A Night At The Club


A Night At The Club”I’ve been watching you all night. You’ve been dancing for hours, moving your little body relentlessly in time with the music. I’ve seen the delightful sight of your perky tits pressing against the flimsy material of the crop top, and ogled the sight of your gorgeous bare legs disappearing up into the short skirt you’re wearing. Your pert, shapely ass has had me mesmerized, wondering what it would look like in the flesh. The club is hot, and sweat covers the naked parts of your body, adding to the horny spectacle. You’ve looked at me and smiled, but I presume you think I’m gay because of my appearance. I’m stripped to the waist, sweat covering my body, my tattoos and the piercings in my nipples and navel on display for all to see. On my bottom half are a pair of tight black PVC jeans, clinging to every curve of my ass. With the shaved head completing the image, most people also think I’m gay. I smile at you again, the look disguising the lust I am feeling, just before a cloud of smoke engulfs the heaving dance floor and our bodies. Being unable to see, bodies knock into one another, and I a suddenly feel a female body bump into mineSoft hands reach out to steady the person they belong to, one grasping my hip, the other pressed against my chest, touching a nipple and the attached ring between two fingers. Instinctively I react to catch the person falling into me, just as the smoke begins to clear. Through the haze I see that the person I am steadying is the sexy creature I have been lusting after all night. You look up at me and smile, but this time there’s something behind those eyes. Rather than remove your hands immediately, you slowly stroke them across my body, the hand over my chest causing my nipple to become immediately erect. You bite you bottom lip seductively, as if to say look what I’ve done’, while the smile on my face indicates that it was not an unwanted action. As we part the eye contact remains, each of us trying to read the others thoughts, our eyes burning lustfully into each others bodies. After a few minutes more you decide to leave the dancefloor, and as you do so you glide your hands over my PVC covered ass. One of your hands touches mine as you move away, briefly clasping it and giving it a gentle tug as if to say follow me’. I turn and see you disappear for the stairs to the balcony, and decide that this is definitely a come-on. My heart is beating fast and my cock has started to swell in anticipation at what could lie ahead. I make my way to the stairs and follow the path that you had previously taken. At the top I see you leaning over the balcony and I come up behind you. You sense me behind you and glance behind, smiling invitingly. As I move closer behind you, one of your hands reaches behind and grabs my ass, pulling me close to you. My cock is rock hard by now, and as I press up against you I feel it pressing between the pert cheeks of your bottom. My mouth comes down on the back of your neck and I begin to nuzzle you. You are becoming more turned on, and writhe around as I do this, your hips and buttocks rotating and grinding into my groin. My hands feel their way over your bare stomach, caressing the soft skin, before moving over your covered breasts. I can feel your nipples are already as hard as bullets, and my hands roam all over them, alternating between squeezing the fleshy mounds and pinching the erect nipples. One of your hands grips the balcony railing tightly, while the other squeezes my buttock tightly and encourages me to grind my hot, throbbing cock into the reciprocating ass. My cock is straining for release against the confines of the PVC, and my hands continue to work on your tits while I bite the back of your neck. I slide one hand under your crop top and am delighted to discover that you are braless. I stroke the soft skin of the underside of your breast, before eventually rubbing my fingers over your erect teats, delighting at the difference of the two textures. As I do sarıyer escort this I feel you gasp with pleasure and your hand roams from around my buttocks to between our two bodies, anxious to feel my hard prick. I slide my other hand down your body, over the waistband of your skirt, and down towards the parting between your legs. You open them wider as, through your skirt, I rub my hand over your mound. Back and forth I slowly rub the palm of my hand, before curling my fingers to push the skirt into the waiting pussy below. Your body jerks forward to meet my hand, and I press it hard into the soft yielding space between your legs. I can feel the heat of your pussy through the skirt, and even more so, can feel the dampness spreading through the thin material. Your hand meanwhile has found my cock through my jeans and has gripped the rigid shaft tightly, attempting to rub it through the shiny PVC. My cock is red hot, and your caresses spur me on. Your tiny dress is becoming soaking wet, and I move my hand underneath the edge, my fingers inching their way up your inner thigh. The skin there is as soft as your breasts, making me feel even hornier, and I instinctively jerk my hips into you. Ever so slowly I inch my fingers up your legs to the gorgeous pussy that is awaiting, and discover, once again to my delight, that you are not wearing any knickers. Your skirt is around your