A Family’s Tale 4


Well, the time finally came when Trevor was suppose to be picking me up, so I finished getting ready and went to grab some condoms since I wasn’t on birth control. But then I remembered a couple of things, one, he couldn’t have kids, he tried for the seven years he was married and it never worked, and two, based on the dick pics he sent me I’d say that none of the condoms I had would fit him at all because they were way way too small. I already knew he was clean since it had been four years since he’s had sex, so condoms were out. That just made me horny all over again because then I couldn’t stop thinking about feeling all of him when he slid his bare unprotected dick in me, so I grabbed my little black purse and got ready to go out and wait for him. When I was ready, I went to the front room and watched him get out of his truck and he looked so fucking sexy! He was wearing another button down shirt and jeans now I know that doesn’t sound all that sexy, but you don’t understand. I didn’t even wait till he got to the door before I opened it. He looked at me and grinned, but when he got to me, he looked right at my boobs and then my eyes while I bit my lip and watched him. God I loved the way he was looking at me, it made me all hot and wet for him.

“Hey beautiful.” He sighed making me feel weak.

“Hey baby, you look sexy.” I said while I slid my hand right onto his bulge all slow and soft making him moan a little.

“No bra?” He sighed before he slid his hand on my face and kissed me really soft and sweet.

“Is it ok if I not wear one?” I sighed with a smile after we stopped kissing.

“Yeah, it’s perfectly ok, you have amazing little tits, I love them.” He sighed while I started to rub him through his pants.

“Do I look sexy?” I sighed with a little grin while I looked deep in his amazing green eyes.

“Oh my god yes.” He sighed before he kissed me again.

After he stopped kissing me, I just stood there while my world started to spin, especially since I could feel him get a boner and then it getting bigger and bigger. While that was happening I just grabbed his belt and pulled him against me and kissed him really deep while he pushed me against my wall. We started to kiss all slow and soft over and over and over again and by then I was so lost in my lust for him that I just started to pull on his belt so I could get it off, I wanted his dick and I was starting to ache for him. I whimpered a little when I felt him slide his hand on my boob and when he did that, I knew for sure that I was definitely going to get laid. Right when I started to loose control a little, we heard Haylee clearing her throat so we stopped kissing and looked at her to see that she was standing there watching us.

“See, I told you, you worry too much.” She said with a little grin on her face while he backed away from me just a little and faced her.

“Yeah, I do.” I said breathlessly while I took my hand off of his dick.

“Hi Trevor!” She said while she walked up to him before he could say anything.

“Hey girl, what’s up?” He asked while they hugged.

I loved the look on Haylee’s face, she looked so so happy!

“Nothing, just waiting for you to pick up your girlfriend.” She said before they let go of each other and she stayed close to him.

“I’m not late am I?” He asked making her smile.

“Nope, you’re early, wanna play video games with me tomorrow?” She asked making Trevor smile really big.

“Yeah I wanna play video games with you, what do you have?” He asked making her get excited.

“I have the new PlayStation and I have a Wii, we can play golf and stuff with that.” She said like the kid she is.

“I’ve got that too, I haven’t played it that much but I’m not all that bad.” He said making her kind of frown.

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because I’m boring and I work a lot.” He said.

“Well, we just might have to fix that, don’t worry, I won’t make you look too bad.” She said making us all laugh.

“I hope not.” He said while we laughed.

They stood there and talked for a minute before she took him to where we had our TV and her game consoles and everything. Just like before, it was like they had known each other all their lives, they even started talking trash to each other again and they were laughing. I can’t say it too much, I LOVED that she loved him and that they were already so close! It made me so happy to know that my daughter actually approved of a guy I liked and loved him! I wanted to cry happy tears while I watched them, that’s how happy it made me. It was only five minutes before mom got there and since Kaylee knew how her grandma was, she kicked us out of the house before mom was able to see what I was wearing. That’s when I noticed that Trevor was not just a sexy yummy man, he was a gentleman, he actually opened his door for me, that had never happened before at all and before I knew it, we were finally off on our first hot date. I was in trouble though because I knew for sure that I was going to loose control with him, but the thing was that I wasn’t scared because I knew that he wanted me.

I wanted to get him so horny for me that he couldn’t stand it so I started taking about sex, and when I started talking about it, I made sure that that was all we talked about. We were talking about it for a few minutes and that’s when I noticed that he liked talking about it too. That’s when I decided to kind of dig to see what his wants were.

“So what kind of things do you like to do to a girl?” I asked with a sexy grin since we just got done talking about what other people do.

“My all time favorite thing to do is to eat pussy.” He said making me cream.

“Mmm, why?” I asked making him look at me.

“Because I love the taste, but I love the way a woman reacts more. I love how her body moves, the look on her face and the noises she makes. I love it when she grinds her pussy against my face, how her juices get all over my face and the way she touches me when I’m eating her. But when I slide my dick inside of her pussy? Holy god! I love how her body tenses up, the way she gasps, and how her body moves right when I push my dick in her.” He said making me feel so hot that I couldn’t stand it.

“Mmmmm, that’s really hot, have you eaten girls out a lot?” I asked making him look at me and smile.

“Yeah, I have.

“I’m guessing you like to watch porn too, I mean, you were single until just a few days ago so you haven’t been with anyone for four years right?” I asked hoping he said yes.

“I am a bit of a pervert so yeah I do watch porn, I watched a lot of porn before I met you.” He said.

“So what kind of porn do you like to watch?” I asked while I looked at him.

“Threesome, blowjob, hardcore and I like to watch lesbian porn sometimes.” He said giving me chills.

“Oooo, threesome porn huh?” I asked while I smashed my body against his.

“Yeah, what about you, do you watch porn?” He asked while he put his arm around me making me shiver.

“Yes, I do watch porn.” I said while I smiled hoping that he would ask me what kind I watched.

“Yeah? So what kind of porn do you like?” He asked.

“I like teen porn, that’s my all time favorite. I like watching teen threesomes, teen hardcore, teen lesbian, anything teen, I love teen porn. But one of my other favorite ones is petite teens getting fucked by huge dicks.” I sighed.

“I’ve watched a few teen porn videos myself, I love the blowjob ones. I also like the ones where a teenager fucks older men.” He said making me shake a little.

“Mmmm those are so so hot. I love those too, especially since my boyfriend is an older guy so I can relate to that, Finally.” I said.

“But we haven’t had sex yet.” He said with a sexy fucking grin.

“Yet.” I said while I got my face as close to his as I could.

“That may change today.” He sighed before he looked in my eyes since he was stopped at a red light.

“God I hope so.” I said while I started to breath hard.

“It will.” He said before he kissed me twice.

“So what kind of things do you like a girl to do to you?” I asked before I bit my lip.

“Well, exactly what you’re doing now for one and two, I love being touched and rubbed through my pants, it drives me fucking crazy. Basically if you want a fail proof way of getting my dick inside of you, do what you’re doing now and rub my dick through my pants.” He said making me moan a little.

