A Incredible Night

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A Incredible NightStephanie was sitting at her computer surfing the net. Suddenly an instant message from Gary popped up on the screen. She smiled because she really loved hearing from him. It always made her so hot and wet the way he would talk to her.”Hey sexy.” Gary typed up.”Hey.” Stephanie typed back.Gary started asking Stephanie how she was doing. He really found himself wanting to meet her that Friday night and fuck her brains out. They had been talking about it the night before and he decided that this would be the night that they would meet again only this time to fuck.”So are you ready to meet me tonight? I know I’m ready to see you and get you alone.” Gary said.Stephanie smiled more because she knew deep down inside she really wanted to meet him tonight. She had met him already once before when he came to her house on Wednesday and they had talked on her couch for 3 hours. He had wanted to fuck her that night but she had screwed up by not taking the opportunity when he offered it. She knew for sure though that tonight she was definitely not going to make that mistake again.”Yes I’m ready. Ready to see you. I can hardly wait. “Stephanie said.”Ah I’m glad baby. I can hardly wait either. See you at eight o’clock tonight.” Gary said.The hours passed by quickly as they talked. Finally, the time to meet was upon her. The excitement of meeting again was almost too much to bear.Stephanie could feel her body responding already as she thought of what the night would have in store for them. She knew he was coming to get her in his Jeep and she could hardly wait to see him again.Suddenly before she knew it, he was pulling up into the driveway. She sat in front of the computer waiting for him. She could feel her body tense up a little bit with nerves but she knew that they would go away.Gary stopped his Jeep in the driveway and got out. He then started walking up the driveway thinking of all the naughty things he is going to do to Stephanie when he gets her alone in their motel room. He could feel his cock begin to swell and harden with excitement.He quickly reached the door and rang the doorbell. He hoped she was ready to go, as he knew he could not wait much longer to ravish her body.Stephanie heard the doorbell ring and she felt her heart jump with excitement. She knew this was it that there was no turning back now. She quickly got up out of the computer chair and grabbed her wallet. She then walked towards the front door seeing him standing there.Gary saw Stephanie walking towards him. He could feel his lust building quickly within him, as he knew that soon they would be alone together and that there bodies would be intertwined in the heat of passion.”You ready?” Gary asked.”Yes.” Stephanie said.Gary then stood aside a little bit as Stephanie walked out onto the sidewalk. He looked at her as she suddenly stood beside him. He was glad that they were going to go through this.They started walking towards his Jeep, Gary walking first with Stephanie following. The night was cool with a certain excitement in the air. They both could feel the arousal building as they walked. Stephanie reached the Jeep first. She went to open the door but Gary beat her to it. Like a gentleman, he walked over and opened the door for her.”After you.” Gary said as he held the door open.”Thank you.” Stephanie said.She got into the Jeep and got comfortable as Gary shut the door behind her. She then waited and watched as he walked over to his side and got in. She could not help but stare at him seeing how extremely handsome he was.Gary put on his seatbelt then helped Stephanie with hers because she was struggling with it some. He then put his Jeep into reverse backing out of the driveway and onto the road.Both Gary and Stephanie sat comfortably in the Jeep as he drove down her road then turned onto the main road heading into town. On the way there, he turned on his radio all the while talking to her at the same time.Stephanie looked at Gary then to outside as they drove to the motel. She could feel her pussy throb with excitement and lust the whole way there. She knew it wouldn’t take long for them to get to their desired destination and was glad of that. She started thinking of all the things he said to her in their im’s together and it made her hotter realizing that tonight everything he typed would come true.They reached the motel quickly both of their bodies yearning and aching to become one. They both knew that this was it..that this was the night that had been waiting for since they first met.Gary sat in the parking lot and waited for someone to get out of the way. He then pulled his Jeep up and parked it, getting out. He went inside the lobby of the motel to get the room. He walked up to the desk telling the clerk he needed a room. The whole time he stood there the thoughts of what they were about to do together were racing through his head. He could feel himself becoming hornier by the moment.He paid for the room and got the key. He then went outside to his Jeep and got in letting his eyes focus on Stephanie for a second. He smiled to himself then drove