Joslyn was pleased with her efforts as she scanned the kitchen, dining area, and living room. She was not a person to leave her home in a mess. The kitchen was clean, the dirty dishes and pots were in the dishwater. The countertops wiped down and the trash removed. The glass tabletop in the dining area was set for two. The living area with a 7-foot couch and two swivel rockers spruced up. The coffee table and occasional tables dusted and waxed. Thanks to a central vacuum system, all floors and carpeting were clean.

Joslyn was testing the wine for its chill when the doorbell rang. She glanced first at the microwave oven seeing the clock ticking over to 2000 hrs. Then Joslyn looked at the color monitor sitting on the countertop. A smile lit up her face as Joslyn recognized Maybeth standing in the storm porch. Stepping around the counter Joslyn made their way to the front door. As she opened the door, Joslyn said, “greetings, guest of honor.” With a flourish, Joslyn waved Maybeth into her home.

Maybeth moved several feet into the space before her, and did a slow 360° turn taking in the view. “What a wonderful home you have,” she said, “it is I who should honor you.” Suiting actions to words Maybeth stepped up to Joslyn and kissed her on each cheek. Joslyn blushed, but Maybeth also saw the slight misting of her eyes.

Joslyn recovered beautifully and said, “May I take your coat? I’ll put it in the closet.” Maybeth turned her back to Joslyn as she undid the buttons holding the cape/coat together. Joslyn noticed the details of the garment. It looked like a cape with sleeves. The collar stood straight up and was approximately 4 inches in height. The overall length covered Maybeth down to mid-calf. The material was wool with a subdued plaid pattern.

Joslyn noted Maybeth’s footwear. She was wearing open-toed clogs, which brought attention to the manicured toes adorned with strawberry red nail polish.

Maybeth held the garment open so that Joslyn could slide it off. Joslyn slid the cape/coat down and away from Maybeth then stopped and gawked at the vision in front of her. Maybeth was nude! Her hair was done up in a neat bun that sat on the back of her skull. Maybeth’s shoulders were straight and even. The spine was straight but curved in slightly at the waist only to come back out before sliding down between Maybeth’s buttocks. The heart shaped ass pointed towards Joslyn silently screamed “Touch me, fondle me!”

Maybeth’s voice penetrated the silence, “Do you like my new clothes?” As she was speaking, Maybeth had taken a step forward and turned to face Joslyn.

Joslyn’s eyes got even bigger at the frontal view. The slightly swollen breasts showed no sign of sag. The nipples were large, aided in part by the nipple chain that hung in a shallow loop. As Joslyn’s eyes traveled further down Maybeth’s body, a shaved pussy greets them. She had to blink twice to be sure that the twinkle was real. It was then that Joslyn realized Maybeth was wearing a vagina clip. With a broad grin on her face Joslyn said, “The accessories do add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.”

Both women broke out in laughter. Joslyn recovered her voice first and said, “you beautiful, mysterious, naughty woman — care for some wine? Oh, do leave your clogs by the door. All the house floors are heated.”

Maybeth replied, “I would enjoy a cool glass of wine,” as she followed Joslyn to the kitchen bar.

As Joslyn’s finished pouring the wine she said, “I’m feeling rather overdressed. Would you mind if I took off the extra layers?”

“By all means,” replied Maybeth, “this after all is your home.”

“Would you help with my zipper, please,” Joslyn asked, “I always have trouble getting them down.” Maybeth grasped the zipper and with practiced ease pulled it all away to the bottom. Joslyn indicated that she would return in a minute. “Please help yourself to the fresh veggies. I’ll just put this in the bedroom.”

Maybeth scanned the plate in front of her thinking that Joslyn had gone to put the robe away. Joslyn’s robe made no sound as it formed a puddle of material around her feet. Joslyn brought her, butt length hair over her left shoulder, taking care to hide her left breast. “Oh yes, this feels much more comfortable,” she said.

Startled by Joslyn’s voice Maybeth turned around and gawked at the nude vision before her. Joslyn had not changed. She had disrobed. Joslyn moved her feet to shoulder-width apart while placing her hands on her hips. She said, “Two can play the game.”

Maybeth blinked her eyes several times so she could focus properly. She took in the Auburn hair that glowed, the swollen breasts enhanced by the nipple chain swinging slightly between them. Maybeth blinked again as she viewed the puffy outer lips of Joslyn held together by a vagina clip. She also noticed, with some jealousy, Joslyn’s complete lack of pussy hair. “Oh, my goodness!” Maybeth said, “You shaved your pussy.”

Joslyn replied, “I have wanted to try it for a long time, tonight seemed like the perfect time.”

