A Swinging Party from the 70’s

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I was young when I got married, barely 20. Judy was a high school darling that I had dated for the last couple of years of high school and then later in college. She was young and pretty with Auburn hair nice shaped breasts, about 36C with a waist of 30 and hips of 38. I am not saying she had a big ass but it was good size for a teenager. After we married, I asked her to start wearing sexy outfits when we played and made love. She would put on her panties and garter belt with hose and a real sexy bra. I loved fucking her pussy and I loved eating her pussy. Judy would never let me fuck her in the ass but she sure liked me to lick her there. Judy would suck my cock but never wanted to have me cum in her mouth. She was a virgin when we meet and I had to teach her some things about having sex and she taught me how to make her feel very good when she had orgasms.

One night when we were having hot sex in the bedroom, I came in her pussy, then went down on her, and licked her clean. The moans and sighs I heard that night were sweet sounds of ecstasy. She came repeatedly. After that, Judy wanted me to do that almost every time we made love. One night, I did lick her pussy after I came a big load. I licked up a tongue full of my cum and leaned forward to french-kiss her. I push my tongue full of cum into her mouth and we had one wet kiss. She loved it. However, she would never admit it enough to have me cum in her mouth while she was sucking me. Judy always wanted me to finish in her pussy. I did not kiss her again with my cum. I would sometimes clean up her creampie but not always.

Back in those days, we were pot smokers like all of my hippie friends. We would go to other couples casino oyna houses to party and play cards, smoke and drink. Sometimes, we would watch porn Super-8 films (back before VCR’s). Yes, there really was such a thing as Super-8 movies. We would turn out lights except for a few candles and incense. We would party with one couple Rick and Joanna. They were just a little bit older than we were. Rick and Joanna asked me if I thought Judy would swing. I said, “I will ask her and see what she says.”

Later that night, while in bed having some heavy petting and foreplay, I told Judy that Rick and Joanna wanted to swap partners with us on our next get together.

Judy said, “What do you mean? You want me to fuck Rick while you fuck Joanna?”

“Well, he thinks you are hot and he wants to fuck you, yes.”

“And what are you doing while Rick fucks me? Are you fucking Joanna?”

“Yes.” “I mean NO not yet”

“I don’t know about this, Phil. This is just sex, right? This is just one time, right? No fooling around later?”

Joanna was a 5′-5″ and a big girl. Joanna was curvy. She was probably a 38DD with a backside of 42. Rick was a tall well-built guy and according to Joanna, he was big. I never saw his cock but she said he was a good 9 inches and thick. I think Judy was a little excited about having a really big cock fuck her, and she said it might be a strange new sensation to have someone different from my cock that she only knew since her virginity was given to me in high school.

I called Rick and told him we would swing with them. Rick and I set a date and time to have this evening of fun and partying.

That afternoon I had Judy dress in her most sexy canlı casino purple panties, garter, purple and white flowered bra and white hose. She slipped on a cute little yellow flowered sun dress, with white high heels which made her calves look toned and nice. I slip on a manly thong and a tight pair of faded blue jeans. Back then, I was muscular and toned. I wore a black tank top and tennis shoes.

When we arrived, it was getting dark and the house was lit with a few candles. Rick was in his usual jeans, t-shirt and bare footed. Joanna had on a jumper (a one-piece floppy material outfit) and I guessed she did not have anything on underneath. She was also bare footed. We went into the rec room. Judy and I sat down on the couch together. Someone lit a joint. Rick made drinks for both of us. It was not long after the joint Joanna grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom. I looked at Judy and Rick. Judy didn’t say anything but her expression said ‘I am not sure about his’. I think she thought we would be in the same room so each could watch the other one.

When Joanna got me behind closed doors, we immediately took off all our clothes. I played with those big tits and suckled each one for a long time. Her breasts felt so soft in my hands and her nipples stood out straight. She was playing with my cock as it was growing very hard now. I ran my hand down her belly feeling the softness. I begin to finger her wet pussy. Joanna lay back on the bed. I got between her legs and licked that pussy in and out. She was so wet. I had her pussy juice all over my face. Joanna grabbed my head and pushed me into her pussy more. After a good long time of the licking and sucking, she pulled me up kaçak casino on top of her. She was so soft everywhere. I slid my erect cock into her ever so wet pussy. She had really enjoyed my tongue action and I could tell from her moaning that she had a orgasms that made her tremble. I slid right in. I fucked her hard. Ramming, thrusting, and bouncing. We were moving! After I came hard, we just laid there together. I was kissing her lips, caressing her breasts and ass. She was squeezing my ass cheeks and pulling me into her pussy. After a while of lying together, Joanna and I got up out of bed and got dressed. We went out to the other room where Judy and Rick were. They too were just putting the clothes back on. i don’t remember anyone saying anything but I sure got a look from Judy. I did not know what that look meant. Maybe something had gone wrong or maybe they had not done anything.

Judy and I left and drove home. Neither of us said anything. She went into the house first and went straight to our bedroom. I came in and heard Judy.

“PHIL, come in here now!” she shouted.

I did not know what to expect. I thought that maybe she was packing her things to leave. So, I walked into the bedroom very carefully. She had stripped down to her bra, panties and hose. I could see that her panties were very wet.

“You let him fuck me while you fucked Joanna!! Now get over here and clean up this mess!! I want you to lick ever bit of Rick’s cum out of my pussy NOW!!”

Oh my god! This was a first for her to be dominating like this. I obeyed. I went right to her, pulled her panties to the side, and licked every drop of cum from my wife’s just fucked pussy. I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of another man’s cum mixed with my wife pussy juices. Judy had multiple orgasms that night. We had other parties with Rick and Joanna, but we never had another swinging party like that one.