over to their room. He had a bit trouble finding the room number seeing it was quite late at night but that was okay. He could hardly wait to get her clothes off.Gary then found the room and parked his Jeep. He turned off the engine, got out, shutting and locking the door behind him. He then walked over to Stephanie’s door and got ready to help her out of the Jeep. He reached her door quickly and held it open for her.Stephanie noticed Gary coming over to her door. She opened it some then started getting out. She noticed him standing there and she was glad. She then got out the rest of the way and turned around to watch him lock the door behind her.Gary locked the door. He then walked up to the room with Stephanie following. He held the key tightly in his hand as not to lose it. He then put the key into the door and opened it turning on a light.Stephanie walked in next and shut the door behind them. She then sat down on the couch and looked over at the bed that she knew in a few minutes they would be sharing together. She felt her heart jump with excitement/nerves and she knew she could hardly wait to feel his body next to hers..their hot skin touching.Gary saw Stephanie sitting on the couch so he sat down next to her. They then started talking about different things. He started letting his hands run over her body, going from her stomach to her breasts then back again. He found himself already liking the way she felt to his touch.Stephanie felt Gary’s hands touching her body through her clothes. She really loved how good and gentle his touch felt. She found herself wanting more.Gary decided to go ahead and make another move. So he leaned in and ever so gently placed his lips on hers. He then kissed her so very sweetly letting her feel the passion within that was burning for her. As he was kissing her, he let his hands roam more over her body feeling every soft smooth inch. He could feel her start to return his kiss and he was glad she was getting into it.Stephanie felt Gary kissing her. She found herself not only getting hot but also weak in the knees. She knew he told her he was a great kisser, but she had no idea he was this good. She slowly pulled her body closer to his feeling his body yield to hers. She wanted to touch him, but she decided to wait until they got to the bed. She found herself really enjoying his kissing though.Gary kissed Stephanie more. He could feel the heat rising between them and he knew that they would be adjourning to the bed very soon. He could hardly wait to get his tongue on her body especially on her pussy. He just knows she is going to taste so good.Stephanie and malatya escort Gary kissed some more..their kisses still slow and sweet. They both then decided to move to the bed. So they stood up and walked over there together with Gary holding her hand. They then reached the bed quickly and sat down on it together.As Stephanie sat down on the bed, she reached over and turned on the radio to help set the mood. She then kicked off her shoes and socks so she could get more comfortable. She could feel the lust burn deeper within her now even though all they had done was a little bit of kissing. She could hardly wait to find out what else Gary had in store for her.Gary noticed Stephanie sitting on the bed with her feet now bare. He decided to help make her relax so he got in behind her and starting giving her a massage. He knew she would enjoy the way it would make her feel and would help relax her nerves more. He really wanted to make this night good for them both but most of all he wanted to make it really good for her.Stephanie felt Gary giving her a massage and she started melting under his touch. She really enjoyed how good it felt and the fact that he was being so kind as to give her one. She had never experienced this kind of thing before with the guys who had fucked her in the past and she found herself not wanting him to stop.Gary noticed Stephanie relaxing under his touch and he was glad of it. He knew that pretty soon she’d be putty in his hands with his mouth on her sweet pussy. He could hardly wait to taste her sweetness and give her a hard good night of fucking. He could feel the desire rising within him and he knew he couldn’t last much longer before he had to get her naked. That is what he wanted..to make her his.As Stephanie started enjoying Gary’s touch even more, she found herself wanting to just get naked and let him take her. The heat of the night was really starting to get to her and she was really glad that she had come here with him.Gary noticed that Stephanie was totally relaxed now as was he. He knew that this was the time to make th next move. He moved closer to her and started kissed her some more at the same time pulling up her shirt. He could tell that she was getting hot and god was he glad of that. He could see her beautiful body as it became more exposed to his eyes and he could hardly wait to see her fully naked before him.Stephanie helped Gary take off the rest of her shirt and then her bra. She threw them onto the couch. She was glad they were both off now. She could feel her nipples hardening from the arousal she was already feeling by just being