A Hairbrush !

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A Hairbrush !The sun shone through a gap in the bedroom curtains when I woke, and after the few days of rain it was a nice surprise to see such a sight. The fact we were in autumn meant the trees outside were a beautiful array of colours as the leaves prepared to drop and the air crisp. The recent wind had even dropped which meant that it looked promising to be a nice weekend. And considering the date it seemed a good omen that things should finally fall into place as the previous few months had been a bit of a nightmare.As I lay listening to the quietness of the house, enjoying the fact I didn’t have to rush around to get ready for work I had a twinge of remorse that I was laying alone. After sharing a bed with someone for so long it took a bit of getting used to having to sleep alone. Sure, in the early days it had been good just like it is when you have the whole double bed to yourself the odd night rather than someone encroaching on your space as you sleep. But after 16 years of marriage and sharing a bed with my wife I missed the closeness of having someone there warm to snuggle up to. As well of course as missing the physical side of a relationship.With my mind in a thoughtful mode it made me jump when suddenly there was a knock on the door and it swung open with a sight for sore eyes of my daughter entering with a steaming mug of tea.“Morning Dad, I thought I would bring you a nice cup of tea on this fine morning and your divorce papers that the postman has just delivered, so we should celebrate in style the fact you are now officially free of my cow of a mother!”Kate had never forgiven her mother for having the affair which finished our marriage, made worse by the fact that it had been her that found her out in the first place. She had been brought home by one of her friends mum from school after the school was closed mid-morning due to a burst water pipe. As her own mum hadn’t answered her phone and being mature for her age Kate always had her own key in case of emergencies. Having been dropped off at the top of the drive she had made her way past her own mum’s car which was in the driveway along with a white van. Seemed a little odd for a start, especially as she hadn’t answered her phone but Kate thought perhaps she had just been busy vacuuming or something and hadn’t heard the phone. And perhaps the van was a workman that had been called in to fix something like the washing machine or the like. But on finding the door locked Kate used her key to enter and was met by the sound of her mother screaming. Thinking the worst Kate had grabbed an umbrella next to the door as a weapon and ran through to the kitchen where the noise had come from to help her mother who had sounded in distress.Time seemed to stop for Kate then as she entered the kitchen. Her mother had indeed screamed but not because she was being attacked. Well not in so many words. Kate guessed that the van belonged to the man that stood behind her mother with his trousers and boxers discarded on the floor as he had hold of her hips and was pounding against her arse as she was bent over the worktop of the island in the centre of the kitchen, her negligee up around her waist and her bare breasts squashed against the marble. Kate had seen enough clips on the internet to know exactly what was happening in front of her and couldn’t then remember whether she screamed louder than her whore of a mother!The phone call I received from my daughters mobile was one of the worst I had ever received. Through uncontrolled cries and sniffles I had just about made out the gist of the situation and where to find my daughter who had ran out of the house having first used the umbrella as the weapon she had intended and hit the man on the back of the head who had been fucking her mum.By the time I had picked her up she had just about stopped crying as we pulled onto the drive, now minus the van. My wife met us at the door trying to apologise to Kate but our daughter was having none of it. In fact Kate calmly walked up to her mother and slapped her round her face asking how she could do such a thing to me before picking up her school bag which was where she had dropped it earlier and disappeared into her room. That left a very awkward situation as we stood opposite each other, tears welling in both of our eyes knowing that all we had worked for over the years had just been undone in a moment.Turns out the visits from our friendly ‘repair-man’ had been a regular occurrence and the next time his van came onto our drive was to pick her up with her suitcase, a tearful Kate watching from her bedroom window as it pulled away leaving the two of us to get on with our lives minus a wife and mother!So a messy few months had passed while we sorted out the divorce details as well as my daughter’s Birthday. Unsurprisingly her mother had not been invited to our family gathering, and even though I tried to put aside my anger I was unable to change my daughters mind and even though I felt she still needed her mother’s input into her life now and again, Kate was having none of it. We had always had a very good and open relationship where any questions she had were answered honestly and that had only got better since her mum left and I was very proud of the young lady she was growing into. Her school work had not suffered and she had continued to mix with her circle of friends as before. The only major issue was that I kept having to remind her that she didn’t have to keep mothering me as I was big enough to look after myself, but because she was so big hearted she did all she could to make my life easier.