All Just For You


This time, it’s all just for you…

I lay you down on the soft bed, the high-quality cotton sheets feeling satiny against your bare skin. I move onto the bed beside you, still in my underwear. I look deeply into your eyes, my hazel eyes drilling into you. My arousal and desire for you have the golden flecks in my eyes highlighted and sparkling.

“Take your underwear off,” you say, reaching down for them.

“No,” I reply, grasping your wrist firmly but gently. “This is all just for you.”

I move your hand to your side and release it, and then move in. I begin with a light kiss, my body suspended over yours on my hands. My lips caress yours, then part, my tongue coming out and gently gliding over your lips. I turn my head and press down, my lips pressing into yours more urgently, parting them. You realize after a few seconds that my tongue has not invaded your mouth as you expected, and you keep your tongue in as well. I keep my mouth open as the kiss gets hotter, a deep soul kiss that you have to break from to catch you breath. You look up at me, and see a mischievous smile on my face, my eyes twinkling.

“That was…uh…different,” you say.

“Thanks…I love doing that. It usually takes you by surprise.”

I move down again, beginning another kiss. You wrap your arms around me, feeling the muscles in my back as I keep myself raised above you. I open my lips again, and you moan softly as we begin another soul kiss. I slowly lower my body onto yours, as you part your legs, our bodies fitting together as though made for each other. You can feel my heart beating, racing, against your bare breast.

My hands go to your hair, running my fingers through it, as my tongue explores, first your lips and then moves into your mouth to dance with your tongue. You can feel my arousal, feel the hardness as it grows, pressed between your thighs against your mound. You wrap your legs around me, and we rock together, our bodies moving in a slow mating dance, only my briefs keeping us apart. You can feel me throbbing, my hard member aching to break free of the satiny constraints and delve into you. You feel yourself getting wet, lips parting, ready to take me in.

But that is not to be, not this time.

Our kisses get hotter, my lips burning as I move along your face, kissing and licking your cheeks, ears, along your jaw line, and onto your neck. One of my hands slips under your neck and holds your head while I kiss you, hard, moaning, driving my tongue into your mouth all the way the way you want me to plunge myself into you.

But it’s just a tease.

I break the kiss, and lift myself off of you, kissing and licking down your body slowly. I move along your collarbone, and you arch your neck, craning your head to the side, so I can keep moving up your neck and back to your lips. I suck on your bottom lip, pulling it slightly, a smile on my face.

I move down, putting my weight on my knees as I kiss into the sweet valley between your breasts. I kiss my way around each breast, moving to each side of your body as I make my way. I run my tongue between them, down your cleavage to your navel, and then back up. Then I go around your breasts again, this time licking, and lightly nibbling. You squirm, moaning softly, your hands in my hair and caressing my shoulders. I finally begin kissing and licking my way to the tops, circling the areolas with my lips and tongue. Your nipples stand erect, aching, straining. I flick my tongue over each, softly at first, and then harder, so you feel it. I wrap my lips around each one, sucking, pressing with my teeth through my lips. I lick around each one, tasting your sweat from excitement and arousal, and I moan softly again. I finally take one between my teeth gently, but with pressure, and pull on it slightly. You moan, eyes closed and head rolling from side to side, your legs twitching, and your hands fluttering in my hair, saying breathlessly moaning, “Yes…” I let go, letting it pop back.

I do the same with the Kastamonu Escort other, with similar results. Then I bring my hands up to your breast, and cup them, feeling the fullness in my hands, the weight, and your soft, soft skin. I hold one still as I open my mouth wide, and bring your tit to my mouth, inhaling it, bring as much as I can into my eager mouth. I suck hard, squeezing both breasts. You moan more, and I love making you moan, how hearing your pleasure heightens my arousal even more. I let your breast fall from my mouth, wet, aching, with light teeth marks on them. I move to the other breast and do the same, and you moan more, again saying “Yes…oh, yes…”, and I chuckle, so happy to please you, and you feel each bounce of my head on your tit I have engulfed in my mouth. It feels as though I’m trying to eat it, to feed on it, to devour you. I let it fall from my mouth, and then lick along the bite marks on each breast.

I kiss between your breasts again, and they heave a bit, as your heart races and breath gets heavier. I kiss down your stomach, pausing to flick my tongue along the edge of your navel, before scooting on my knees further down, a smile on my face as I inhale the intoxicating aroma of your sweet nectar.

