A Visit to Granny’s Farm Ch. 01


I was three when Granny had another baby, it was a couple of weeks after my birthday and the hours journey to go see her was shortened by me kneeling on the floor of the car and playing with my new birthday cars on the back seat with my sister.

We drove down the rough track which led to the clusters of tied cottages; I waved to Granddad who was in a field with pigs then the final bend where we’d expect to see Granny waiting by the wood shed waiting to greet us. It was a bit of a disappointment when she wasn’t there and I don’t think I’d ever known that happen before but Mum said something about being busy with the baby.

Dad stopped the car, making sure it wouldn’t be in the way if a tractor needed to get past and we walked round the back to the door. Dad let us in using the Yale key that was always left in the door and we found Granny in her sewing room sitting on a chair holding a bundle of red cloth in her lap.

“Hello Peter.”

“Hello Mum, how is everything?”

“Really good, sorry I’ll be here for a while; she only wanted a feed a few seconds ago. If I’d known you were this close I’d have held off feeding her.”

“No problem. I saw Dad in Uphill field with pigs, that’s a bit different.”

“Bosses son wanted to get into pigs big time this year but they are so much work.”

My sister pushed past, “Is that the baby Granny?”

“Yes petal.” She carefully moved the red cloth and we saw the pink head with some wispy dark hair and a tiny ear. There seemed to be two heads but the other didn’t have an ear or hair, I didn’t have a clue at the time but of course it was a breast.

Moving on a few years the excitement of going to see Granny and Granddad was so enhanced by playing with Annabella, we’d always enjoyed romping around the farm and playing our exploring games but it was so much better with a third playmate, especially building camps with bales of hay or straw in the barns or playing hide and seek.

Time marched on and I’d passed my driving test so my first long run was driving the family to Granny and Granddad, I parked by the woodshed and as had become the norm an Annabella came running towards us shouting “Teeeeerrrrrrreeeeee” and ripping the back door open shrieked; “Isn’t Terry here?”

I opened the drivers door and stood, “Hello Plinky,” the knick name that had started some years before when she discovered the sound a tight fence wire made and had stuck.

As had become the custom I picked her up for a hug and she wrapped her arms and legs around me limpet style. That was the first time I’d noticed she’d changed shape and wearing a bra.

As it happens I got a job which involved a fair bit of travel and about every month I’d pass the end of the road so I’d pop in to see the family. Now Granny and Granddad were both employees of the farm and although there were no set working hours there was always something to be done and especially at certain times of the year it would be very busy, my greeting remained the hug with Plinky and quite often it would be only her I saw.

Yes we were very close and one day as I held onto an eighteen year old Aunty Annabella I noticed there was no bra strap. The feeling of the smooth cotton blouse covered back seemed so strange I must have subconsciously felt for it. The custom from earliest days had been a childish kiss on the lips and then she would release her grip and get down off me.

That day was different, very different. One must remember that living out in the middle of nowhere one leads a sheltered life. Having said that you learn all about sex by seeing the animals mating and then giving birth so the ‘facts of life’ are there in your face, so to speak.

That day was different, very different. My aunty gave me the usual kiss but instead of dismounting she kissed again, another peck, then another and another. “Wow five kisses today Plinky?”

The answer was another kiss, another and the third turned into more than a peck on the lips, the kiss remained and turned into some pretty amazing nibbling and suddenly I realised I was standing their with my legal age aunty wrapped around my body, kissing like we’d never kissed before and I had a raging hard-on. I was rubbing up and down from her arse to her hair. Then when I felt her legs gripping me harder and some pushing movements against my waist I held on firmly to her arse with one hand and her neck with the other and pulled hard.

Her little pushing action got harder and quicker and her hips seemed to be rolling back and forth, the mashing casino şirketleri of lips against teeth felt urgent and then she, my little Plinky, my younger Aunty Annabella relaxed, her lips moved from mine, her legs loosened, she placed her forehead against mine, her nose against mine and both hands behind my head.

