A Sizzling Sunset


Hey everyone! I hope you like my second piece of erotica for this site. =)

The intro doesn’t last very long, but if you are looking to get to the heart of it, so to speak, feel free to take a quick peek through to later pages.

Thanks for your interest!!

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She met him one night, years after she should have.

Though they’d been online friends and very close for quiet some time, she’d been too stubborn and hesitant to arrange an encounter due to a variety of reasons. Still, she wasn’t naïve and knew that a meeting like this was pretty much inevitable.

Chloe and Dominic had done many things together; all first time milestones for her. Webcam, phone, instant messages…whatever they could find to communicate outside of physically meeting.

He lived fairly close by, so they arranged to meet at her bungalow this evening at around sunset, then go to dinner and stroll through a local amusement park at the boardwalk to end the night…

She squeaked as she heard her doorbell ring and knew it was him.

She gave herself a last once over in the mirror and bit the inside of her lip as she gazed over her body. A girl with long curly brunette hair gazed back. She was busty, some extra padding around her midsection, and had killer legs that tapered to feet blessed with delicate arches, set to perfection in black stiletto heels.

She was wearing a sleeveless lace dress that hugged her every curve and fell to mid-thigh. She wore no stockings as the night was too warm, but did wear a matching lace bra and panties. Her jewelry was minimal: just three diamond studs in each ear, a solitaire diamond ring, and a present from Dominic: a leather collar dusted with diamonds.

The gems were scattered across the material like stars and she loved the piece, though she had only wore it sparingly and always at his request. Darkly rich perfume and soft romantic makeup completed the look. She looked too kissable by far, but at least she was having a good hair and makeup day! She always tried to see the silver lining.

She steeled her jaw and strode to the foyer. Once she reached the door, she curled her hand against the knob and pulled the door open. She blinked at the bright glow of the porch light, gesturing behind her into the home. She closed the door and turned around, pressing up against it for strength as she gave his form a measuring glance.

He looked beautiful, although she had already known that. Hell, she’d seen him sprawled out naked on his webcam! Still…not much can prepare one for this sort of meeting, she supposed…she gave a mental shake and came back to the present as she observed him.

The colors of his outfit matched her perfectly: black, and lots of it. He was wearing a black sweater that looked incredibly comfortable and had a sexy studded chain wallet attached to his black jeans. He wore a simple black leather strap on his wrists, a few silver banded rings, steel toe boots, and his cologne smelled divine. Something musky that reminded her of sex outdoors. Something that somehow reminded her of his Native American ancestry.

She knew he had long black hair, though she couldn’t see it right then because it was held back in a braid and, she guessed, was nestled against his back. Just the thought of running her fingers through that hair made her panties grow a bit damp, as she had always had a fetish for long haired men.

He winked and gave a very masculine grin, seeing where her gaze had wandered, and let his own heavy lidded eyes wander over her body in a soft, almost possessive perusal.


She saw his eyes glint when they touched upon the collar he had given her long ago in their master/pet days. They had since tapered off from that; mostly because she’d became involved with a string of boyfriends and felt it would have been cheating. She was now single.

Chloe replied, tempted to fan her flushed cheeks.

“Hallo, Dominic.”

He took a step forward and enfolded her in his arms as he politely pecked her nose, then apparently decided he’d rather taste more. He gazed solemnly into her eyes and gave her a sweet kiss. After a moment, he drew back and smiled faintly, his desire to do much more plain in his expression.

Instead of doing what the timid miss inside her craved to do (i.e. run and hide in the nearest closet) she held Kayseri Escort his jaw and kissed him deeply. He slid his hands down her waist and murmured huskily against her lips,

“Oh my. I do hope there’s more where that came from…?”

She was feeling a bit more comfortable, encouraged by his easy tone and her arousal. She grinned saucily and tilted her head so she could kiss him more deeply, whispering,

“There might be?”

He slid his hands possessively down and over her ass.

“Do tell.”

She licked her way down his neck, breathing in his scent as she entwined her legs with his and answered coquettishly,


“Won’t hurt anyone. It will be our little secret.”

He bit her ear in response, forcing her to moan quietly and arch her spine as she ground her lower body against his and breathed her next words shakily,

“Our very own secret?”

He ground his hips back and pulled her closer.

“Mmmhm. Our very own.”

She mewled at his touch and threw her head back as her nipples hardened and pressed against his chest.

“Hrm. Maybe.”

He grinned and rubbed his chest against her breasts slightly, massaging her perky ass.

“You really should think hard on it.”

She licked his grin and skimmed her hands down his chest and along his waistband before replying naughtily, inwardly shocked at how wanton she was being. Not that she didn’t have a healthy sex drive, but…she really should show more restrain, shouldn’t she? It WAS their first meeting, after all! She stopped the flow of rationalizing with a mental swat and spoke, nonplussed.

“But I AM. My mind is focused on something VERY hard right now.”