I kiss and lick along your bikini line, that sensitive area where leg meets trunk, where thigh touches stomach. My tongue brushes so lightly on your skin that it almost tickles. I sit up onto my knees, and lift your legs, one in each hand, and begin kissing your ankles. My tongue snakes over the top of your foot, and I begin kissing each toe, circling it with my tongue, then running it along your arch, back to your heel. I move to your other leg and do the same, my eyes watching you to see how you are reacting. I then start kissing and licking down one leg, sucking hard on your strong curved calf, licking my way to the backs of your knee. Then I move on, going along your inner thigh, going from kiss to lick, to just a brush of my lips, changing how soft and hard each touch is, until my face is where I love to be most of all: between your sexy thighs.

I run my hands softly along your skin, on the outside of your legs, going down your hips, to your thighs, down past your knees to your calves and ankles. I slip my hands to the insides of your legs, and begin moving back up, cupping your calves in them to enjoy the shape and curve, caressing lightly along your sensitive inner thighs, until they are on your torso, fingers and thumbs parted, framing your beautiful pussy. My fingers caress the smooth skin on each side, and my thumbs massage the labia, spreading the lips, feeling the heat and wetness. Your body begins to shiver slightly, and I take that as a cue.

I move close and very lightly flick my tongue along each of your lips, tasting you. I lick all around, underneath and on the sides, above, but avoid touching your clitoris yet. I lower my tongue into the cleft between the lips, just barely entering you. I then flick my tongue up quick, getting your juices on them, but still not touching your clit. I smile and moan, savoring your taste in my mouth. I lick your lips more, and bury my tongue inside you, getting as much of your juice as I can. I lap at your slit, my hands pulling up so it tightens, and your engorged clit slips from under the hood and throbs. You moan and writhe beneath me.

I move one hand down and bury my thumb inside you, soaking it, getting it slick with your juices. Then it goes up, and I suck hard on your lips and labia as it starts circling your clit, not touching, but moving all around it. My tongue dives in your hole, tasting you, over and over again, driving into you as deep as I can, as my thumb slowly starts rubbing over your clit, the juices making it slide easily across it and around it, as you cry out softly, your hands going to your breasts, cupping them, kneading the nipples, pulling on them.

My thumb presses more firmly on your clit as it swirls and circles, rubs and caresses, and Kastamonu Escort Bayan my tongue licks every tiny spot and crevice it can reach in your wet pussy and your breathing gets faster. Your back arches, you thrust your hips up to meet my face. I can tell you are very close; it is building, the wave building, ready to crash. My thumb flies over your clit like a hummingbird, moving all over and around it as your moans get louder. Your legs twitch, your thighs clamp onto my head, and I turn my head so my mouth is on your inner thigh, just by your flaming cunt. I start licking and sucking, nibbling, and not all that lightly. I move my hand and shove my thumb deep inside you, my hand pressing hard onto your clit, my hand moving coarsely over it, as you explode, the orgasm rocking your body.

Just as you cry out, I latch my mouth onto your thigh like a suckerfish, some kind of leech, sucking hard, my teeth hard on your skin. The sensation of slight pain, mixed with immense pleasure, being prolonged by my thumb fucking your pussy and my hand rubbing your clit over the nubs of my knuckles on the palm, make you shudder, buck, moan, cry out, your mind blanking out as the climax hits you like a wave on the rocks. Your juices flow and gush out onto my hand and part of my face, and I move my head to spread the nectar all over me. I keep sucking even as the climax begins to recede, and you slowly start coming down.

My hand stops moving and I take it off your clit, which is burning and aching, so sensitive that just touching it fires all your nerves at once. You feel my teeth on your thigh, and the hard sucking, and the oddness and sensation keep your desire and wantonness from ebbing too low. Finally, with a hard suck and a fierce bite that almost threatens to break skin, I pull my mouth off your leg. A bright black, blue, and purple mark is on your soft smooth skin, and I smile wickedly at it, and at you. You ask why I did that, and your head falls back, eyes rolling, in bliss, at my response: “To mark my territory.”

I flick my tongue over your clit, and you jump, still too sensitive. I get a pillow and ask you to life your hips, and slip it beneath you, raising you a bit.

I lick your juices, spread all over your thighs, moaning softly at the wonderful taste. I pull your ass cheeks apart and lick up the juices that had flowed down the crack, my tongue flicking for just a moment at the tiny puckered hole, causing you to gasp and twitch. I keep licking your legs, my fingers again kneading your pussy lips, watching the wetness as it continues to swell and overflow from your slit. I lap it up greedily.

My fingers slide inside you again, and you sigh, moving your hips in a gyrating motion. I start slowly sliding them in and out, and you relax, your legs going a bit limp. I delve as deep as I can with my long thick fingers, stroking the g-spot on the way out. I continue, going deep, the rubbing that spot on the way out. Soon I hear you moaning again, and hear you hiss “Yes….oh God, yesss.”