“I bursa escort bayan think beautiful, mysterious, and naughty accurately describe you.” Maybeth stated, “On second thought, I have to add an additional adjective — wanton! Did you lure me out here to ravish and devour me?”

“Oh no, I invited you for conversation and dinner,” replied Joslyn. With a smile and a wink, she added, “The ravishing and devouring will occur later tonight.”

Maybeth roared with laughter. “Getting to know you is going to be fun,” she said, closing the distance separating them. Maybeth gathered Joslyn to her. Softly, yet firmly, she kissed Joslyn on the mouth.

Both felt the current between their lips. The feeling increased as breasts came into full contact; stomach muscles began their quivering dance while pubic bones ground against each other. Finally, the current lanced through both vaginas spreading out to titillate anuses, buttocks, and thighs. As the current faded away, over-loaded vaginal muscles rippled forcing a torrent of nectar out past-sensitized inner and outer lips to flow down quivering thighs. The kiss ended, lips parted to release a chest deep groan. Both women voiced “Wow!”

Maybeth and Joslyn staggered to the kitchen counter seeking the stools standing under the lip. Two sets of buttocks met the hard surface of the stools in unison. Silence reigned.

Unmeasured time past before Joslyn turned her head toward Maybeth and said, “That was one hell of a conversation our bodies just had.”

Smiling weakly Maybeth replied, “I have never had an appetizer like that before.”

Standing up Joslyn said, “We need to mop up. The guest bath is the center door. Just press the touch pad beside the door. I will use my bedroom bath.”

Some five minutes later both women stood at the kitchen counter holding glasses of wine. Joslyn asked, “You left your car in the driveway, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” said Maybeth with a puzzled look on her face.

“Give me your car keys,” Joslyn said as she pushed a button on the wall, “I will put it in the garage.”

Maybeth retrieved her car keys from the bag she had left by the door. Joslyn took the keys, opened the door, and went out into the night. Maybeth heard her car start then drive away. Two minutes later Joslyn opened the front door and walked in.

“Should I ask you why you moved my car?” Asked Maybeth, as she accepted her keys from Joslyn.

With a smile Joslyn replied, “Just part of my security arrangements. Would you refill my glass of wine while I set dinner on the table?”

“Okay,” Maybeth answered.

Joslyn took the fresh veggies from the counter and put them on the dining table. Then she walked into the kitchen, turned on the microwave and dropped the oven door to its open position. Using potholders Joslyn removed dinner plates and a covered dish. “Maybeth, grab that trivet and put it on the table, please.”

“Sure thing,” answered Maybeth. She picked up the trivet and her glass of wine. “Where should I sit?”

“Either place is fine. One more trip and dinner is served.” She said putting the covered dish on the trivet and the dinner plates on the placemats. Walking back into the kitchen Joslyn popped open the frig, extracted a tub of butter and with a nudge of her elbow sent the frig door home. Hearing the ding of the microwave Joslyn removed a dozen hot, crispy, lightly browned rolls. These she shoveled into a woven basket lined with a table napkin.

Back at the table, Joslyn sat down and put the rolls between her place and Maybeth. Handing Maybeth the serving spoon she said, “Serve yourself.” Taking the lid off the covered dish Maybeth asked, “What are we having?”

“Shepherd’s pie,” said Joslyn, “it’s contains mashed potatoes, carrots, peas and lean ground beef. The beef is on the bottom so dig deep.” Maybeth helped herself to a generous portion then past the spoon to Joslyn. “Why did you move my car?” Maybeth asked.

“Jonathan would have noticed and called the sheriff’s department. Then in 15 minutes or less, we would have a deputy knocking on the door.” With a wink she added, “Our current attire would cause more confusion.”

“Thank you, Joslyn,” a rich baritone voice said, “you have been rather tardy with your introductions though.”

Startled, Maybeth dropped her fork searching the room attempting to find the body attached to the voice. Finding no person, she looked inquiringly at Joslyn.

“Please accept my apologies,” said Joslyn her hand grasping Maybeth, “I should have introduced you when you arrived. As for you, you rogue,” she continued, “a silent reminder would have saved me the embarrassment. Formal introductions can wait until after dinner.”

Grinning, while shaking her head Maybeth said, “you are full of surprises and puzzles.” With a wink, Joslyn handed her guest the dropped fork. “Oh damn!” Joslyn said as she stood, “I forgot the salt and pepper.” Retrieving the condiments Joslyn returned to the table, and sat down saying, “shall we finish our görükle escort dinner?”

