Adventure with Tamara!

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Adventure with Tamara!Two years ago (shortly after my 30th birthday), I got out of a (too) long relationship with my ex girlfriend Amanda. I had spent the better part of my twenties with her. There were plenty of good times, but as the years went on, our sex life became less and less eventful. Sadly, it wasn’t particularly eventful to begin with. When we ultimately broke up, it took a few weeks for me to get my head (and the whirlpool of emotions spinning around therein) back on track. With Amanda in the rearview, I had realized that I had YEARS of good sex to catch up on. In particular, I realized that it wasn’t just sex I was looking for but some reasonably light kink, intrigue, adventure– something different from the vanilla I’d been living with for nearly a decade.I had discovered the personals section of a popular online classifieds while selling a guitar Amanda had bought me a few birthdays back. Out with the old, I figured. For anyone who’s ever browsed this section of the classifieds, you know there is quite a range of listings. Some with photos, some that get right to it, some a little less aggressive. I had never been on an online date but as I had been in the market for a little excitement and intrigue, Online personals seemed like a good place to start. As a New Yorker, there was no shortage of listings.In the two years which followed my breakup from Amanda, I met approximately 15 different women of various backgrounds and ages (ranging from 27-58). I discovered a lot about myself during these encounters, particularly that I have a seemingly bottomless appetite for BBW.What follows are true accounts of my favorite encounters with 8 of these women. Names and certain details have been changed, but the plot of each of these stories is accurate or VERY close. I hope you all have as much fun reading these accounts as I had writing them. Enjoy!Volume 3: Tamara”Ebony BBW Seeks Playtoy…”My experience with black women was limited to a couple of harmless make-outs on college spring break. And I’d certainly jerked off to plenty of ebony porn in my day, so when Tamara responded to my response to her listing, I was intrigued to say the least.Tamara got right to it.”Can you handle all this?” Her reply said, accompanied by two mouthwatering photos.One photo appeared to be from a wedding or some formal event. She wore a tight black dress, and was leaning somewhat forward to show off some delicious cleavage, a fierce runway model style look in her eye and hot pink lipstick so bright, you could probably see it from outer space.In the other, a closeup of two big, round black breasts, with even blacker areolas and the most perfect chocolate nipples you might ever hope to see. Tamara was on the shorter side and perfectly chunky. From the photos, she appeared to be very confident in her own skin.We got to chatting immediately.While she was pleased I wrote her back, I could see what she meant by the whole “playtoy” thing pretty quickly. Tamara wasn’t here to exchange pleasantries. She was a Goddess who would be demanding servitude and pleasure.”Such beautiful lips. Love the lipstick too! I’ll bet you’re an excellent kisser” I wrote to her.”Save your flattery, bitch.” She replied “These lips will be telling you how to spread my asshole for your lips and tongue…””Yes, Tamara.” Was all I could muster up in reply, smirking to myself.Since, Tamara was looking for something pretty specific, she pretty much had the whole encounter mapped out.”You will be naked in my apartment at all times” She informed me. “You will address me as Queen and you will please me as I enjoy being pleased. You are my bitch and I will treat you as such. You will eat my chocolate pussy and my chocolate asshole till I am satisfied. And if you treat me right… you will be very happy, I assure you.””Yes, my Queen” I replied to everything. And I meant it.At no point, did she talk about taking care of me, but she did say I’d be very happy if I served her well so I was into this. And as always, if I wasn’t enjoying myself I could walk at any time.We continued to text back and forth for the next day or so, with plans to get together on Sunday around noon.”Clear your schedule.” She had told me in one of her texts. “I have plans for you.”I spent a lot of time those few days leading up to seeing Tamara, watching some raunchy ebony / interracial porn. I LOVED watching some scrawny white boy being dominated by a beautiful black woman, or women. I had never eaten black pussy before and I absolutely could not wait. Tamara was VERY excited to hear that my experience with black women was very limited.”Your life is about to change, bitch. You have no fucking idea what you are in for.” She said to me.When Sunday morning rolled around, I awoke to a text from Tamara with her address and the words “YOUR ASS IS MINE” written in all caps. A follow up text informed me to tell her doorman that I was here to