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ALL WOMEN NEED ITI’m always finding myself in a argument with Jack…He tell me ALL the time how i’m Made For MEN not for a woman. He works with me, he’s totally against women with women… He lobes when Gloria comes to pick me up. I have big breast as you can tell from my profile picture. Blond hair small waist and a nice ass. Jack can be a total asshole sometimes but he’s kinda cute. One day we were at work Jack walked over to my desk… he stood close to me while i was sitting his bulge in his suit pants always bulge out but this afternoon it had a little extra…umph. He was staring down at my breast, I could feel his sexual tention. He talked about sex more than the average man. Especially to me. He didn’t surprise me when he said “This is what you need, not a finger or dildo”. as he pushed his crouch closer to me in a humping motion but inconspicuiously. I couldn’t help but to watch his motion. I guess he saw my eyes at his private area. “You need THIS” he said as he pushed his swelling cock hidden in his trousers but becoming obvious against my shoulder and arm. No one seen what he was doing, I jokenly said “STOP”. But i knew he wouldn’t stop there. He took his hand and traced his cock with his fingers to show me IT’s Shape. He did it slowly then said ” 11 inches and thick, I would fill your lesbian pussy up and when I pull out my cock would be semi-limp from shooting inside you”. I told him he shouldn’t talk to me like that. He told me “He knows a place in Manhattan that converts woman and men, mostly women back to being straight. I looked at him as if he was crazy. He told me he volunteer part-time on the weekend once a kayseri escort month. He told me he could get me an appointment. I told him I don’t need to converted. He laughed and walked away.Two days later Friday at 3:15pm, Jack was quiet all day until then, he walked over to me to give me a brochure called Str8in it OUT the address and phone number with a picture of a man and woman laughing together as the picture. When I opened the brochure it had my name and the present date on it. Jack stood there and smiled. “I told you I would make an appointment for you. Lucky for you I’m working tonight and you will have a lot of fun. Much drinking some smoking and lots of therapy.” “Therapy?” I asked. He said “Yeah, Lots of fun I promise you.” he bellowed in a confident manner. I told him I have to call Gloria and tell her where I’m going. He said quickly…..”NOOOOO don’t tell her about this. This is a private Organization.” I was as usual curious which is my nature. He told me we will leave after work. I said O.K. He smiled in a sly way. 5pm rolled around slowly. We took the train…Jack told me how he love to make women feel and how good he was making women cum. How many gay woman he change. How much cum he shoots. How he can cum 3 times back to back. How he love woman with big titties and big ass. I was getting pretty horny but I didn’t want Jack to know. He held my hand when we exited the train and lead the way. We walked 2 blocks a door man stood in front of the building. He opened the door for us. Jack pushed the elevator for the 28th floor he had to push in a code for the elevator to work. When the door opened the smell escort kayseri of perfume and cigars filled my nostrils. Jack introduced me to Mr.Arnold a tall gentleman with and full beard and huge hands. He shook my hand and told me to take a seat. Jack went into another room. I was given a application, name age address the whole bit, only thing different was how long i’ve been with a woman and have I ever had sex with opposite sex, oral included. I seen nothing but men tall short fat muscular handsome black spanish white yes all kind of guys. After I gave back the long form papers, I was told by Mr. Arnold and another man to go into a room that look like a movie theatre. It was me and two other ladies we were place far apart from one another. We were told to be quiet while I was handed my favorite drink which was on the long form application they asked my favorite drink….It was made perfect. I sat there with my drink waiting for my movie. The lights went down, It was pitch black, a woman came on the screen explaining how she was cured and how to relax and It can happen for me too. She got married after therapy and now have 3 c***dren and she was pregnant as she spoke. The video had pictures of men and woman hugging kissing touching dancing talking laughing then….after my 3rd drink SEX. It was soft and sweet you could almost smell and feel the bodies they were truly enjoying one another then it became HARD and Fast and It was intensed. I was truly turned on. I think the seats heat up I felt so hot on my ass. This lasted about an Hour. Then We were told to go to a spa. Separted of course from the other women. A kayseri escort bayan table that all spa’s where you lay down face down was present. We were told to shower first take of our clothes and lay face down. A muscular man without a shirt and just shorts on walked in slowly pulled my towel off my butt and poured Warm Oil on my entire body starting with my Butt of course making it drip between my butt cheeks and down to my pussy, it felt so sexy. He rubbed my butt massaging it my lower back my thighs, he told me to he had to sit on my back to get a better position. He straddled my butt…mmm I could feel his cock, not erect but he was clearly aiming to turn me completely on. Then he told me to roll over he moved so I could turn over by that time he was ERECT but he kept it in his shorts. I could see the condoms under the towels we haven’t used MAGNUMS. MMM. When I turned around his cock and balls was rubbing up and down on my legs and pussy giving me a sensation that made me feel weak. I actually enjoyed this massage. He massaged my pussy with his cock and balls without taking off his shorts. I knew when he got up he was going for the condoms. But he left out the room and then guess who walks in …. JACK. He told me he’s been watching me and I look like I have potential. He came in rubbing his cock thru his shorts pulling and stroking and talking to me soft. He told me he just wanted to rub his cock on my pussy and not go inside. I was too willing. Next thing I knew I was laying on the massage table. Jack cock looked LONG and THICK. Jacked pulled his cock out his shorts and just as I gasped, I was horny and he was only going to rub my clit with it. My pussy was fully wet….he reached for the condoms….I told him It’s been so long I needed to feel a cock without the rubber….He smiled DICK looks happy my Pussy was Happy………… be continued……………………..