A Week At Papaw’s Ch. 04

Anastasia Knight

Wednesday — Punishment and Submission — A Day Away

Waking up the next morning, I again can hear Leah in the kitchen. I open the drawer on my night stand and take out another wrist strap. Then it is off to the kitchen to begin another day with my new pet. As I enter the kitchen, again Leah lowers herself to her knees and waits for me to speak. I walk in and sit at the table with the wrist strap in my robe pocket, take her face in my hand and say, “Yesterday was very good, lil one, but there were a few moments of hesitation, and you know when, right?”

She nods slowly, eyes moving down, “but it was a good day all together, today will be much more demanding, I hope you are up for it.”

Taking the wrist strap from my pocket I look into her eyes, “I decided you earned this after all, the denial was a test, you coped with it just the way I had hoped.”

The strap is placed on her wrist and she smiles from ear to ear. “You earned it, I waited till today so you could feel some extra denial.”

She looks at her prize and again the smile fills her face, she drops back on her heels and lowers her eyes again, “Master, may I speak?”

Taking her face in my hand and lifting her to my gaze, “You may, my lil pet.”

She looks up just a little and I can see a tear in her eye, “I was so afraid I had not pleased you Sir, that I hardly slept the whole night. It cut me to the bone that I did not earn your favor and receive the days reward. I thought I had done something terrible. Thank you Sir, thank you so much for this gift,” the tear trails down her cheek and I wipe it off, kissing her softly.

“Lil one, I only kept it from you to show you that nothing is a given, everything in this life is earned, somethings more difficult than others. Today is going to be a long day filled with lots of challenges and as many possibilities.”

I tell her this as I play with her nipples, pinching and twisting them between my thumb and fingers. She winches as I torture them, pushing her breasts into my hands, not pulling away at all. This makes me smile and gives me that old forgotten tingle that a true slave gives her Master.

“Do you remember what today’s lessons are about my pet? What you are to learn about today?”

She looks down and a sly smile spreads across her tiny face, She whispers, “How to accept punishment and to submit without question.”

I was impressed, I expected just a simple repeating of the objects of today, Punishment and Submission, she clearly had read into the intent and not just the idea.

“That is very correct lil bit, today you will give yourself over to me completely and trust me deeply. You will also learn how to accept the punishment you are given, even if you feel it is not deserved. Are you ready for such a potentially painful and humiliating lesson? Do you trust me completely?”

“Master, my trust in you has no limit, no boundary, I will trust you with my life, if that is your wish. Nothing worries me to much though I am a little frightened, I have read your journals and I know how ….. intense you can be with punishments. That said, my life is yours to do with as you please Master.”

She lays her hand against my palm and kisses it. I am moved by this gesture, my palm is the object of immediate and swift correction and she seems to understand this by her action. ” I hope you are ready lil one, today we see if you are willing to give everything over to me, your body and soul.”

I turn back to the table and look to see what my pet has done for me this morning. She has again made me a lovely breakfast and this time I eat without giving her permission to do the same, I finish and without saying another word I walk away from the kitchen and into the living-room. She watches me leave and I can then hear her cleaning up after me, but to my delight she does not get herself anything to eat even though it is made and sitting on the table.

After she finishes the cleaning of the kitchen and puts the food away, she moves to the doorway of the living-room and waits at the door. I ignore her for about 20 minutes and look through the selections on the stereo searching out my favorites. I do not even acknowledge that she is at the door.

She never falters and doesn’t move from the door, after enough suspense, that must be tearing her apart, I look up and say, “I can’t seem to find anything to entertain me, I think I want to watch you masturbate for me.”

She smiles and drops to her knees and begins crawling over to her spot in the front of my chair. Laying back, she starts to slowly rub, teasing her pussy and I can see she is already wet, She has gotten to the point that she is almost always wet, just where I want her to stay. I can tell she already needs to cum from the look in her eyes, but she also knows permission has not been given. I reach into her ‘toy’ drawer in the end-table next to my chair and pull out a large rubber cock.

