A Dog Day Afternoon


Her cunt was stretched beyond any limit it had been before. The dog’s knot had at last been pushed into her, past her tight lips and beyond the muscle of her opening. The slightest movement of either her or the dog sent new waves of pleasurable thrill through her system and made sure she climaxed over and over.

The dog heaved on last time and, if it was at all possible, shoved the huge purple weapon further into her and through the neck of her womb. A deep pain immediately told her that he had gone further than anything else before. It subsided only to be replaced by the sudden hot rush of canine cum as it flooded her. Locked as they were, she could do nothing about it, but then, she didn’t want to. Her desire was to accept his whole seed into her body and let it stay there for as long as she could keep it.

She glanced down between her tits and could see her belly, visibly extend as the hot cum pumped into her. She relaxed and lowered her head so that it rested on her arms that supported her on the carpeted floor. The effect was to raise her lower body and make it even easier for the dogs cock to slide even further. She guessed that the whole ten or so inches had slipped into her with the knot buried so far up her that she wondered if it would ever come out, but at the time, could care less.

Prince sensed her ease and gave one more shove that pushed her forward and his balls slapped on her clit. He had no more to give, but made sure she got it all. Instinct told him he had to stay like this for a while to allow his seed to take root. He paddled his hind legs to make sure the connection was made as deeply as possible.

She could take no more. Her stomach was so distended now, that she looked as if she were already four months pregnant. She thanked her god that it was not possible for humans and dogs to conceive, because if they could, she would have a gut full of puppies right now.

Slowly, her muscles relaxed and his knot slackened enough for the bond to break. He pulled out of her and retired to a corner of the room. She felt as if a hose was being taken out of her body. But she was determined not to allow any of the creamy thick cum to escape her. She had plans for it and wanted it to be added to. She clenched her muscles to prevent the loss of his seed.

The camera clicked and stopped. As her body absorbed his fluids.

Jack seemed to revive his interest in her. She had sucked him off pretty good, but the fucking she got from Prince had distracted her. Jack had shot some of his dog seed over her face and only a little in her mouth. Amanda loved the taste, but had been too occupied by prince to be able to really get the experience this time around.

She hit the record button on the remote and the camera whirred into action.

Jack’s nose pushed against her bruised cunt and his tongue stroked her labia, soothing the soreness and arousing her once more. Clenching her muscles was becoming uncomfortable, but she wanted to hold onto Prince’s cum until it was all absorbed or solidified in her. She pushed Jack away from her mound, but pulled his hindquarters to her mouth. Jack actually seemed to prefer being sucked off by her. Only occasionally could he be persuaded to hump her and even then, never really got right into it.

Jack’s cock poked out from its sheath. The pink tip protruded and dripped a little of the clear pre-cum lubricant that Amanda had tasted so often. He knew the drill and lay down at a convenient position at her head, allowing her access to his still semi-sheathed cock.

Her fingers coaxed the sheath back a little and eased his tool from its furry haven. Gradually, he hardened and more of him poked out, demanding her attentions. Amanda licked the pointed end and ran her tongue around the tip and tasted him for the second time today. She then slid him into her mouth and manipulated him, trapping the hardening cock between her tongue and the roof of her mouth before starting to suck him in earnest. His cock continued to grow until she could feel his knot ball in her hand. This was how he liked it, being sucked to hardness, then having his knot gripped behind until he shot his load.

She worked her throat and began to pump him into her. The tip was now at the back of her throat and slipping in and out of her gullet while she grasped him behind his knot, preventing him from thrusting or drawing out. She began the rhythmic clasping of her fist as she swallowed his cock. It was always this way that she could bring him off and the method the dog liked best. Suddenly, she felt the familiar pulsing of hardness in his knot, which told her he was about to come in a big way. Anticipation building, she increased her tempo until he suddenly erupted, shooting thick wads of his seed into her throat and down into her guts. She was always amazed at the force of this dog’s cum as it jetted from him, she always managed to catch it all and she always managed to swallow the lot. It had taken a long time for her to be able to accommodate the whole of his dick and be able to let him fuck her throat, but she was glad that she had persevered and practiced, because the reward was worth the effort and sent her boyfriends into delirium when they saw their cocks disappear.

The camera clicked off again as she hit the pause button on the remote.

Languidly, she thought about getting up to pee. It wasn’t a pressing need just yet, and she wanted Prince’s seed to stay within her. Once, when she had managed to keep one of Jacks loads inside her, it had solidified into a glutinous mass that rested in her cunt. The thrill when she walked just took her away. For some unknown reason, it acted like one of those Chinese love eggs that have a heavy ball inside them. The thrill she got from this ball of dog come had sent her over the edge. Another time, her body had absorbed the animal’s fluid. When she discovered this, she became so excited that şişli escort she hit a climatic high that lasted for hours and hardly subsided after she had frigged herself senseless.