next to him. She then watched as he took his shirt off next and threw it into the floor. She was glad he was topless now too. She then laid down on the bed.Gary noticed that Stephanie was lying on the bed. He liked how sexy she looked. He laid down next to her bringing his body close. He then started kissing her again loving how soft her lips felt next to his. He touched her softly letting his hands roam all over. He then let his lips move off hers and started trailing his kisses down her body kissing her neck feeling her body yield more to his.Stephanie felt Gary kissing on her neck. She was loving how good his lips felt. She knew that pretty soon he would be at her pussy and she could hardly wait to feel his tongue licking her. She didn’t touch him just yet though. She wanted to wait to get her hands on him.Gary, noticing how Stephanie was loving his lips, moved them down lower to her tits. He reached them quickly and took one of her nipples into his mouth sucking. He then moved over and did the same to the other one. Realizing her shorts and panties were still on, he knew that they would have to come off. So he stopped sucking on her tits long enough to reach down and pull off her shorts then panties exposing her sweet tight cunt to him. The smell of her arousal filled the air and he found himself becoming intoxicated.He pulled off her short and panties throwing them aside onto the floor. He then got down on the floor between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her to his hungry mouth. He quickly looked at her pussy then just dove right in, using his tongue to start licking her hard. The moment her juices touched his tongue he knew that he was addicted to her..that after tonight he would have to have more of her. He started licking up and down focusing on that hard little clit. He knew she would love this.Stephanie felt Gary licking her pussy and she could have sworn she had went to Heaven because it felt so good. She let her legs stay spread open nice and wide so he could have a mouthful of her sweetness. She started gripping onto the bedspread because the pleasure felt so extreme and let out a series of loud moans. She then let her eyes close to the pleasure he was giving her.Gary heard Stephanie moaning and he was glad she was enjoying it as much as he was. He used a series of different licking strokes from soft and light to hard. He let her body signals guide him on how to lick her.Stephanie really loved how Gary was licking her. She felt his tongue lick her in all the right places and at all the right time. She felt like her pussy was on fire. She never wanted him to stop because he was indeed the best pussy licker she ever met. She knew for sure that no one else could ever make her feel like this.Gary licked Stephanie’s pussy for a good 30 minutes. He then moved back up on her body and laid down next to her, bringing his lips back to hers. He started kissing her letting her taste her juices on his lips. He wanted to feel her close to him now and found himself really loving how she kissed. He knew that she loved his kisses too because of how eagerly she was responding.Stephanie then brought her body closer to Gary. She wanted to feel him holding her tight. She kept on kissing him as she got closer enjoying how good he smelled. She then let her fingers run up through his hair. She loved how it felt and found herself becoming more attracted the more that she was close to him. She had not felt this way it a while and was loving every minute of it, wanting it to last.Gary felt Stephanie’s hands in his hair. He really loved it when that was done to him. It made him feel so good and was really glad she was doing it. He let his right hand travel down to her spread open legs and into her hot wet pussy. He couldn’t get over how aroused she was for him. The feeling of her wetness was driving him crazy. He started fingering her with his long fingers reaching all the way almost to her cervix. He knew she would love the feeling of his fingers inside of her. He found himself not being able to get enough either.Stephanie felt Gary’s fingers in her pussy and she kissed him more. She then stopped and let out a series of moans. His long fingers felt so good in her pussy and she knew for sure she didn’t want him to stop. She felt like he was touching her soul and she realized she had never felt this sexually good before. She knew that he wanted her to touch him but she wanted him to ask for it first.Gary kept on fingering Stephanie’s pussy becoming more aroused by the second. He couldn’t get over how tight she was. He wanted her to place her hand on his throbbing dick, to stroke him so she could feel how hard he was for her.”I want you to touch my cock baby..please.”Gary said.Stephanie heard Gary ask her to touch his cock. She smiled because this is what she was waiting to hear. So she took her hand and placed it on his cock. She then started stroking feeling his hardness under her fingers.Gary, upon feeling Stephanie’s hand on his cock, just started moaning like crazy. Her hand felt so good on his hardness and he didn’t want her to stop escort malatya stroking. He kept on fingering her pussy, going at it harder. He could still hear her moans as he gave her pussy one good fingering. He could hardly wait to get his hard cock shoved inside her tight pussy.Stephanie kept on stroking Gary’s cock as she felt him finger her. She could feel one orgasm after another wash over her. She then stopped stroking him long enough to give her hand a rest.Gary, noticing that Stephanie had stopped stroking him, stopping fingering her. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and placed his hand around her waist. He then turned on his side, bringing her with him.Stephanie, feeling Gary bring her onto her side, let her hand go back to stroking his hair again. She loved the feeling of being so close to him. She had never wanted a man as badly as she wanted him. The desire that was running through her body was like electricity and she couldn’t get enough of him. It was as he was a long lost lover that she hadn’t been with in a long time. She couldn’t deny the attraction she was feeling towards him.Gary felt Stephanie stroking his hair again and he found himself loving every minute of it. Her touch was so gentle but passionate. So sweet but at the same time so hungry for him. He really loved being this close to her, feeling her skin next to his. He never wanted to let her go. He also found himself desiring to finger her sweet pussy again, to feel that wetness against his hand. He knew the moment he stuck his dick in her it would feel exquisite.Stephanie and Gary held each other, their two bodies touching. The heat between them was so strong..the attraction so noticeable. They then started kissing again, the kisses starting out soft then becoming more passionate.Stephanie, feeling the passion within her grow, let her left leg d**** over Gary’s body drawing her even closer now. She knew that at any moment he could easily slip his hard dick into her and fuck her right there in that position. She didn’t know if he would but she knew that she would love it if he did. However, even if he didn’t she was still loving the intimacy they were sharing.Gary felt Stephanie’s leg d**** over his body. He took this opportunity to squeeze her tighter to his body, making his kisses more hungrier..letting his desire for her show to her. He wanted to just pull her on top of him, slip his hard dick right into her tight pussy, and fuck her hard. But he knew he wanted to finger and taste that pussy some more before he did.Stephanie let her leg d**** over Gary’s body for a little bit while longer. She then moved it off and laid back down on her back again leaving her legs still spread open. She was still kissing Gary as he had moved to where he was “hovering” over her with the top part of his body.Gary kissed Stephanie some more then let his lips move down to her neck kissing there too. He knew that she loved it when he did that. He wanted nothing more at this moment then to please her..to make her enjoy being with him. He loved the way she reacted as he kissed her neck..the way she arched up to give him more access and the way she moaned. He then moved his lips back on hers kissing her more.Stephanie felt Gary kissing her again and she really loved it. She then watched him as he laid back down on his back with his body so close. She took the initiative this time and leaned the top half of her body over his kissing him more aggressively. She wanted him so badly. She stayed over his body for a little bit more feeling his hands go all over then laid back down too.Gary noticed that Stephanie was lying back down. He let his hands trail down to her open legs and stuck a finger inside of her pussy. He then started fingering her again feeling how much wetter and aroused she had become for him. He thrusted his finger in and out letting it touch her sweet tight pussy deeply inside. He listened to her beautiful moans of pleasure as he fingered her feeling her orgasm repeatedly.Stephanie couldn’t stop moaning as she felt Gary’s finger in her pussy. She let her hand travel over to his dick where she started stroking him again. She loved hearing his moans too as she stroked him knowing he was loving being touched as much as she was. She enjoyed knowing that she was pleasing him.Gary kept on fingering Stephanie for a good 40 minutes, sliding his fingers in and out effortlessly giving her pussy a good hard fingering feeling her pussy become wetter. He felt her hand still stroking his cock, not missing a beat. He could feel his orgasm come on but he didn’t want to cum all over himself. He’d rather cum inside her, filling her tight pussy with his hot seed. He started moaning louder to let her know that he was getting ready to cum.Stephanie noticed by Gary’s moans that he was close. She quickly moved her hands off his dick and brought them back up to his hair. She ran her fingers through his hair again loving how good his hair felt in her hands.Gary noticed that Stephanie was running her fingers through his hair again. He fingered her a little bit harder this time then stopped bringing his hands up placing them around her back. He pulled her as close as he could to his body feeling her leg go back around his hips again. He could feel Stephanie press