“Good to know.” I sighed while I slid my hand on his thigh.

“Yeah, I definitely want you to know that.” He said making me giggle and start rubbing his thigh.

“Ok what else, better yet, what’s the one thing you’ve wanted that you’ve never gotten or have gotten very little of?” I asked while he moved his leg so that it was easier for me to touch him.

“Well, I lost my virginity when I was really young and I think I told you about that.” He said making me nod my head yes.

“Yeah you did.” I said while I rubbed his thigh closer and closer to his dick.

“Ok so, that time and one time in college, and that may or may not count as one, I don’t know, but those were the only times had something done to me. When I was married, I never got this because my ex thought it was the most repulsive and disgusting thing that anyone could do, so she never did it. She loved it when I ate her pussy but she refused to do the one thing that I loved and wanted, I really wanna get my dick sucked so fucking bad. Seeing girls with dicks in their mouths drive me crazy because I want that. I think that’s why I watch so much blowjob porn.” He said making me cream my panties, gasp and open my mouth in shock, I mean, who wouldn’t wanna suck his yummy cock?

“So you haven’t had your dick sucked since college?” I asked from shock.

“No, it’s sucks, but that’s ok, I watch blowjob porn and live vicariously through those dudes.” He said making me so sad for him, but way horny because he had no idea that that was one my my all time favorite things to do to a guy.

“I love watching teen blow job porn where the girl sucks a big dick all slow and…yum.” I sighed making him glance at me since he was driving.

“Fuck I love those too, I really like the ones where she’s laying on her back and the dude comes up to her side so she turns her head and lets him put his dick in her mouth.” He sighed making me smile bigger while his dick twitched.

“Mmmm, that is fucking hot.” I whimpered.

“Maybe it’s because I have a daughter or something and that’s why I like the kind of porn that’s really really kinky, it’s called moms teaching teens. I love watching moms teach their little girls how to suck dick, it’s so fucking hot.” I said not realizing that he may not like that, but then I felt his pants move because of his dick.

“Oh, god I know, I also like watching the mom teach her how to take a dick too.” He said making me get really really dizzy from being horny.

“I also like watching the mom join in too, like, she can’t take it so she ends up sucking dick and fucking the guy too.” I sighed while my heart raced.

“I love how the mom holds the mans dick for her daughter and helps her sit on it.” He sighed making my pussy drool so so bad.

“Or how the daughter holds it for her mom, I also love it when he pulls his dick out of the mom then the daughter sucks his dick.” I sighed because I was breathing so so hard.

“And when she and her daughter start making out, touching and licking each other.” He said making me gasp a little.

“Oh my god I know, mmmmm, I thought I would be the only one who liked that kind of stuff.” I said making him nod his head no while he started to breath harder.

“No, I watch it quite a bit.” He said making me bite my lip.

“I watch a lot of step daddy and step daughter porn too, I love it.” I sighed.

“Yeah, I watch that sometimes too, we watch a lot of the same porn don’t we?” He asked making me kind of whimper.

“Yeah we do, that’s just another one of many reasons that we’re perfect for each other.” I said making him look at me after he stopped at a red light.

“So fucking true.” He sighed making my whole body so hot for him, right before he kissed me five times, with his tasty tongue and all.

“So you’ve only had your dick sucked twice in your life?” I asked making him look at me and nod his head yes after we stopped kissing.

“But that’s if the second time only counts as one blowjob.” He said making me grin while he watched my chest rise and fall from my heavy horny breathing.

“I’ll give it to you, you’ve only had your dick sucked twice, and that’s all you’ve ever had it done?” I asked while I looked at him in his eyes.

“Unfortunately yes, I want to get my dick sucked pretty fucking bad, why?” He asked while I glanced at his bulge, looked in his eyes, leaned down so I could make it obvious that I was looking at his bulge, stared at it for a long second while I bit my pinkie nail, then looked at him.

“Because I love sucking dick.” I sighed before I looked in his eyes.

He looked like he was just turned on so so bad, I mean, he already looked like he was way way horny, but after I told him that, he just looked at my mouth and bit his lip a little.

“You do?” He asked like I just took his breath away.

“Mmmmhmm, I love it, I love how cock tastes, I love how it feels in my mouth and I love how the guy reacts to it. I love how it feels when his cock pulses and throbs in my mouth, I love all of it. You know what that means right baby?” I sighed making him kinda groan.

“What does it mean?” He sighed while he started to breath kinda heavy and while his face started to turn red.

“It means that since you’re my man and I’m your girl, you finally get to get your dick sucked.” I sighed making him sigh and his dick start growing more and more.

“I’ll eat your pussy anytime, I want to eat your pussy.” He sighed making me moan a little.

“Mmmm, you can eat my pussy anytime you want, I’d love to feel your lips and tongue all over my pussy.” I sighed making him bite his lip.

“What do you like, what do you like a guy do to you, and what is the one thing you want but never had or had little of?” He asked.

“I love a guy that loves to kiss, like you do and I’ve always wanted to be with a guy that kisses as amazing as you do. You’re the first guy that kisses so good that you make me all hot and very very wet. I like a guy that loves to eat my wet little pussy so I love that you said that you love to eat pussy. I’ve been with guys that either didn’t like eating pussy, or they all sucked at it, so I want a guy that’s good at it too and it sounds like you’ve done it a lot, so yeah, I can’t wait till you eat me out. And the one thing I’ve never ever had, well, I’ve always wanted to be with a guy that had a massive cock, I wanna see and feel it stretch my little pussy while he fucks me.” I sighed making him smile.

So we kept talking about sex and everything we loved in major major detail, and I mean we got so so graphic. It was so graphic that I actually started to ache for him again and I started to shake a little. While we were talking about it, I remembered what he said, and I was so hot, wet and horny for him that I started to trace his dick through his pants with one finger and when I did that, I felt him getting harder and harder for me.

“Mmmm, you’re getting all hard for me.” I whimpered with a smile while his dick started to get so big that he was running out of room in his pants.

“Can’t help it, you turn me on more than any woman ever has.” He said making me smile.

“You’re not just saying that are you?” I asked while I reached down slowly, rested two of my fingers on his dick and started to scratch him really lightly with my fingernails through his pants.

“No I’m not, I promise.” He said while his dick forced its way down his pant leg.

I looked in his lap and I could literally see his dick pushing his pants up while it forced its way down his pant leg, it was like there was a snake slithering its way down his pants and it was way obvious. I could even see how fat and thick he was getting while his dick forced its way down his pant leg, so I was literally watching it get longer and fatter! It was one of the hottest things I ever saw. So while it was getting so much bigger and harder, I put my thumb and my pinkie on the sides, and my other three fingers on his dick and started to scratch it lightly and rubbed him like that all while we were talking about fucking. But when he started talking about how he wanted to fuck me, I started to squirm and my pussy started to get really really slimy. Then it got kinda quiet for only a second because I was too distracted by his big big dick and by what he just said about fucking me.

“God that feels good.” He sighed while his eyes closed a little.