Dominic barely suppressed a shiver and moved his hands from her ass and up to the sides of her chest.

“Is that so…?”

“Mmhm. Let’s see…” Her voice trailed off as she circled her hips against his, then finished her sentence with a moan of satisfaction. “Oh yes.”

She licked her lips before licking the corners of his mouth. He moved his hands over her full breasts, palming her nipples above her shirt before squeezing them gently and whispering,

“There is quite a lot of me for you to see…”

“Mmmm!” She feasted on his bottom lip as one of her hands snaked its way down the front of his pants. “…so I feel.”

“And all for you, Chloe.”

He squeezed her breasts harder. She panted slightly and unzipped his pants as she slid her warm palm up and down the skin leisurely and murmured,

“Mmmm! You ARE a big boy, aren’t you? I do remember that, even after all this time.” She sucked on his tongue, then continued speaking as she gave his throbbing cock a squeeze. “…I don’t suppose it would be too much trouble to…give me some?”

He flashed a sexy grin as he gave her nipples a twist with his long fingers.

“Some? You made it…its all yours.”

Chloe licked her lips as she tugged on his sweater and tossed it into a shadowed corner, realizing they hadn’t even left her foyer. This was madness!

She stubbornly tromped past her sense of reason and held down the collar of his undershirt. She leaned down to give a fast lick along his collarbone as her hand worked his cock a bit faster. She breathed,

“Then gimme.”

He smirked as he slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders and unsnapped her bra before tossing it in the corner to join his sweater. He dove his warm mouth down to her chest and closed his lips over one of her nipples.

“It’ll take more effort than that.”

“I never said it wouldn’t.”

She smiled innocently and pulled back slightly to nip at each of his own nipples as she lowered her palm and stirred his balls gently. In retaliation, he flicked his warm tongue across her hard nipple, sucking and lapping at it while his hands trailed up her thighs beneath the hem of the dress. She wiggled her ass and nibbled up his arm to his shoulder, nipping again softly as he gestured toward the hallway and whispered,

“Your bedroom sounds comfy.”

“It is.”

“I shall be the judge of that.”

He squeezed her ass (which he seemed to adore doing) and carried her over to the room.

She loved it when he was dominating. Always had.

She saw him look around in and squirmed as she felt his cock harden further as it lie up against her stomach, sandwiched between the two of them, and gnawed on his Kayseri Escort Bayan shoulder as she purred,

“Like what you see?”

He looked down at her and his gaze softened.

“Always have, my dear. Always have.”

Though her room was reverently medieval and gothic, her king-sized sled bed dominated the room and was a sight to see. Made of polished mahogany, she had added white silk sheets and a comforter of white damask. The look was innocent and virginal, even more so when you compared it to the rest of the room with its dark vampish rich hues. She couldn’t wait to see him sprawled out on the mattress, his black hair trailed over the side of the bed like cobwebs.

He slid her dress down her legs, then ran his hands back up her body as he murmured his appreciation. He gave little kisses along her neck, breasts, and shoulders before hooking his thumbs under the hem of her panties.

Chloe lifted her hips to given him better access and tugged his undershirt off as her cheeks became even more rosy and she whimpered a bit desperately,

“Please…please hurry.”

She winced in hunger as he just casually slipped her panties down her long legs, then rubbed her legs together and lifted her hips, mewling like a horny little kitten.

He flashed a grin as he shimmied out of his jeans and boxers, then shifted his body above hers and teasingly rested his cock against her slit. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around him, leaving her pussy wide open before impaling herself on his cock from below.

“Mmm! Oh my god, Dom…”

He slid the rest of his hard cock into her pussy in one long stroke, nuzzling her as she gasped and bit his shoulder, her nails digging into the small of his back before sliding down to grasp his hips.

He slid his cock out, barely brushing against her wet nether lips, then grunted as her pussy tried to suck his dripping tool back inside her like a little girl with a lollipop. She lapped at his neck with a warm breath as he slid back inside of her at a steady pace, his head turning to cover her mouth in a deep kiss.

Chloe kept mewling as she kissed him back, her hips bucking along with his relentless rhythm as she closed her eyes and whispering,

“Ride me, baby.”

“My pleasure.”

He gripped her hips, keeping them pinned to her mattress as he thrust into her like an animal, harder and harder with each stroke. She groaned as she felt her breasts surge up and down and slid one of her feet (painted red with a twinkling diamond toe ring) to rest tightly against his asshole, her legs straining with the effort of keeping her hips lying still on the squeaking mattress without struggle. She panted,

“MM! Oh yes!”

He fished one hand down between them, fingering her throbbing clit as he fucked her roughly. She screamed, on the verge of cumming, and gripped her tight hot walls around his solid pole.

“G-gimme, big boy…”

He groaned as he felt his balls tighten, thrusting into her tight pussy faster and faster as he kept madly rubbing her clit. A long lock of his hair fell down between them, tickling her collarbone, and it was enough to send her over the edge. She never could resist a long haired man.