For the remainder of the dinner Joslyn and Maybeth nibbled around the edges of each other’s personal history. Finally, the wine glasses were empty. “Help me clean up the dishes,” Joslyn said, “then I will officially introduce you to Jonathan.”

“I won’t know where anything goes.” Maybeth replied.

Joslyn held up a hand to stop further comment. “I have the feeling that you do know,” countered Joslyn.

Picking up only took a few minutes. Dishes and silverware were added to the dishwasher. The remaining shepherds’ pie was the last item. “What do you want me to do with this?” Maybeth asked, pointing to the dish.

“Oh, I enjoy leftovers,” Joslyn said, “put it in a snap lid and slide it into the fridge.”

Maybeth’s hand reached for the cabinet before her mind asked ‘where?’ She finished the chore and was putting the dish in the dishwasher when she asked, “Joslyn, were you thinking of me?”

Joslyn turned to face Maybeth with a shy smile on her face. “No, I wasn’t.” she said, “I have this quirky sixth sense telling me that you know where and how I store things.”

“What now?” asked Maybeth.

Holding out a hand, Joslyn said, “I introduced you to Jonathan.”

Taking hold of the offered hand, Maybeth exclaimed, “Oh wow! There is another surge” — “of current like when we kissed,” finished Joslyn.

Both women were shocked into silence. As the current faded away Maybeth asked with a slight quiver in her voice, “What’s happening?”

“Let us meet Johnson first,” said Joslyn, “then maybe I’ll have some words to fit my thoughts.”

“Jonathan,” she said, “Sanctuary, no lights.” The mural behind the dining room table rolled up into the ceiling to expose a sliding patio door. The left-hand door slid open. “Come on,” Joslyn said to Maybeth as she tugged the hands she was holding, “Jonathan awaits.”

Puzzled and suddenly shy Maybeth allowed herself to be led into Sanctuary. The room she entered filled with a soft glow. It seemed to be coming from the far wall. The glow was being reflected off the panels across the room. Looking up her eyes went wide with amazement. The entire ceiling consisted of glass panels. The glow originated from the stars and the moon. Maybeth said to no one in particular, “How utterly marvelous!”

“Remember to breathe,” Jonathan replied.

“Jonathan, lights please.” Joslyn said, “Level low.”

“Acknowledged,” as a thin band of light appeared. It was bright enough that the occupants would not stumble around in the dark but dim enough to not overwhelm the stars and moon.

“Jonathan, allow me to officially introduce Maybeth Thomson,” Joslyn said, “Maybeth meet Jonathan.”

“Joslyn, provide level of access please,” the voice said as a circle of green light appeared on the floor to the left of Maybeth.

Joslyn answered, “Full access, video and audio, response required, recording.”

“Good evening, Maybeth,” Jonathan said, “Would you please stand in the center of the circle facing the wall.”

“Oh!” Maybeth said, “Okay.” Maybeth saw a red light above her and glanced up. Descending from the ceiling was a circle of red light.

“Eyes front, please.” Jonathan requested. Maybeth quickly focused on the wall in front of her.

Almost a minute passed in complete silence. “Scan complete, retinal pattern stored. You may step back, Maybeth,” Jonathan said, “Please state your full name and date of birth.”

“My full name is Maybeth and Thomson, no “P”,” replied Maybeth, as she stepped away from the green circle on the floor. “My date of birth is October 29, 1965.”

“Voice print recorded,” Jonathan continued, “Would you be willing to give this facility a small sample of your blood and a strand of your hair?”

Joslyn stepped up behind Maybeth and said, “Oh, go ahead. It will not hurt. I’ll even help.” With quick fingers, she removed the stickpin that held Maybeth’s bun to the back of her skull. Maybeth’s hair cascaded down her back with the ends coming to the bottom of her butt.

“Oh, my goodness!” was the only sound heard.

Maybeth turned around and with a wink and a grin said, “Remember that two…” Plucking a single strand of hair from her head she asked, “Jonathan, where do I place this?”

A small table slid from the wall. “Place the strand completely within the white square.” Doing as directed Maybeth coiled the strand on the white square. Immediately there was a flash of red followed by a flash of green. “Sample accepted,” Jonathan said, “Place your left fore-finger in the lighted tube.” Maybeth complied feeling a small prick and s gentle squeeze. “Thank you, Maybeth.” Jonathan stated, “Your samples have been properly disposed of.”

“Step back into the middle of the room with me,” Joslyn said, “so both of can view the completed scan.” The green circle of light appeared and an image began to form. It quickly transformed itself into a holographic replica of Maybeth. “Is that bursa escort bayan truly me?” she asked no one. “Down to the last millimeter,” answered Jonathan. Both women watched the hologram for two complete revolutions. A single word broke the silence. “Exquisite!”