“You like that?” I asked making his dick twitch.

“Yeah.” He sighed while he pushed his dick into my hand making me lay the rest of my hand on his dick, push down on it lightly while I curved my fingers around bursa merkez escort bayan the top of his head and slowly slid my whole hand down his length.

My heart was racing, I was breathing hard and I was shaking just like I was the night we sexted until we both came. I was right where I was that night, hornier than I had ever been in my life. After another few minutes we pulled in a crowded parking lot of the Chinese restaurant.

“Aw, you remembered.” I said happily because he knew that I loved Chinese food.

“Of course.” He said with a smile before he opened his door making me let go of his dick.

When he got out of the truck he faced me, so I looked right at his bulge which was impossible for him to hide, I looked at him to see that he was watching me. I didn’t smile, instead I relaxed my lip while bit my pinkie nail and looked right at his bulge again, only I stared at it for a few long seconds. I knew he was watching me, so I pulled my pinkie nail out of my mouth, bit my lip and made my eyebrows jump. When I looked up at him again, he had the hottest look on his face, so I glanced at his bulge and back in his eyes seconds before he closed his door. I was going to open the door myself like I was use to doing, but I saw him walking to my side of the truck so I waited. That’s when I decided that I was going to make sure that he saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties and so he could see how wet I was. So when he opened the door, I turned towards him spread my legs and lifted my dress, and when I did that he looked right at my pussy. He just kinda froze for a second before he looked up at me and started to breath hard while he slid his big hands up my leg.

“No panties? He hissed while he looked in my eyes making me nod my head no while I bit my lip.

“Oh my god, I really wanna touch you.” He sighed while he got really close and looked down at my pussy again.

“Please, I want you to.” I whimpered while I leaned back, spread my legs as far as I could and lifted my little ass off of his seat so I was pushing my little slit towards him.

I loved that we stared in each other’s eyes when he was sliding his hand up my thighs, but then I gasped and looked down. He had turned his hand and was rubbing the entire length of my little slit, and when I looked up at him, he was watching my face and eyes. That’s when I looked down and saw his big hard boner trying to come out of his pants, but then I felt his head push against mine until we were looking into each other’s eyes. I had my mouth open because he was making me feel so so good.

“Fuck you’re so wet.” He sighed seconds before he pushed his lips against mine and his tongue in my mouth.

We kissed like that over and over again while he started to squeeze my boobs with one hand and slipped his big fat finger inside of me all slow.

“Mmmmm baby.” I gasped and exhaled sharply while I closed my eyes and let my head fall back.

I could literally feel my pussy cream coming out of me and all over his finger like crazy, but then I felt him move and right when I opened my eyes, I felt his lips on my pussy. I was usually the more aggressive one and I was expecting to be the one to make the first move to get his dick in me, so the fact that he was the one to do what he did, oh..my..god!

“Oh, oh my god!” I gasped while he looked up at me with his eyes.

My hips started to move without me doing it and that made me grind my slimy slit in his face. Then all of a sudden I felt his tongue start from the bottom of my slit and slide all the way up slowly, and when he got to my little clit, he closed his lips around it and started to lick it slow and gentle. He wasn’t going at it like typical guys do, he was very soft and gentle, but he was licking my pussy at the same pace as my hips were moving. It was so good, gentle and soft that if I was blind folded and if he didn’t have that beard and mustache, I’d swear it was a girl that was eating me out. It was so so amazing, and what made it sexier than ever was that we were in a crowded parking lot, he was eating me out right there in public where everyone could see. He didn’t even stop, it was like he didn’t care that anyone could call the cops on us, he just kept licking inside and outside of me, kissing, and sucking my pussy and clit.

“Fuck ba..baby, sss, oh god.” I gasped while I laid back, pulled my dress down and and started to squeeze my boobs.

But right when I was about to cum my brains out, he stopped licking my pussy and stood up right before he started to suck on my boobs while he slipped his finger in me again. After another of what seemed like the best forever of my life, he lifted his head up, so I wrapped one arm around his neck and put one hand on his face before I shoved my tongue on his mouth.

“Oh my god I was so so close.” I sighed while he slowly slid his finger in and out of me after we stopped kissing.

“I know, I did that on purpose, that was just a sample.” He sighed making me grin.

“Mmmm, my boyfriend is such a tease.” I whimpered before I kissed him kinda hard.

“Let’s go eat.” He sighed before he backed off and very gently helped me out of his truck.

We went in and when we did, he hugged me from behind, which drives me crazy, while I reached back and put my hand on his dick.

“So hard for me.” I said through heavy breathing while I looked up at him.

“You don’t have to look at pictures of it tonight, you get to see the real thing.” He sighed while I tried to jerk him all slow and softly through his pants.

“Mmmm, I’m going to do a lot more than just look at it.” I sighed while I kept rubbing him making him push his dick into my hand.

“Yeah? Like what?” He asked making me look up at him so that my head was way back. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out as far as I could so it was on my chin and bottom lip mainly to tell him that I was going to suck his dick.

Before I knew it, I felt his tasty tongue slide on my tongue and into my mouth right before I slid my tongue in his mouth making it so that I licked his face and the corner of his mouth. I exhaled hard through my nose and started to shake when we broke the kiss, but then I tasted his tongue go right in my mouth again so I slid my tongue out like before and licked the corner of his mouth as slow as he was kissing me. The way he was kissing me started to make me go crazy, so I lost it. I started to kiss him back harder and faster while I licked his mouth. When he started to do the same thing to me, it made things worse for me and I knew it was just as bad for him. It was so bad that our mouths locked basically. Our mouths were wide wide open, our lips were smashed together and we were licking each other’s tongues and the insides of each other’s mouths like crazy. I felt him squeeze my body and slide his hand on my boob, he started driving me so so insane. We were both breathing hard and I kept moaning in his mouth because he was holding a boob with one hand and my neck under my chin all gentle and soft with his other hand.

“Oh my god get a room.” We heard someone say while we kept kissing like that.

We stopped eating each other’s faces and when we did, the look on his face made my legs all shaky and weak, and he was biting his lip. When I looked around to see who was telling us to get a room, I felt him move my hair and start kissing and sucking my neck. So I reached back behind me and grabbed his hard fat dick and started to grip and rub him. While we were doing that, I looked at one of the tables and saw a young girl, who looked like she was 18, watching us. She definitely liked the show me and my man were giving her so she just watched us like she was recording everything in her head. When we finally got our table, we started walking and what I felt made me my knees kinda week and almost go out on me. My pussy was so so slimy and wet from him eating me out and being ridiculously and deliciously wet, I LOVED how it felt! When we sat down, I sat next to him, not across from him. We kissed a few times before we placed our orders. I loved that the our little server kept looking at my boobs while she was talking to us. She did tell me that she loved my dress and how she thought it was really really cute all while my man secretly pulled the back of my dress up and touched my ass.

“You drive me so crazy.” I sighed while I almost climbed in his lap.

“Why’s that?” He asked with the sexiest little grin.