Jack had gone to lie down as he usually did. She watched as the brindle coated greyhound relaxed into sleep. Prince looked up briefly, but then returned to resting his head on his paws. Amanda was pleased with the way Prince had adopted her advances. She knew the dog, but only slightly until yesterday. He belonged to a girlfriend who was going off for a dirty weekend with her married boyfriend and had asked Amanda to take care of him. He had taken care of her and she had the hardening cum inside her to prove it. A thrill went through her at the thought.

She slept for an hour or two, a light, but satisfying nap, dreamless and totally relaxing. Amanda had no plans for today apart from making this film and having the seeing too of her life. John, her current boyfriend, had gone away for the weekend with his mates paint balling. It was understood that he would also be balling someone else. It didn’t bother Amanda at all, after all, she had the dogs and would be enjoying herself very much more than he. To be honest, it was not going to last very much longer. Already, she found herself waiting impatiently for the time he would leave to return to his own apartment. All the better if they had fucked, because Jack loved to clean her of what he must have thought to be a rival. It usually meant that she would really cum, unlike the poor imitations of John and his weenie dick.

She surfaced from her sleep and relieved her bladder. Already, the dogs cum had begun to coalesce inside her and her movement had a beautiful effect. It felt as if it was still lodged in her womb rather than her cunt. The sensation was like having butterflies in her stomach, only lower down. A rising passion warmed her and ignited in her loins, but she needed to eat and quelled the feeling.

She heated a TV dinner and fed the two dogs. The radio was on, playing some old eighties hits, Amanda only heard it as background noise while she ate. It was time to review the tape she had made. Dishes washed, she settled down with the remote and pressed play. Instantly, the TV screen had a close up of her sucking Jack while Prince was trying to penetrate her. View from a third person point of view, she was amazed at the size of Princes cock. Even before he had managed to find her entrance, he probably measured eight or nine inches. Jack could only boast six or seven at best.

Prince suddenly found the right place and she gasped as she watched the huge cock slide into her body. Aware of the need to concentrate, she desisted from fingering herself, but it was extremely difficult not to spread her long legs and stuff her hand up her cunt.

The scene played out before her with Prince, ramming his purple shaft into her willing cunt. It had been an inspired move to position the camera just as she had, because the view was fantastic and nothing was obscured from view.

She had an involuntary climax as she watched the dog’s ultimate moments and saw just how much she had accommodated within her body. Oh Wow! She thought; that was fantastic and would be the pride of her collection. The scene clicked off and then restarted with her sucking of Jack. She could see as well as remember the pleasure it gave her and could almost taste him. The tape closed as she swallowed and licked off all of jacks cum.

Now she was ready for a repeat performance, but the dogs had to go out to relieve themselves and have a run. Putting on her raincoat over her nakedness, Amanda opened the door and walked through the patio onto the communal lawn. It must have rained during the day because the grass was wet and a chill had crept into the air. The effect to her nipples was immediate and they stiffened under the coat and rasped against the fabric. This, coupled with the effects of the hardening dog come inside her had Amanda quivering and desperate to fuck the dogs senseless, but she had to allow them some time to be dogs and not lovers.

Trying to calm down, Amanda slowly walked around the edge of the lawn. It was holiday weekend and most of her neighbours had vacated to the country or family. Only ‘Old Joe’ was out enjoying the coolness of the afternoon. He waved and went back to studying the paper in his hands. She liked the privacy her home afforded, she liked it that most everyone kept themselves to themselves and didn’t pry.

The dogs had found a ball and were mock fighting over it. Amanda watched for a little while appreciating the lithe and supple strength of the animals in their play. Going back through the patio doors, Amanda planned her next camera angles and set about adjusting the tripods and lighting. Anticipation was mounting, fuelled by the constant knocking of the solid ball of cum as it slopped around inside her.

Pretty soon, she had arranged everything so that her cushion and the matting where in just the right place. She had placed a sausage shaped cushion to support her lower abdomen on the rush matting. She had found for experience that, if she got fucked with a hard lump of cum in her, the action of a hard cock loosened it and eventually, it fell out or became a blockage. She found that, by lying with the cushion under her stomach, it stopped the ball from being dislodged and even felt like an extra inch or two being shoved into her.

Her cunt became wet with the mounting excitement she was feeling. Her imagination described a picture of Prince with his knot rammed up her arse. Oh fuck! She said aloud and instantly her cunt flooded.

At last, the dogs tired of play and came back into the apartment. Amanda was more than ready for them.


