After the War

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After the WarIn a period of three weeks I had turned 22, come home from Iraq and gotten out of the Marine Corps. I was pretty lucky to have a job waiting on me after the Corps, but it wasn’t going to be available for a couple of weeks. Having nothing really to do, my Mom suggested I come down to Tallahassee and stay with her for a week. Seemed like a great Idea. Could see her, see some friends from High School, and enjoy some nice Florida weather. It was always strange getting together with my mom. Though we had always gotten along like gangbusters, we could not be more different in so many ways. My mom was kind of the kind of woman you see at vegan restaurants, fair trade coffee shops, and new age stores. Though too young for the actual 60’s revolution, she was very much the ex-hippie. She would wear the peasant skirt and blouse combination, and even at 46 she could still pull it off. My mom’s body was just like a woman in her 40’s should be, with curves in all the right places. Her legs were long, her rear had that slight middle age spread, and even as a k** I realized that she had insanely large breasts. And even without make up, which she rarely wore, she was the definition of the classically beautiful woman.I, on the other hand, was much more like my father. More conservative, a little more serious. They had met just after mom finished college. He was 10 years older, a Vietnam vet and was a lawyer at the firm my mom had just gotten a job at. I never knew him well because he died of cancer when I was 8, but from what people have told me, they had a yin and yang thing going. They were so different that they complimented each other. She helped him let his hair down, and he sometimes kept her grounded. Part of the reason I joined the Corps against my mom’s wishes was because of him and how occasionally she would talk about his bravery during the war.I got up very early on Wednesday morning, I drove 14 hours down to Tallahassee and got home in time to get a quick peck on the cheek and hug from my mom before she pulled me to her car and said that she was taking me to dinner. I sighed to myself knowing just where she was taking me. It was a new vegan restaurant that she had mentioned in one of her Emails. After ten months in Iraq I was hadn’t quite caught up on my cheeseburger regimen and wasn’t looking forward to eating leafy greens. But I figured they would have wine or beer so I could make do.Dinner wasn’t as bad as I expected. Plus they did end up having a couple of local micro brews on tap that were very good. I enjoyed a few while mom stuck with red wine. The conversation on the other was surprisingly dry. Sort of that awkward, skipping around a subject that happens when you come home from a war. People want to ask you how it was, but actually they are afraid you might really answer. This suited me fine. Didn’t really want to talk about it and was happy to keep the conversation light. As dinner went on, I realized that I was getting a little tipsy. Another thing I realized was that my mom wasn’t wearing a bra. As we would chat she would lean over the table and I could see right down her blouse. I caught myself peeking more than once and started to ask myself what the hell I was doing. I relaxed a little when I told myself that I hadn’t even seen a naked woman in over a year. That a ton of cleavage right near my face, maraş escort no matter who the cleavage in question belonged to, was bound to get my attention.“Ready to go?” Mom said as signed the check and smiled at me“Sure. Head back to the house?” “Unless you’ve got somewhere else to be.”“Well,” I said, “I wouldn’t mind having another drink.”“Ah!” Mom said then laughed, “A little dry after a year in the desert, huh? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I had a get together at the house two weeks ago and have a enough beer and wine for a whole platoon!”I laughed and said, “I’m in!”We drove back to the house and mom wasn’t k**ding. The garage fridge was stocked with a ton of beer and I’d never seen the wine rack that full. “What kind of party did you have?” I exclaimed.“To tell you the truth is wasn’t that big of a deal, kind of a last minute thing. But everyone that came over brought something but nobody drank much of it. Oh well, poor me.” She giggled.I asked her if she want a beer and she said no. Said she was opening a bottle of wine.Over the next hour and a half there is no way to describe what happened except to say that my mom and I proceeded to get shitfaced together. We were laughing, and joking and telling funny family stories until we almost wet ourselves. We would calm down a bit then mom would start talking about the last family fishing trip we went on and do her impression of dad falling out of the boat while trying to real in a bass. Then we would start laughing all over again.Thinking about dad, I asked my mom something I had been curious about for a few years.“Hey mom, none of my business and you don’t have to say anything, but why didn’t you ever remarry? Or even date that much?”Mom looked at me for a bit and I realized that I had suddenly become the bring down guy at the party. But then she just smiled and said, “You know, after your dad passed I wasn’t in any mood or frame of mind to start looking for anyone else. Of course I thought that sometime down the road I would find someone, but to be honest, time just went by and it became not so important to me. Not a conscience decision, just worked out that way”“Don’t you get lonely?” I asked.“Oh, don’t worry about me, baby, I’ve got a drawer full of toys and I’ve had my fair share of Friends With Benefits”I have no Idea what my face looked like when she said that, but it must have been one of incredible shock because my mom immediately started laughing out loud in the way that someone does when they realized they’ve said something shocking or taboo and are enjoying the response that it brought. I’m not sure what got me more, the toy comment, the “Friends With Benefits” comment, or the fact that she even knew that term.