“Because you do, I have literally never been this insanely attracted to anyone before.” I sighed with a little smile while I got my lips so close to his that our lips brushed.

“Neither have I, you’re the first one I’ve been ridiculously attracted to, you’re so fucking sexy.” He sighed before I kissed him this time.

This time when we were kissing, I put my hand on his lap and noticed that he was still rock hard for me. That made my whole body shudder when I felt his fat sexy horse dick. That made me loose it again and we ended up kissing like we did not that long ago, you know, to were we were eating each other’s faces, only this time we didn’t kiss like that for very long. When we stopped kissing, I noticed a cool breeze on my right boob and realized that my sleeve fell down my arm all the way past my elbows. So I looked down and saw that it was completely out there, and when I looked at my boyfriend, I saw him looking at it and felt his dick throb a little. He helped me cover up at the same time I started to kiss him again and when he pulled my sleeve back up, he brushed his fingers over my boob making me moan in his mouth again. When we stopped kissing this time, I just looked at him and grinned, it was just in time too since our appetizers and drinks came out. I wasn’t twenty one yet so they weren’t alcoholic which was perfect because I wanted to be sober.

“So, what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you, it has to be sexual.” I sighed while we started to eat our appetizers.

“You really wanna know?” He asked.

“Of course, if you want I can go first.” I said making him smile.

“Sexy women first.” He sighed while we ate.

“Ok, so before I got pregnant with Haylee, I was hanging out with all of my guy and girl friends watching porn. Well, all of us got way horny so like, the next thing you know, the boys were taking their dicks out and jerking off. Then all of the girls got way horny and we started playing with ourselves, we were all masturbating in front of each other. Well, I was watching a guy getting his dick sucked in the movie, then all of a sudden I had a dick in my face, so I started to suck him. That’s when I noticed that another guy was touching me so I started to touch him, well, it wasn’t very long before I was sucking one guy and the other one was fucking me really hard. And when the who was fucking me was done, my friend Salina started to lick my pussy. But when the guy who I was sucking came, my other friend Jessie came up and started to make out with me. We had a big orgy.” I said while he listened and tried to not rape me right there.

“For me was when I was in college. I was randomly asked to go to a party in one of the dorms on campus. So since I worked my ass off, I decided to just go and blow off some steam. So I went to the party and had a few drinks, but that’s when the girls at the party wanted to have a competition, basically they wanted to see who had the biggest dick there. I got lucky because I won, and the prize was that I got my dick sucked by all of the girls there. So I had seven or eight girls sucking my dick, that was the only time I ever had my dick sucked, and when they realized that I wasn’t going to cum fast, some of them decided to fuck me.” He said making me moan.

“Of course you won, you have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in real life, so how many girls did you fuck that night?” I asked wanting to know.

“Five.” He said making me shake.

“Mmmm, damn baby.” I said before I kissed him again after I swallowed my food.

“So there’s something that I should probably tell you before you find out some other way.” I said while I smashed my body against him and started tracing his dick with my fingers again, all while my sleeve started to slide down my arm again.

“Ok, you know I’m not going to judge.” He said.

“I do know that. So like, I do webcam shows.” I said making his dick strain against my hand.

“Really now?” He asked like it turned him on even more.

“Yes really. Except I don’t ever do anything with anyone, all I do are solos, so I get naked and play with my little pussy with either my finger or my purple toy.” I said making him smile.

“Fuck, if it’s anything like the pictures you sent me I want to see it. Wait a minute, you only do solo?” He asked

“Mmhmm.” I said while I nodded my head yes.

“If you want I can join you for one of your shows.” He said making me shake, I’d say he made me cream so bad that it was crazy, but I was already creaming really really really bad.

“You read my mind baby.” I sighed before I bit my lip.

“Did I? He asked while we were making our breaths blow in each other’s mouths while we talked.

“Yeah, I want you to do a show with me.” I sighed while our noses touched.

“I would fucking love to.” He sighed right before I licked the corner of his mouth while I slid my tongue in his mouth.

After we stopped kissing, we started talking about nothing but sex, sex sex sex, fucking sucking and licking, all of it. But I also started to show him porn pictures that I saved on my phone and he showed me some of the ones he had. He wasn’t kidding when he said that he loved blowjob porn, I loved that he had all those pictures of girls with dicks in their mouths, it was so fucking hot. When we were done eating, I kissed his face and started to unzip his pants making him sigh, sit back, slide his sexy ass to the edge of the seat and watch me while I slowly unzipped his pants. Our server came back to the table with our ticket while I was unzipping his pants. She just gave us a sexy little grin while he pulled his card out and gave it to her. When she left I got so close to climbing in his lap but I stopped myself.

“I really wanna suck your dick.” I sighed while I unzipped his pants until it was all the way down.

“Yeah?” He sighed while I slid my hand in his pants until I had my hand on his dick through his boxer briefs.

“Yeah, I want it in my pretty little mouth so bad.” I sighed.

“I can’t wait to see what I look like in your mouth.” He sighed blowing his breath in my mouth like, seconds before our tongues went right into each other’s mouths.

We started to loose control again and I loved it because when we lost control, we would kiss so hard and so deep. This time it was so bad that I almost just pulled his dick out and sat on it right there at our table.

“I can’t wait to see you stretch my little pussy with this beautiful cock.” I sighed after we stopped kissing making his dick throb against my hand.

“I can’t wait to feel your little pink wet pussy wrapped around me, fuck I want you.” He sighed while he pulled my dress down and squeezed my boob.

“Mmmmm baby, fuck I want you so bad.” I whimpered while I got ready to slide my hand through the hole in the front of his boxer briefs so I could feel the skin on his fat perfect dick.

“We should probably go.” He sighed, thank god he already paid for our dinner.

“Yeah, we better.” I sighed before I pulled my hand out of his pants and let him zip them back up.

He didn’t even try to hide that yummy obvious bulge when he got up at all, but that’s ok because I left a small puddle in my seat. I still walked in front of him just so he could see my little ass. When we got to his truck, he opened the door and when he did, I bent over and stuck my ass out to him.

“If you keep this up I won’t be able to make it to later.” He sighed before he stood up and smashed his big stiff horse dick against my ass making me moan and start squirming against him.

So I stood up smashing my whole body against his and looked up at him.

“So take me to your place and fuck me.” I whispered through really heavy breathing.

I moaned a little hoping he would take his dick out and slide it inside of me, but I knew that we were in the parking lot still so he wouldn’t even though I know he really really wanted to. He moaned a little while he lifted me up and pulled my body against his and started to squeeze my boobs through my dress.

“Oh god, oh my god.” I exhaled hard while I looked up so I was facing the sky and and put my hand on his face while he let go of my boobs and slid his hands down and started to squeeze my little ass.