see Tammy in 14-F. The door would be unlocked and I could let myself in.She lived just crosstown on The Upper East Side of Manhattan, no more than a 30 minute stroll through Central Park. I felt like a pleasant walk before an afternoon of pure raunch might do me good. The walk back would be even more necessary if this afternoon were to be even half as filthy as Tamara suggested in might.Before leaving, I performed my usual ritual of getting super clean, trimming up and putting on a little show for myself in the mirror. Again, I knew that Tamara might not be touching my cock today, but she did insist I be naked the entire time, so I wanted her to be pleased with that she saw.As I made my way across the park, I thought about our chats and some of the rules we (mostly she) had laid out. I was to take no liberties. I could ask if there was something I wanted, I was to address her only as “Queen” and in return expect to be called every name in the book. And of course if at any point either of us wasn’t feeling it… it was over.”I might just throw your ass out of my apartment, if you ain’t gettin’ the job done, bitch.” She had even gone as far as to say.I texted her when I was outside her building to let her know I was on my way in. She had likely told her doorman I was coming, as he waved me toward the elevator when I told him I was here to see Tamara in 14-F.Tamara’s building was one of those high rise luxury condos with an ornate lobby and super fast elevators. I barely had time to catch my breath when the elevator dinged and I walked out onto the 14th floor. I made my way down the hall until I was standing in front of apartment 14-FI tapped lightly on the door and ever so slightly turned her doorknob. With no resistance met, I turned the knob and opened the door.The curtains were down, dimly lit lamps were on, and the familiar fragrance of some VERY dank marijuana began to permeate.”Come in.” Came her voice from the living room just across from her entrance hallway.As I crossed her foyer and entered her living room, the room was lit just enough that I could see her standing several feet in front of me, her chunky ebony thighs in a skimpy zebra-print thong, her big black breasts hanging proudly on display and her long black hair in a braided ponytail, reaching down almost to her ass.”That’s far enough.” She said with authority, stopping me about four or so feet in front of her.Tamara had a beautiful apartment. High up on the 14th floor, she had big windows and a great view of the avenue. Her apartment was beautifully niğde escort decorated. She was big into artifacts and culture, which made more sense when I saw two masters degrees proudly displayed on her wall– one in cultural anthropology, the other in education. Something about highly educated women very much did it for me.”Hello my Queen.” I said humbly. “Thank you for allowing me to come serve you today.””Shut up, fuckboy and save your breath. You’ll need it.””Yes Queen.” I replied timidly.Tamara looked fucking sexy as hell in her zebra thong, her tits staring right at me. Seeing her standing there in her sexy nakedness, her tits, the thong, the lipstick, I was already nearly fully hard, my balls heavy, hanging low.”Strip, bitch.” She commanded with certainty.”Yes, Queen.” I responded, nervously excited about what was to come.I pulled off my t-shirt, unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. I stepped out of them while taking off my socks. I kicked my pile of clothes over and out of the way.”My, my.” she said. “You must think you’re hot shit with those man-balls, dont’cha, bitch? You didn’t tell me you were packing big nuts like that…” She went on.”They are your balls, my Queen.” I said, hoping this was the right reply.”Good answer, bitch.” She replied with a half smile.Tamara walked up to me, looking at me, judging me. She walked around me. She squeezed my ass cheeks, reached an arm around and ran her hand up and down my abs, stopping just short of my hardening cock.”Yeah… you’ll do just fine fuckboy.” She said condescendingly, as if I were some piece of meat who had just made the cut.Tamara stepped in front of me, lining her toes up with mine, our faces inches apart. I felt her breath on me. Tamara grabbed the shaft of my cock and began to squeeze. This was insanely hot.”Open your mouth, bitch.” She commanded.I opened up.”Stick out that tongue.”I stuck it out. With her other hand, Tamara began playing with my tongue with her fingers, rolling her fingers on it.”I’m going to spit in your mouth now. And you’re going to swallow it. And you’re going to thank me. Is that understood, bitch?” She said with a seriousness.I nodded my head, as she delivered on her promise with a nice fat wad of clean saliva right to my waiting tongue. This was a new one for me. It felt like something straight outta porn. And I was loving it.”Swallow. Now.” She commanded.”Thank you, Queen. That was amazing.” I said, adoringly.Tamara stuck out her tongue, which I was beyond delighted