“I am merely stating the obvious.”

“Naughty, naughty,” said Joslyn, “but I certainly agree. Is the spa ready?”

“Yes, Joslyn.”

“Let’s relax in the spa Maybeth,” Joslyn said walking toward the pool of light on the far side of the room.

“That would be lovely. The boutique was hectic all afternoon.” There was a subtle movement as Maybeth settled on to the seat.

“The seat adjusts itself to the individual sitting on it. Lean back and let the neck rest hold your head at the proper angle.” Both women relaxed allowing the heated water to soothe away the cares and worries of the day.

Maybeth noted that while the water was deep enough to cover, just barely, her breasts. The clarity was such that she could clearly see her own assets, but also the assets of Joslyn, whose hips almost touching her own.

Looking down and to her left, she saw Joslyn’s feet with her pedicure toes and light blue polish. Scanning upward, she came to Joslyn’s pussy. The outer lips were puffed lowered the result of the vagina clip. A twinkling line of stones lay between those tantalizing lips. Maybeth again shifted her eyes up Joslyn’s body. Twin mounds rose and fell with each breath the Joslyn took. Maybeth focused on Joslyn’s nipples. They seem to be marble size sitting atop steel rings that were in turn connected by a thin metal rope. Maybeth knew the nipple clips and rope was a duplicate of her own.

Joslyn’s voice broke into her reverie. “See anything you like?”

“All of you! Even what I can’t see.”

“Am I enough to make a meal?”

“A veritable feast!”

“Jonathan,” Joslyn said, “please deliver our dessert and after dinner coffee.” Two steaming cups and a plate filled with tort slowly rose from an enclosure at the side of the spa.

“Cherry torts garnished with whip cream are the dessert,” Jonathan’s wonderful baritone said, for coffee. We have Irish coffee, light on the Irish. One with cream and sugar. The other black with sugar.

“I did you know?” Maybeth asked.

“I cheated! I watched you prepare a cup of coffee the last time I visited the boutique.”

Even though submerged in soothing warm water Maybeth and Joslyn quickly devoured two Cherry torts apiece. They lay back now, sipping their Irish coffee through this the straws conveniently provided by a silent Jonathan.

“Joslyn, I heard phrases while I was being introduced to Jonathan, Maybeth said, but I don’t have a clue as to their meaning.”

“Jonathan, would you explain my cryptic comments to Maybeth?”

Johnson began to enumerate. “Joslyn has, with my complete approval, allowed you (1) full and complete access to my systems and services; (2) you may record all events with video, audio or both; (3) Joslyn has authorized me to respond to and initiate verbal communications and (4) I will record all events for my historical files and your review.”


“Do not argue with the BOSS!”

“Joslyn, once again you honor me. Thank you.”

“Maybeth, I know with a certainty that I have made the correct choices and decisions. I also know that I will never regret what I have granted you.”


“Yes, Maybeth”

“Please remove the remaining torts and our empty cups.” With Joslyn’s help, any sign of dessert was removed. “Thank you, Jonathan.”

“You’re welcome. I also raised the water temperature 5°.”

“You’re not falling asleep, are you?”

“No, just thoroughly enjoying this beautiful spa.”

As Joslyn pushed a button on her side panel she said, “Let the ravishing began.”

Three jets of water struck their targets simultaneously. “Oh my God!” Wailed Maybeth, “How?”

“I told you the seat conforms to the occupant. It also senses what sex the occupant is.” Joslyn rotated a knob two clicks. Bubbles were added to the jets of water. Maybeth was so overloaded with sexual responses she couldn’t move her limbs.

The assault was devastating in its swiftness. Sensitized breasts swelled to their fullest; engorged nipples sought release, but could find none. Maybeth’s outer lips were receiving the same treatment. A firestorm was launched. Abdominal muscles rippled ever faster.

Joslyn administered the coup de grace. Lifting the string of stones from Maybeth’s outer lips, she plucked the vagina clip off with an upward motion. She placed the clip on the side of the spot. Then quickly removing her own clip she lay back to submit your own mounting orgasm.

“AAIIYYEE!” tore from Maybeth’s throat when her outer lips flew apart with the release of pressure. Her inner lips you needed please swelled. They open like the petals on a flower. There was no longer any protection for Maybeth’s clitoris. It blossomed into full erection, which caused her vaginal canal spasm. Despite the jets of water and bubbles, a torrent of nectar rocketed from the deepest depth.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Screamed Maybeth, as she went from one orgasm to another without interruption. After what seemed like hours Maybeth yelled, “oh God! Please, please stop. I can’t take any more.”