A Winter’s Tale


No doubt all women can recall the time and place they lost their virginity, but I am amazed at the clarity of my recollections, especially considering I was somewhat tipsy at the time.

I left school at 17 and desperately wanted to become a nurse. I wasn’t able to start at nursing school immediately and had to wait for a place to become available the following spring. To gain some experience, I took work as an auxiliary in an old peoples’ nursing home, which was located close to my parent’s house.

I loved the work and became particularly fond of one old lady in her 70’s who was suffering very badly from arthritis. She had a lovely nature, but the best thing about having her in the home – at least according to other nurses – was her two sons, who visited her regularly. Despite them both being in their early 40’s, even to a young girl like me, they appeared very attractive, both tall and handsome. They ran their own building firm and had physiques developed from years of hard physical work. They supported their mum in the home and their visits always set the older nurses twittering and they would make lewd comments about what they would do with them given half a chance. Some of their comments shocked me, as I came from a fairly sheltered background and had only had a boyfriend for about six months. I was at the “experimental” stage of my sexual awakening and although I never admitted it to the other nurses, I didn’t fully understand some of their more explicit discussions. I just laughed and went along, trying to appear more worldly-wise than I actually was.

I was often in Mary’s room during her son’s visits, as she had taken to me as well and preferred me to help her with her needs. She was a lovely Irish lady and her sons had inherited her charm. They were never anything but polite, but would sometimes joke with me and flirt in a teasing sort of way. If their comments made me blush, they would laugh and call me “their mum’s little blushing flower”.

Anyway, in February, just after my 18th birthday, we were informed that, like a lot of other building firms at that time, Joe and Sean’s company was experiencing financial difficulties and that Mary would be leaving the home for a while. As they were both un-married, it had been decided that Mary would go and live with their sister until things improved. A few days before Mary was due to leave, the Matron called me to her office and asked me if I would be willing to travel up to Grimsby with Mary and her sons, in order to give her any help she may need on the journey. Mary had specifically asked for me and I was pleased to help her. I would be travelling with Joe and Sean in Sean’s car and would be away for the whole day, as the journey to Grimsby would take at least 4 hours each way. I phoned my parents to get their approval and told Matron that I would love to help Mary.

On the Friday, Joe and Sean arrived at 9 o’clock and between us we made Mary comfortable in the back seat and I climbed in beside her. All the goodbyes were said and the other nurses stood and waved to Mary as we pulled out of the long drive. The journey north was uneventful. We stopped for an early lunch and I helped Mary use the toilets and as we left it started to snow lightly. By the time we were driving through the flat fens past Boston, there was already a fairly thick covering and the countryside looked beautiful.

We finally made it to Grimsby at about 2 o’clock and after spending a while settling Mary in with her daughter, Sean said that we had better get off as the snow was falling heavier and by now the roads were getting covered. Mary and I said a tearful goodbye and I set out with Sean and Joe on our journey home. We drove slowly through the dark afternoon, the headlights illuminating the thick snowflakes, which by now were coming at us horizontally, driven in off the North Sea by a strong easterly wind. We had to drive more and more slowly as the weather deteriorated and when we reached a place called Louth, it was already nearly 9 o’clock and we were informed at a police roadblock that the road to the south was completely blocked by drifts. We were advised to try to find somewhere to stay and they directed us to the nearest hotel. When we arrived, we found that it was already full with other trapped motorists, but the owners advised us that there might still be room at another hotel nearby. We drove there as quickly as the conditions would allow and Joe ran inside to see if they had rooms. He came out a few moments later to tell us that he had taken the last room that was available.

We went inside and up to the room, which was beautiful, except for the fact that it only had a double bed. Joe explained our predicament and the owner said that he would be able to provide a “put-u-up” bed for me if that was OK. Under the circumstances I had little choice but to agree, but I admit that the prospect of sleeping in the same room as Joe and Sean did seem a little odd.

We went downstairs and the owner asked us to order food quickly if we wanted some, which we did – and I went to phone my parents to let them know what had happened. I told them that we had found a hotel – but left out the minor detail of my having to share a room – I didn’t want Anadolu Yakası Escort to cause them any undue concern. Promising to ring them in the morning when I knew what was happening, I went off and joined Joe and Sean in the bar. They asked me what I would like to drink and ordered me a Bacardi and Coke – the only drink that I really liked. They were drinking brandy and it seemed that no sooner had my drink been put in front of me, than they were ordering another round. By the time we went to sit down for our meal, I had already drunk 3 Bacardis – more than I would normally drink in a whole evening. They then proceeded to order wine to accompany the meal, so that by the time I had finished eating, I was quite light headed.

