A Visit to St. Nick


She knew that he’d agreed to be the Mall Santa this week as a favor to a local charity group, but she was bound and determined to tease the hell out of him. She dressed in a slutty miniskirt– no undies, of course — and a see-through nylon top that she knew drove him insane. This was all covered by a tasteful long leather jacket and topped with a demure little green elfin hat dressed with a festive red feather. So, to the casual observer, her outfit wasn’t a big deal.

She waited at the mall for the mid-morning lull. When there was no one waiting to see Santa, she scooted to the front of the line where an “elf” waited to escort the kids to Santa’s lap.

“A little old for this, ain’t ya, sister?” he wisecracked.

“Don’t you have some reindeer poop to scoop?” she snapped back. And wiggled her way up to Santa.

Seeing her, Santa broke into a big grin. “It’s okay, Eddie, this is my wife … she wants Santa to be real good to her this year. Why don’t ya grab a coffee and we’ll take a 15-minute break.”

Eddie the elf had already had his eye on a girl at the donut counter across the way. “Okay, see ya in a bit.” He pulled the drape across the entrance and set the velvet rope across the aisle where the line formed with the ‘Santa will be Right Back’ sign hanging from it.

She smiled and sat down on Santa’s lap, twisting and wiggling her bottom so that he could tell she was panty-less. “I’ve been extra good, Santa, so you can reeeeally stuff my stocking this year … okay?” After a peck on his cheek, ‘Mrs. Claus’ looked around. “Gee,” she whispered to him softly, her breath tickling his ear, “This is very private — the way they have things set up this year.” The new line of waiting children would be well out of sight of this softly decorated area set up to look like a large living room, complete with a beautifully decorated kuşadası escort tree and a fireplace with stockings hanging from the mantle. Low light shimmered from the chandelier suspended by cables from the ceiling high above as well as from the electric candles arranged tastefully around the ‘room.’ A sham polar bear rug was laid over top other thick carpeting covering the bricks of the mall floor in front of the fireplace. The effect was to soften the usual high echoes and allow childish voices and whispered wishes to be easily heard.

His attention, however, was focused entirely on this woman occupying his lap. The grinding of her crotch on his legs was making him drool with the need to have her … what was it about her that drove him to such lust? After 30 years, his ardor for her had never cooled. In fact, it seemed to have swelled over the years.

“Well, little girl, what can Santa do for you this year? I hope you haven’t been TOO good!” He slowly ran his hand up her tasty thigh. She wiggled with delight and, after looking around, parted her legs a bit. Santa took immediate advantage and pushed his hand up between her legs, teasing the outside of her beautiful bush.

She blushed a little and said, “Why, Santa Claus, you always seem to know what I most want.”

With that, he pushed his finger between her pouting pussy lips and thrust deep into her hot, wet cunt. She gasped in surprise and pleasure — she had not expected the teasing to get this far.

“Honey, that is delightful … but we are in the mall, for crying out loud,” she moaned, squirming on his lap.

“You started it, baby; now I’m gonna finish it. You are the most wildly attractive woman alive. And I’m gonna have my Christmas goodies right now!” He stood up, and she slid from his lap. She was really nervous now, trying to see if there were any children or parents in line at the front of the display. But from what she could see, the place was still deserted.

She yelped in surprise when she felt herself roughly pulled from behind by the waistband of her skirt. She was twirled around and shoved into a dimly lit room. Her head was spinning from the combination of desire and confusion. Where the hell was this?

Just as she got her balance, she felt herself being bent forward over a table, and her short skirt pulled up from behind. She turned her head a bit and came face to face with an elf hammering on a small toy rocking horse. “What the hell…?”

She glanced around quickly and realized she had been shoved into the tiny house behind Santa’s chair that was part of “Santa’s North Pole Workshop.” She was now part of the display in the window looking out onto the Mall food court.

“No…we can’t… Oh, God…” she started to protest, until she felt the swollen head of his cock part the lips of her dripping pussy. How had she gotten so wet? This was much more of a turn-on than she had ever imagined! “Honey, lets go out to the … ohhhh.”

Her request was cut short as he thrust his throbbing dick into her from behind. Oh, how she loved the feel of him inside her! She knew that she drove him nuts with want for her, and she felt exactly the same. They were now and had always been the ultimate ‘every pot has a lid’ combination.

Almost unwillingly she began to push back against the cock ramming into her pussy, twisting her hip just a bit to get that rubbery hardness pushing up against her clit… Aaahh, that felt soooo good.

He grabbed her hips and was roughly pulling her back on his cock with a wild abandon that was almost animalistic — and she gasped at the image rising unbidden in her mind of being rutted upon this way.

Reaching up and under her coat, he pawed at her hanging breasts, pulling on the hardening nipples. Jesus! She was lost in a world of physical sensation and the warm glow of pleasure was radiating out from her tits and cunt to fill her entire body.

She reached across the table to grab onto the busily working elf to steady herself from the pummeling her ass was getting. She realized dazedly that she had grabbed onto his crotch and wondered what that must look like from outside the window…

“Oh my God — the window!” she thought, panic welling up through her. She opened her slitted eyes to glance out the workshop display window, only to see two old ladies watching the scene intently.

She was horrified and ready to throw him off, when she heard one of the ladies speaking:

“‘Helen, look — isn’t that wonderful? Santa is giving that poor elf the heimlich…”

Hearing that, a bark of laughter escaped her parted lips — and THAT DID IT! When no longer concentrating on or concerned about her surroundings, the physical sensations took over completely, and her body and psyche threw her into an explosive orgasm. She threw her head back and groaned loudly, “Oh yessssss! Oh, God! Oh, GOD … YES!”

She shook convulsively — her pussy spasming uncontrollably around his raging cock. Hearing her lose control pushed him over the edge, and he grunted as his dick began to pulsate and release a load of hot sperm deep into her belly. They moaned and gyrated together — enjoying the mutual feelings of love and lust for each other.

At last he collapsed over her back. Hugging her tightly, he murmured to her, “Oh, good God almighty! That was awesome, sweetheart! You are one hot piece of ass, love.”

She raised her head to look out the window at the two smiling old ladies and waved weakly at them. They waved back before toddling off, calling to her as they moved away from the window, “Glad you’re okay, little elf! Merry Christmas!”