Afternoon Relief


It was a hot, lazy afternoon and there was little to do and even less desire to do it. This being the case, they had decided that although there wasn’t much on, they may as well go to the cinema and be cool, what with it being air conditioned and all.

Whilst he purchased the tickets, she wandered off to the ladies. Nothing worse than having to go half way through a movie, she thought. She finished up and was about to leave when she had the glimmer of an idea. She left with a mischievous smirk on her face.

He took her hand as the entered. She stopped him, pulling him into a hug, slipping something into his pocket. He was about to pull it out to find out what it was, but she stopped him and led him off to find some seats. Not too close to anyone, she thought, which wasn’t too hard as the film had been showing for some time.

As they settled into their seats, she saw him pull out the item that she had slipped into his pocket. He stared in the half-dark, somewhat puzzled, trying to work out what Konya Escort it was. She saw the look of realisation cross her face and he started involuntarily but quickly shoved it back in his pocket.

He said nothing though, and settled down in his seat to watch the film. As it began, she leaned in close to each him, holding his hand, resting her head on his shoulder. Occasionally they kissed, their lips melding together, tongues entwining, dancing against one another.

He slipped his hand down over her breast to her knee, sliding slowly up under her skirt. At last, I thought he’d never get around to it, she thought. She parted her legs slightly, allowing his hand to slip between her thighs and feeling the cool air on her moist lips. He murmured appreciatively as his fingers confirmed his suspicions, gently brushing against her bare pussy.

She echoed his sounds, sliding her butt forward in the seat, parting her legs as she did so, pushing herself against his fingers.

As Konya Escort Bayan he slid a finger inside her, she reached down to stroke his hard cock through his shorts. Mmm, going by the state of this, he really was enjoying this. She leaned back in her seat, enjoying his expert attentions as he moved to gently circle her clit with his finger. She unzipped his shorts so that she could get a hand on his dick, loving the smooth feeling of the skin of his erect cock. Her mouth watered a little at the thought of sucking on it.

After a little more of his attention, she decided that it was time for a change. Clamping her legs together, she pulled gently on his arm, letting him know to stop. Reluctantly he withdrew his hand, looking at her with disappointment in his eyes. She noted that fade after he saw the wicked gleam in hers. Looking quickly about the cinema, to see if anyone was watching, she half stood and sidled over onto his lap, positioning his cock as she sat down.

Oooo she Escort Konya quietly moaned as his engorged cock slid into her saturated self. She simply sat for a moment, enjoying the fullness that was filling her. Then slowly she moved about on his lap, circling her butt and moving ever so slightly up and down. He clamped his mouth onto her shoulder to keep from groaning out loud.

She continued, moving up and down, back and forth, having to stop occasionally as she sensed him on the brink until he quietly told her that they’d have to stop because he couldn’t take it any more. She giggled quietly and moved up and down just a couple more times as she looked about again. quickly she moved from his lap and knelt in the aisle before him, taking his cock in her mouth.

She sucked at it, running her tongue around the tip before moving her mouth up and down the shaft. She felt him tense, and breathed out before his cock exploded in her mouth. She sucked at his seed, swallowing madly as he tried to avoid writhing about in his seat. She couldn’t help but slurp once or twice and looking up at him, nearly laughed at the agony on his face of trying to keep a composed outlook.

Licking her lips, she sat next to him again. As she nuzzled close, she whispered … are you game?