A Wedding Trilogy Ch. 02

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She was exhausted. The night before seemed like a dream. She had finally gotten back to her hotel this morning and stood in the shower for half an hour. The water washed over her in an attempt to revitalize every cell in her body. Her knees seemed weak and her muscles were sore.

She felt as though she had run 5 miles. Her legs ached. Her jaw ached. She knew she had been used by at least eight different men in every orifice of her body.

She normally did not let anyone use her ass but the alcohol had left her more accommodating and needy than usual. Besides, she thought, it actually felt good to be used and filled in so many ways.

While she felt completely satisfied, she still had the desire to serve more.

She was schedule for her hair at noon; her mani / pedi at 2:00, and aromatherapy massage at 3:00.

The wedding was at 7:30 p.m., so that would still give her adequate time to get a nap, dress and arrive at the bride’s house by 6:00 p.m.

The Stylist, Raoul, was a fit specimen. Unlike many stylists, he was not gay. However, he used that assumed perception to avoid the suspicion of husbands and to open the doors to many bedrooms by women who initially viewed him as a “safe” flirtation. Once they had experienced his prowess, however, he was always welcomed for an encore.

His olive complexion gave the appearance of a constant and healthy tan. His hair was black and wavy with just the hint of grey beginning to show at the temples. This gave him a look of distinction and a hint of his otherwise undetectable age. His upper arms were tight and well defined… his forearms strong. His well developed and divided pectorals peeked out from his open shirt through a mat of curled black hair. His calves and thighs and buttocks were all equally tight and toned and easily traced through the tight spandex and denim jeans he always wore.

Likewise the package he carried between his legs was more than ample to stir the interest of even the most dedicated, faithful and committed wife.

Paolo was Raoul’s brother and the resident masseur at the salon. Like Raoul he was of medium height with the same Mediterranean complexion and exotic good looks. He too was muscularly well defined and anatomically gifted.

She sat quietly in Raoul’s styling chair trying to remember bits and pieces of the night before; the police car; the highway noises and car lights; the handcuffs; the police officers; the two college boys; the four African – American men; and the biker trio who had taken their pleasure with her and left her in a sticky heap by the side of the road.

The thoughts raced through her head like a blurred highlight reel. She had trouble with the detail but obviously enjoyed herself because now as she attempted to recall the night, she felt herself getting wet and beginning to throb with desire.

Under the salon styling apron her right hand slid up beneath her short skirt to seek out her moist nether region where at least eight men had taken her and where she now felt the returning desire to be used again. She was throbbing kuşadası escort with anticipation and moved her fingers delicately but ever so aptly under the apron. Raoul pretended not to see the movement but could sense her tension and building climax.

He was about to blow dry her hair and comb it out when she stopped him and asked if he could do a Brazilian Blowout.

(This is where the client hangs her head upside down and the stylist blows the hair dry from beneath causing an added perception of volume and thickness.)

He of course agreed and suggested that he blow dry her hair while she was getting her massage since it was almost time for her appointment anyway and he knew Paolo was available. The brothers had “tag teamed” previously.

She agreed and quietly removed her hand from her aching crotch as Raoul removed the apron and escorted her to the aromatherapy, massage spa area.

It was a small but substantially constructed room. Because of the use as both an aromatherapy room and a massage room it was self contained and completely sound proof, an attribute she would learn to appreciate later.

Paolo entered and handed her two towels. The room was prepared in advance with a tilting massage table, two pillows, a triangular support cushion, soft gentle instrumental music and candles that permeated the air with a blended scent of Lavender, Lemongrass and Sandalwood. There was also a hint of coconut since the massage oils had a coconut oil base combined with aloe and eucalyptus.

The ambience was immediately soothing and relaxing. There was almost a surreal and ethereal quality to the room as though one had passed through a dimensional portal and entered an altered state of consciousness.

Paolo instructed her to disrobe and lie on her back and to use the towels to cover her breasts and crotch if she felt uneasy with her naked exposure. He said he and Raoul would return shortly to begin the session.

Her needs were welling up inside her again as the music, the scented air and the prospect of two men touching her body at the same time caused her juices to flow. She opted to use neither towel but rather to lay totally exposed to the two men who would enter the room shortly.

Her tanned and toned body was exquisite in all its splendor as she lay motionless, hoping to be used again. As the two brothers entered the room and saw her flawless form they gasped in unison. Never in their many years in the salon had they seen anything to equal this display. She lay like a Michaelangelo sculptor, resplendent in her nudity and flawless in her beauty. Her natural olive complexion boosted the impact of her tan and seemed to give her skin a natural glow.

One leg was bent at the knee subtly opening her crotch to a glancing view. Her breasts were substantial but not grossly augmented. They were all original equipment, round and pert with well defined nipples that stood erect in the breeze. Her abdomen was flat and slightly rippled from her daily workout regimen that included 100 sit ups and crunches. Her buttocks, likewise, was toned, tanned, round and firm.