I knew he had something else planned for our little date and all because he wanted it to be fun for us, but I also knew that fucking him would be so much better than anything else he had planned. I wanted him, I wanted him so bad that my knees were weak and shaking and my pussy wasn’t just creaming, it was drooling bursa merkez escort bayan my goo all over my legs, my boots and the ground. I tilted my head back and stuck my tongue out the way I did in the restaurant. I loved the way he tasted and how his tongue felt when he licked my tongue all the way till his was in my mouth. He moaned when I pulled mine back in my mouth, licking the outside corner of his mouth, and after that, we started to lick every inch of each other’s mouths like crazy. When he moaned in my mouth, I lost it, so I reached behind me and started to undo his belt, I was surprised that I actually got it undone completely since he was behind me. Once I had the belt undone, I started to unzip his pants again. That’s also when I felt my dress slip down so far that both of my boobs were completely uncovered. All of a sudden he slid both of his hands on both of my boobs and he started to squeeze and massage them all slow making us break the kiss and making me whimper.

“Let’s go, I don’t live very far from here.” He sighed before he kissed me twice and helped me in his truck.

When I got in his truck, I wanted him to see my wet little pussy again and I wanted him to see my girl cream all over my thighs, so I lifted my skirt and spread my legs so he could get a really good view.

“Oh my fucking god Allysa.” He moaned quietly before he reached in and pulled my ass to the edge of the seat making me lay against his center console.

He didn’t even take his time this time. He just leaned down and started to suck my boobs while he buried his finger inside of me knuckle deep. He kept sucking my boobs one at a time while he curved his finger and touched my g spot making me suck air through my teeth.

“Oooh god, oh my god Trevor, oh fuck baby!” I sighed between gasps and sharp exhales.

He rubbed my g spot and fingered me making my hips go wild, making me go wild and just like the last time, he brought me right to the very very edge of one of the biggest orgasms of my life then stopped fingering me. He stopped sucking on my boobs and slipped his finger in my mouth and let me lick and suck my own pussy cream off of them, which I did but I did it like I was sucking his dick. When he pulled his finger out of my mouth, he leaned down and started to lick my kitty making me whimper and start shaking like crazy. All of a sudden I felt warm warm chills and huge waves of massive pleasure rip through my entire body like never before. This time he wasn’t taking his time and stuff which is good, because I didn’t want him to and I didn’t want him to be gentle. Instead of my hips moving like I was humping his tongue and his face all slow like the first time, they were jerking to where I was fucking his tongue and where I was pushing my clit into his face and mouth. And just like clock work, he brought me right to the edge, only this time he had me way way closer, as in if he would have licked my pussy just one more time, I would have drowned him with my cum.

You’d think that I’d get mad at him for doing that, but oh my god no! I LOVED that he took all of the control, and I mean all of it. That was literally the very first time in my life where I had no control of anything like that. That just made me so hot and horny that I had the worlds biggest butterflies in my stomach, so bad that my whole body ached so so bad for him! When he kissed me this time, it was just as passionate and yummy as all of the other times, only my lust for him was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined or dreamed of. While he was kissing me, he helped me sit back up and put my seat belt on before he closed the door and walked around to his side. I was so fucking horny for him that I didn’t even wait till he was all the way in the truck. I just reached over, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them, pulled them down to barely below his sexy ass. I could get them down that far cause he wasn’t sitting all the way down yet. I pulled them open, took his belt off and threw it in the back seat all while my dress slipped down to way below my boobs. He closed his door, started his truck and looked me in my eyes while I slid my hand in the hole of his boxer briefs making him slide his ass to the edge of his seat and spread his legs for me. I slid my hand onto his hard fucking dick and started to rub the whole length of his huge boner with my fingers.

“Mmmmmm baby.” I moaned quietly in his ear once I felt the soft skin of his hard fat cock.

I looked at him to see that his eyes were closed, his head was leaning back a little and his mouth was open while I kept rubbing his bare dick. The way he was breathing and moving his hips made me so horny for him that I wanted more, so wrapped my tiny fingers around as much of his huge bare cock as I could, my fingers couldn’t reach all the way around him, his dick was so fat that there was at least an inch between my fingers and thumb.

“Oh god.” He half sighed and half moaned before he turned and shoved his tongue in my mouth and grabbed one of my boobs while I pulled his dick out completely which wasn’t easy because of how huge he was.

We started to kiss like we did two times before, only this time, he was letting these sexy sexy little moans out into my mouth. I loved that he didn’t even try to cover my boobs back up at all, instead he was grabbing and squeezing them making me moan in his mouth like he was moaning in mine. Finally, I get to see his dick for real, I thought before I broke the kiss and looked at his perfect perfect dick while I jerked him all slow making him move his hips. It was so so much better than what I saw in the pictures he sent me. I got so so hot, I was shaking, I was having an mini orgasm because I saw the space between my fingers and thumb. His dick had every exact detail I saw in the pictures, as in the fact that it really was way long, way fucking fat and so so thick, plus it really was heavy! It was straight, no curve, it actually looked way way better in real life than it did in the dick pics he sent me!

“Mmmmmmmm, sssso so big baby, you have a perfect big fat dick, god it’s so big.” I moaned and whimpered right at the same time he moaned.

“You like that baby?” He sighed making me moan.

“I love it, I want it.” I sighed before I leaned down and touched his fat sexy dick head with my lips.

Even when I felt his truck moving, I stuck my tongue out as far as I possibly could, and pressed his insanely gorgeous cock against my tongue and my top lip. Then I slowly pulled my tongue back in my mouth so that I was licking his dick all slow. Then I started to kiss as much of it as I could, just like I fantasized about doing to him a few nights before when we sexted. After I kissed and licked his fat fat dick, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slipped him into my warm wet mouth all slow.

“Oh god, fuck.” He hissed while I swirled my tongue around his beautiful dick head while I kept my lips wrapped around him as tight as I could and sucked.

I felt his body tense up and his dick get extra hard for a second while I pushed more of my how wet mouth down on his cock before I pulled my head up. Then I pushed my head down again while I licked his cock all slow until I felt his fat sexy head touch the back of my throat. I licked and sucked while I pulled my head up again and when I started to take him that deep in my mouth again, he moaned and moved his hips so that he pushed his dick into my mouth. He started to slowly and gently fuck my mouth while I licked, sucked, and twisted my head.

“Oh my god Allysa, sss..so good.” He moaned breathlessly while I started to move my head up and down on his cock more.

I moaned with him in my mouth when I felt his cock throb and that only made me start sucking his dick a little faster and harder. I had moved so that I was on my knees in his seat, so when he slid his hand down my back and on my ass, I spread my legs wider. The next thing I knew was that he pulled my dress up all the way to my lower back and slid his hand down my butt crack all the way till his finger slid inside of me. I moaned with him in my mouth and started to move my hips while he fingered my wet pussy and I started to go way crazy when he started to rub my clit.

“You’re so big that I can barely get you in my mouth baby, I fucking love it.” I sighed after I took my mouth off of his dick and looked up at him while I jerked his cock all slow.

“Fuck baby, fuck that’s so good.” He moaned while he tried to catch his breath.

“You like that baby?” I whimpered while I jerked his cock that was soaking wet from my spit.