“Oh look at the big, world traveler Marine, blushing!” She said “I thought for sure you would be a little more unflappable than that!” “Ha!” I said, trying to regain a little composure, “I’m not surprised at what you said, I’m just surprised that you said it!” This began the strangest conversation that I never expected to have with my mom. For an hour we talked about sex, masturbation, porn, places we’ve done it, preferences, times and even famous people we’d do. I wish I could tell you why and when this conversation became erotic. It might have been when mom confessed to having a lesbian affair when I was in High School. Or it escort maraş might have been that mom had leaned back on the couch and put one foot on the coffee table. I could see up to her inner thigh, and her wonderful cleavage wasn’t helping my situation either. The conversation started to peter out around 12 o’clock and I realized just how hammered I really was. I made and excuse to mom that I was going to get up early to meet some friends for brunch, but the real reason was that I wanted to get to my room and masturbate until I could sleep. I stood up to give mom a light hug but she pulled me in very tight, kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear “I’m so glad your home, and out of the awful place sweetie.” That awful place was the last thing on my mind as my mom breasts crushed into me and my hard cock pressed into her thigh. There was no was she couldn’t have felt it. She pulled away and gave me a kiss on the lips. Everyone is different on how they kiss loved ones, but for me and mom this one lasted a split second longer than it should have. It was a little long for a mom and son, but a little short for lovers. If it had lasted a half second longer I would have started to open my mouth out of reflex. I was so confused, drunk, horny that I didn’t even remember walking back to my room.When I got to my room I did remember something that suddenly got me even more excited. This was my c***dhood room! I had to check on it. I ran to the other side of the bed room and crawled under my bed. I opened up the air duct underneath it and reached inside. I felt around until I found what I was looking for a quickly pulled it out. I got out under the bed as quick as I could and looked down at a very dusty and dirty plastic bag. Pulling out the contents I looked at my find. A Hustler and Penthouse magazine from 2003. Looking at the brunette on the cover of the Hustler brought back memories of teenage jerking off, trying to be quiet, and wondering what fucking was really going to be like. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and sat down on the floor like I used to when I was a k**. The Magazine between my legs as I reached down with my right hand and stroked my cock. My left hand slowly rubbing my balls stopping reluctantly only to turn the pages. So much pre-cum was leaking out of me that my cock was so very slick within a couple of seconds. Looking at the objects of my teenage lust was putting me in a place that I had never been before. In my entire life, I had never been that turned on and horny.I moved off the floor and moved to my bed. I laid down with my legs slightly spread open and once again with both hands moving over my cock and balls. I closed my eyes, thinking of the brunette, and things I would love for her to do to me right now. Even though I was very close to cumming I didn’t want to. The feeling was just too wonderful right now. I slowed my pace, concentrating on my fantasy.After a year in Iraq, and just even living in close quarters with a bunch of other guys, my senses were very acute at this point. And that’s what it was a sense, not a sound or a sight, but a sense that someone was there. I opened my eyes trying to focus in the dark and through my drunkenness. When they did focus I still had to try and comprehend what I was seeing.My Mom.She was standing in the doorway. Backlit with the light from the maraş escort bayan hallway. As my eyes took in what I was seeing I realized that she was naked. Around one ankle were her panties. Her blouse was on the floor near them. I could start to make out details. Her heavy breasts hanging with just the right amount of sag. Her dark nipples standing out. Her hand moving slowly between her legs. I could even make out her dark bush that her fingers were moving through. As soon as I realized that my mom was masturbating, I realized that I hadn’t stopped. I was entranced by what I came to realize later was the most erotic sight of my life. My mom, a woman, so overcome by lust, urge, and hunger that she was getting off in her own sons doorway watching him stroke himself.Our eyes met briefly, then we both went back to looking at each other bodies. The line had been crossed. Neither one of us was going to stop what we were doing. I was so overcome with lust, stroking slowly, watching my moms fingers disappear into her pussy. Suddenly she let out a moan and caught herself with her free hand on the doorway. Her hand moved away between her legs, she looked at me and seemed to come to a decision.With no hesitation, she walked across the room towards me. I stood up, thinking she was coming to me. But she didn’t. She walked passed me, then crawled onto my bed putting her face and shoulders down onto the pillows and her ass high in the air. I saw her hand coming up from between her legs to rub her clit.“Please. Please sweetie… Just this once.” She begged.But she didn’t need to encourage me. I was already moving to her, my cock still in my hand. Looking back I realized that this wasn’t about love, lust or even the taboo we were about to break. This was about need, pure and simple. Almost like a****ls in heat.I stood behind my mom, the head of my cock pressing against her pussy lips. I never even made the decision. My mom pushed back onto me, my cock easily sliding into her. She pulled away and immediately moved right back on to me. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and started to push with my own rhythm. Mom let out a long, deep moan, and I knew this wouldn’t last long. I started trusting with force and viciousness that I never knew I could do. My hands squeezing her cheeks so hard I must have left prints. Slamming into my mom like my life depended on it, she let loose with a string of profanities that was almost pure a****listic, “FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YES! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! MOTHER FUCKER! UHHH YES YES YES. GODDAMN! FUCK! MY! PUSSY! FUCK ME! YES YES YESSSS…”I could feel her fingernails pressing on the underside of my cock as she bore down on her clit. Suddenly my mom screamed. She screamed loud. Her whole body started to shake and I felt a warmness flood my cock and balls. It was too much for me. I thrust into her one last time as hard as I could. I collapsed on top of her grabbing her massive breasts as I did. She collapsed as well, still bucking against me as I spasmed inside of her. I felt like I was cumming for hours as I filled my mom up. And as quickly as this encounter started, it was over. We laid there for only a few minutes, catching our breath. My cock slowly slipped out of her and I rolled off on to the bed. I watched as my mom got up, still shaking slightly. She turned to look at me, and leaned over and kissed my cheek. In the entire encounter I had with my mom, we never kissed on the lips. That was probably for the best. She leaned back away from me and simply said,“Thank you, baby. Welcome home. Goodnight. See you in the morning.”