I declined another drink when we returned to the bar and I sat with them for a while chatting about the day. I suddenly realised that I had nothing to change into, which threw me into a bit of a tizz. I told the brothers that I was going to take a shower and go to bed and went up to the room. Luckily there were two bath robes in the bathroom, so after I had showered, I rang reception to explain my situation and asked if there was any possibility of having my clothes washed for the next morning. They were very kind and told me to leave them outside the door and they would make sure they were returned for the following morning. I sat in the armchair, switched the TV on and watched the news. Large parts of eastern England had been affected by heavy snow and, as usual, the local authorities were struggling to reach trapped motorists and to re-open roads.

Just after 11, there was a knock on the door and I heard Joe ask if I was decent. I went and opened the door – and was greeted with a laugh and a cry of “shame” when they saw me in my bathrobe, as they had seen my neat pile of clothes outside the door.

They were in high spirits, no doubt having consumed several more brandies after I had left them, and Sean was clutching a large bottle of Champagne and three glasses. I was informed that they had bought me Champagne to make up for having to stay out overnight and proceed to fill the three glasses.

I can’t be certain, but with hindsight, I am convinced they knew what they were doing and had planned my seduction. Three glasses of Champagne, on top of the drinks I had earlier, made me a bit giddy and giggly. Their conversation gradually turned from my nursing plans to my boyfriend, and they feigned surprise that I had only been out with one boy. They said that they were sure there was a queue of boys lined up waiting to take me out and started with a lot of pleasing comments. In my giggly state, their attention was very flattering, but I was still shocked when Sean suddenly leaned towards me and gently kissed me. Something, probably my desire not to appear like a silly girl in front of these two sophisticated men, led me to respond. I was aware of his large hand closing over my breast and my mind raced, a confused mixture of thoughts swirling around. Then, in what seemed like seconds, my bathrobe was gone and I was lying naked on the bed, with the brothers either side of me.

I didn’t seem to have time to object, as mouths closed over mine, smothering my muted protests. Hands were all over my body, touching, caressing, fondling and stirring feelings in me that I didn’t know existed. My body arched off the bed as I felt fingers part my most secret place and enter me, wriggling and twisting inside me. I was embarrassingly aware of wet, soggy noises coming from my pussy, as they continued their arousal of my body.

Nothing in my limited experience had prepared me for the next moment as my thighs were parted and Joe buried his tongue deep inside me, only to withdraw and commence a sweet torture of my clit. The feelings rose rapidly to a crescendo as I twisted and turned, being held firmly on the bed by Joe’s strong hands on my thighs and Sean’s grip of my arms above my head. Then my head and body seemed to explode as a million tingling nerves triggered my first orgasm. Although I could hear them, I wasn’t aware that the squealing and moaning sounds were coming from me, until I felt Sean’s hand over my mouth and I heard his whispered “Shhhh”. He was no doubt concerned that the noises I was making would wake the rest of the hotel, or worse still, bring someone to our room.

As my body and mind began to return to some sort of normality, the brothers continued their expert stimulation of my body, doubtless encouraged by their initial success. I have no doubt that they had come to the conclusion that they had a hot little piece at their disposal and were planning to make the most of it. Hands and lips and tongues seemed to touch every part of me and my body responded to almost every touch. They were putting all their years of experience to good use, exploring every potential erogenous zone and seemingly, to me, to find every one, sometime as much to my consternation as my excitement. I can recall pushing a hand away as a finger began to worm its way inside my bottom, not because I didn’t like the feeling, (I did), but because to me, at my tender years, it seemed so dirty!

I don’t know when they had taken their clothes off, but I was suddenly Kadıköy Escort aware that my hand had been placed over a very large and very hard cock and I was being encouraged to rub it. In my inexperience, I started rubbing as fast as I could and I felt Sean’s big hand over mine, encouraging me to go slower, teaching me to stroke his cock how he liked it to be stroked. I looked over at him and down at his brother who was languidly rubbing my clit with the most sensuous movements. Everything about them seemed so much bigger than it had before, now that they were naked. Big, broad shoulders and muscled arms and chests – I truly felt exactly what I was, a small girl in the hands of two huge men.