They had brought a friend home. Maisie, a large black poodle had joined in the action outside. Jack knew the bitch very well and had tried to jump her when she was in season. Maisie’s owner though, had other ideas and had shooed him away. She belonged to a blonde silly woman who lived on the first floor. A succession of suitors had almost worn a path to the woman’s apartment, but all left in vain, because the blonde was quite gay, but loved teasing men. Amanda thought that it might be something to do with her history or that she disliked men so much, she wanted to cause as much distress as possible to them. Either way, Amanda thought it a recipe for disaster, sooner or later, one of these guys was going to exact revenge on her. Whatever, Amanda didn’t like the woman very much and was content to leave at a nodding acquaintance.

Maisie inspected the room and paused at the place where Amanda and the guys had been earlier. Her nose picked up the unmistakable scent of sex and licked at the dried residue left by them. Amanda had no fear of the dog. She had always been very friendly when their paths crossed. She came to Amanda who had arranged herself on the floor next to the cushion and checked out Amanda’s sex by smelling her groin.

Unexpectedly, she gave Amanda a long and luscious lick, pushing her tongue between her lips and expertly finding Amanda’s clit. You’re no angel, are you? Amanda said to the dog, so that’s what you and your mistress get up to is it? The dog either didn’t hear, or didn’t understand that she was being spoken to, instead, she insinuated herself between Amanda’s legs and licked her deeply, pushing her tongue right into Amanda and then over her clit.

Amanda creamed herself right there and then. The boldness of the bitch added to her pleasure and she found herself holding her cunt wide open with her fingertips so that Maisie had better access. She had forgotten to hit the record button and desperately felt for the remote while trying not to scream. At last, she found it and punched the red button just as Maisie found her button and licked the shit out of it. Amanda almost wept from the attentions of this dog and flooded its mouth with her cum. Maisie went to work then, having been rewarded with a mouthful of girl cream, she set to licking Amanda for real. Her hip rose and thrust to meet Maisie’s tongue as it rasped over her lips and clit. And then, it was too much. Amanda had to stop the crestfallen poodle from killing her with affection for her sex and taste. She pushed Maisie away and sat up to prevent the dog getting at her. All in all, it had been one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced and one she would remember for ever.

She hit the pause button and the camera stopped recording.

Jack and Prince had politely, sat and watched from the vantage point of the patio doors. Sat side by side, their interest had been taking by the sight of Amanda getting the tonguing of a lifetime. Both of them had become fairly aroused and this condition was announced by the appearance of their pink cocks semi-hard.

Prince, being the bolder of the two, thought he would mount the poodle and without preamble jumped her back. He yelped when she turned on him and almost had his nose in her mouth. He backed off and then tried to ingratiate himself on her by sidling up with his head down. She was having none of it and let him know in no uncertain tones, that his advances were not welcome.

She’s just like her mistress Prince, announced Amanda with a laugh, hates the men and loves the girls.

How right you are. Maisie’s owner stood at the patio doors dressed as usual in an immaculate suit. Would you mind if I took my two timing bitch back home now? That is of course, if you have finished with her.

Amanda thought about covering her nakedness up and then, in the next micro-second thought, fuck it, I am in my own home, she can just fuck off and take her dog with her. She said instead, Oh course and thank you for the loan. She has an amazing tongue I must say.

Oh course she has dear, I trained her. With that, the haughty suit and her dog left Amanda alone. She got up and closed the patio doors, berating herself for being so stupid and leaving them open. As she walked back to the cushion, the ball of cum shifted and pushed against the walls of her womb. The sensation rocked Amanda and she forget about the woman and her poodle in an instant while she tried to keep her knees from buckling.

Once she had sat back down, she pointed at a spot in one corner of the room and told Jack to go there and stay. Jack did as he was told, it seemed as if they had an empathetic understanding which had been between the girl and the dog ever since they met for the first time three years earlier when Jack was still a puppy and a present from her Mother for Graduating from University with a BSc in Animal husbandry.

Prince, come! Prince recognised his name and padded over to the prone girl who smelt just wonderful. Slowly, Amanda caressed his body and worked her way down to his organ. It needed little encouragement and sprang to life outside of its sheath.

The camera began to record once she had pressed the button.

Her deft touch soon had Prince panting and doing mini-humps into her soft hands. Amanda knew what she was doing, her experience with a dogs cock told, she kept him on the verge of going over the top and fucking her hand. She had a reason. It wasn’t to tease the poor animal, but if she could get him to unload a bit, it made for a longer session with the dog lasting almost twice as long, also, when it did come to getting linked, his know would have already diminished a little and be easier to control. Amanda really did now what she was doing.

Prince whined and couldn’t help an ejaculation in her hand. Carefully, she cupped the glutinous fluid and massaged it into her cunt and arse for two reasons. Firstly, the dog will always clean up after himself and having her arse licked by a dog was just one heaven she liked to visit, the other was that it helped lubricate her tight anus, ready for a large dogs cock to slip straight into. Prince obliged and cleaned his cum from her arse while she lay on her back with her knees raised.