Her legs were shapely and muscular leading down to a perfect slender ankle and petite feet that sported a beautifully done pedicure and deep pink polish that matched that on her manicured fingers and would later add accent to her makeup foundation, eye shadow and iridescent lip gloss. Her beauty was beyond stunning it was transcendant.

Paolo finally broke from his mesmerized stupor and shoved his brother to begin on her hair. With that, Raoul set about his task of brush and arranging her hair as a her head hung down from the table.

Paolo also got to work warming the massage oils working them into his own hands in preparation of his exploration and manipulation of her body. Slowly his hands moved along the outline of her body. His touch went from being feather light to almost harsh as he practiced the art of shiatsu on her toned muscle groupings.

He manipulated and rotated her ankles and feet and moved his hands from her ankle to her thigh, brushing ever so lightly against her neatly shaved triangle of pleasure. Each time he did, she moved involuntarily.

Her legs would tighten and her hips thrust upward. His hand moved closer and closer with each trip along this route until finally his fingers were pressing against her labia. She was aching, throbbing with desire. Her juices were beginning to flow and glisten on her golden skin.

Raoul was styling her hair with her head laid back and with each of Paolo’s touches Raoul would hear her utter a deep almost inaudible moan. With each moan came an almost spasmodic reaction of her body. Her legs would tighten, her pelvis thrust upward and her back would arch dropping her head a little lower below the plane of the massage table.

Raoul could resist no longer. He put down the blow dryer, unzipped his jeans and freed his captive monster in all its glory. Eight inches of thick hard manhood sprang forth and stood at attention inches from her face.

Her eyes opened wide as she saw it for the first time. Her mouth followed suit and opened in automatic response to what stood before her. Raoul took her head in his hands and guided his cock into place. She tried to resist but it was a half-hearted effort at best and was not successful.

His voice took on a commanding tone as he told her to open wide and suck him. Her lips and tongue immediately began to work as he had directed. Her oral skills were unsurpassed as she ran her tongue along the underside of his penis while sucking its length into her throat.

Without realizing it she had moved her hands to his shaft and balls and began stroking and caressing them while continuing her oral magic.

She felt Paolo’s strong hands grasp her hips and flip her over on her belly.

Raoul’s cock was deep in her mouth and somehow she managed to keep it in place as her head rotated with the rest of her body. She felt Paolo lift her pelvis and place the wedge cushion under her so that her ass was in the air and her pussy was made readily available. He smacked her ass. Gently at first but with each slap the strength and intensity grew harder and more forceful. They were hard enough that the vibration went through her body and caused her clit to quiver and engorge.

Her desire was getting stronger as the realization grew within her that she was again being used as a conveyance of pleasure to these two strangers. Her body was being used and violated. She was serving her ultimate purpose, to pleasure others. She saw no greater calling and she was delighted to surrender to them.

Paolo now had climbed onto the massage table and knelt above her with his legs outside of hers and pressing her legs together. She felt his hand on her ass, then his thumb exploring her pussy and the wetness leaking from it. Then she felt something else.

His cock must have been six or eight inches in circumference. It plowed into her waiting hot pussy from behind and stretched her beyond anything she had felt before. Her position with her ass in the air and her legs pushed together made the thickness of his meat and the power of his thrust seem even more intense. She heard herself scream.

With each thrust she would scream again. As he plowed her deep and hard she tried to also maintain her concentration on Raoul’s massive cock in her mouth. He was shouting at her to suck harder and stroke faster. Finally, he grabbed her head on both sides and began a rocking, thrusting motion of his hips as he growled out that he was going to mouth fuck her until she choked on his enormous cock.

She trembled as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her systems.

Paolo’s cock slamming her so hard she thought he was going to split her in two while Raoul’s cock was rammed down her throat so far she began to gag and sputter as shrieks of joy and pleasure somehow found their way out of her throat. She was being banged front and back, to and fro, stem to stern. Their intensity increased as did hers. Paolo was literally growing inside her. She could feel his girth increase and she was delighted.

Raoul came first. Cradling his balls in her hand she could feel the tightening and the pulsating shaft of his cock in her mouth. She could taste the pre-cum. Then a torrent of white hot semen blasted down her throat and in her mouth. She swallowed and he kept coming and she swallowed again and again, the salty sweet taste resonating in her mouth as his cum dripped out of her mouth and down her chin.

A minute later Paolo let out with a raspy growl and launched his rocket of cum deep in her throbbing cunt. Her muscles tightened.

She was about to faint from the flood of adrenaline coursing through her veins… eyes dilated… respirations quickening… her tight pussy gripped the huge cock and squeezed in a spasm of titanic dimensions. Her own orgasm practically ripped her apart.

She had never felt such a cosmic experience. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure poured over her for what seemed like an hour. She collapsed on the table exhausted and filled with the hot cum of two men she had only met two hours earlier. She was in heaven.

The wedding was in three hours and then the reception where the champagne flows freely and the groomsmen will be young, handsome, fit, drunk and horny.

Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe there was more on the horizon…