Gradually my breathing became faster, my quiet moans being stifled by hands or mouths when they became too audible and I could feel the sensations from my clitoris becoming more and more intense. With the timing learned from experience, Sean chose his moment carefully. Joe moved out of the way and I felt Sean’s hard cock rubbing up and down the length of my wet pussy, slowly opening my labia, preparing me for the next moment. I was trembling, half in excitement, but half in fear of what I knew was coming next. I expected some sort of pain, but as I felt him pressing at my tight, warm opening, nothing happened except for a sudden, overwhelming feeling of fullness as his bulbous cock entered me. I knew that my eyes had opened wide and that I had almost stopped breathing and I heard Sean ask me if I was alright? I can only remember nodding, as all the breath I had been holding in suddenly escaped in a long sigh – a sort of long, drawn out “ohhhhhhhhh”.

And then, in one swift movement, he was right up inside me!

I could feel his long hard cock deep inside my virgin pussy and all I felt was an irresistible urge to push back against him. He started with long slow strokes, almost withdrawing from me, making me want to grab him and pull him back inside. My pussy was on fire and he sensed the urgency within me, gradually increasing the pace of his movements. Joe’s tongue was dancing around my nipples, causing unbelievable sensations and I knew that I was close to my second orgasm. I felt my legs being lifted and held in Sean’s strong arms and he opened me up to thrust hard and deep inside me, his pelvis rubbing against my clit on each deep stroke. As my body stiffened and then shook as my orgasm hit me, Sean pumped his cock faster and faster into me, until suddenly he held himself deep inside me and groaned. He had cum inside me at the same time that I was having my orgasm and it felt so wonderful, as though I had made it happen. I felt the full weight of his body collapse on top of me and heard Joe laugh and say “you sounded as though you enjoyed that”, although I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or his brother.

Gradually I felt Sean’s cock soften inside me, and I recall letting out a rather wistful sounding noise as he slid out of me and rolled onto the bed. Again Joe laughed and said “Don’t worry Linda, you’ll be getting plenty more hard cock inside you tonight” and waggled his stiff cock at me, which if anything, appeared even bigger and thicker than Sean’s.

Suddenly I became aware of the situation I was in, and the fact that they intended to make full use of my body. I wasn’t afraid, just strangely embarrassed that I had allowed them to get me in such a state so easily and yet curiously excited by the prospect of more pleasure at their hands.

As if to prove his word, Joe pulled me over on top of him. I could feel his stiff cock pressing against my tummy, as his hands roved up and down my back, rubbing and caressing my bum cheeks and occasionally pulling them apart. I could feel Sean’s cum dripping out of me, but it didn’t bother Joe one bit. Gradually he worked me into a position kneeling over him and I could feel his hand between us as he took his cock and slid it easily into my already swollen pussy. Again I was overcome by the delicious sense of fullness as I slid down onto his engorged penis. He pulled me forwards toward him, so that I was half lying, half kneeling and using his big calloused hands on my bottom, he lifted and dropped me up and down on his cock. Each time he filled me, I let out a loud “uh”, so that anyone listening may have though I was in pain. Far from it, the sensations were amazing and I began to realise that I could control and increase the incredible feelings and I began to rub and grind down hard on him. His hands left my bottom as he realised that I had taken over and he began to mash my breasts in his hands, pulling and twisting at my nipples, occasionally lifting his head to suck on them, seemingly trying to get my whole breast in his mouth. I could hear Sean’s lilting Irish voice saying “That’s it Linda, good girl, fuck him nice and hard” and then from behind me, I felt his hands on my hips, encouraging me to bounce up and down harder and faster on his brother. No thoughts of possible consequences entered my head as Joe suddenly informed me that he was going to cum and I kept his cock deep inside me as I wriggled backwards and forwards on his cock, as best as my limited experience would allow me. Although I didn’t come myself, I felt like Ataşehir Escort the cat that had got the cream (no pun intended) when Joe told me that I was a fantastic fuck! His words, though normally crude to my ears, seemed appropriate to my behaviour at the time.

