A Sweet Dream


This is a dream that Jay had of he and I and he was kind enough to share it with me and allowed me to share it with anyone interested in reading it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You’re lying in bed as I run a very hot bath for you with bubbles and candles. I walk over to the bed your lying in naked and I softly touch your stomach. I run my fingers ever so gently down to your pussy, you open your legs as to say, “please”. You are either still sleeping or faking it.

I reach down to kiss your lips, and as I do, I enter your pussy with one of my fingers. You moan. I then nibble on your nipples and you open your eyes. I say “good morning” as I still play with your pussy. You’re wet and so hot. I move down to your pussy so I can watch your pussy as I play with it. I can see your juices come out of your pussy and start dripping down to your ass hole.

I lean forward and lick it off. You moan and arch your back. I see this feels good to you, and I like it as well. You reach down and hold your pussy open as to say, “eat me”. So I lean forward and slide my tongue deep in your wet pussy. Your juices taste so good. I lick you pussy and clit ever so softly. I get a toy and slowly slide it into your pussy as I’m licking your clit, you moan even more. I slide it in and out ever so slowly. Going deep, then even deeper and faster. You’re ready to explode, as you do, I pull the toy out and suck and lick your pussy dry, you explode in my mouth your thighs tighten around my head as kuşadası escort I lick your sweet juices up with my tongue.

Once you stop twitching from your orgasm, I lift you up and carry you into the bath. I place you in the water and then I undress and slide in behind you. I bring water up onto your breasts as they shimmer in the candlelight. Your nipples are still hard, growing harder as I run my finger over them. You put you head on my shoulder has I start kissing your neck. You turn your head and we kiss ever so deeply, as we do I reach down and again start caressing your pussy and you breasts.

We sit and kiss and caress each other for a while, you say let’s go back to bed. I stand up to rinse the soap off, so I turn on the shower. You pull the plug in the tub. As I turn around, you are still on your knees, and you take me in your mouth. You take me in your mouth, all the way up to my balls as you caress them with your hand. You then just nibble on my head, you can feel my dick begin to swell and my balls start to quiver, so you take me in again all the way up to my balls as I explode deep in your throat. I just about fall because my legs are weakened from what just happened.

You stand as we both start washing each other’s body. I soap up your breast and shoulder, then down between your legs. You wash my chest and clean my dick. I turn you around and soap up your back and your butt. You know that I love your ass and you bend over at the waist so I can see just your ass. I wash it clean, gently running the almost rough, soapy pouffie over each cheek and then between them. I lay the head of my dick onto your ass hole to see if you want it. You push back and say, “please”. I push my dick head in ever so slowly so I don’t hurt you; you moan and say “more”. I slide in a little more, but you slowly push back to take my hard dick into your ass as I moan. You stand back up and you lean your head back so we can kiss as I slide in and out of your ass. I reach my hand around to play with your breast and pussy. Feeling your pussy quiver, I explode in your ass and my legs collapse from the pleasure. You start laughing. I regain my land legs and stand.

We rinse the soap off after another quick wash. We dry off and make our way back to the bedroom. I bring the candles in from the bathroom, but you disappear as I’m placing them around the room.

You return with some chocolate syrup and push me back on to the bed and start smearing syrup all over my dick. You start licking it off and I ask, “Can I have some?” You squeeze some into my hands and I smear it on your breast and pussy. You stand to kneel over my face. Then you lean forward as we lay in the 69 position. We take each other in our mouths and lick off the syrup. We explode in each other’s mouths.

You roll over onto your back and I crawl around ‘til I’m on top of you and start licking the syrup off your tits. I get hard again… you reach down and place me in your wet, throbbing pussy. Then you pull your knees to your chest so I can slide deep in your pussy, nearly all the way up to my balls. “Deeper,” you say. So I go up onto my hands and shove my dick deep into your pussy, so hard my balls smack your ass. You ask me to fuck your pussy fast and deep. You explode, and as you do, you ask me to cum as well. I do, deep in your wet hot tight pussy.

We collapse, me still in your pussy, as we catch our breath. You feel my dick start to shrink so you start kissing my neck and you can feel it start to swell again. We turn over so you are on top of me and you lean back to take me deep in your pussy. You start moving your hips, but then you stop to go from your knees to a squatting position over my now hard, throbbing dick. I reach down and hold it up straight so you can slide right on. You put just my head in and tease me; in and out. Just my head, your pussy lips going over it, getting wetter. Then you thrust down on to it, taking it all in, ever so deep. Slowly you go up and down on my dick, nothing but my dick and your pussy is touching. I explode deep in your pussy but you haven’t found release yet, so I tell you to come squat over my face so I can lick your pussy. As soon as my tongue touches your clit you explode all over my face, I lick you pussy dry.

You collapse in my arms with your back to me. I wrap my arms around you and pull you close to me. We both fall asleep with smiles on our faces and the taste of each other in our mouths. I cup one breast in one of my hands and your pussy in the other.

We wake up in the morning to do it all again.