All a Dream?


As Mr. Sandman carries me away to the land of dreams I find I am driving in my car when my phone rings. I look and find it in my door, I reach for it and answer it.


a voice on the other end asks “Jay?”

“yes who is this?”

the voice says “this is Elena!”

I pull my car over and turn the engine off and proceed with the conversation,

“uh, hel…hello”

I can hear her smile as being flattered that I was tongue-tied.

“can I ask you a question”

I say “sure what’s up?”

She takes a deep breath and asks “do you remember where I live?”

I say “yeah on Parkdale the blue house, right?”

“yeah can you stop by as soon as you get a chance I will be home all day”

I agree and we end the call and I proceed to finish my task I had at hand.

As I start my drive to her house my mind races as to what it could be she needs or wants for me to be asked to her house. I wonder if all is ok with her and my sister who is her best friend. I pull up in front of her home and see her waiting on the steps. I step out of the car and walk up to her she is looking down. I squat down to look into her eyes and ask if all is ok. She assures me all is, so I ask what is it that I can do for you? She looks up in to my eyes and asks if I sent her roses, I stumble to find the words to tell her yes. Finally I take a deep breath and say yeah it was me, how did you find out? All she says is that’s not important but what Kuşadası Escort was important was that it was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done and my words where the sweetest ever spoken or written. All I can say is I’m glad it made you happy and brang a smile to your face as you have mine. She asks what made me send her roses. I tell her that I cant stop thinking of her and that she was a great person so kind, sweet, beautiful, and smart. She blushes and asks how can I be sure all those things are her. I tell her that these are true to me and I’d love the chance to make them true to her. She cries and wraps her arms around my neck and says that I am so sweet. I in turn let my arms embrace her and hold her close. She pulls away after a minute and asks me to come into the house.

We enter and she wants to know if I would like anything, how do I tell her she has already given me all I could ever ask for. I say no and she comes back and we sit on the couch and she looks into my eyes and slowly moves closer. My body trembles and my heart races and her lips touch mine. They are soft and warm. She pulls me closer and holds me tight as she continues to kiss me. She places my hands upon her hips and says I’m sure you can find your way. I ask if this is what she wants and if she is sure. She is so touched that I didn’t just go for it like any other guy would have and she is more touched now than before. She looks into my eyes and says yes Jay I am more Kuşadası Escort Bayan than sure!

I begin the kiss again and I let my hands roam free over her body from her hips to her ass to her breasts and to her hair. My hands softly touch her face and I can feel her smile as we kiss. She lays back and pulls me on top. I slowly kiss her lips to her neck as my hands slowly move under her shirt and we both take it off. I begin to kiss down her neck to her chest, kissing all the way down one side of her chest and back up the other. I let my tongue run over her stomach up to her breasts. I softly lick and kiss each one gently taking her nipple into my mouth and sucking on it. I take a soft bite of them and pull on them with my teeth. She lets out a soft moan. I kiss her sides and see that they are making her moan louder.

As I continue to do this I also kiss her neck, lips, and upper body. She unbuttons her jeans. She takes takes them off and leaves her thong on. I kiss down to her inner thighs and kiss down to her ankles and back up. I lick her pussy through her thong and she lets out a moan and pulls my head in to her harder. I do it again and again and again. Then I take my tongue and use it to pull the side of her thong in to my mouth and bite it and I slowly take off her thong with my teeth stopping to kiss her soft silky legs on the way down I finally get them off and make my way back up her inner legs licking and kissing all the way up. Escort Kuşadası

I make it back to her pussy and find it to be dripping wet and I slip my tongue into her pussy I can taste her sweet cum and I lick it up and savior the taste. I trace her pussy lips with my tongue and suck on her pussy and clit. I softly nibble on her pussy and continue to lick and suck it for almost an hour and she is moaning begging to have my cock in her. But she is pressing my head deeper in to her.

I stop and take off my jeans and boxers and position my self between her legs and I set my cock at the opening of her pussy and again I ask are you sure. She says nothing but takes her legs and pulls me into her so deep she screams. I start off slowly and with each stroke in to her wet pussy I get deeper and harder. She is controlling the pace with her legs as she pulls me in to her. She is moaning and screaming for it more and more. Her body begins to tremble and I can feel a flood of her juices rush over my cock and as she is Cumming I pound deeper and harder into her making her cum again. She stops me and flips us around so she can ride me. She starts at the same fast pace we left off at. She is bouncing up and down on my cock and I am sucking on her breasts and pulling her down harder we kiss on and off during this interlude. She begs me to cum for her. She quickens and I can’t control it no more. I moan louder and louder and finally explode and my cum rushes out into what seems to be rivers of cum. She collapses on me and in exhaustion she looks up and smiles and kisses me again.

I begin to see all this fade as I awake to find myself alone and wondering again what all this meant? Is it a sign or is it just a dream of what I would always want and never have or what does it mean?!