to see was longer than average. Her hand still firmly squeezing my dick, she gave the side of my face a big broad lick from chin to ear, while letting out a sexy groan.”You are mine, bitch” she whispered in my ear. “You are here to please me. You will lick and suck and eat my cunt and my asshole. You will do it exactly as I tell you to. You will follow all my commands. And if you treat me right… you will be very happy, I promise…”She grabbed my cock even harder. “Is that understood? Bitch?””Yes, my Queen.””Good. Now here’s a little appetizer.” She said.Tamara slid her free hand down her thong and fingered herself deeply; moaning, as she pulled out two very creamy fingers. Tamara brought her fingers to my lips and teased me for a moment before putting both fingers into her mouth and licking them clean, in the most unbelievably sexy display I’d ever seen.”Oh, you thought you were getting a taste?” She giggled.”Yes, my Queen. May I please?” I asked.”Open up, bitch.”I opened my mouth again and she placed her creamy fingers on my tongue, sliding them towards the back of my throat till I was near gagging.”Swallow, bitch.”I savored the taste for a moment. I was ready for the main course.”Delicious, my Queen” I mustered.Tamara took her wet fingers and, this time went for her ass.”Now I want you to taste what I’m really all about, bitch.” She said, pulling her drity fingers from the back of her thong and stuffing them back in my mouth.”Taste me, motherfucker. Taste my chocolate hole. Love it, bitch.” She demanded.”Mmmmmmohhhhh…” All I could do was moan in return, as the taste of her earthy butthole filled my mouth. “Queen, your ass tastes so good. I’m such a bitch for it” I continued, kicking up the dirty talk on my end a bit.”Good. Now get on your hands and knees and worship your Queen. You can start at my ankles and work your way up. If you’re lucky, I might even let you put your tongue up my ass.””Yes my Queen.” I said, not breaking eye contact, until I began to get on all fours.Tamara spread her legs, her hands on hips, and stood akimbo as I began licking her ankles, sucking on them, kissing them– first one, than the other and back again, making my way upwards, moaning and groaning as I went. Tamara looked down at me, making nasty faces at me as we made eye contact.”Good bitch. Don’t stop. Worship your Queen.” She said, as my tongue made its way up her left thigh.I began sucking her thighs, giving them hickeys, while I massaged her calf muscles– something Tamara clearly enjoyed as she herself began moaning in legit pleasure.”Mmmmmmmmmm, good bitch… Yesssss…” She moaned, stuffing a hand down her thong, playing with her pussy, which by now was dripping down both thighs.My tongue made its way to the edge of her wet thong. With big, broad licks I began licking it all over, from the waistband at the top, downwards– my tongue feeling all of the curves and folds of what lay beneath. I kissed at her thong, savoring every moment before I got to indulge in the cocoa treasure that lay waiting for me.”Pull off my panties with your mouth, nice and slowly.” She instructed.I bit her waistband and began pulling downward. She wriggled a bit to assist me and her thong dropped to the floor.”Wear my panties around your neck, bitch. You’re claimed.” She insisted.I did as she said; her wet thong leaving little rivulets of her cream on my face as it settled into place on my shoulders.”Now back on your knees and come smell my pussy.” She said, spreading her legs a bit wider and motioning for me to bury my face in her crotch. “Just smell. Take a big breath and enjoy my scent.”Tamara’s pussy was fucking gorgeous. Completely shaven, dark lips and the most adorable pink clit sitting at the top. I buried my face, but just enough so I could get a good smell. Her warm pussy smelled like good, clean, wet pussy, the aroma driving me wild.”You wanna eat that so badly, don’tcha bitch? You wanna feel my pussy lips in your mouth, my creaminess on your tongue…””Yes please, my Queen. I need your Queen pussy in my mouth. I live to serve you. Pleeeeasse my Queen!” I begged.Tamara grabbed me by the neck, in a somewhat firm choke and lightly guided me to the floor. With me in position, Tamara squatted just above my belly and rubbed her clit for me while I watched.”Are you mine?” She asked, sweetly?”I am, Queen.””You know by now I like to claim what’s mine.” she continued.”I do.” I replied, my eyes still completely fixated on her clit.”Good. I’m about to piss all over you, so there will be no mistaking that you belong to me. Is that understood?”This was not something we had discussed, but at the level of excitement I was in, nothing sounded bad. I nervously went with it.”Understood, Queen.”And with that, she let loose, her warm piss blasting my lower belly and upward to my nipples… And it was hotter than I could have ever imagined. Her warm piss all over my belly and front, some even splashing up to my neck.”You escort niğde like that, bitch? Your Queen pissing