I rolled off Joe, feeling wet and sticky between my legs, and was amazed to see that Sean’s cock was already hard again and pointing directly at me! He didn’t waste any time as he hauled me up onto my knees and thrust his big, hard cock back into me from behind. Taking hold of my hips, he started to thrust into me furiously, talking to me all the time, saying, “move your hot little arse” “work that tight little cunt” rub your clit”. His crude language touched a chord in me and I did exactly as I was asked, as his hard thrusts pushed me further and further up the bed, until I was bracing myself on the headboard against his onslaught. I could feel the head of his cock banging against something hard deep inside me (obviously my cervix, although I didn’t know it at the time) and when his hands came round and started pulling at my already over-sensitive nipples, my body exploded again and I slumped in a quivering heap. Sean slowed his thrusts, taking me through my orgasm, then continued his own deliberate, leisurely fuck until he groaned and came again with his body pressed hard up against my bottom and his cock buried deeper inside me than seemed physically possible.

I felt completely exhausted by now and just lay slumped on the bed. Sean and Joe had enough sensibility to allow me some time to gather myself together. When I eventually rolled over, I was handed another glass of cold Champagne, which I accepted and drank quickly. I glanced down at my body, slightly shocked to see my pubic hair wet with my own secretions and their cum, which had leaked out from my pussy. My chest and breasts were flushed pink and my nipples and areolas seemed unusually large. My mind was a whirl as I juggled with the tumult of thoughts that raced through my head – excitement, guilt, embarrassment, shame, exhilaration, pleasure – all seemed to mix in a confusing and mystifying way. An hour previously I had been a relatively shy virgin – and now I was – what? A woman? A slut? My young mind had no answers as I lay on the bed, naked between my two seducers. Their large, work-hardened hands idly toyed with my hair, stroking and whispering sweet words of admiration, as they eulogised over my love-making.

For a while, I lay basking in my newfound sensuality, my body a warm glow of sumptuous contentment. I found it difficult to respond to their intimate chat and questions, as somehow, the answers that came to my head seemed too personal to share. How could I admit to the intense feelings their hard bodies and solid cocks had aroused in me? As a way perhaps of diverting their attention away from such probing question, I casually began to toy with their soft cocks and was surprised as they readily began to stiffen. I marvelled at the effect I was having, feeling their manhoods swelling in my small hands and soon they were both sporting equally proud erections. I continued to slowly masturbate them, listening to their soft moans as I slowly worked their foreskins up and down over their angry looking cock-heads. I felt strangely powerful and realised that I was also becoming aroused again myself. Sean suddenly shifted his position so that his cock was level with my face and placing his hand on the back of my head, he encouraged me closer and closer towards his cock.

Of course I had heard girls talking about sucking their boyfriends at school, but this was the first time for me and in such close proximity, Sean’s cock looked impossibly huge. I tentatively touched it with my tongue, wondering what the taste would be like, in my naivety not thinking that it would only taste of a mixture of my juices and his. His hand pushed me a little more forcibly downward and releasing Joe’s cock from my grasp, I twisted so that I was half kneeling over Sean. I cautiously wrapped my fingers as far round the base of his cock as they would go and opened my mouth as wide as I could. As I felt my head being pushed more firmly, I allowed his cock to enter, feeling the corners of my mouth stretched wide as I struggled to accommodate him.

My God! I cannot describe adequately the feelings that overwhelmed me as I commenced to suck on his beautifully inflamed cock. Hearing Sean moan out loud, as I timidly started to bob my head up and down, caused me to shiver. Taking hold of my hair, he encouraged my movements, setting the pace of my sucking to his liking. I could feel his body tense as he lifted himself from the bed to meet my descending movements, causing him to go deeper into my already overfilled mouth. I had to take a firmer grip of the base of his penis to prevent him forcing more of his cock in and making me choke. He encouraged me further, telling me to “suck my hard cock” and I heard Joe saying “good girl, Linda, we’ll make a great little cock-sucker out of you”. Again their lewd words added to my excitement and then I felt Joe’s movements behind me and his hands on my hips, as he opened my sopping pussy with his cock and slid easily inside me. Sean stopped me momentarily to kneel in front of me and then, placing his large hands either side of my head, slid is cock back inside my mouth. I looked up from my kneeling position to see him grinning at his brother as he said “Let’s time it right Joe and fill her from both ends at the same time”.