her body into his and he loved it.Stephanie felt Gary holding her and she pressed her body up against his. She kept on running her fingers through her hair, occasionally letting her hands move down his back. At the same time she grinded her pussy up against his pelvis getting really close to his dick. She knew if she wanted to that she could easily climb on top of him and place his dick in her pussy riding him. But she decided not to and just kept on pressing her body up against his.Gary felt the heat of Stephanie’s pussy as he felt her rub it up against him. He wanted so badly to fuck her right now and he knew that it was time. He placed his lips back on hers kissing her again only this time with more passion and lust. He wanted her to know that he was ready to fuck her.Stephanie felt Gary kissing her more passionately now. She wanted him to fuck her right now, to fill her steaming hot wet pussy with his hard dick and give it to her good. She kissed him back sharing the same passion then let her lips move off his and kissed/licked her way down his chest then back up. She then started kissing him again the passion inside her burning deep. She could feel her heart race as she held her body next to his and she knew this was meant to be.Gary felt Stephanie’s lips as she kissed him more after just kissing then licking his chest. He loved the way her lips felt on his body and he could feel his cock throb with so much want that he could swear his dick would explode with cum everywhere if he didn’t fuck her soon. He kissed her back his hands gripping onto her body letting them roam everywhere.Stephanie felt Gary gripping onto her body and she knew she couldn’t wait anymore. She had to have him fuck her right this minute. She looked at him to let him know.Gary noticed how Stephanie was looking at her. He knew that look because he had seen it before. He knew she wanted him and that he has to make his move right now.”Ready for my cock baby?” Gary asked.”Mmm yes I am.” Stephanie said.Gary smiled then brought his body over to hers climbing on top of her. He placed his cock in between her spread legs and then shoved his cock straight into her hot dripping wet pussy. He moaned at entry because she just felt so damn good and tight. He started thrusting his cock in and out of her letting his body lay down on top of hers.Stephanie felt Gary’s cock now thrusting away in her tight pussy. She started crying out in ultimate pleasure malatya escort bayan and wrapped her legs around his waist holding him tight to her body. She had never felt as good as she felt right at that moment. It all just felt so right having his hard cock buried to the hilt in her pussy with him on top of her, their bodies joined as one. Having him here with her tonight just felt perfect and she never wanted it to end.Gary felt Stephanie’s legs wrapped around his waist. He was so glad that she was holding him tight against her body. He loved how good her breasts felt pressed up against his chest. He started out fucking her slowly, letting his cock slide in and out of her. He knew she was enjoying it just as much as he was. She had the tightest wettest pussy he had ever felt and it made his cock feel wonderful each time he thrusted into her.He wanted to feel her more and feel her pussy grip tighter around his dick so he started thrusting in her harder giving her pussy a really good pounding. He loved hearing her moans as he fucked her and loved how wet she felt. He knew that he would probably never find a pussy he would love to fuck so much besides hers and he was glad that were friends because that meant he could fuck her anytime he wanted.He pressed his body down on hers more and drove his cock deeper into her pussy giving it to her so good that he knew she’d want more. He knew he wanted more of her too after this and that they would be fucking more than just tonight. He knew there was no way in hell he could just fuck her one time and he knew that she felt that way to.Gary looked down at Stephanie as he fucked her. He loved how beautiful her face looked when she was in the total throws of pleasure. He started fucking her pussy harder, deeper, and faster now wanting to come inside her to fill her up. He could feel the urge of orgasm approaching and he knew he was really close. He could feel her pussy tighten up then release around his dick as he fucked her and he knew she was having multiple orgasms.Stephanie let Gary’s dick thrust her into another world, a world where all that mattered was the pleasure that she was feeling. She felt her orgasms wash over her and she knew that he felt them too. She could tell from his thrusts that he was close and she could hardly wait to have him come in her. She wanted to come with him so she started grinding her pussy hard up against his dick.Gary felt Stephanie’s pussy grinding hard up against his dick. He knew that it would make him come for sure because it just felt too good for him to hold back anymore. He thrusted as hard as he could into her pussy getting in at least three more thrusts. He then felt his come shoot out of his dick and straight into her pussy.”Oh god baby, I’m coming!” Gary said.Stephanie felt Gary