on a red vinyl couch with its legs raised up along the torso of the pumping giant and its feet wrapped around his neck. It raises its bum and thrusts hard against the ever faster fucking and its boobs bounce hard and high….Wait…those are not my boobs! I know those deep red rock hard tits…its Ms Smith! What is the slut doing here? I sit back in consternation. She is now kneeling on the couch sucking every inch of his dick and waving a beautiful arse high in the air. Now she arches her back and raises her head to catch all the spunk on her face, and still her fingers are thrust deep into that perfect pussy, pushing probing, pinching…she is still trying and still failing to cum…”You’re very quiet today,” says Dr Carter as I lie on the couch drinking tea. “Feo, I’m worried that I am still unable to come. I must have been screwed oh at least, oh … many times” (lately I am finding it increasingly difficult to do complex tasks like counting) “and I seem no nearer to reaching a cure. I really can’t stay much longer whilst you treat me for free, it’s not fair on you or on your other patients There must be some way to cure me”Theo tries to reassure me but I break in. “I’m beginning to fink fvat you’re might not be trying as hard as you could. I fink you might even be getting some perverse form of enjoyment from what I am doing. Why is Ms Smif here? Why can she no longer cum? Why is the tart stealing my patients? Where are her teef? I want answers…” “Oh my god, Feo, I’m so sorry…”I have done something really bad, something unforgivable. In my agitation I have thrown my mug of herbal tea all over his face. How could I hurt my benefactor? Time stands still. I stare horrified at the doctor as he sits impassively. His face is set like stone. Have I gone too far? Will he throw me out? What will I do without him and his kindness? I wait, hardly breathing. How will he punish me?He then gets up, pours me another mug of tea and hands it to me and motions me to drink. It is scalding hot, but in my fear I gulp it down. He gives me another and yet another all the time staring deeply at me with terrible unblinking hooded eyes that seem to grow and grow and completely fill the whole room whilst I stare back in frightened anticipation. I cringe back, thoroughly cowed, scared at what I have done, scared at what he might do. I piss myself.”Clean it up”A pool of pee lies on the couch, dripping onto the floor. Frantically I suck the drips from the edge and lick up the pool as fast as I can.”The floor too”I kneel with my arse high in the air and lick and suck as hard as I can till both floor and couch are clean, all the time looking up, pinned by his implacable stare.He starts talking quietly but forceably in a long long monologue. “You’re trying too hard, you’re too selfish, your willfulness is stopping you from concentrating on the very goal you crave. You must disassociate yourself from your needs. You need to achieve a zen calmness. I can cure you, I can make you cum, but it will change you forever and you will never be able to return to what you were.”I stop listening as soon as he says he can make me cum. I jump up, clinging to his coat staring up at those eyes and desperately humping his leg like a puppy on heat. “Anyfing, anyfing. Make me cum now Doctor. I’ll do anyfing.””He shakes me off, brushing at the stains I have left on his coat.His disdain defeats me. I slink back to the couch. He continues talking in his compelling manner.”You must banish your personality, subject yourself to the wishes of all others, concentrate your whole being, all your senses on the desires of others and satisfaction will follow. You have to accept that you are no longer a person, you are a thing. You are a thing with no desires of your own, but with one overriding compulsion. A thing to be used in any way by anyone to bring them to the peak of pleasure”It nods in complete understanding.You are not a person, you are a thing, a fuck doll. A Fuck Doll has no will of its own. It exists to pleasure others. Unless its user tells it to It does not pleasure itself!One hand jumps guiltily out of its cunt and the other stops rubbing its tits. “A Fuck Doll does not move, nor is it able to speak unless commanded to talk dirty by its user. It is always ready to accept any command from its user. It is there solely to be used in any way the user may wish. Any hole is waiting to be filled and must be displayed with maximum accessibility.”A Fuck Doll will increase the intensity of the pleasure of its user and prolong for as long as possible the moment until the user comes and then but only then it too will come. The intensity of its climax will mirror that of its user”The monologue continues for an uncountable time. As the doctor talks the Fuck Doll transforms itself. It sits on the very edge of the couch. It arches its spine, its tits thrust forward ready to be sucked, pinched, twisted, to be used in any way. Its neck straightens, the head tilts back, its tongue slowly moistens the lips around its toothless gums as its mouth opens into a perfect O, ready to be filled. Its legs spread wide, wider, at right angles to the body, so wide that they press against the edge of the couch, whilst it thrusts its cunt forward showing the glistening lips and the hole ready to be fucked. Its arms lie unmoving, palms upwards ready to hold and massage any prick.Dr Carter stops talking and stares at the Doll. “It may CUM!” He closely observes as in total silence the eyes dilate, the cheeks redden slightly and breath quickens. Its tits tighten, the cunt clenches and its lips flutter as a trickle of cum runs down onto the couch. When this ceases the Fuck Doll rises in one fluid movement. Standing with straight legs wide apart it bends its torso, revealing the brown rose of its arsehole and the red tulip of its cunt as it licks clean the couch. It then turns and resumes its immovable pose on the couch.Dr Carter smiles. “The most receptive yet,” he says under his breath as he quietly leaves the room.The Fuck Doll remains motionless, its whole body still. It does not think. It is not conscious of time passing. It is completely filled by the knowledge that at sometime it will be used. It will give pleasure and then it will cum and it will cum again and again and again.It is complete.