A Night to Remember


It started out a casual drink between two friends, a catch-up. Now you are stood in front of the bathroom mirror, contemplating what to do next. You have a moment to think about it, having excused yourself to get out, and your mind floats back to the beginning of the evening and plays events through….

You arrived earlier than expected; pulling up at the Hotel you know I was at. A quick call to me told you that I was not quite finished yet with work, and would be back to get changed in about an hour.

You check in, and grab yourself a drink before sitting at the bar, considering whether to go to your room or not. The bag you have with you is only small, and would not take long to unpack. A single red dress, cut high on your thighs, some nice underwear to go underneath, and a change into “casual” for the morning after. Those, your toiletries, a bottle of wine (with glass) and your favourite “toy” consist of the small bag sat at your feet. You smile slightly at the last thought, feeling naughty for bringing it with you. At least one of us would not be frustrated at the end of the night you think, and don’t feel as bad.

In no rush you order a second wine. It’s dry and not the best you have had, but it will do as you steady your nerves slightly. Your phone ring and it’s me, I’m even later behind. We agree to just meet in the bar when we are both ready, and you suggest that I txt you when I am good to go.

You sign and pick up your bag, resigning yourself to go and get ready. The bottle in your bag can be opened, and you can take your time showering and getting ready as I catch up.

In your room you fling your stuff on the bed, and open your bag. Carefully lifting out the dress (thank god it hasn’t creased) you put everything in its place, left with the wine and the toy on your bed. Smiling you put the toy back in your bag, and place it at the bottom of your wardrobe. You pour out a glass of the wine, still chilled from when you bought it earlier that afternoon, and take a sip. Slipping off your top and Jeans, you turn the shower on and adjust it as you wish. Smiling slightly as you slip in, your mind can’t help wandering slightly and you are almost tempted to touch yourself and see if it would be as good as it sounded in the email I sent. Sighing you decide not to, not feeling the mood yet, and finish up in minutes clean and wrapped in a towel (that is slightly too small you think).

Your phone flashes and you pick it up worrying that I am ready before you.

“Are you showered yet?”

You reply quickly, saying you had just got out and were drying off, and a reply comes instantly back

“Did my story come true then?”

“Nope. Considered it, but not in the mood x” you reply.

Within a second your phone flashes again – “Hmm that’s a shame. Maybe I can help?”

“How would you do that then?” you send, smiling slightly

“I would tell you how much I am aching to be inside you and how I would make you scream with orgasm as I fucked you all night long”.

This takes you back a second. You had thought that maybe the suggestion to help meant this, but as usual you can’t help but blush as you read it. The phone vibrates again, another TXT

“Or how I am stroking my hard cock thinking of all the times you have told me how you would suck it and take it all inside you”

This time your mouth drops in pure shock. You feel yourself growing moist down below, and you know that (like usual) I am pushing all the right buttons to make you horny as hell.

You porno txt back “You are a bad dirty man! Are you really touching yourself?”

Within seconds the reply comes “Yes, but I would find it nicer if you follow suit. Remember the email I sent? Make it true, lie on the bed and play as I send you txt after txt to make you closer and closer”

You consider this. True, I wouldn’t know either way, but maybe a little play wouldn’t help. You wonder if you should get your toy out, but you decide not to. Yet.

You TXT back saying “Maybe that will work….” and lie back. Thinking of all the previous texts today (there has been quite some!) you find yourself more than in the mood now. You touch yourself gently, allowing one finger to glide up and down your Clitoris slowly as you await your next txt.

Suddenly the phone rings. It is me, but you still stop what you are doing to answer.

You have no time to mutter a hello before I start talking. At first your eyes shoot wide, hearing me say those words you have seen me write for so long shocks you a little. However it is not long before your hands are back down on your pussy, harder and faster now rubbing your clit, from time to time slipping down and entering your wet hole as you arch your back up with the building pressure of your orgasm. You moan as the first one hit’s you, and I ask you if you are enjoying yourself. Murmuring a yeah I then tell you it’s your turn to help me.

This time you do get your Toy, it would do no harm to help you keep in spirit as you talk back. The filth out of your own mouth shocks you at first, but the noises I start to make are encouraging and you find yourself working your way back up to your second orgasm. Before you know it you are furiously fucking yourself with your toy, and telling me every inch of detail about it. I groan first as I come, and you are not far behind. Both panting somewhat, you let your hand fall from you and the toy drops to the bed. Silence comes between us, and is only broken when I suggest

“Should we stay here all night? I’m sure I can go again soon, and no doubt you could go right now!”

You laugh and deny me this, saying that you have not come all this way to sit masturbating on the phone to me. That can be done anytime (although we have never done it before), and you want to see me. I agree and put the phone down to get ready, and you lie there staring at the ceiling.

Eventually you stand up, your head twirling slightly. You get dressed and head down to the bar, spotting me sat nonchalantly at a table, ignoring everything around me but you. I smile and you blush slightly, wondering if you look as flustered as I do.

The night passes by with little mention of the previous events, and we both drink a fair bit of wine.

Slowly the talk turns back to filth, and you want to go back to your room to masturbate again. Thoughts of me being here don’t help this, and part of you wants me to come and join in.

Eventually last orders are called and we both decide to call it a night. Your head is swirling with thoughts, and before you know it you have invited me to your room for a night-cap.

No sooner than we are through the door our bodies meet, your lips finding mine hungrily and you kiss me passionately. Your body screams for me to touch you and please you, but your mind restrains itself so far. After what seems like an age kissing, you tell me to sit down and pour us both a drink as you go and “freshen up”.

