“all iz well”

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“all iz well”Hey everyone hi, I am Veer and this is my first story please replyme about it through mail and all the replies will be apreciated andnow let me tell you all about myself. I am 20 year old boy 5 ft.5 inchin height I had just shifted to Kolkata for my studies and two of myfriends were there in a rented house there everything was good exceptfood we all decided to cook our self but no one was a good cook.Ourneighbour was small family of three her husband (Mohan) wife (Smita)and a small c***d (Shyam) Smita bhabhi was a very helping person. Sheknew we had problem with cooking. Now let me describe her she had asexy figure She had beautiful long hairs and mostly she weared sari.Many times I masturbated thinking of her. Now I am moving forward tothe plot of the story it was starting of the holidays for durga Pujamy friends were excited to return home and so me too.My friends leftto home early but I could not because there was rush inthe railways so I had to be alone in the house for 3 days it was abig headache for me because now there was a big problem for food. Bothmy friends left the house on the morning to catch their train wasalone in my house there came a knock at the door there was smitabhabhi she gave me a big smile and asked’ how are you?I said I am fineand invited her to come in she said no and asked me for a favour Isaid my pleasure and said her to tell me the work she said me to go tothe nearest market and bring me a long handle broom I agreed andlocked my room and went away to the market after half n hour Ireturned and went straight away to the her house as the door opened Icould see the usual smile in her face but now she was in her nightyand invited me to come in.I came in and handed over her the broom shesaid me to sit and went into the kitchen and brought some snacks forme. I said no but she pressurised me so I took it while she kept it inthe table I could she her sexy creamy boobs I had a feeling that she noti!ce me seeing her so I just looked the other way. I was having thesnacks while she opened the plastic of the broom and started workingfrom it! I asked her whether something special for the cleaning?Shesaid nothing special, she had in mind for many days ;to clean thehouse so decided to clean it positively today because her husband andc***d has gone out and will come gümüşhane escort tomorrow and she was getting bored! Ioffered her for help, in starting her no but agreed later. She said meto change my shirt because it will get dirty I said ok I have to go tomy house she said no wait and went to her room and brought me ashirt.I changed my shirt intentionally in front of her she looked atmy body and gave a sexy smile at me and said “you have a nice bodyveer” I said thanks. Now she said me to help her to pick the sofa up.I said her that i will pick up one side while she can clean below thesofa the sofa was light i picked it up easily while she bent down to clean the sofa I could easily see the big boobs it was aawesome sight I was enjoying the view I had a hard on it could be seenfrom my pant.Then she moved away and I picked the other side up Ienjoyed there too she gave me sexy smile and said ‘strong boy’ Ireplied in a smile then she said me to help me bring down the oldutensils from the upper rack (chajja in Hindi) I went up and broughtdown all the utensils while doing this my hair got dirtyseeing thatSmita bhabhi moved her hand softly in my hair and made the dirt outand again with her sexy smileI really got aroused by this now I justwanted to fuck her hard after that she said “Veer tum rest lo maifresh hoke ate hu! And she went towards the bathroom and for sure howcould I take rest I went to the bathroom door to peek from the holeand guys and guys let me tell you it was just a heavenly view just hadgiant sized boobs. I just wanted to take it in my hand and squeeze itand lick itI could also see some part of her hairy pussy as soon sh!e taked the clothes. I fastly went to the sofa ,when she came backafter her bath she looked like a sexy goddess there was a tent in mypant she came to me sat beside and made her hairs dry her hairs smeltdawesome I think she used some shampoo thats why. While doing so shesaid “Veer tumne itna madad kiya thak gaye hoge tum lunch karke jana!Isaid no just to show gentle behaviour and stood up she catched my handand made me sit down and went a way to the kitchen to make food I madethe TV on and was listening to music Chanel. Soon she got ready withthe meal we sat on the table and had food while having food she askedme about my family and studies I said “all gümüşhane escort bayan iz well” she laughed I saidand said it