Tossing it on the floor between her legs, “fuck that pussy Kartal escort bayan with your toy, lil one, make it sloppy wet, but my pussy doesn’t need to cum yet. Now that doesn’t mean you are suppose to slack off, fuck that nasty cunt until you are ready to explode.”

She picks up the toy and pushes it inside her pussy, without even getting it wet, she is so fucking hot. She almost goes over the edge with the first couple of thrusts and I can see her eyes begging for a release. I tell her to leave the toy inside her pussy and get on her hands and knees facing away from me.

She responds almost as soon as I finish telling her and the large rubber cock is bouncing up and down as she tries to maintain. I reach into the second drawer and pull out a riding crop, standing I move close behind her. I tell her to drop her head but keep that wet ass and pussy in the air.

“So you know, this is just because I feel like it,” and I bring the crop down across her tiny ass with a loud Thwack. The welt jumps up almost immediately, she jumps, but doesn’t move away or drop the large toy still in her wet, throbbing cunt.

I begin to whip her like a horse that is losing ground in a big race, crossing the cheeks of her ass with red and purple welts. I keep this up for several minutes, not telling her but I intend to only stop when she cries out from the pain. She holds on for a very long time, finally lets go a loud cry and the tears stream down her face.

She holds her place and the toy doesn’t move an inch. I grab the end of the rubber cock and start to fuck her slowly but deeply with it. Her pussy is ready to burst, yet she holds on. Then I return to the crop and lay several strikes across the back of her thighs, she still holds tight but now is wailing and in tears.

I stop the strikes and just say, “This is beginning to bore me.”

I drop the crop and walk away. As I reach the door I say, “Compose yourself and put away the toys, make sure they are clean.” and out the door I go.

I move out to the screened porch and after waiting about 15 minutes, I look back through the window into the living-room and see she is busy cleaning the toys and putting them away. The welts on her ass and legs are almost glowing.

When all is stowed in it’s proper place I call to her, “Cunt, come to the porch and bring me a beer, make it quick.” When she comes through the door, she walks over to hand me the beer.

I yell at her, “What the fuck are you on your feet for cunt, get back to the door and bring that beer to me right.”

She stops, turns and moves back to the doorway. Dropping to her knees, she crawls over to where I am sitting and holds up the beer, her head on the floor.

“That’s more like it,” I put the beer on the table and pat my lap, “lay here, NOW!” I snap at her.

As she lays across my lap I remind her, “Today is to be a day of punishment for even the slightest infraction or just because I feel like it. You stayed upright in my presence without permission.”

I slap her across the ass, five on each cheek, knowing that the welts would feel like her ass was on fire. “Now I trust you will not forget again?”

“No Master, this girl will be more careful from now on.” I push her off my lap and she lands at my feet. The rest of the day was like this over and over. She would be to slow picking up after me and she would get punished. She spoke without permission and again she was punished.

I refrained from any slaps to her face. I didn’t want any marks on her that were visible, since the last part of the day was to be spent away from the house. I didn’t want someone to believe they needed to come to her aid and cause a problem with the law. People outside the life rarely understand those that live it. Experience has shown me it is better not to push the chance.

I end by telling her, “Later today we will take a little trip, my pet, so you can show me your devotion. When I come for you, you will be in panties, a long coat and of course your slave wear. You need no makeup, you hair will be in my favorite style. The panties will be a pair you do not care if you lose, because you will lose them.”

I go into my dungeon room and leave her to her preparations. I pack a bag of the items I will need for our little field trip, a leash, some small clamps, a few candles, a ball gag, some silk ropes, and a black blindfold.

When I am ready I call her into the living-room and give her a once-over inspection, she has her hair in my favorite look, pigtails. I motion for her to open the coat she has chosen. Under the coat she is only wearing the cute little french cut panties she knows I like, a nice powder blue pair with a lace butterfly across her pussy and a sheer ass.

A light touch of make-up covers her pretty face, she looks to the ground as I walk around her. I reach out and pinch her nipples being brutal. I push my hand into her crotch and feel that she is again, or still, wet and a little swollen. Escort Kartal

“Have you been playing with your pussy while you waited on me,” I ask her?