“So.” Another kiss on my lips, “So.” Another kiss, “So Nephew is checking out his little Aunty?”


“It didn’t take you long to check for a bra Terry.”

“I didn’t… Did I?”

She nodded, still resting her forehead against mine.

I had to do it again and check properly, I made a thing of emphasising by dabbing my hand around the area below her shoulder blades. “Oh no I didn’t notice. I’d best check here too.” and felt under her arm, I found some side boob but the rest was squashed against me. “Oh Aunty indeed I see now you’re not wearing a bra.”

Plinky flipped her arms and legs open and landed very delicately on the ground. My only response to the action of her holding my hand was to follow as she started walking. Walking away from the cottage…

“Want to build a camp in the hay for old time sake Nephew?”

My memories of the three of us struggling to move bales to build walls and steps and battlements, having our picnic which was usually some of Grannys amazing home made fruit cake and orange squash directly from the bottle and shouting “I’m the king of the castle.” ran through my mind as I followed the white blouse and black straight mid thigh length skirt.

Plinkys idea of building a camp seemed to be a bit different, the bales had been stacked about seven high and as usual the end was stepped so getting atop was easy, once there she laid on her back, flicked her hair out to form a big dark brown semicircle and left her hands beside her head at the edge of her hair, suddenly I saw her so differently, as a woman, as a woman on heat.

“I hope you didn’t mind kissing like that, I saw Jenny from up the road in here with a boy and watched them kissing, it looked like fun and I couldn’t wait to try it with you.”

“It took me by surprise.”

“I bet it did, kiss me again.”

I laid down on one elbow beside my aunty, bent forwards and repeated the earlier experience. I remember it to this day; first peck, second peck, used my free hand to cup her furthest cheek, third and fourth peck in quick succession.

Annabella sort of sprung into life and using the hand furthest from me rubbed her breasts quite firmly, “Ooo that made them go hard.”

Before I could do anything she used the hand to pull my head back into place and the kissing started; several quick pecks then open mouths and I used my tongue. Annabella froze and pushed my head away. What was that?”

“That was something you will get to love Plinky.” I bent forwards again and nibbled her lips then included flicking them with my tongue; yes she did quickly get to enjoy tongues.

I was enjoying making out with my aunty but after a quarter hour my shoulder was hurting and lay on my back. She turned onto her side and laid her head on my shoulder, my hand was in a good place to rub her back. “So how come no bra today?”

“I saw your car coming down the track and I’ve seen the way you’ve looked sometimes so…”

“So what?”

“So I took it off for you.”

I roughed her hair; “Yooou norrrrghty girrrl.” And it just seemed correct to use my other hand and have a feel. Very much as I expected a slim eighteen year olds breast to be; very firm, petite and a little nipple but it turned rock solid between my fingers.

“Ohhhhh Terry. I t feels different when you do that.” She sat up, turned round and sat astride my hips, right on my erection but she didn’t seem to notice so I let the situation ride and lifted my hands to palm her breasts. This time I felt both nipples harden.

“Horrrrrr, yeah Nephew, Nephew, Nephew. Yeah.”

Cupping her breasts from the front I soon managed to catch those dainty nipples with thumbs against my forefinger knuckles and each time I squeezed them Plinky made a “hoaw” sound.

“What else did you see Jenny doing?”

“Oh she played with his penis, shall I show you?”

“Yes why not?”

“You’ll have to take your trousers off then.”

Annabella rolled off to one side and arching my bum upwards I slipped my trousers off my bum then sat up to push them down my legs, then using my feet I kicked my shoes and my trousers all the way off.

“And your briefs.”

I repeated the operation for my navy casino firmalari blue Y fronts. This may seem strange but we’d grown up with no inhibitions between us. Annabella pushed me flat on my back again, knelt beside me and started rubbing my cock, somewhat too vigorously.