She squeezed his balls as she peaked with a loud cry and he swooped his head down hungrily as he silenced her with a hard kiss as he moaned and shot his hot cum deep inside her, lavishly coating her inner walls as they trembled with the force of her orgasm.

She sobbed and leaned her head back against her dainty white pillows, closing her eyes as she tried to milk him dry, clenching and unclenching her legs against his ass to keep him mindlessly pounding into her.

“Mm…ohgod. Thank you.”

His sweaty hips slowed to a more leisurely pace as his hips pistoned and gave her the last of his load. He pulled his wet hand out from between her legs and slipped his fingers between his bee-stung lips, sucking the digits slowly before kissing her. She furiously undid his braid, then tangled her hands in his hair and rolled her tongue around his own, lapping at the taste of her own juices as she purred into his mouth.

He ground the heel of one hand against her cunt and she bit her bottom lip as she rubbed herself against his palm. His touch softened as he began to rub slow circles around her clit. She gave a few halting cries against his lips as her thighs quivered.

“You Escort Kayseri trying to make me cum again, darling?”

He rubbed a bit harder and felt his softened cock twitch, still imbedded deeply inside her. He spoke arrogantly,


She opened her eyes wider at the rubbing and his tone and sucked her breath in with a hiss as she nodded stubbornly.


In reply, he glided his other hand down and slid two fingers over his cock and into her. Her whimpers grew as she gazed up into his eyes, entranced, as her hips gave a little jerk.

“Y-you want my kitty again, do you?”

“Mmmm yes I do, babe.”

He inserted another finger, his eyes glinting in passion as she mewled softly and arched her spine.

“Then take what belongs to you.”

He fingerfucked her in a frenzy as he leaned down and blew softly across her warm and rosy nipples. She cried out and grabbed his hair tightly.


He shoved his fingers faster and bit down on her nipple. She gave one last scream and came, her juices making his hands slippery as they thrust in and out of her hot hole.

She grabbed his head and lifted it to her own, kissing him roughly as she pumped her legs against his ass again and rode out her orgasm, her clit pulsating in waves against his wrist.

He kissed back for a moment, then pulled back and held up his hand, coated with her cum.

“Tsk tsk. You forgot something.”


Chloe latched onto his fingers and wiped them clean with her tongue, lapping and sucking hard on his wet skin.

“Mmm…yes…just like that, baby.”

She stared up at him naughtily thorough her long lashes and squeezed her pussy once around his cock. He grunted and pet her hair in approval at her actions as he felt his cock harden, still lodged inside her pussy.

She circled her hips teasingly, still sucking on his fingers, then lapping up them to lick his wrists. He pushed his hips against hers as he moaned and she took advantage of the situation and rolled him onto his back. She grinned down wickedly through a curtain of long curly red hair, impaled again on his huge cock, and kept circling her hips as she smirked.

“Well well. Look what we have here!”

He grinned and reared his hips back, then thrust upward into her. She gave a hoarse cry and leaned down to nibble upon the skin of his neck. He squeezed her ass firmly and growled,

“Give it to me.”

“Oh I will.”

He moaned and closed his eyes as he rolled his head back against a pillow, his inky black hair head trailing down amidst all the white bedclothes. Seeing his reaction, she slid her hand down his crack and slipped it gently within his anus before dancing her fingers back up to his filled balls. She picked up the pace.

“Mmmmm! I love riding such a big pony!

He felt his asshole tighten as he bucked his hips and grunted,

“Give me the ride of my life, vixen.”


She straightened her back and pushed him straight up into her as she lifted herself up his shaft…moaning as she came back down. She slid her fingers up from his balls and into her pussy, making sure to get a good amount of their juices cupped between her painted fingernails.

She slid her wet fingers up her stomach, over her breasts and nipples, before placing them in her mouth and suckling lustily as she stared down into his darkened eyes.

“Tasty! Mmm…I want more, lover.”

She leaned down to brace her arms on either side of his head, keeping his long hair pinned to the mattress as her hips pumped faster and her hair falls down around them. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and made her taste them both as he murmured,

“Mmm…ride me hard, little one.”

She nodded wordlessly as she closed her eyes and slid up and down his pole with a steady pace.


She giggles a bit at his words and did as he commanded, riding him so fast his eyes rolled back in his head. He growled her name as he spurted hotly inside her and she came with him and valiantly tried grip her pussy tightly around him to tuck his cum inside, though she could feel some dripping down her thigh nonetheless.

After a few moments of gasping, panting, grinding, and twitching, she lie down against his chest and nuzzled against his armpit. She intoned quietly,

“Thank you, Dominic.”

He stroked her hair with a tender smile.”

“The pleasure was all mine, love…I assure you.”

She purred and he saw her cheeks flush. He chuckled softly and added,

“That’s a good pussy.”

She giggled and kept nuzzling, sated and blissful in his arms…and looking forward to the rest of the night.