Leah blushes, I have not seen her blush before.

She again drops her gaze to the floor, “Yes Master I was getting so excited thinking of what you might have planned for me and I let my fingers stray to your pussy, forgive me Sir.”

I tell her to turn and present her ass for punishment, she turns and bends at the waste, her ass is right in front of me. I start with a slap to each cheek and then tease her myself, her little pussy is dripping as soon as I touch her. After the spanking and fingering, I offer her my hand to clean, she licks each finger.

“Ok, ok that is good enough my pet we need to go, button up and follow me to the driveway. Don’t forget to grab your sandals.”

Beating me to the car she opens my door and waits for me to enter the car. Then she closes my door and goes around to get in herself. We drive to town and I pull in to get gas at the first station we pass. Without my saying anything she gets out of the car and grabs the hose from the pump, waiting for me to tell her how much.

After I tell her to fill it she completes the task and places the nozzle back into the pump, I give her the money to go in and pay. As she walks away from the car I tell her to unbutton her coat, the only one inside is the clerk and I believe it is time for her to start her exposure.

After she pays she returns and opens her door to get into the car. Stopping her before she enters I tell her to remove her coat and toss it in the back seat. She stops and looks at me a few seconds and does as she is told.

I ask her about the clerk, she says, “All he did was stare, my coat wouldn’t stay closed, I know he could see all of me as I paid. He then gave me the change and thanked me, I think he really meant it.”

“How did you feel as he looked at you knowing your naked body was exposed to him?” I asked.

“I felt like a piece of meat the way he was staring at me, but it really started to turn me on.”

I live outside a small town and we are heading down the road commonly called restaurant row. I pull into the first place, it is not too crowded and I use the drive through. All I order is a soda and then pull around to the window. The look of the young mans face as we pulling in front of his window is priceless. It did seem to take a little longer than usual, wonder why?

We drove through town, stopped at a couple of red lights then got another soda. She was thoroughly exposed but she didn’t let it affect her. On the way back out of town, I pulled into a parking lot at the edge of town. Pulling around to the back, I parked in front a simple white building.

“This is a place I own, it is used by some friends for parties and a few movies have been shot here. I believe it will work just fine for tonight’s lessons. So you know and understand what it means to submit to your Master? To give over yourself completely?”

“Yes Sir, I am yours to own and use for your pleasure, I submit myself to you completely Sir, body and soul. What do you have planned for me Master?” Her eyes are alive with only a hint of fear. I smile and tell her to get out of the car.

Outside the building is a small group of men around a fire that is in an old drum. I get out with her and walk to her side of the car. I attach a leash to her choker chain and pull her to the entrance of the building. Inside is a long hall with an entrance to several rooms down its length. I tell her to get down and crawl with me as I take her down the hall.

I walk with her down to ‘the room’, open the door, letting her inside. She is on all fours, leash attached to the choker chain collar. I lead her to the small table in the middle of the room and have her climb aboard.

I begin by first binding both arms behind her, then I tie her to the table with a few silk ropes, both legs at the knees and ankles, then finally fixing the leash to the other end. Then I place a blindfold across her pretty eyes, saying, “This is for your pleasure and for a little dose of fear, now relax.” I cut away the panties that were the only attire covering her flesh. Walking around the table, leaning close now and then to touch and tease her warm tender flesh.

Then I lean close to her tiny ear and whisper, “I will leave you here, alone, You will not know who, or where they will come from, but they will come. I will leave you here as long as I please. The door will be unlocked and slightly open for all to see as they pass. Some may stop and do as they feel, some may just watch. You will never know until they decide.”

She thinks back to the people that were there as we entered and could only remember what appeared to be a group of homeless souls standing around a fire drum for their warmth.

