A Story


A StoryEver since Gretchen and I started sleeping together, (that’s actual sleeping, not screwing) I have noticed that she not only talks in her sleep, but she sometimes sleepwalks too. On the occasion that I am coherent enough to think of something to say back to her when she is talking in her sleep we can have full conversations that she will not remember the next morning. One day I had an idea that hit me like a Mack truck. Although our sex life is better than any I could imagine, Gretchen like most women doesn’t care to swallow cum. I would try to implant into her head while she was sleep-talking that she loves cum. She would love the taste, feel, texture, and thought of everything that has to do with my cum.Many nights passed and I didn’t wake once with Gretchen talking. Then one night I awoke to her sitting up in bed and yelling something about the light bulbs organizing the bookshelf. I had to try to keep from laughing and steadied myself. I then proceeded to tell her to relax and lay back. We had a brief conversation and then I decided to go for it. If she woke up during all that would happen would be he telling me to fuck off and go back to sleep. I then started telling her over how much she liked to swallow my cum. She loved everything istanbul escort about it. She craved it all day and all night. She would take it any way she could get it. I repeated over and over every little detail I could think of. I ended telling her that she would spend the rest of the night dreaming of swallowing my cum.I awoke in the morning to Gretchen giving me head. I didn’t move just waited to see what she would do. She kept going and was bobbing her head rather fast and actually sucking on every up-stroke. Soon I started to moan. This only made her raise her hands, one to my nipple the other to my balls. Kneading my balls and tweaking my nipple I didn’t last long. Soon I was shooting my saved up load deep in her throat. Rope after rope shot deep into her mouth. I could hear her moaning and sucking harder. Soon I had to pull her off she was sucking so hard looking to drain me of all the cum she could get. This could have been a just a reaction of a dream she had so I decided to play it cool and not ask too many questions. “Thank you that was SOOOO good” I said to her as her head imerged from under the comforter.“No…Thank you!” was all I got in return with a huge avcılar escort smile on her face.We got up and had breakfast and hoped into the shower. In the shower I was looking at her ass and thinking of the great head I had received. Soon I was semi-hard and Gretchen noticed. “Is this for me” she asked grabbing my cock in her hand. “I don’t know, it depends on what you want it for” I replied looking at her for some sign that she might just be putting me on. For all I know she was awake the whole time I was talking to her last night. “I just want to drain the cum out of it” she says to me batting her eyelashes. I inform her that it’s still a little sensitive from how hard she sucked on it this morning and that if she wanted my cum I would have to milk it for her.Quicker than I have ever seen her move she was on her knees in the shower in front of me with her mouth wide open and a needy look in her eye. I spanked my cock fast and hard even though it was a little sore. The look of Gretchen on her knees begging for my cum was more than I could handle. I was soon filling her mouth with shot after shot of thick cum. As the first rope hit the back of her throat her hand dropped to her slit and started to finger her şirinevler escort sloppy cunt. She immediately started to orgasm as her mouth filled with white, thick cum. When the last shot had landed on her chin, she closed her mouth and swallowed the whole lot. Then to my surprise she licked all of the cum that had dribbled around her mouth with her tongue and licked her lips while purring and looking me in the eye. I knew from that point on that my suggestions during the night had worked.The next day, I wanted to see how far I could take it, so I woke up before her and walked around to her side of the bed. I slowly turned her head to face my crotch and proceeded to start to rub my cock. I took my other hand and gently pushed on the lower part of her chin and opened her mouth as wide as it would stay open on it’s own. I rubbed my cock as fast as I could and soon was shooting wads of cum into Gretchen’s mouth. With Gretchen on her side luckily it didn’t go into the back of her throat and make her choke, but instead it was pooling in the hollow of her cheek. It was a beautiful sight indeed! I love to see Gretchen with my cum on her and most of all in her mouth. I slowly woke her up and the first thing she did was close her mouth and swallow. Her eyes lit up wide and she could tell by the smile on my face that she, indeed, had just swallowed a sperm breakfast. She thanked my profusely and gave me a big hug.This I can tell is going to be more fun than I thought! As I held her my mind raced with thousands of thoughts of how I could feed her my cum.