“Morning Kate” I had replied sitting up in bed and accepting both the envelope and tea with thanks. “Let’s open this then and make sure it says what we want it to say”.As I tear the envelope open Kate plonked herself down on the bed by my side, her blonde hair still ruffled from sleep which she brushed from her face and smiled at me.Having read my decree absolute I passed it to Kate who took it from me and put it on the side having read the title too. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, her arm wrapped around my neck and she gave me a big hug saying that she knows I must have mixed feelings over it as it was the end of what had seemed a happy marriage to me tainted by the fact my wife had been unfaithful. I held Kate close as I re-iterated that it was also a shame she had lost the mother she had once had and that if ever she wanted to rekindle the relationship with her then I would respect her wishes. But Kate trabzon escort was adamant that she was quite happy not seeing her.“And anyway” she stated uncoupling from our hug, “I don’t need anyone else as you fill both roles quite well” she said.As she lay next to me she picked up the solicitors letter and started to read it, crossing her feet as her legs stretched down the bed. As I sipped my tea my eyes took in her full length, suddenly surprised at how tall she seemed with her feet not far from the end of the bed. I glanced over her frame and was drawn to her chest which was rising and falling with each breath, but the thing that made me take note was her nipples were fully erect through the tight material of her top.Over the months I had noticed she was growing into a fine young woman, her shape changing slightly as she grew and her boobs had seemed to have a growth spurt as she had dragged me shopping not long ago for new underwear. I had always looked at my daughter in the fatherly way but suddenly as I drank in the view of her heaving breasts I felt an involuntary twitch as my cock came to life. Slightly embarrassed at my own thoughts and the effect it was having on me I suggested she go and shower so I could get out of bed without her seeing the bulge that had appeared below the quilt. As she swung her legs round and stepped off the bed, the shorts she slept in had shifted into her crack and her bare buttock was in view for a few seconds before she adjusted herself disappearing out of the door towards her bathroom.Thankful of her now not being in the room I swung myself out of bed with one of the hardest erections I could ever remember. It took me a while before I could even pee, even getting to the stage that I thought I may even have to have a swift wank to calm things down. The worrying thing for me though was the manner in which I got hard in the first place. I know it had been a long time since I had some real lady attention as there had been no-one since my wife left, but I had been a regular observer of internet porn on my laptop being someone with quite a high sex drive. But I had never thought of my daughter in that way – until this morning!After I showered I managed to calm down a little and let the water wash over me as if trying to cleanse my thoughts as well as my body. As I now stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom I took in the sight of myself and was quite pleased that I was still pretty well toned from regular trips to the gym as well as the odd cycle ride or walk that Kate and I took together. Not that I was so obsessed to be rippled with muscles, but I knew I had to take fairly good care of myself if I wanted any chance to find someone new. Pulling on my boxers I walked out of the en-suite into my bedroom to get dressed. At just that moment I heard Kate shout me from her bathroom and as we were used to seeing each other walk around in our underwear I went to find out what she wanted. As I approached the door it was slightly ajar as it normally was as we always respected each other’s privacy and so on hearing the shower running I shouted back asking her what she wanted.“Be a Love and pass me one of my new razors from the cabinet” she called back, “I forgot to grab one before I got in here” she continued. “And close your eyes” she added!As I made my way into the bathroom I opened the cabinet and took out one of her new razors, turning my body towards the shower but not my head. I exaggerated not looking by holding both arms up in front of me walking like a zombie would from the films, waving my hands around as if I was completely blind in a room I had never been in.“No need to be facetious” Kate said as I heard the door open slightly just before the razor disappeared from my grasp. “Thank you, you may go now” she had said as if balking orders at a servant.