A New Year’s Gift

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A New Year’s GiftIt had been a long night. I really had had enough of this New Year’s crap. Of course hosting a New Year’s Eve party at the house was tradition but really it was my parents’ tradition and they weren’t here now so it was down to me to keep it up.Everyone was downstairs as I made my way to my room. There was no need to be there any more as the staff would provide the guests with the much needed alcohol they required to be interesting. As I approached my room however, I saw that the door was ajar. Who could be in there? A lost partier? Or a nosey “friend” looking for items that belonged to my parents that they could sell? I approached with caution, pushing the door open but not entering. There was no movement inside as far as I could tell. Maybe I was just being paranoid? Things hadn’t been the same since the events of the previous spring.I entered my room still aware that there might be an opportunist lurking in the shadows. However, as I entered I saw a figure standing at the window starring at the full moon. It was a woman in a beautiful backless black dress, her blonde hair glistened in the moonlight. I walked in closer, “Can I help you?” I asked with caution. You can never be too careful. I’ve found that women can be dangerous, especially attractive and judging by her back toned ones. “I doubt it.” She replied. Although her voice sounded far away I seemed to recognize it. “Why are you in here?” I questioned. “I’m looking kuşadası escort bayan for John Stone.” She replied, still looking at the moon.”Well I’m here now.” I responded. “Why don’t we go downstairs and talk there?”This made her turn away from the window and look directly at me. It was only then I could see her beautiful blue eyes looking back at me and a strange smile crossed her face. “You’re not John Stone.” She returned harshly, “Not the John Stone I remember. He wouldn’t have those people downstairs in his house, let alone suggest that we go back to them!” She moved closer to me and the light of the moon caught her face fully. Not only was she beautiful with her high check bones and full lips I recognized her. “Jane?” I questioned.”Yes, John.” She answered and a genuine smile came across her face lighting the room with her white teeth. “Yes.” she reiterated.She rushed over to me and we hugged tightly, her breasts squeezed against my chest. Finally she released me and I could see her face again. I smiled the first smile I had since spring. She smiled back at me and we kissed passionately. I put my hands round her waist as she started unbuttoning my shirt rubbing her hands down my abs. Jane began unbuckling my belt and pulled down my boxers and my trousers to reveal my hard penis. She stroked it a couple of times with her soft hands and knelt before me. Moving her long blonde hair away from her face she kuşadası escort bayan opened her plump red lips and licked my helmet with her tongue. Licking the whole length of my shaft she opened her mouth wide and took my whole length into her mouth, flicking her tongue around me. Her mouth was so warm and her wet tongue made me even harder. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and took my dick out of her mouth. She then stood up and let her dress fall to the floor to reveal her large pert breasts and her small black thong. She moved back towards my bed and got on it lying back with her legs wide and beckoned me towards her. I walked to the bed taking my shirt off completely and getting on top of her. We smiled at each other kissed again and Jane removed her thong as I positioned my dick to go into her already wet shaved pussy. I gently put my helmet into her warm lips and then pushed a little deeper. She was tight, tighter than I remembered. Her breathing sharpened with each push forward. I pulled back a bit then pushed deeper again rocking her as I did so, each time I did a gasp of appreciation left her mouth. Jane then rapped her legs around my waist and pulled herself up by grabbing round my neck to indicate that she wanted me to fuck her and not just make love to her. So, I pushed deeper into her, pausing inside her for a few seconds so she could enjoy the whole length of my shaft. I then pulled back and escort kuşadası pushed deep again. Jane’s gasps were becoming louder and louder as I rocked her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I kissed and sucked her breasts and then with a large gasp and a shudder, Jane had an orgasm. The warmth of her pussy increased and she dripped with cum. I pulled out my dick which was covered with Jane’s cum. Jane rolled onto her front and got onto her hands and knees. She looked back at me with her blue eyes through the hair that had now covered her face and gasped, “More.”I got put my erect penis inside her wet pussy again and held her waist as she arched her back. I then began to rock her back and forth gently. After a few rocks Jane called out, “Harder.” I began to fuck her again, deeper and harder than before due to our new position. She moaned and gasped with each push forward and pushed herself back against me so that I could go deep. Again, I kept pausing so that she could enjoy the whole length of me inside her. She looked back at me and we kissed, her breathless lips were so soft. Then she stopped kissing me and gave out a loud orgasmic scream. I felt her cum hard as my dick became soaked in her juices. Jane fell onto the bed and rolled over onto her back. She was shacking with pure joy and smiling the widest smile I’d seen since we had last meet. She licked her lips and gasped for more air. Stroking her hair away from her face she smiled and whispered, “You haven’t lost your touch.”I smiled back, “Neither have you.” However, that faint reminder of joy was short lived as Jane had some news for me. “John.” she whispered as we lay together in the darkness of my room. “You do know that your parents aren’t dead.”