Your mind averts back to the present, still sat in the bathroom deciding what to do. Part of you wants me, the part that is currently slipping your dress down to reveal your semi-naked body, only covered by the lace panties you have on. That part of you is fuelled by your experience before, your lust for more and the amount of wine consumed. Taking a big breath you approach the door and open it, your mind set on what you want.

I openly gape as you walk back into the bedroom, and you can see by the bulge in my pants that there is no disappointment in what I see.

You sit down next to me and take a large gulp of the cool wine I have poured. Your nerves are fraying slightly now, but are outweighed still by your desires and needs.

You slowly turn to look at me, and no sooner do you do you find me kissing you gently. Your wine gets placed down as you throw yourself into the kiss, wave after wave of passion embracing the two of us. You never want it to stop, and as I pull you down on the bed next to me you do so willingly with no regrets.

My hands now move down your body, slowly and gently tracing their way down your neck and across your bosom, gently moving around your nipple, never touching, and down across your stomach. Your body tingles after the path my hands take, Goosebumps forming where seconds before I touched, and you pull yourself closer to me still. Firmly I push you down on the bed, and my lips follow the path that my hands took. This time they bite gently at your neck, moving down around your breasts before gently flicking a nipple with my tongue. All the time my hands move down, and you feel your panties slipping from your hips as I gently remove them.

You groan slightly as I touch your wet pussy with one finger to start with, slowly tracing up and down as I continue to kiss around your stomach. You are already wet, and every time I flit over your clitoris you moan again, body arching towards me wanting more. Suddenly you feel my finger enter you slowly, deeply, and it is all too much. You groan as an orgasm spasms down your body, and again as my lips touch the top of your pussy. Slowly I kiss further down, until you feel me kiss your clitoris gently again and again. All the time my fingers are still working, and you feel the fire of a hard orgasm building as I gently flick then suck your clitoris in my mouth. Wave after wave of ecstasy spill over you now, and your body cannot wait much longer to have me.

You climax again as I am down there, realising your hands are now pushing my head further and further down, deeper and harder against your body. You briefly decide that it is my turn, and as if I know my kisses start moving back up until they brush across your lips. You taste your come, sweet on my lips, turning you on even more if possible. Slowly you push me back onto my back and unbutton my shirt, removing it when all buttons are undone. You kiss down my chest, and remove my Pants as you reach them. Dropping them off my feet, you feel for what you have yearned for all night, and clasp my penis in your hands. Delicately you kiss him, just the tip at first, but moving your kisses down and up my shaft, following your hands as you gently masturbate me. There is no need to make me any harder, I feel fit to burst already, and as you enter him into your mouth for the first time you hear me groan and taste the little precum that is on the tip. Slowly you work up and down, picking up depth and pace as you do. My hands furiously grip the bed linen and you know before I do that I am ready to come. Suddenly I gasp, and you feel my warm come coat your mouth and slip down your throat. For an instance it feels like my stiffness is slackening, and you despair that it may be all over so soon. However you continue and within seconds I am hard as before, and you are ready for me to take you.

Climbing off my now sweating body, you position yourself on all fours facing away from me. You look at me hungrily, and utter two words.

“Fuck me.”

I dutifully comply, and position myself behind you. You feel the tip of my swollen cock touch you and you grind your pussy back as he slowly enters. You feel about to burst as I slowly push him deep inside you, and then slowly take him out.

Slowly we fuck like this, my cock stretching you wider and wider with each thrust. Your body starts numbing and you know that you will scream the hotel down before we have finished. You turn to me and ask for me harder and faster, and I answer by quickly slamming in him deep as he will go. You near scream in pleasure as you feel yourself pushing back against him, and as you look up to talk to me again, I slowly take him out and then plunge him in faster and harder than before. Harder and harder I fuck you, and you start to scream my name, telling me how much you are enjoying my cock inside you.

As you feel yourself coming again you decide that this just isn’t enough. You pant for me to stop for a moment, and digging under your bed you pull out your friend and a small bottle of lubrication.

I frown slightly as you insert the vibrator inside you; your eyes rolling as you start fucking yourself fast and hard. There is almost a look of puzzlement about me until I notice that you are now rubbing your fuckable arse up against my hard cock.

Smiling I reach for the lubrication, and rub a bit from the top of my cock down. It glistens from the combination of your come and the lube as I point it at your anal hole, probing forward slightly. Every time the tip starts to insert you scream with pure pleasure and pain into your pillows, and you start to beg me to fuck you, telling me you want both your holes full. I take over with your vibrator to free up your hands, and you start to move your body backwards to meet my cock. Slowly he enters you, and you feel like you are ripping in half, your vibrator fucking your pussy and my hard cock fucking your arse.

Harder, faster you beg and I dutifully do so. My cock is now quickly ramming into your arse, buried by those gorgeous cheeks, the vibrator a blur in my hands as it fucks you far faster than you have ever used it.

You scream as an almightily orgasm shakes over you, head to toe your body screams in fiery orgasm. You feel yourself passing out slightly as I bellow back, a low growl that suggests I too am about to come.

Somehow you manage some kind of control, and pull me out of you, pushing my hand away. You flip onto your back and motion for my cock to follow up over your breasts. Sitting on top of you, you push from behind my arsecheeks and my cock plunges into your mouth again. You fuck me for a minute like this until you feel me tense, about to orgasm, when you take me out and stroke me up and down furiously. I moan as I come, covering your face and breasts with my hot juice that never seems to stop coming.

Eventually I stop, and fall down on the bed next to you. You turn into me and kiss me gently, the taste from both our come mingling together in a strange fusion.

Eventually I sigh and you laugh, suggesting that we wake up in a little while to see about doing that again. I agree, and smile as you turn in to fall to sleep on me, a happy man indeed!