“Thank you Ma’am” I added, playing my part. It was as I headed back towards the door that I glanced in the mirror and saw the reflection of my daughters naked form in the shower, her body outlined against the wet glass of the cubicle, not enough to give me a clear view but enough for me to see her naked breasts and small patch of dark pubic hair between her legs. I must have stood for half a second too long as I was mesmerised by the sight as on looking back up her body our eyes met via the mirror. As I turned my head and exited the bathroom quickly I was sure I saw a slight smile across her face.Having not made any plans for the day I just pulled on some jogging bottoms and a T-shirt before making my way downstairs to prepare some breakfast. I had decided to just act as if nothing had happened in the bathroom and go through our normal routine of making some scrambled eggs and grilled bacon to go with the muffins I had bought the day before. As I got on with my tasks Kate breezed into the kitchen in her usual youthful way and put the coffee machine on. As she reached up into the cupboard to get the cups she stood on tip toes, her bare feet looking so cute at the bottom of her freshly shaved legs. She wore a short pleated white skirt with a tight purple T-shirt that had colourful swirls around the front. As she reached up I was surprised at how high the skirt rose and was sure I could see the bottom of her buttocks and had to look away and concentrate on the eggs before my mind returned to the way I was thinking about her earlier. For a millisecond it passed my mind that she had done it deliberately after seeing me checking her out in the shower, but I dismissed it as nonsense and served up breakfast.As we sat beside each other Kate looked across at me and suddenly asked; “Dad, do men prefer women to shave down below or to leave it natural?”I was a little taken aback by the question but as we had always been open and honest with our discussions I tried to answer as best I could.“Well Kate, I suppose it comes down to a matter of personal preference” I said as I sipped at my coffee.“Some men prefer the natural hairy look where the woman never trims or shaves right through to the other end of the spectrum where the woman shaves completely bald”.I was pretty sure I had gone red with embarrassment but I continued to eat breakfast as normal and I continued; “Just like some women prefer to trim or shave for hygiene reasons as well as looks”.The next question was unexpected.“Well which do you prefer Dad?” Kate asked as she fed some bacon into her mouth.“Kate I’m not sure it’s appropriate that you ask me that really, do you” I replied seeing that slight smile again escort trabzon on her lips.“Oh come on Dad, you can tell me” she continued, smiling wider this time.Now seeing as we had openly discussed sex in general in the past I asked myself what harm could it do to go along with her questions, so I told her.“Well Kate, my personal preference is either a well trimmed patch on the top but most definitely smooth around the vagina” I replied trying to keep it as ‘professional’ as I could.“Ooh vagina” she said almost in a mocking way.“Well what do you want me to call it?” I asked?Now it was Kate’s turn to go red as I deflected the question back at her.“Pussy!” she said out loud as she smiled back at me, pleased at herself for saying the word.“Well in that case” I exclaimed, “I like a bald pussy all over!” And I forked the last of the egg into my mouth pleased that I had met her on her words.What she did next almost made me choke on the mouthful I had as suddenly she pushed her chair back slightly from the table and swung one of her legs round at the same time as lifting her skirt.“Like this?” She asked as we both stared down at the baldness between her legs as she wore no underwear.Time seemed to stop for me as I was confronted by the sweetest looking pussy I think I had ever seen. And as I said earlier, I have seen quite a few over the years with the benefit of the internet, but never one as beautiful as what was a few feet in front of me in the flesh. The freshly shaved mound almost shone as the light bounced off it from the halogen bulbs in the ceiling, and the lips were slightly red around the sides from the recent attention they had had from the razor. The lips were still nicely closed, although with the angle of her legs stretched slightly they were threatening to part and open like a flower coming out from bud. Talking of which the sweet bud of her clitoris hood stood proud at the top of her slit finishing off the beauty that sat before me.I was at a loss what to do or say at this point, and as if it had been the most natural thing in the world to have done, Kate returned her skirt and leg round under the table and finished her food.I just found myself looking deep into her eyes and said “Exactly like that! Although that’s the best looking pussy I have ever seen” I continued as if in a daze reliving the picture now embedded in my mind.“Why thank you Dad” Kate said, smiling again. “I’m glad you approve”.As I sat in my chair I was pretty glad I was close to the table as my cock was threatening to rip through my joggers at just having seen such a sweet pussy. To make things worse it was now I noticed that Kate wore no bra underneath her shirt as her stiff nipples were pushing against the material. As Kate was between a B and a C cup her breasts were just a perfect shape which hardly needed a bra being so pert and they looked mighty fine now pressed against her top. Again my hesitation to look away obviously made me guilty of staring at her chest and I chastised myself again for thinking bad thoughts about my innocent teenage daughter sat next to me.Kate broke the silence.