“Gently, gently Plinky… that’s better.” She was perhaps now too gentle then she stopped and turned away from me on all fours.

“Breed me.”

“Ah. I don’t have any condoms.”

“Oh that’s alright.”

Of course in the farming world the use of the words like breed, sire, cover, mate are commonplace and its use didn’t feel out of place. The fact this is my aunty, albeit three years younger than me, asking me to fuck her should have had alarm bells ringing but my dick brain usurped my proper brain and thinking she’s telling me she is on the pill or at least aware of her cycles, as farmers tend to be with their stock, I got up and kneeling astride her calves I lifted her black skirt to find a totally naked bum.

No way was my dick gonna fit there, I was at least a foot too high; “Move round to this bit so I can stand on the next bale down Plinky.”

“Sure. Do you mind being my first Terry?” as she moved over.

“Bloody hell, how come you chose me?”

“You’re my best and oldest friend, who else do you think is the right person then?”

“I get that, if you’re sure though.”

“All I’ve thought about is this moment after seeing Jenny up here.”

My only virgin, I’ve heard about how difficult it can be for a girl so I put my finger in my mouth to get it as wet as possible and fed it into her pussy. She was dripping wet and my finger slipped in just like the other three girls I’ve been with so dick brain did no more than direct dick to pussy and it slid in with a just a little bit more effort than I was used to.

“oooow that’s nice, better than my hair brush or the broom.”

I had to laugh; “Oh my God Plinky you crack me up.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve got this image of you sweeping the pigsties out with the broom stuffed in there.”

Annabella started laughing too, so much that she forced my dick from her and fell to one side. “Oh Terry, trust you to spoil my first time.”

“It wasn’t me.”

We regained our former positions and with my hands on her hips my dick slid straight back to where it was.

“oooow yes.”

Nice and slowly I started sliding almost right out and all the way in again

“oooow that is… is sooo nice… sooooo nice.”

I continued the slow movements until Annabella started pushing back at me and controlled the increasing the tempo. The strokes had to become shorter and the action turned into a slamming match, until the inevitable happened and I slipped out but too late to stop the next stroke and of course I’m not lined up with her pussy as contact resumed.

Now all you Literotica readers are way ahead with the predictable accidental slip into her arse and she loved it and lived happy ever after routine.

Annabella nigh on took off when my dick jabbed at her and she went flying forward to the right while I went the other way and we landed sort of bundled side by side but almost facing each other.

“That was fun Terry, can we do it again.” Interspersed with heavy breathing.

“I sure hope so Plinky. I just need to get my breath back a bit first after the shock.”

“But this time make sure it’s aimed properly, yeah?”

“I didn’t expect your rump be so hard.”

Annabella playfully slapped my face, “Terry! Are you saying I’ve got a big bum?”

“No Plinky, I’m saying there isn’t enough padding and it hurt when my, err, weenis hit your pelvis.”

“Oh Terry.” She laughed. “I’d forgotten that one, where did weenis come from?”

“We were out along the hazelnut trees in lower stream field and I needed a wee, I can’t remember if it was you or sis that asked why it’s called a penis when it’s used for a wee and should be called a weenis.”

We laughed a little.

“Come on weenis boy, come and breed me but don’t slam it into my buttock this time.”

For the benefit of the reader our little accident resulted in a really hard jab of my dick against her buttock and pelvis and nowhere near accidental anal sex as seems to happen to so many people.

I stood on the lower bale as Annabella knelt up to resume her position and a couple of strokes with my hand soon had my weenis solid again to slip it nicely into her well lubricated pussy. I tried the slow start but she was having none of it, güvenilir casino she went hell for leather ramming back at me and I had some trouble keeping up with her while standing on a soft bale. I knew I’d not last very long at his pace but I did manage to bunch the whole of her skirt in my clenched fists and hold on for dear life as I felt the bale compressing under the action.