“Fucking love it.” He moaned while I leaned down and swirled my tongue around his dick head.

When I slipped his fat dick in my mouth again, I felt him lift his ass off of the seat so that he shoved his dick in my mouth. That made me crazy so I stuck my tongue out and pushed my head down and twisted my head from side to side until I felt him in my throat.

“Ooooohhh fuck.” He moaned and gasped, it sounded like his teeth were clenched, while he tried to not crash the truck.

I was really surprised because I literally didn’t think I would be able to get his dick in my mouth or get in my throat, his dick is that fucking thick, fat and huge. When I heard him moan like that, I pulled him out of my throat and gagged before I tried to get him back in my throat. I could feel the bumps in the road while I started to slide my mouth up and down on him while I sucked and licked him. I had to jerk the parts of his dick that I couldn’t get in my mouth which was at least four and a half fat sexy inches when I had a him in my throat, so it was impossible to get all of him in my mouth. I just kept sucking and licking his dick slowly and I started to get really dizzy, everything started to get all cloudy and I started shaking because I loved the way he moved his hips. He thrusted them slow so that he was slowly fucking my hot wet mouth, and the way he was moaning and breathing, oh my fucking god! He started to pull my sleeves and my dress down as far as he could while he was driving, and when he did that, I knew what he wanted. So while I was sucking his cock, I moved my arms and when I did, he took them off of my arms. Then he tried to finger and rub my pussy and clit, but he was driving so it was hard for him to do it, which was perfectly ok because I was finally sucking his sexy cock. I loved the way he let this quite sexy as fuck groan out when I popped him out of my mouth and licked and kissed as much of him as I could before I opened my mouth wide, stuck my tongue out and slipped him back in my mouth until I could feel him in my throat again.

“Oh fucking god.” He moaned while he thrusted his hip up and while his dick got extra extra hard for a few long seconds

When he was that hard I lifted my head to where my mouth was only wrapped around his head. Then I slipped him in my mouth and wrapped my lips around him hard and sucked as hard as I could while he thrusted more and more while I jerked the more four and half inches that wouldn’t fit in my mouth since he wasn’t in my throat. I felt the truck turning and then move slow until it stopped, then all of a sudden I heard him turn the truck off. The next thing I knew was that I heard a noise and that he was gently pulling my mouth off of his dick. I let it go with a pop and sat up and when I sat up, I looked in his eyes and opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out. He moaned while he licked my tongue and shoved his in my mouth while I wrapped my fingers around his fat cock as best as I could since my fingers can’t reach around him all the way. He turned and pulled me to him by my ass after he lifted the bottom of my dress since it fell. After a long sexy lust filled kiss, he stopped and opened his door. He didn’t have to say anything at all, I knew what he was doing so I turned and waited for him, and while I waited for him, I leaned back, spread my legs and started to rub my pussy and squeeze my boobs. I watched him close his door, make some kind of move and started to come to my door while I rubbed my clit and slid my finger in me. He opened my door and I saw that he took his pants and shoes off and he saw me fingering myself and rubbing my clit.

“Fuck.” He sighed while he stood there and watched me while he started to touch himself.

“Mmmmmmm.” I moaned while I slanted my eyebrows hard and bit my lip while I watched him jerk his cock that had my spit all over it.

He came closer and started to kiss me so hard and so passionately while he slid his hand on my pussy and start to rub my clit while I reached over and grabbed his dick. I moaned in his mouth and started to shake while I sat up as best as I could, let go of his dick and started to pull his shirt off. When I got his shirt off, I broke the kiss just so I could look at his naked body and it looked so so much better in person, I could literally see all of his muscles perfectly. I bit my lip hard, looked in his eyes and moaned while I slid my hand down his amazingly sexy and hot hot body right before I kissed him and grabbed his dick. After touching each other and making out like crazy for a long time, he pulled his hand off of my soaking wet, dripping and drooling pussy and looked in my eyes with his head against mine.

“Can we get this dress off?” He sighed making my body tense up a little while I nodded yes.

He gave me the sexiest grin ever while he took my dress and started to pull my dress up. It was easy for him since the bottom of my dress was already pulled up around my hips, so it was easy for him. I sat there and watched him while he pulled my dress up until I lifted my arms so he could get it all the way off. And once I was only wearing my cowgirl boots, I slid to the edge of the seat and spread my legs as wide as I could and bit my lip hard. I watched his eyes and his face and the look he gave me, oh god!

“Oh my good god, you’re so beautiful.” He said through heavy breathing while he set my dress down in the seat behind me.

“Thank you.” I sighed while his eyes looked at every inch of my body.

He kissed me softly four times while he gently took my hand, I loved loved loved the way he slipped his tongue in my mouth the way he did with every kiss. I loved it so much that I slipped my tongue in his mouth at the same time with each kiss. When he stopped kissing me, he stepped back and helped me out of his truck and we started to go to the door to his house. He let me stay in front of him and when we got to his door, he started to unlock it. I felt him get closer to me because I felt his fat yummy dick slide up my back, but he didn’t smash his dick between our bodies. He unlocked his door then kinda moved to the side, I mean his dick was still touching my body but he moved to my side. I kinda sighed while I looked up at him and wrapped my fingers around his sexy fat dick.

“Have you ever been told how incredible your ass is?” He asked while he slid his hand on my ass and started to squeeze making me go crazy for him.

“Yeah, I’ve heard it a few times, but I only love it when you tell me.” I sighed while he touched both of my butt cheeks then slid his hand down my crack and on my soaking wet pussy.

“I love these little dimples, they’re so fucking sexy.” He sighed while he slid his hand back out and touched my little ass dimples getting my girl cream all over my ass.

“I love that you do baby.” I whimpered while I jerked his dick all slow and soft.

He opened his door, so I gripped his dick and pulled him into his house.

He closed his door and then I just started to pull him around his house looking for any place that was comfortable so I could finally fuck him. I was more than ready for his dick after the two times he ate me out in public, right where we should have gotten caught and arrested. I was more than ready after the way we made out so so hard and so passionately so so many times in public, after I sucked his dick while he was driving to his house, and after we both found out that we love the same things when it comes to sex! That and I knew he had a huge huge dick, something I always wanted to get fucked with and I had it in my hand while I was dragging him through his big house.

“Where are you going?” He asked while he laughed.

“I don’t know.” I said while I laughed and dragged him through his kitchen by his dick.

Finally I found his den, I know it sounded like it took forever to find it, but it really didn’t. I dragged him to one of his really nice leather chairs, turned him around and pushed him into the seat. Then I turned around, spread my legs and leaned over right there close to him so he could see my wet slimy pussy up close.

“Holy god.” He sighed while he grabbed my ass with both of his hands, spread my ass for me, leaned in and licked my pussy, this time from my clit all the way to close to my butthole.

“Mmmm, god I love that you can’t get enough of my little pussy baby.” I moaned and whimpered.

