a new anal virgin is broken in, ( 6 )


Yesterday had gone well, with 4 guys we both had plently of fun, and all going well, the rest of the week should be as good too.

Tuesday morning, I gave Pauline a quick fuck, then took her in the shower for a pee session, I pissed over her, then she pissed over me before we both showered.

I told the guys yesterday any time after lunch if they are in the area, to drop in, also I had a couple of replies from the site and arranged to meet them this morning.

I rang them and set up a meet in a village not to far away, for 10 am, making sure we were both ready for anal fun before we went out.

As we sat drinking a coffee, a guy walked up, from his looks he was Tony, the dark guy we had liked, a nod and smile, let him know who we were.

Pauline sat close to him, her eyes trying to get a look at his buldge, but either way, he was ok for fun, not long after, the second guy walked up, smaller in size but well built, he to joined us for a drink.

It didnt take Pauline as long as I thought, the guys still drinking, were asked did they want to come and play now, of course both said Yes.

We gave them the address, and set of, Pauline could hardly stop talking, saying what she wanted to try, my cock straining hard to get out of my trousers.

The short drive home over, we let them both in, Pauline, went straight down and let Tonys cock out, as I started on Simons cock, within seconds, we were heading to the bedroom, Pauline pulling Tony behind her, it was only when Pauline went down sucking him again did I see the full size, nice, about the same size as Lee’s and a nice dark colour, this was going to look good going in my sisters arse.

Tony held her legs over his houlder, his cock aimed at her pussy, then Pauline, moved her hand and took his cock, and aimed it at her butt, Tony looked and Pauline nodded, so his cock started in. I just had to see, moving over Simon too, was watching my sister take this monster. As more went in her orgasm started, I knelt up, pulling Simon into me, his cock went staight in, and he fucked my butt.

By now Tony was just about in, Pauline urging him on, saying to fuck her hard, then he did, his cock, with one good push went right in, Pauline jumped and groaned out loud, then went into another orgasm.

My little sister was being fucked by her first dark cock, and she was enjoying it to the max, going from one orgasm to another, I let her enjoy it for a bit longer, then told Tony we could try a dp with her, laying him down Pauline sat on his cock, it went right back up her arse, Simon took her mouth while I worked my cock in with Tony.

It was so hot seeing my taned cock agasint his, as I got mine right in, we both set to fucking her, Tony could only push up into her, as my cock went nearly fully out to fully in, all 3 of us now, having trouble as our balls began to want emptying.

Simon was first his cock filled her mouth, Pauline let some flow out as I kissed her, then Tony groaned, I felt his cock jerk and his cum wet my cock, I kept fucking her, until his cock dropped out soft.

Pauline knew what to do, sitting over my face she pushed his cum out for me, then I lay her down, her arm up, my butt slid down onto it, as I wanked my cock, it didnt take long, a hot ream of cum hit her face, Pauline licked it all up. as I slid my cock into her mouth to finish off.

Pauline now, looked at me, saying let’s shower, the guys followed her into the bathroom, but looked at her strange as she knelt down, my piss began to flow, her face and boob’s now soaked, Simon was first to join me, aiming at her face too, as Pauline opened her mouth to take our stream.

Now Tony joined in too, his cock shot a good straight flow, Pauline took it all, then engulfed his cock, while he was still pissing, her mouth couldn’t hold it, and his pee leaked out from her lips, then she let the rest flow over her face.

After a nice shower, we rested, but Pauline was keen to get going again, sucking Simon’s cock, while I took on Tony, soon both guys wanted more butt, I got Tony to fuck me while I lay on my back, I wanted to see his cock in my butt, I told Pauline to 69 me, and for Simon to fuck her arse from behind, it was good, and the guys got into a good thyme, as sis and me had orgasm after orgasm.

I cursed when the door bell went, and went to have a look, opening the door to Peter and Geoff, they followed me to the bedroom, and joined in. soon Pauline and I were being used between the guys any way they wanted, Simon and Tony following the other guys leads, we both got fisted, the toys got used, all the guys ended up fisting us both, at one time Tony had a fist in me and Pauline, while we both sucked cocks.

During a rest Tony asked about how I had started fucking my sister, and I told him, and also that she had never done anal before last week, he was shocked but also impressed saying she had taken more than most guys could. I told him the poppers helped and she was a quick and keen learner, but without the poppers her anus wouldn’t have been able to take such big toys or fists so quickly. I also told him about our douche system and how I had taught her to use it.

He asked about the douche and said he had wondered why us bottom guys liked being fucked so much, I told him like Pauline once you have had anal sex, with poppers, you will love it as Pauline now was.

I could see him thinking, so I said why not try the douche, and see what we like. so I took tony into the bathroom and showed him how to use the douche and left him to it, some time later he rejoined us, smiling saying it felt weird, so after he had fucked Pulines butt for awhile I told him to try some poppers.

As he took a good sniff, gaziantep escort I moved behind him, my cock ready to break his virgin arse. as his cock began to fuck Pauline, I eased my cock in his butt. Tony tensed up, I told him to take more poppers and relax, he did, his hole opened up and my cock started in. I could feel him gripping my cock, but kept easing in him, then pulled out a bit and back in, his anus started to realx, so I picked up speed, more going in with each thrust, now he was beging to push back and enjoy the feeling from his arse.

I let him get used to my cock, then told him to lay down on his back, his legs over my shoulders I started back in again, Pauline was sitting on his face while I fucked his butt. he watched my cock fucking him, his first anal orgasm then hit him, after he had come down from that I told him to take more poppers and hang on, I began to pound him hard, his orgasm hit again, we had converted him.

I knew it wasn’t going to be long, my balls told me that he was going to be filled with my cum very soon, I kept going fucking him harder, another orgasm gripped my cock, and that was it, Tony had his first anal cum load dropped right up his arse, as I moved away, Simon also filled his arse with cum, as he stod up, I told him to drop the cum in Paulines mouth, she was ready and I helped her lick his butt clean.

As the day went on, we took more cum, after 2 guys had cum in me, I told Tony to fist me and put his cock in with his fist, he did and rewarded me with a huge load of hot cum, by now my butt was over flowing, so Pauline got a good feed, then I unloaded my cum in her arse, and ate it out.

By now we all had empty balls, but full bladders, so another water sport session was required, Pauline and I took them all this time, I even got Tony to piss in my arse, as I stood over Pauline so she got it too, once all were happy, we had a good shower, and drink.