also a dialogue from a film i said ha it is “ye 3 ediotska dialogue hai” She said acha (ok) and smiled i smiled back and saidbut it is not said in this way then she asked me “to fir kaise boltehai? I came near to her and took her hand andkept in her breast and said now say “all iz well” and I was lookingat her giant boobs I was lost in my world seeing it she said to me ina sexy voice “bhaut dhyan se dekhte ho” I got a bit confused then shesaid ‘movie’ and gave her sexy smile;I then said ha mujhe jo achalagta hai mai use dhyan se dekhta hu she smiled and said tumhe aur kyaacha lagta hai? I replied in a a joking way taking many names at atime like cricket khelna friends bnana,new place ghumna mummy,papa,bhai,friends,and in the end you hearing this she started laughingI also joined her in the laugh then she asked with her sexy smile‘tumhe mai ache lagte ho?I gathered courage and said ha and gave her asmile back then she asked me to tum mujhe bhe dhyan se dekhte ho? Itwas a shocking question for me i said no na then she asked kyu nahedekhtte tumhe to jo acha lagta hai wo dhyan se dhekto ho! I knew now that she was also interested in me now I replied her chancenahe mila and she came near to me( my dick was ready to salute her)bsp;And said me to aj dekh lo and made her pallu down I also wentnear to her and asked“ her kya mai pure tarah dekh sakta hu? She saidjitna dekhna chate ho dekh lo” I made her blue colored blouse looseand removed it out she made her hand on back of my head and moved ittowards her boobs she was wearing a black bra i smelt one of the boobover the bra and pressed the other then I rubbed my face all overit..And unhooked it from my mouth and her giant boobs came out liketwo big spring balls were tied and packed hardly in a small box Istarted to suck one and played with the other one now she startedmorning like ahhhhh oooo then she said me to come to the bed ifollowed her and made her fall on the bed and moved towards the downpart I removed the saree and the black petticoat it seemed all herinnerwear were black Colour now she was topless and just in her blackpanty which was a bit decorated one with transparent in the sides Ipressed her pussy escort gümüşhane over pant she started to moan louder than earlier then Iremoved it her pussy was;hairy but it was clear that it was trimmedfew days ago I showed her two of my fingers she smiled and just bentforward and sucked it for ;2 seconds and then I moved it towards hervagina.I moved it in slowly she started moaning and saying aur karoahhhhhh oo eeumm. I moved it fast after five minutes her juises cameout now I moved my head towards her pussy and started licking it Smitagot mad on this she made her thigs tight and my head was sandwichedbetween her thigs after 10 mins of sucking I opened my shirt Smitastood up and said ab niche mujhe karne do she unhhoked my pantsAndmade it down now I was just in my frenchi underwear she pressed mydick over my underwear and then made it out after seeing my cock shesmiled and said aj to bhut maza ane wala hai and she moved my foreskinup down for few seconds and then take it in her mouth she was a sucking genius she sucked it like hell I was in my 7th world she did it !contiously for 15 minutes after that my precious liquid came outshe drank it whole like a whore then we both were down in bed I movedmy head towards her pussey and she came down at me to her skills atcock raiseind she played with my cock while I was busy with her vaginawe were in 69 position soon my cock was hard like rock again now shesaid “ aur nahe raha jata apne bhabhi ke pyas bhao” I said“ abhebujhata ho” I tooked my cock near her pussey and made the upperart make in her pussey she moaned loudly I slowly made it in more nowshe mad I moved it  front back it was a heavenly expirence shesaid me aur karo apne bhabhi ko chodo please veer. I made it fast andshe also made her body up and down after 15 mins her juices were out Imoved my cock out and said her to show me her ass her ass was wellround I moved My head and rubbed my face around her hole andlicked it then I took my cock and made it in her hole she shoutedloudly but I continued she said me its pains but I was eager to fuckher ass after few miutes she also started enjoyed my dick in her assshe said wow maza a raha hai aur karo” I made my speed high after 10minutes I was going to loose it she said to make it in her asshole and I obeyed her and she kissed me in my lips and thanked shesaid me to have food in her house till the day of my train comes weenjoyed each other till I was in alone. I would like all my readers toreply me in my mail id [email protected] reply from aunties andhousewife will be highly appreciated I am in Kolkata.