all over you? Claiming her property.””Yes, my Queen. That was amazing. Maybe if I’m good you’ll do it again later?” I said coyly.Tamara replied by grabbing me by the chin, and spitting in my open mouth. She then dropped her smooth, wet pussy on my mouth and began riding my face. In response, I immediately slid my tongue up her cunt as far as I could.As she whimpered in approval, I grabbed her torso with both hands to hold her down on my erect tongue and she continued to whimper.After a minute of this, I let her pull off a bit so she could smush her pussy all over my mouth. Her bald, slippery cunt felt so fucking good stuffed in my mouth, I absolutely had to touch myself. But each time I went for my cock, she smacked my hand away.”Nuh uh, bitch. This ain’t about you.” She reminded me.As our rhythm sped up, I knew she was nearing orgasm. I extended my tongue again and held her so she could grind on my fully erect tongue.”Squeeze my titties and pinch my nipples!” she panted as her orgasm built.What a sight this must’ve been: This big beautiful, black woman, having just pissed all over me, having just spit in my mouth– is riding my face, her panties around my neck, my tongue deep inside her. My cock throbbed at the thought.As her orgasm peaked, I felt her pussy tighten on my tongue. She let out such a scream, her delicious cream filling my mouth in torrents as she continued to grind, riding out the orgasm. That delicious, unmistakable taste of good pussy and a hint of piss overwhelmed my senses. As she got up off my tongue, I swallowed her entire load.”Ahhhhhh…” I sighed in refreshment, hoping she’d notice my enjoyment.Tamara got up and went to grab a towel to clean up the floor, which had of course been splashed with her piss.”I hope you enjoyed my tongue, Queen.” I said.”I’m still enjoying it, bitch.” She replied, throwing the towel to the side of the room and getting down on all fours. “Now get on all fours behind me and smell my asshole.”Tamara was really all about the pleasure. After the orgasm I had just given her, most women would be wrapped around my finger. But not Tamara. She was back at the controls, engineering her next orgasm.I got on all fours, put my face in her buttcheeks and took a nice inhale. For an ass, it definitely smelled good. I could smell her pussy, her piss and of course the earthy aroma of her chocolatey hole.”Kiss my butthole, bitch!” She commanded.I gave her a kiss. Just my lips. No tongue.I did this a few times before bringing out my tongue and really having a taste. Tamara began to grind her hips to meet my tongue and lips. Intermittently, I’d slide my tongue up her cunt, but quickly get back to her asshole before she had something unkind to say.”Yeah bitch, that’s it. Yeah, suck that booty, bitch. Taste your Queen’s shit hole.””Yessss my Queen.” I garbled out while eating her in a frenzy.”Now stick your tongue up my ass and fuck me like a good bitch.” She continued.”Tamara said some real hot shit.” I thought to myself as I spread her asscheeks wide and plunged my tongue deep into her now relaxed hole.With a good angle, I began tonguefucking her asshole with a fury. In and out. In and out, each time trying to go just a bit deeper. I’d pull my tongue out and admire her hole for a moment and plunge back in as Tamara groaned in pleasure. As she couldn’t see me, I took a couple of opportunities to play with my aching (and oh so in need of attention) cock.”Play with my clit, bitch!” She instructed, as my tongue continued to jackhammer her butthole.The moment I touched her clit, she let out such a moan that I knew this would be another big cum for Tamara. I licked my fingers and took her clit between my thumb and the other four; and rubbing and rubbing as her breathing sped up. Her ass was bucking so much from this, it was tough to keep my tongue inside.”Keep going, bitch. Don’t. Stop!!” she panted as she neared climaxWith one final thrust, I stuck my tongue as far up her ass as I could get it, leaving it there as I continued to play with her clit.”Uhhhhhhghghhghhhhhhhhhhooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Tamara screamed as her pussy exploded yet again with even more cream than the last time.Catching most of it in my hand, I immediately rubbed it all over her asscrack and began to lick it off.”Put some on my nipples too.” She said, turning around to shove her tits in my face.I was under her spell for sure, as I pasted her areolas and nipples with her goo. I sucked her nipples clean, licking every square inch, moaning as I slurped. As I moved down to her ass, Tamara bent over and spread her asscheeks in my face. I dove in slurping and eating like a pig at the trough. I couldn’t get enough. When Tamara was satisfied, she turned around and dropped to her knees.”Lemme suck that dick, bitch.” She said, irreverently. “Stand up and feed your Queen.””Finally!” I thought. My cock was throbbing and I wouldn’t last much longer without some attention.I put my cock in Tamara’s face and