“Aaaaarrrgghhhh, yesssssss, errrrrgh yesss. Oh myyyyyyy… oh Terry you magician yes yes yes, oh my yeahhhhhhssss Terry don’t you bloody dare stop.”

I prayed, oh God yes I prayed and made all sorts of promises to him if he’d allow me to hold off a little longer and at the same time I thanked him for producing such a gorgeous aunty and asked his forgiveness for fucking her.

“Yiyiyiyiyiiieeeeiiii.” Came from the throat of Annabella in a deep guttural growl that I never though she’d be capable of.

The sound gave me the permission to do what comes naturally to a randy twenty-one year old lad and I flooded her pussy with a gallon of sticky white potency.

“Oh my,” my aunty slid forwards, dropped down to the hay and rolled onto her back with the knees up and waggling feet around up high, “bloody heck… yeah… yeah Terry, Terry you bloody hero,” she held her clenched hands tight against her breasts and rubbed hard. “Come here you bugger, I need a cuddle.”

Never one to say no to a lady I knelt on the hay and forced my way between her legs, elbows supporting me beside her arms and gently rested my chest against her fists, held each side of her head and kissed. It was hot, it was hard, it was passionate and it was tongues, two fighting wriggling eels in the throws of some magical mating ritual. Our hot breaths being inhaled and swapped back and forth between us until we slowly calmed and our breathing and heartbeats returned to normal.

“How was that for you Plinky?”

“Don’t ask such bloody stupid questions Terry, that was so amazing, not what I expected at all.”

I felt hands and arms moving from between us and circle round me, pulling me closer for some more kissing.


“Sorry. Am I too heavy?”

“No, I can feel it coming out and it feels… kind of cold and sticky.”

“I’m sure you’ll get used to that too Plinky.”

“Have you got a tissue for me?”

“Sure.” I got up and untangled my trousers for a clean tissue.

“I’ve got something else to show you.”

“Oh yes, what’s that?”

“Get dressed and I’ll show you.”

In the process of dressing I watched as Annabella tried to clean out my mess, her big dark bush took me a little by surprise as all of my previous conquests were clean shaven and all the porn I’d seen was either the same or little landing strips or thinned out and shaped, things like hearts or cartoon characters.

She stood and climbed down the steps to floor level. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

We went to the adjacent barn, well perhaps barn is a big word for a glorified shed, inside was a corner cordoned off with an assortment of plastic containers, bags of animal feed, bale of straw and some bits of wood. I knew straightaway what was going to be within, especially with the infrared lamp hanging from several bits of orange string knotted together.

Every year granddad would put something like this together for baby chicks. When we were small like fifteen years ago we’d climb in there and play with them, it’s one of those happy memories that will remain in my head forever. The one which stands out the most is Annabella sat there in just nappy and rubber pants laughing with two chicks sat in her hair.

There I found eight chicks and three ducklings huddled together in the warmth of the lamp.

“They are so sweet Plinky; this always reminds me of Church at Easter.”

She placed a hand round my waist, “Yeah, me too and that vicar with that silly haircut.”

“The very Reverend Tomothy Ives-Tempest.”

We laughed together which was broken with a voice from behind; “Reverend TIT. That’s a blast from the past. Tit by name, Tit by nature and Tit by that stupid hair.”

“Hello Granny.” I moved towards her.

“Hello Terry.” Her arms opened for a hug which I completed with her.

“Somehow I thought you’d be in here with the chicks when I saw your car but neither of you were indoors.”

“Guilty as charged,”

“Kettles on, don’t be too long in here.”

We waited for her singing to fade into the distance, “Phew that was too close for comfort Plinky.”


We shared another big hug and full on kiss before going in for a mug of tea. I declined dinner and bade farewell before dinner was served.

On my journey home I wondered what the hell had just happened but my weenis knew as it stood tall and proud in the confines of my clothes.