waist by now with your bare cunt completely exposed. I glance down on to the dance floor, and though it is dark I can see a couple looking up at us. Through the railings they can obviously see the sight of your skirt around your waist and my hand delving towards your pussy. The sight has obviously made them horny, as I see the hand of the girl slide into the unbuttoned fly of the boy’s jeans and start to fondle with his cock, before they both move into the darkness for some privacy. Meanwhile my hand has now reached your outer lips. However, you have become so wet by now that even your outer lips are covered with your juices. My fingers slide over them, spreading them apart and rubbing your hard clit, before sinking one between your slippery lips. Your pussy is extremely hot as my finger delves inside you, before I withdraw it and begin to caresses the full length of your pussy again, circling your clit and teasing your pink, fleshy lips. My other hand is still fondling your gorgeous tits, pinching, squeezing and fondling them in unison with the movements of the hand between your legs. Somehow your manage to get your hand to unzip the fly of my jeans, and your hand reaches in to feel the hot throbbing cock inside. The feeling of your hand against my cock is amazing, and it jerks towards the hand that envelopes it. I am consumed with lust and plunge two fingers deep into your pussy. I am fondling your cunt quite frantically now, alternately rubbing the hard bud that is your clitoris and thrusting my fingers inside you. You gasp loudly but the music drowns out your sounds. I remove my fingers and bring them up to my mouth, licking the sticky juices off them. “You taste delicious” I whisper into your ear, “I can’t wait to get my head between your legs to give you a good licking and sucking.” This seems to drive you crazy, and you grab my hand and thrust it hard between your legs. My fingers slide inside you in one easy movement as the palm of my hand presses hard against your lips and clit. Your hips start to shake and I realise you are starting to come. You hold my hand tightly against your pussy as you buck your hips forward, an orgasm overtaking your body. You shriek out something unintelligible against the noise from the sound system, and I feel the walls of your pussy convulse and contract around my fingers. After what seems like an eternity your body slumps back into mine, breathing deeply as you regain your composure. You turn around, releasing my cock which you had been gripping throughout. By now it esenyurt escort is sticking out of the zip, it’s purple head engorged with blood. You bend your head down and slide your lips over the head, grasping the shaft with your hand. The feeling makes my balls tighten and I feel my cock may explode there and then. You slide your mouth back up to the top and then trail your tongue around its rim. Still holding my cock in one hand you stand up again. “Let’s go. I want to do this properly. I want to feel your tongue on my clit and this cock hard up my pussy”. I put my cock back into my jeans and we leave make to leave the club. As we pass the dancefloor we get a number of knowing looks and smiles from punters who had spied us. Nice show’ one says. Come back for an encore’ says another. In the corner we can just about make out the couple who had spied us, the guy’s face in ecstasy while kneeling on the floor between his legs the girl is delighting in devouring his hard cock. I live only minutes from the club, so we quickly walk to my home, attempting to keep our hands off each other as we do so. You climb the stairs to my apartment ahead of me, and as you do so I run my hand up from your ankle to your calf, to your thigh and finally up to your still hot pussy. I want this’ I say, as I once again slide a finger easily inside you. We make our way into the apartment, and you quickly find your way into the bedroom. By the time I have managed to get there you have already removed your top and skirt, and are lying on the bed, legs spread as you part your pink fleshy lips. The sight is delicious, and I would just love to put my cock inside you there and then. Instead I climb over you, allowing you to remove my shirt. “I don’t remember giving you permission to remove you clothes” I say. You look back at me somewhat bemused. “If you do things without permission then you deserve to be punished” . Before you have a chance to reply I flip you over onto your stomach, your pert buttocks looking like a ripened peach. You are about to say something, but I quickly pinion you down with an arm and a leg, holding you tightly in place. You haven’t notice, but attached to each corner of the bed is a long cord, ending in a velvet cuff. The cuff attaches to itself with Velcro, and within a few moments I have you restrained, face down and spread-eagled on the bed. Though you are quite secure, you are not uncomfortable, and wriggle helplessly trying to escape. “I think the correct punishment for girls this naughty should be a spanking”. “You bastard” you say and with that I raise my other hand and bring it down sharply on your buttocks. “And that’s just for swearing!” I reply. The blow has obviously stung as your buttocks begin to glow red where my hand landed. I raise my hand and bring it down on each buttock alternately, giving six strokes to each one. With