When I finish, I slap her across the ass, one then two, each cheek taking turns until they glow red … then I slide Kartal Rus Escort my finger along the lips of her pussy, using a red dye powder to make that pussy shine. It also starts to make her pussy tingle, no drugs or chemicals are in it, it is just her reacting to it’s presence. She then gets warmer and warmer. The wet lips glistening as she squirms at my touch. Then I walk around her once again, taking the clamps from the stand next to her perch and placing them on each nipple and tightening. The next step is to attach the chains that dangle from the clamps to the places on the wooden table where she is now mounted.

“If you pull, the clamps will tighten, pull to hard and they will lock. Very painful I understand, so try not to flinch to much”.

Then I step away, placing a ball gag in her mouth. She listens as my foot steps trail away across the room. Then the room falls silent.

After what must seem like hours to her, in reality about 15 minutes, the door creaks and she can hear someone approach. They stop behind her, she can feel their hot breath on her tingling pussy. A finger starts to tease her little clit then opens her pussy lips to display her in all her glory. As the finger moves away, a tongue starts to lick up and down, suckling her clitty as it gets close. This continues until she is on the edge of exploding, then stops. Then the footsteps move across the room to the door and out.

Leah can hear people and voices whispering in the hall. The earlier scene happens over and over with gaps between the visits. Never a sound, never a word. Occasionally when someone enters, instead of the tease of fingers and tongue, she feels the sting and slap of floggers, crops, whips or canes, sometimes the slap of a warm hand is the torment.

Once, she hears a match strike and the smell of candles being lit. This time she feels the sting of candle wax trailed down her back and across her ass. Each drop making her jump, but just slightly, never pulling the clamps to close.

These visits continues until she can barely stay upright. The last time, the ball gag is removed. Then it is replaced with a hot throbbing cock being forced into her throat, her pussy is stabbed with another. Each cock slamming into it’s target, hard and deep, the blindfold still in place. She holds on as long as she can but soon she starts to cum, over and over. She starts squirting on the cock behind her until the one filling her throat floods her with it’s seed. Pulling out, they leave the room, she is shivering and soaking wet as the process begins again.

This time instead of the flogger, canes, crops and whips, it is with paddles, covered in leather and little studs. Her ass is bruised and on fire. After the ones with the paddles are finished they stop, leaving the room again.

Now the two men come back in and move to her again. As the one behind her pushes the head of his huge cock into her ass, she gags on the dick in her throat. This keeps her burning and on the edge until she can hold back no longer. As she again flies over the edge, her new friends also release there loads, on face and ass, covering her, it drips from her to the table below. Amazingly the clamps are not locked, but the surface of the table is covered in cum, sweat and pussy squirts. They wipe their cocks across her face and again she hears them leave.

When it seems she can no longer continue, the door opens one last and the footsteps move to the front of the table, next to her head. She hears a clicking that she soon realizes is a camera and then the blindfold is removed.

She looks up and our eyes meet, tears begin to flow from hers as she recognizes me through the blurry haze, I kneel and again whisper, “You were wonderful my pet, you were the hit of my party. Now, you will never ask who or which, just remember what happened and the feelings it stirred. My friends voted you their favorite, you should be proud, their standards are very high, do you understand my sweet?”

All she seems to be able to manage is a soft nod, but I know the look in her eyes is one of agreement. I untie and unhook the restraints, leaving her arms bound and pulling her by the leash to the shower on the far wall, the warm water starts to flow down her body as I soap her, removing their handiwork, then I wrap her in a towel and dry her.

As I drop the towel and walk her out, she knows she is being watched. It pleases me that she holds her head high and a smile slips across her lips. Down the hall, out the door to my car. Leah’s pussy is still wet, she is naked and trembling, but proud she has pleased me once again.

We return to the house and I take her right to the bedroom, sitting her on the bed beside me, I pull today’s gift from the nightstand. It is another strap fashioned after the wrist straps she has already earned, this one is for her ankle. She has earned three of the five gifts I have for her and my respect.

“Lil one, you have shown me such love and devotion that I am almost speechless, I would be honored if you would share my bed tonight.”

She smiles, throws her arms around my neck then kisses me deeply. As she pulls away, I see a tear falling down her cheek, “Thank you Master, that means more to me than anything else possibly could.”