was not surprised that the first thing she did was spit a huge wad of saliva on it. She then took the entire thing down her throat.”Mmmmmmmm…” I purred as she began to deliver the wettest, most frenzied blowjob I had ever gotten. But before I could say anything more, she stopped.”A little taste of what’s to come, if you keep pleasing your Queen.” She teased.”Uhhhhhh, what did she say? Was she really going to stop in the middle of the best fucking head I had ever gotten?” I thought to myself.”Yes, my Queen.” Was sadly all I could reply with, as Tamara left the room and came back with the most realistic looking black strap-on cock anyone could ever design. The shaft was dark brown, veiny as hell, rippled, and complete with a big fat, purple mushroom head. It must’ve been 10 thick inches of big black synthetic cock.”I just sucked your cock, fuckboy. Now it’s your turn to suck mine…” She said with a devilish smile.In her other hand was the strap that went with it. After a couple of short moments, she had it on.”How do I look, bitch?” She asked, knowing full well I was mesmerized. “How do I look with a big black cock hanging from my chocolate pussy? She went on.”Divine, my Queen. You look like a fucking Goddess.”Tamara smiled.”Correct answer” She cooed. “Now suck. My. Dick. Bitch.” She said firmly, pausing after each word for emphasis.I got on my knees and put the fat, purple mushroom head of Tamara’s fat, black cock in my mouth and let out such a groan, I knew she was pleased. I had of course never given a blowjob, but I was very much enjoying this so far.”Yeah, bitch… Mmmmmmm… Yeah, suck the head. Yeah… Now lick it. Lick the vein. Lick the whole shaft. Suck your Queen’s big dick.” She said, showing no shortage of dirty vocabulary.”You know what’s coming next.” She said with that same devilish smile. “Turn around and get back on all fours.”There was no way I would be taking that cock up my ass, but until that moment arrived, there was no need to panic.Tamara got on all fours behind me and spit all over my asshole. She placed the tip of the cock on my hole and began massaging it.As the fat mushroom head made circles around my asshole, I was about to lose it. My cock could not stand too much more of this, especially when she slid a wet finger in my hole and began finger-fucking me.”Ohhhhhuhhhhh, my Queen. You are so good to me… uhhhhhhohhhhh…” I niğde escort bayan moaned as she worked my tight hole. In and out. In and out.”Beg for more!” She said, pulling her finger out and teasing me helplessly.”Pleeeease, Queen. I need it. I need you. I need you so fucking badly!! Please put your finger back in my ass.” I pleaded.”Stay right there, bitch. Don’t. Move.” Tamara said, getting up and walking to another room.Moments later, she returned. with a small jar of lube and an identical, yet smaller version of that same strap on she was just wearing, complete with the vein, ripples and all.”Now you’re gonna fucking get it, bitch!” She said, with the biggest smile I had seen her give me all day.I had never taken a cock in my ass, but I LOVED her finger and I figured if there were ever a time, this would have to be it. Plus, there was something about that big black cock of hers that was really doing it for me.”I’m gonna fuck you doggystyle and you’re going to moan like a bitch.” She stated. “First, I’m going to put the tip of my cock on your hole and play with you. I want you to relax back and slowly work your way on. Got it, fuckboy?”I slowly worked my way onto her cock, inch by inch, surprised at how well I was able to take it. By the time the balls hit, I had 7 inches inside me and it felt so fucking good. With each thrust, she slid almost out and then very slowly all the way back in.”Yeah bitch. Now my big black dick is balls deep inside you. BITCH! Beg me, bitch! Beg me to fuck your tight little ass!” She yelled.I could feel an orgasm building. And she knew I was getting close. With her big dick, balls deep inside me, she reached over and grabbed her thong which was still d****d around my neck. She pulled it up a bit so it sat in my mouth and pulled back on it so she could gag me, as she buttfucked me silly.”As if Tamara couldn’t get any more raunchy.” I thought to myself. Now she’s got her cock up my ass and has me gagged with her thong. Tamara was right about this being life changing.Tamara fucked me and fucked me, in and out, in and out; sometimes pausing balls deep inside me to make me groan. Her wet thong, firmly in my mouth, tasted SO deliciously nasty, I don’t think I had ever felt more a****listic in my life.”Fuck me, Queen!! Fuck me like a bitch, Queen!! I’m such a bitch for your big black dick!!” I screamed for her, as best I could with her thong in my mouth.When Tamara decided I had had enough, (or maybe she had had enough), I felt her warm, wet hand grab my cock and begin pumping. It was heavenly.”Cum for me, bitch. Now.” She demanded. “C’mon, fuckboy… Let’s see that cum fly… What’chu got for your Queen? Lemme see that