“And do you approve of my boobs too?” She asked pushing her chest out slightly further which only accentuated the fact her nipples were rock hard.“Kate, you are growing into a beautiful young woman” I heard myself saying, “and have a fantastic figure with a lovely pair of boobs. I can also tell you that you have a great looking pussy too and the fact you have shaved it is very nice.” I tried to continue in my fatherly role; “Your body is growing fast and your hormones too which means that you will start to have sexual feelings more and more if you have not already done so. I appreciate the honesty with which we speak and long may it continue, but it may be best if you start to perhaps dress a little more around me now that your body is changing so much.”Kate almost looked horrified. “Why do I have to do that Dad, do you not like the clothes I wear?”“It’s not that at all Kate. I love the clothes you wear, the only problem is that you are my daughter and when I see you dress like this it affects me like it should affect any man, only it is wrong for me”.“You mean you get turned on?” she asked.“Well yes” I said, “I suppose I do”.“And is that so wrong?” she asked.“As I’m your Dad, yes it is” I replied.“Well I won’t tell anyone if you don’t” she said as she sipped her drink.“Well it’s not quite as easy as that honey” I said trying to ignore those gorgeous nipples that seemed to be staring at me. “A man has urges and I would hate to be in a position where I took advantage of that for my own pleasure” I said trying to be as diplomatic as I could.“well girls have urges too” she replied.“Indeed they do” I said, “and I appreciate that but you will have to try and keep them in check until you are older and find a nice boyfriend”.“But you told me to steer clear of boys because they just want one thing!” she had said, which I could hardly argue with because I did!“I know, but when the time comes and you are ready then as long as you are careful then things should be OK” I said.With that she stood up from the table and took her plate to the sink before disappearing upstairs to her room. Thankful for the space I too stood up and my hard-on was like something I had never seen before. It was so hard it physically ached and so I knew that the only way I was going to do anything with it was to actually have a wank, so I made my way up to my room to do the deed.As I got to the top of the stairs I heard the music coming from Kate’s room as her door was half open. I had to pass her door to get to my room and as I started to walk across the landing I heard her moan above the music. I knew in my head that she must be feeling how I was and that she was perhaps masturbating just like I was planning on doing. I know I should have walked straight past her door but I glanced in and sure enough she was laid on her bed, her skirt was up around her waist and her fingers were busy playing with her clit. As I watched I saw her pressing her hairbrush against her lips which seemed to open and welcome the plastic phallic handle in as she continued to moan. My cock was rock hard against my jogging bottoms and as I stood in the doorway watching my daughter masturbate herself with a brush I rubbed my hand along my shaft. With her head thrown back against her bed, her fingers were circling her clit faster and faster as the handle was pushed in right up to the head and she moaned louder as her orgasm neared.Trying trabzon escort bayan to keep out of sight I found myself with my joggers around my thighs and my cock in my hand, pre-cum already oozing from the glans. I could hear the wet sound of Kate’s pussy as it devoured the hairbrush just wishing it was my cock instead. Kate pulled the handle from within her and whilst she continued to rub around her clit she brought the brush up to her mouth and started to suck on it, tasting her own juices. I very nearly came there and then, but stopped short just as she looked directly at me through the gap in the door. My heart almost stopped but my legs wouldn’t work to move me away and then I heard her speak.“I hope you aren’t going to waste that” she said nodding at the erection I held in my hand. “I suggest you get over here and do what you need to do” she continued, still without stopping her clit action.Like a scolded schoolboy I did as I was told and entered her room, drawn to her open pussy like a moth to a lamp. It looked so damn tasty and as I kicked off my bottoms I was on my knees and between her thighs tasting her juice in no time. Her skin was as soft as ever and her gorgeous pussy lips were wet from her own secretions, glistening in the light. The taste was exquisite and I lapped hungrily at her lips from bottom to top of her freshly shaven cunt. I slipped a finger into the warmth and felt the tight hole grasp my digit, licking it each time it reappeared covered in her liquid. Pushing a second in I heard her gasp with pleasure, obvious that her hymen had already been broken at some point by herself, probably by the hairbrush she was still sucking.