coming inside her. At the same time, she came too and she cried out loudly as she could in pleasure because her orgasm was so extreme it took her breath away. She gripped onto his back tightly, like she was holding on for dear life, as they came together both of their bodies in complete ecstasy. She let her orgasm wash over her like a wave and felt his do the same.Gary felt Stephanie coming with her and he loved it. He kept his body tight on hers holding his dick in her pussy while he finished coming. He loved being this close to her, skin-to-skin.Gary and Stephanie finished coming together. They then held each other basking in the afterglow of their passion filled fucking. Both of them felt so good that it was like being in heaven. At that moment, nothing could touch them or make them feel bad. It was as if they were floating on a river of perfect.Gary held Stephanie a little bit more. He then pulled out and got off her, rolling onto his back. He laid there feeling worn out from what just happened but at the same time very satisfied. He was glad that they got together tonight. He turned his head towards Stephanie.”Hey I’m glad you came with me tonight.” Gary said.Stephanie looked over at Gary and smiled. She was glad that she came with him tonight too. She was glad that they had just had some of the most incredible sex of her life.”I’m glad I did too.” Stephanie said.Gary smiled at Stephanie as he laid there relaxing getting his breath back. He knew that it was getting late and that they would have to leave soon to take her back home then go home himself. He knew he needed a shower so he got up off the bed.”Hey I’m going to take a shower, okay.” Gary said.”Okay.” Stephanie said.Stephanie then sat up herself watching Gary head towards the shower. She knew she had to get dressed so she reached down and grabbed her clothes, putting them on. She could feel that her pussy was sore but very much satisfied. She felt so happy, almost giddy, like she was floating on a cloud of sexual perfection. Once she got dressed, she stood up and fixed her very disheveled hair. She then looked over at the clock realizing that they had been at it for three hours straight.Gary quickly took his shower getting his entire body clean. He then stepped out, dried himself off, and threw the towel down to the floor. He then walked out of the bathroom and into the motel room seeing Stephanie standing there.”Ah that shower felt great.” Gary said.He went over and grabbed his clothes putting them on. He then grabbed his wallet, putting it in his pocket, and grabbed his car keys.”Hey you ready?” Gary asked.”Yes.” Stephanie said.Stephanie went over and grabbed her wallet. She knew that she was hungry so she decided to ask him if he could stop and get her something to eat before he takes her home.”Hey you wouldn’t mind getting me something to eat, would you?” Stephanie asked.”No I don’t mind.” Gary said.Stephanie smiled. She then headed towards the door with Gary.Gary and Stephanie left the room going to his Jeep. They walked over to his Jeep. Stephanie waited while Gary unlocked her door. As soon as he did, she got in and he shut the door behind her. She then watched as he walked around, unlocked his door, and got in himself. They both buckled their seatbelts getting ready to, driving out of the parking lot and onto a side road.He took her to a restaurant and got her something to eat. They then headed out of the restaurant parking lot and onto the main road. The whole way while he took her home they talked about various things especially about the next time that they were going to meet.Stephanie found herself excited by the prospect of just being next to him. She was so glad that she was still alone with him and she loved every minute of it. She felt her heart jump and race by just looking at him.Gary noticed Stephanie looking at him and he really enjoyed it. He was glad that he got to spend the night with her.Gary drove Stephanie home reaching her road quickly. He drove down it reaching her house and pulling into the driveway. Once he got his Jeep into the driveway, he parked it and turned the engine off. He then got out of his Jeep and walked over to Stephanie’s side. Once he reached her side, he opened her door so she could get out.Stephanie noticed that Gary had opened the door for her. She smiled and got out walking along her driveway waiting for him to join her.Gary shut the door and walked up next to Stephanie. He then walked with her to her front door enjoying the smell of the cool night country air. He felt pretty tired now but he knew he’d be getting home soon. Once they reached the front door, he gave her a goodnight kiss then went on his way back to his Jeep. He got in and drove home.Stephanie savored the kiss on her lips as she opened the front door and walked inside. She was smiling from ear to ear and she felt like dancing because she was so happy. She ate, went on her computer, then went to bed dreaming of Gary and his wonderful touch. She could hardly wait to be with him again. She knew she’d never be the same again, that tonight had changed her. She found herself glad of that and glad that he was part of her life…forever.