I move up and flick my tongue over your clit as my fingers start rubbing your g-spot, back and forth. I press on it, and rub a bit harder. I bring one hand up and press down on your belly just above it, and the result is your g-spot being squeezed onto my fingers. You tell me you feel like you need to pee, and I tell you to relax, that the sensation will pass soon. I start curling my fingers up and moving faster, using them like a paintbrush spreading ecstasy onto the wall over your love canal.

I lick your clit again, a diver going for the sweet pearl. I feel you trembling, your body twitching at times to my ministrations. I move my fingers faster, pressing down on your belly, and sucking and licking your clit. I suck your clit between my lips and bite down on my lips, squeezing it hard, and you cry out again. Your g-spot feels engorged, inflamed, like a volcano about to erupt. The sensations are so powerful, so overwhelming, that you feel tears Escort Kastamonu coming to your eyes. Your body begins to shake, uncontrollably, as you feel something low in your pussy begin to swell and expand. My fingers dance over your g-spot, stroking firmly, fast, like I’m trying to pull an orgasm out of you.

I stop licking your clit and look up, through the valley between your heaving and shaking breasts, to your face. A sheen of sweat covers your skin, making you glow. Your eyes close then flutter open to show the whites as they roll up. Your mouth lies open in a passionate O, the look of ecstasy which to me is the most beautiful expression on a woman. My strokes get faster, flying, my hand bumping your clit with each thrust as my fingers fuck you, assaulting your g-spot, coaxing, begging for your release. Your hands grab the covers, clench into fists as you pull on them, your head rocks back as you arch your back and scream, a primal, uncontrolled scream of pure lust and release. Your juices gush out of your pussy, squirting a bit, and I bury my face, relishing the feel of you pouring out onto me. I lick and drink the honey as fast as I can.

I pull my fingers out of you, and you moan, protesting. I sit up and grab one of your thighs, and lift you and twist so that you flip over and end up on your stomach. I position the pillow under your hips and bury my fingers inside you again, and my fingers go directly to your g-spot again, stroking again. Your body fights, the sensations too strong, but at the same time, you crave that feeling again. I stroke and rub in your pussy, your juices still all over your thighs and ass crack. I start rubbing the juice on your anus, circling and teasing the starfish. My fingers curl, easier, and I can get deeper, going from behind the g-spot to completely over it with each stroke. I rub the slickness of your tight hole, putting a bit of pressure on it, so the juices slowly begin to work into the tiny orifice. You moan, saying “Oh God….what are you doing to me?”, and I simply chuckle and keep working on your holes.

I slowly begin slipping a finger into your tight anus, slowly going deeper with each stroke, as I feel the muscles tighten and begin to release. I move in and out slowly, twisting my finger, letting your ass begin to accept the intrusion. My other hand is still rubbing constantly on your g-spot, the thumb occasionally massaging your clit as well. Once I feel you relax enough, I work a second finger into your ass, the tightness on my fingers making me inhale at the thought of that tightness on my hard cock.

As I work the fingers in and out, I spread them a bit, opening the hole, stretching it, preparing it for more. The combination of pain, pleasure, invasion, wanting, and needing, all combine to begin the crescendo again. Your breathing gets heavy again, and you begin moving your hips, humping your ass upward to meet my delving fingers. I slip my fingers out of your ass, my fingers attacking your g-spot like a power tool, and I move down and lick your ass, my tongue stabbing at your puckered hole. You gasp and moan more, and the added sensation of the taboo act pushes you closer to the edge.

I use my hand to pry your hole open as much as possible, and I bury my tongue as deep as I can in your ass, moaning loudly, you feel the moan in vibrations from my teeth to your ass. My fingers press hard on your g-spot again and you erupt, screaming again, out of control, your body wracking, juices gushing out again, flowing down your legs and mine, soaking the sheets. I keep rubbing your clit, extending the climax as long as possible, and you scream “Yes!! Do my ass like that!! Oh my God!!” as I suddenly bring my hand down and spank your ass cheek hard.

Your climax begins finally to subside, and you go limp on the bed, your body unable to hold you, and the feelings become so strong that you suddenly laugh, a strong, blissful belly laugh, and the emotions flood over you like water. I slowly withdraw my fingers from inside you, my face from being buried in your ass crack, as you laugh and cry both.

After a few moments, when you finally come to your senses you ask, “But what about you?”

“I’m okay,” I say, sitting up to show you the massive stain on the front of my briefs. “Doing that to you is what did this to me.”