creamy nut, bitch… Let’s go, motherfucker. Let’s go!! Cum for your Queen!!” She howled at me, pumping my shaft , buttfucking me into pure bliss.It didn’t take long and I let it go with such a grunt.”Uhhhrhhhhhhhhahahhhhhhhhh!!” I groaned as I came globs and globs all over her hand and floor. It was without a doubt the most insane orgasm I had EVER had.”Who’s my bitch?” She asked looking into my eyes, with a seriousness.”I am Queen. I am yours”She licked most of my cum off her hand. “Mmmmmmm…” She groaned as she tasted it. “I may have to keep you around with cum this tasty.””Thank you my Queen… The pleasure was all mine, I assure you…” I said back.Without a word, Tamara got up and walked to the other room.”Shower time, bitch. You coming? Or did I fry your circuits just a bit too much?”My circuits were fried for sure, but I made my way up off the floor and down the hallway to her bathroom. I could definitely use a shower. Maybe several showers after the filth that had just gone down.We got in the shower together and the water felt great. I intuitively grabbed a handful of soap and began cleaning us both. My hands were everywhere. She grabbed my cock and looked me in the eye.”I’m gonna piss all over ya dick and you’re going to thank me.””Yes, my Queen.” I replied as usual.”Get on your knees bitch.” Tamara instructed turning off the water for a moment.With a light whimper, she began pissing all over my cock, balls and lower belly– the steam carrying the smell of her fresh girl piss all over the room.”Thank you, Queen.” I said when she had finished. “It’s an honor to be pissed on by you.””Yeah? Maybe next time if you’re lucky I’ll take a shit on your face.” She replied, immediately sticking her tongue down my throat before I even had a chance to process what she had just said.We continued to make out like horny teenagers in the shower, our soapy hands everywhere.”I want to fuck you so badly, my Queen.” I said to her.”I’m sure you do, bitch.” She panted, as we sucked face and played with each other’s body with soapy hands.My cock was fully hard again and pressing against her cunt, searching for a way in.”I told you if you treated me right, you’d be very happy, bitch.” She cooed, as we played with each other. “You ready to fuck your Queen, bitch?””There’s nothing more in the world I would rather do, Queen” I responded without hesitation.”Good” she said with a smile, turning around and bending over slightly. She slid a soapy hand down her asscrack and another soapy hand on my rock hard dick. “Now buttfuck me till I nut.”My soapy cock slid into her relaxed, soapy hole with no hassle. I fucked her slowly at first, making sure to pause when I was buried to the hilt inside her. Each time I did this, Tamara would grind hard, each time accompanied by an “Unnhnhnnnnnhhhhh!!” that made my cock tingle”Fuck me, fuckboy!! Treat your Queen…” she panted as I pounded in and out; my balls slapping her cunt, as her breathing and panting sped up. I wasn’t going to be able to hang on much longer, so with my other hand I began playing with her clit, knowing this might speed things up a bit for her.”Yeaaaahhh… play with my clit baby. My pussy needs that attention…” she purred.I felt her asshole and rectum tighten around my shaft, as my cock began to pulsate. I was about to erupt.”Now, bitch!! Lemme feel that nut balls deep in this chocolate booty!!” She yelled.And with one more thrust, Tamara and I came together as four or five powerful spurts of warm goo blasted from my cock and into the raunchy depths her delicious butthole. This of course was accompanied by a high pitched whimper from my mouth– the only sound I was capable of producing as a result of such an orgasm.I pulled out of her very slowly, as we began soaping up again from this dirtiness.”That was unreal, Queen.” I said with a sigh, stepping out to towel off. “You have a lot of my cum inside your ass now. That was very special of you to allow me to put it there.” I continued.”It’s my cum now, bitch” she replied. And she was right. Everything about me was hers. After today, sex would not be the same.Something was lingering though…”You weren’t serious before when you said you’d shit on my face next time, right?” I said half jokingly.”Only one way to find out, fuckboy…” She responded with a wink.Back in her living room, I began putting my clothes back on, while Tamara picked up her two big black strap ons.”Maybe next time, you’ll take the big one for your Queen.” She said jokingly. Though it was awfully difficult to tell when she was being serious.She walked me over to her front door.”You’re a good bitch” she said to me. “Come over for naked dinner one night this week.” She added with a smile.”Sounds delicious, my Queen…” I replied, sliding my tongue into her mouth for one last kiss.As her door closed behind me, my mind was a mess. In a good way, though. Tamara had in fact, fried my circuits. And I knew I’d be back for more.My walk back across Central Park had never been more refreshing.