“Let me suck your cock please Dad” I heard her say as she leaned on her elbows. I looked up from my feast, my face covered in wetness and saw the longing in her eyes.“But Kate this is just so wrong on every level” I said, fingers still buried deep inside of her.“A bit too late to worry about that I think, don’t you?” she asked now rubbing those sweet breasts beneath her shirt.Although I had broken the rule already about sexual activity with my daughter, it wasn’t too late to stop. But she seemed like a d**g which had drawn me in and I wanted more. I stood up and removed my shirt as she removed her own and lay before me with just her tiny skirt on around her waist as her beautiful tits and nipples came on show for me. I couldn’t resist reaching down and taking each one in hand, feeling the nipples harden further against my palm, a contrast with the softness of the fleshy mounds. I watched in awe as her delicate hands took hold of my manhood and guided it into her open mouth, her tongue getting to work on my knob as she fed herself. Her small hands made me look bigger than I perhaps was, having a further sexual affect on me and I had to concentrate with all my mind so as not to explode down her throat.Her sweet pussy seemed to be calling me back and so I straddled her body and lay above her in the 69 position. It had been years since I had done that and so I savoured the feeling of having my cock sucked whilst my mouth licked away at her juicy sex. I toyed with her tiny asshole too as it had become well lubricated from her being so turned on. I didn’t push a finger in at this stage as I didn’t want to rush things, but I knew she was getting pleasure from having her hole stroked. I felt her hands on my hips as she gently thrust me in and out of her mouth, careful enough not to push too hard to make her gag, allowing her to take things as slowly as she wanted. She must have practised many times on her hairbrush as she was certainly making an expert go of sucking me off.I felt her hands push me away and to the side and so suddenly we had changed positions with her on top. She continued to grind her pelvic bone into my face, her lips leaving a slick mess all over my mouth and I continued to hungrily accept it. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft, her throaty moans vibrating deliciously against me. I heard a rip and then felt the condom being rolled over my length and I knew that I was about to act out the ultimate sin.I looked down as Kate removed her final piece of clothing just before spinning round and straddling me. I was about to tell her how mature I thought she was with regards the condom but before I had chance she lowered her face to meet mine and our mouths met in the most erotic kiss I had ever had. Our juices flowed between us as we tasted each other, our tongues mingling as one. I could feel the head of my cock pushing gently against her opening as her hand slipped between us and guided me into her. I lay completely still, suppressing the urge to thrust into her at this stage, still wanting her to do this at her own pace. She raised her head and looked me straight in the eye as she lowered herself onto my shaft, her pussy hungrily accepting me, enveloping me with that beautiful warmth that comes when your cock is buried into a sweet cunt.I reached up and cupped her breasts, the firmness of her youth adding to the visual pleasure I was getting from seeing her grind herself into me. My hands ran down to her hips and I held her as I started to gently rock with her to meet her thrusts which were starting to get faster. She smiled at me, still staring into my eyes as we fucked together on the bed. The beat of the music pounded in the background, mixing with our own sounds that we were making. As our bodies slapped together harder and faster I knew she was nearing her first real orgasm with me and unable to stop myself now we joined together in mutual pleasure as our bodies came with an intensity that I couldn’t remember enjoying in the past. Her screams filled the room and her body shook as she ground herself into me over and over until we were both spent. She collapsed on top of me and her sweet breasts pressed against my own chest, our heavy breaths now competing with the music.Minutes passed as we lay in each other’s arms, our bodies returning to their natural state. As Kate slid off me to lie by my side I felt my cock slip out of her wet hole and rest on my thigh.“Thanks Dad”, I heard her say. “I’ve been waiting ages for that to happen” she added pressing her body against mine. “I was getting a little fed up with my hairbrush and needed the real thing” she concluded as she kissed me on the cheek.“But Kate, that was just so wrong of us to have done what we have just done!” I said.“Oh give over” she said, her breasts now pushing against my side. “You always told me that the first time should be special and with someone who I love and who loves me. Well it was!” she added giving me that gorgeous smile again. I couldn’t help but smile back as I felt a twinge again between my legs as my cock reacted to the beauty that lay beside me.