Amanda, was ready, as ready as she ever would be to receive this animals throbbing purple shaft. She spun over and presented her arse to the dogs questing nose. With a little encouragement, she got him to mount her and grasped his rock hard cock with her hand. Prince started to hump and she controlled his thrust with her fingers. When his needs became urgent, she guided him into her tight bud and let him sink his massive shaft right into her sphincter. The first part was easy, already lubricated; the tip penetrated her with no effort. The next step was to control him so he didn’t ram into her too deeply until her muscles had got used to the idea. Then, when everything was right, she removed her hand and pushed back against one of his thrusts. The effect was electric. His knot found home and passed her opening. She clenched and held the dog tightly within her and her head reeled from the sheer pleasure that flooded her brain. Prince reacted in a typical way. His cock had gone home and now it was time to seriously fuck this bitch. His hips thrust in rapid motion, driving him deeper and deeper. His knot had embedded its self all the way inside her and had become swollen to the size of a tennis ball.

Amanda shrieked her orgasm, wave upon wave of sheer bliss coursed through her and overloaded her synaptic senses. She humped him right back and fucked his huge cock as if her life depended on it. It lasted very much longer than usual. Making him cum before fucking her had done the trick. But, Amanda still had a design for this session.

She eased forward which put pressure on Princes cock. Unlike Human, their cocks are not quite so supple and don’t bend too well. Prince’s cock flew out of her gaping arse hole like a jet-propelled snake. Immediately, Amanda knelt back up and grasping him again, guided him into her yawning cunt. Prince started all over again and quickly found himself buried as far as it is possible to go up this beautiful bitch.

His cock found its way through her relaxed defences and nudged the opening of her womb. This is what she wanted. With the hard ball of dog come in her already, his cock would find the opening with little trouble and then knock the ball around inside her, sending her to oblivion. It worked just as she planned. Oh it worked alright and she fucked him back so hard that she split one of her labia lips meeting one of his thrusts. She hardly felt it as the ball of cum bounced around and she exploded over and over again.

Suddenly, Prince could not take anymore. A huge spray of Fuck juice jetted into her abdomen, filling it once more and causing her stomach to expand. He thrust one last time and howled the release at the top of his lungs with his head thrown back in the classic wolf stance. His balls emptied into her and he pulled away to collapse in the corner of the room.

Amanda reached a place she had never been before. Thousands of orgasms and climaxes had wracked her body in the past. Hundreds of times, she had been so exhausted that thinking was too much of an effort, but this time, she had entered another plane of pleasure. Synapses shut down and caused her to slump forward, almost comatose. She had orgasmed until her brain had got to the point of shutting down all nonessential parts and just concentrating on supply of oxygen to the vital organs. She was all but unconscious. She didn’t feel Jack licking her and cleaning her blood away from the split lip. She didn’t feel him gently fuck her arse while she lay prostrate over the cushion. She didn’t have any knowledge of Princes painful cock and how Jack eased that for him with his tongue. Amanda didn’t realise that her dog Jack, had a sympathetic nature for her and Prince and was quite happy to just keep them safe while they recovered.

The tape ran out and the camera stopped automatically.

Amanda came too after a couple of hours. She needed the toilet badly and felt ashamed in some way that she had lost control of the situation. Her memory had shut out some of the details of just how far she had gone with these two dogs. She wasn’t ashamed that she had fucked with them, she loved to do that, no, she was ashamed that her instincts had taken over and she had become no more than a wild animal herself and had become lost to the primal urge to mate until she was filled with semen.

She had to work the ball of cum from her body. Usually, she could just insert a couple of fingers and work it out and get off on the experience, but not this time. This time, it was wedged so far inside her that it was beyond reach. In the end, she took the head off the shower attachment and shoved it inside her battered cunt and washed it out. It was almost like giving birth being the size of a soft ball.

Later, when she was sitting in the lounge eating her supper, she watched the tape. Her shame dissipated rapidly and was replaced but a feeling of pride. Pride, in having made the best film of a sex session between human and canine counterparts. Pride that she had fucked the dog senseless and in turn had been fucked to oblivion. Pride in how her lover Jack had taken care of business afterwards.

Her tapes had fetched good prices on the market in the past. Each film, making as much as a couple of hundred thousand dollars on the net as a pay per view item. She knew that the tape she had running in her machine now would set her for life. She wasn’t wrong.

Amanda’s film grossed two million in the first year. She didn’t make another, why should she anyway. Prince was returned after a day or two and was never to make a reappearance. Jack died aged eleven. Amanda didn’t get another dog. She could never find one that shared the empathetic link as she had with Jack. She did however, buy a string of horses and became a very successful breeder.