He didn’t even stop, he moaned into my pussy and kept licking and kissing, altıparmak escort but for the first time that day, he slipped his finger on my clit and started to rub it in slow gentle circles while he ate me out again. This time was the longest he had ever eaten me out, and when he was doing that, I found out that he most definitely knew what he was doing and how to push my buttons. This was our first time ever doing this together and he already knew how to get me going so good. It only took him about a minute or two of eating me out and fucking me with his tongue when he brought me so close to drowning him in my cum that it wasn’t funny. Then he would back off just enough to just keep me right on the very very edge and he kept me right there for a long long time. I squealed when he picked me up and pulled me onto his face, so I was facing the same way he was, he was sitting back in his chair, and I was sitting on his face holding onto the wall behind us. I’m glad he did that because my legs were shaking so bad that there was no way I would be able to stand. I had never been a moaner during any kind of sex, I was just a really really heavy breather and gasper, but my man was so so amazing and what he was doing to me that I whimpered and moaned. I couldn’t help it because he kept me right on the very very edge of exploding all over him without letting me cum.

I don’t know how long he ate me out, but oh my god! I needed his cock so bad that if I didn’t get fucked by him soon, I was going to literally go crazy! So I tried to move, I was able to but not very good at all, so I just slid down his body and kissed him so hard and deep for a long sexy minute while his dick slipped between my legs and pushed against my pussy a few times. I finally broke the kiss, stood up out of his lap, turned around and dropped to my knees while I stared in his eyes. I grabbed his dick and licked his balls a few times and up the length of his massive fat dick and the look he gave me, oh god oh god oh god! I moaned and licked his dick two more times before opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could and slipped him in my mouth. I almost came right there because I felt his dick get really really hard for a second and I got to see all of his muscles tighten up like crazy. He looked in my eyes and moaned while he watched me push my head down more until I felt him in the back of my throat. I gagged and held his big cock in place before I wrapped my lips around his cock as tight as I possibly could and sucked hard while I licked his dick with my tongue. I kept sucking his dick and twisting my head while I watched him watch me with his dick in my mouth and I watched how his body reacted to me. I don’t know how long it was before I realized that his cock was so so wet and slobbery from me sucking his dick.

Once I noticed that, I popped him out of my mouth, stood up and climbed in his lap, I was so ready to have him deep inside of me that my whole body was hurting. He opened his mouth wide so I turned my head and licked his tongue and he licked mine while we shoved our tongues in each other’s mouths. He started squeezing my boobs while I started to grind my pussy on his huge cock. I was on fire, oh my god I was far hornier than I was when I thought I had never been so horny. So when I stopped kissing him, I looked in his eyes hoping he would keep looking in mine, reached down and took his huge yummy dick and held it against my pussy. It was so amazing that neither one of us had to say anything at all, we just knew exactly what we were thinking, and this time, I knew he wanted what I wanted. So I kissed him deep and lifted myself up just high enough to slide his fat dick head from my clit to my little pink hole. We were both breathing so so hard while we stared in each other’s eyes. Then I watched his eyes close a little, he watched mine open wide and we both gasped when I sat on his dick all slow. I loved loved loved that his cock was so so wet with spit and that my pussy was so wet that I was drooling huge globs of girl goo all over the place.

“Fuck, oh fuck Allysa, mmmm fuck.” He moaned quietly while his body tensed up so hard that his back arched a little.

I watched every muscle tense up like crazy like he was flexing all of them, it was ssssoooo so sexy oh my fucking god!

“Mmmmm, oh my god baby, s..so fucking big, mmm feels so good!” I whimpered at the same time he moaned and started to shake like crazy, his cock was inside of me!

“Oh my god, so fucking tight, fuck I love your pussy baby.” He moaned with the sexiest look I had ever seen in a mans face, ever.

I just grinned at him as best as I could since I was having the most amazing and powerful feelings of pleasure rip through me like never before. I kept sitting up and down and little by little, I took more of his massive beautiful cock inside of me. We kissed over and over again while I kept working more and more of him inside of me until I finally had his whole fat length inside of me.

“I love your cock so much baby, oh my gooood.” I whimpered with the shakiest voice ever right before he kissed me so so deep.

I felt every single detail of his fat dick, but I noticed how his dick ground against my g spot so good that my whole body started to jerk violently while it shook like crazy.

“You feel so good, so fucking good, fuck.” He moaned after we stopped kissing.

Remember all those times he brought me right to the edge and either held me there forever or backed off, well, all of that was getting ready to just explode like crazy and I hadn’t even started riding him yet since I was getting use to his sexy fucking huge size. It was like me or him were under each other’s spell, so even though I wasn’t riding him, he started to move his hips and he wasn’t even trying to at all, but so was I. I was just grinding in his lap with his cock deep inside of me, but when I got use to his size, I sat up making his cock slip out of me a little so I could start riding him and it was over for me. My whole body was jerking and shaking like crazy, I couldn’t breath because I was gasping and exhaling really erratically and sharp and my vision went away, I couldn’t see anything and I completely lost control of my body. My whole body was on fire and before I knew it, I was cuming on his dick, but not like what I was use to and had experienced before in my whole life. It was literally rocking my world and it was making my arms and legs feel kinda numb, but I was in the best part of heaven. And just when I thought the orgasm of my life was going to go away, he started to thrust so slow and so gentle, at least that’s what it felt like. I all of a sudden felt warm and really comfortable, like I was laying down, and when my vision came back and I opened my eyes, I noticed that he had picked me up and laid me on his chair and he was on his knees. He was holding my legs, cowgirl boots and all, up on his shoulders while I shook and jerked so so bad. I was staring in his amazing green eyes and once I could actually move again even though I was still cumming all over his dick and balls, I looked down.

I moaned when I saw how fucking wide his fat dick spread me open from the outside in, his cock looked so fucking hot in my my pussy! I watched his dick, that was so coated in my cum that his cock looked like it was painted with my cream, sliding in and out of my pussy. Seeing how sexy and yummy he looked inside of me, made me cum just as hard as I came just a few seconds ago. But all of a sudden, I hear the tone of his moaning change, I felt his hips start jerking and what made my already massive orgasm explode even more, was that I could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing inside of me! I tried to beg him not to pull out because I really wanted him to cum inside of me, but I couldn’t say anything. He was already as deep inside of me as he could possibly get which was almost balls deep, so when he started to pull out, he lost it. I felt one huge stream of cum shoot up his dick and deep inside of me, then another really big big one, then four more streams of his warm cum filling me up. I opened my eyes a little and I could see that his head was thrown back a little, his mouth was open wide because he was trying to breath and moan but was only gasping and I saw all of his muscles flexing like fucking crazy. But that’s not all, I realized that my body was going so so crazy, as in my arms were flailing all over the place, my back arched so bad over and over again and my hips were thrusting in perfect timing with his.

That orgasm felt like it went on and on and on for the longest time ever, but after a while I came down and he was still deep inside of me. That and he was leaning down and licking and sucking on my boobs, neck and chin while I was coming down from heaven. When he noticed that I was moving again, he looked me in my eyes right before I put both of my hands in his face and pulled his tasty mouth to mine and kissed him so hard.