each blow your buttocks contract to try to move away from my hand, though you refuse to cry out, burying your head in the pillow. However, as the spanking continues I notice that rather than just try to move your buttocks away from the blows, you are actually grinding your hips and pussy into the bed. Your buttocks are glowing bright red by now and I can hear you whimpering slightly. Suddenly your buttocks get another shock, but this time it’s in the form of cool, soothing body lotion being poured over them. My hands begin to massage it gently into them, easing the stinging and causing you to gently moan as the gentle caresses ease the pain. I glance down between your spread-eagled legs and notice that your pussy is so wet that it has caused a damp patch on the sheet directly below it. I stand up and remove my clothes, my cock springing to attention as it is released from its PVC prison. Though restrained, you can move your head and manage to look behind as I strip. You look lustfully at my cock, and I expect you to say something. Instead you think better of it, wondering if speaking avrupa yakası escort will warrant another spanking. You put your head back down on the pillow and I climb over you. Straddled across you body I nuzzle your neck, allowing my nipples rings to brush over your back. I dip my body into yours, allowing a little more of our flesh to touch each other as my lips gently brush against the skin of your back. Your breathing starts to get heavier as I continue to tease your body. Gradually I lower my body even further until my cock is position in the groove between your buttock cheeks. You press your buttocks upward to meet my cock and the feeling is wonderful as finally the length of our two naked bodies touch. Gradually I slide down your body, my tongue tracing a line down your back and along your spine. Inch by inch I move my mouth further down your back until it is at the base of your spine and just between your cheeks. I run my tongue down the groove, gently probing as I discover the pink bud of your anus. I run my tongue around it causing your hips to jerk spasmodically, before continuing my way a little further. By now my face is inches away from your lips and I breathe in the aroma of your pussy. Your pink lips are covered with juices and are begging for attention, and I let you feel the warmth of my breath on them. I quickly move off you and to your surprise release the bonds that hold you captive. I turn you over on to your back and you look up at me in desperation. “For fucks sake lick my pussy. I’ve got to come.” The atmosphere is electric and I know I can’t wait any longer ­ I have been wanting your pussy for the past three hours and I can’t wait any longer. I climb between your legs and move my mouth to your pussy, tracing my tongue along one side of your lips, around your clit, and then down the other. You thrust your hips forward so that your pussy is pressed hard against my mouth. My tongue explores your crevices, and I lick and suck you clit and lips, my face becoming covered with your juices. You taste absolutely delicious, and I relish in tasting every inch of your beautiful cunt. As I continue to tongue your pussy, your breathing increases rapidly and I sense you are close to orgasm. “Oh god” you scream. “That’s it! Suck my pussy! Make me come”. Your juices are flooding out now, and I lick frantically at your clitoris. This is it. You know that you cannot hold on any longer. You are going to come and no one can stop you. You scream out and grab my head with both hands, pulling me violently into your pussy. “I’m coming” your scream, and your body begins jerking uncontrollably, your legs clamped tightly around my head as an orgasm wracks through your body. This is too much to take. My cock has been rock hard for hours and now I have got to fuck you. I pull my head away from your pussy, and move up your body. I plunge my cock into your awaiting pussy in one easy movement and we both cry out as it slides deep inside you, my balls slapping against your beautiful ass. The feeling of the silky, tight wetness of your pussy around my cock is mind-blowing,. My cock starts to twitch and I can feel that I am going to come soon. Sensing this you tighten the muscles in your pussy around my cock, squeezing it with indescribable pleasure. This is too much for anyone to resist, and my cock starts to explode inside you. This orgasm has been waiting for a very long time and, with legs shaking, I frantically pull my spurting cock from your pussy. Instantly your hands grab hold of my pulsating shaft and direct it towards your face. With your lips parted your hands milk my throbbing cock expertly, and I pump what feels like gallons of spunk over your tits, on your face and into your eagerly awaiting mouth. Gradually the jerking from my cock subsides and I collapse exhausted on top of you, our bodies glistening with sweat. After a couple of minutes we regain our composure, and I lean forward to kiss you, my tongue probing its way into your mouth, tasting the salty spunk that has just landed there. I look down at you and realise that you are still holding on to my cock. What’s more, it’s still hard! “Well I still haven’t had a chance to suck it properly, have I?” you astutely point out. Somehow I don’t think we’re finished yet”The EndGeriwww.bdsmfinder.com