“Mmmmmm, I love your cock.” I moaned while I started to thrust my hips as far as I could since he was still deep inside of me and still so so hard.

“Fuck, your pussy feel so fucking amazing wrapped around me baby.” He sighed right when I noticed that our cum had mixed and made the best lube ever.

“Mmmmm, I love how you stretch my little pussy, feels ssssoooo good, oh my…oh my god.” I whimpered while he sat up and started to trust his dick in and out of me slowly, but not too slow.

He sighed and moaned before I looked down to see his shiny fucking cock stretching me so wide that I was amazed that I wasn’t hurting at all, or even bleeding. I looked up at him while he reached down and started to rub my clit in a circle all gentle making me look down and moan. I wanted to watch his fat ducking huge dick going in and out of me, so I reached down, took his hand and put it on my boob so I could see him slipping in and out of me. I could literally see his cock pushing my skin up when he pushed inside of me. And when I reached down and put my index and ring fingers on the sides of his cum soaked thrusting dick, he moaned and leaned down. He started to kiss me really really deep driving me so crazy that I felt all of those same intense feelings I had before he made me cum my brains coming back like crazy.

“I want to be on top.” I whimpered after he stopped kissing.

“Yeah?” He sighed making me bite my lip and nod my head yes.

He was good, and I mean he was really really good! He didn’t even pull out of me like I was expecting him to, instead he just took my hands and pulled me up so that my body was smashed against his. Then he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up while I wrapped my legs around him, he thrusted in and out a few times while he turned around and sat in his chair.

“Oh my god I love how your cock looks in my pussy.” I sighed while he scooted back so he was sitting against the back rest of his chair.

“Your little pussy looks so good wrapped around me, fuck it feels so good.” He hissed making me moan, move my legs and start riding his huge sexy dick.

“Mmmmmmm, fuck I love it, I love that you’re still so hard for me.” I moaned with slanted eyebrows before I bit my lip, pushed my head against his and started to ride him faster.

We started to kiss really hard and deep while he reached around and grabbed my ass. He held onto me while I rode him and while we kissed so deep and hard that I was getting dizzy and while those feelings from before started to build and build. He moaned in my mouth and I could feel his cock start to throb against my g spot inside of me, so I stopped kissing him. He didn’t even think about it, he just started to suck on my boobs one by one while I leaned back and put on hand on his knee and held onto the back of his neck with the other hand. My head fell back and I moaned with my mouth open when he started to thrust back pushing his dick deeper inside of me, but what pushed me closer to the edge of cuming all over his dick again, was that he started to pulse and throb in me again. I could hear him talking to me about how amazing I felt, but I was so close to cuming again that it didn’t really register I guess. So when he pulled me against him, pulled my head against his and looked deep in my eyes, I knew he was about to fill me up for the second time. And when I felt his dick get harder and bigger and just stay that way, I started to cum all over his dick again! And when I was cuming and my pussy was spasming around him, he got stuck inside of me then he started to pulse so so bad. Then I felt it, I felt another huge stream of cum shoot up his dick and deep inside of me.

It was one very long stream and when he was shooting it inside of me, his body tensed up like crazy and he pushed his dick almost balls deep inside of me. I didn’t see what he looked like because all I could see was white fuzz and my world was being rocked exactly like it was when he made me cum the first time. After the first stream of cum, he shot three more big ones and one small one before we both collapsed in his chair.

“That, was literally thee best sex I have ever had in my fucking life, oh my god baby.” I said like I was out of breath while he held and cuddled me in his chair.

“It was fucking amazing for me, best I’ve ever had, good fucking god.” He said with heavy breathing.

“Really?!” I asked while I sat up and looked in his eyes with the biggest smile ever.

“Yes, if I said that I was just saying that I’d be a fucking liar.” He sighed right before we both noticed that he was still inside of me, only he was just semi hard.

Even though he was only semi hard, he still filled me up like crazy.

“Awww! I’m the best you’ve ever had?” I asked because he made me feel better than I ever had about myself.

“Yes, you are, I was expecting you to be incredible but goddamn.” He sighed making me get excited.

“Well, you’re definitely by far, thee best I’ve ever ever had. We are so going to do this again.” I sighed before I laid against him with the worlds biggest smile.

We talked for a while and while we did, he didn’t pull his dick out of me which I loved. I think it was about an hour after that that we got up and we both cleaned up and I figured that since we just fucked like crazy, there wasn’t any need for us to take turns so we just did it right there in front of each other. I was so so amazed at how much cum came out of me when I got up, but god I loved it! So we got cleaned up and beings how he loved that I had a kid, he didn’t even get a little mad that I wanted to get home to my daughter at all. Instead he smiled and said “yeah, we probably should” with the worlds biggest and warmest smile ever. I had to kiss him after that.

“Hey baby? Do you know where my dress is?” I asked after I went to the living room to find my dress, I was still naked with just my cowgirl boots on.

“Yeah, it’s in my truck.” He said while he came out to me.

“Well, it’s got my cream all over it so can I just wear one of your shirts?” I asked while he slipped his boxer briefs on.

“You’d look sexy in it, so yes.” He said while he reached for me, took my hand and took me to his room.

“Damn baby.” I said when I saw how huge his bed was.

“What, you don’t like my room?” He asked while he led me to his walk in closet.

“No I love it.” I said while I looked up at him with my best flirty eyes.

“Good, take your pick.” He said while he showed me all of his shirts.

I picked a blue button down and I took one of his shorts and put them on.

“You know you’re never getting this back right” I asked making him come up to me and kiss me three times.

“That’s ok.” He said before I kissed him a few times.

When he was dressed I remembered that Haylee wanted him to stay the night with us, so I told him and he got kind of excited and packed a small bag. It was a very, very amazing and romantic ride home, I have to say that because I felt amazing. I was amazed that he wasn’t one of those guys who just wanted me for sex at all. He was so so amazing to me after so I knew for sure that he was going to be mine forever. And when we were driving home, he made me so happy that it wasn’t funny, he actually started talking about moving to Fulton so he could be right there. And when I said that I could move, he said no because Haylee has friends there and it may be hard for her to adjust to a new place. He was thinking about her too! Trevor was perfect, he was perfect for me and for Haylee, that’s what I was thinking the whole time we were talking on the way back to my house. When we got there, I was sad to see that Haylee was already in bed, I didn’t even know it was that late and I felt bad. Yes Trevor did a show with me that night, and what I loved about it was that none of my fans were expecting him at all. I was just doing my normal thing, you know, fucking myself for them when all of a sudden, a huge fat cock just kind of slid into camera view next to my face. I didn’t even say anything to my fans, I just turned my head, opened my mouth and let him slip his dick in my mouth. And yes we fucked so good for them, and the best part of it was that I made more money from that show that any others, ever. The fans that didn’t believe me, paid the most because they felt bad for calling me a liar. So he ate me out a total of four times that day and fucked me twice, such an amazing amazing day, such an amazing amazing guy!