A Day on the Dunes

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A Day on the DunesMy name is Samantha. I’m 41 years old. My story begins one afternoon this last July. My son Steven asked me if I would take him to the sand Dunes to do some dirt-bike riding.This was something his father used to do with him ever since Steve was eleven. Now, since his father {My ex.} had married his twenty two-year-old secretary, three days after our divorce was finalized, he hasn’t had time for his son.Steve is fifteen now, almost sixteen, and loves to ride that dirt bike. I don’t ride with him like his father used to, but I help him load up the bike on the trailer and hook it up to the Suburban to drive him out to the Dunes to ride.I love sitting on the hood of the truck and watching him. He’s really very good. Sometimes I bring a cooler with lunch and drinks and make a whole day of it. On real hot days I like to wear my bathing suit top and short jean shorts to work on my tan. the attention’s nice too.I used to be what some would call a “Trophy wife”.I don’t have any false modesty; I know I’m a good looking woman. My hair is long, straight and blonde, to the middle of my back and my eyes are sky blue. My lips are full; the bottom lip slightly fuller than the top and both miss being kissed. I’ve got plenty of time for the gym so I’m in good shape. You can’t bounce a quarter off my ass…but I’d like to think the quarter it happier for the chance to try.My husband is an executive in a large pharmaceutical company. There was a time, not too long ago, when he liked to prance me around on his arm at all the company functions. He would often “Suggest” what I wear at these functions. What dress, how I was too ware my hair and make-up. He would always introduce me as “My wife”, never by my name. I felt more like a high-priced whore than a wife. Now I’ve been replaced with a younger model. But it’s ok, that’s her problem now.I have Steve, a great house and all the money I need. Needless to say, I’m fine.Enough about me…This one particular day we had decided to make a day of it. It had rained a little the night before so I told Steve to bring a change of clothes. the morning was beautiful; not a cloud in the sky to hide the mid July sun; a good day for tanning. With the bike on the trailer and a lunch in the cooler, we headed out to the sand dunes.Steve rode for hours while I watched. I didn’t just watch Steve though. There were a lot of young guys out there that day. Some were riding and some were just standing around drinking beer and flirting with the girls. A few had even wandered over to try and start a conversation with me. It was so cute. These young guys trying to act all smooth and stuff like I hadn’t heard just about every line there was. We had a great day.It was late in the afternoon when we ended the day. Steve and I had packed the bike away on the trailer and Steve was getting out of his riding gear. He was particularly muddy and I asked him to take off all his muddy pads and clothes and throw them in the plastic bag in the back.“Mom….” He moaned to me as he looked around and scoped out the area.I looked around as well. We were the only people there.“I brought a chance of clothes for you Steve. There’s no one around. Just stand by the open door and change.”It was funny… …He could ride around all day and show off for the girls but when it came to taking off his clothes in front of his mom… …he turned into my little boy.He began to do as I asked and as he was struggling to get his muddy pants off he started to stumble.“You all right over there?” I asked from the driver’s side of the truck. As he started to assure me he was fine… …he stumbled a few feet from the truck with his muddy riding pants around his knees, past the front fender and out of view.. I heard him yell out as he fell and rolled down a tiny hill.I ran around the front of the truck and saw him sprawled out on the ground, pants around his knees damn near covered in mud. It would have been funny had he not been sprawled out on top of one of the many small cacti that littered the landscape.“Steve… …you Ok?” I asked as I rushed to his side.“Needles!” He shouted to me. “Ow…ow..ow…Needles!”“Don’t move.” I told him. He laid as still as he could as I assessed the situation. He had rolled right over the cactus and there were quite a few cactus needles sticking in his right thigh. I saw more on his lower back. As I looked even closer, I could see the front of his underwear was covered with the little intruders as well.Except for the cactus needles, he seemed Ok.“Now listen…” I told him. “Keep your legs stiff and as straight as you can. I’m gunna pull you straight up onto your feet, OK?”He looked worried but shook his head yes.“OK. Give me your hands.”He came right up onto his feet when I pulled.“Is anyone around Mom?” He asked me as he searched the immediate area for anyone that may have seen.I turned my head and looked all around. “No one’s here Steve.”I helped him to his feet and slowly walked him to the truck. He took tiny steps; his pants still limited his mobility.“Hold onto the door.” I told him as I knelt down and slid his riding jeans down to his feet. “Lift up.” He lifted one leg at a time allowing me to remove his pants. the whole time he scouted out the whole park for anyone that might have arrived to witness this unfortunate calamity.“ the needles… …they’re everywhere.” He groaned.“I know Hun. Just stand here and hold on to the door. I’m gunna get the first aid kit.”I could see the embarrassment and worry etched on his face. He stood there in his underwear praying no one would drive up to do some late riding. It wasn’t likely, this was a dangerous place to ride at night, but people sometimes did it anyways. the sun was already making its way down behind the trees and whether they were riding or not, people sometimes hung out here to socialize, drink beer and no doubt smoke some pot. For now we were the only ones here, but we both knew that could change at any minute.I retrieved the First Aid kit and his change of clothes and put them on the passenger seat next to Steve.“What are you gunna do Mom?”“I’m gunna get those cactus needles off you, Sweetie.”It was a really good First Aid kit. It had everything in it. I could probably set a broken leg and maybe even take out a bad appendix with this First Aid kit and maybe an extra roll of paper towels.I took the tweezers and the antiseptic wipes out of the case and told my son to show me his left side. He turned and faced the inside of the truck as I got squatted down and began pulling the needles out of his thigh with the tweezers.“Does that hurt Steve?”“Not really… …Are there a lot?”“Not a whole lot as far as I can tell, but they’re pretty hard to see.” Then I looked up at my son and told him, “We’re gunna have to get your underwear off you know…”I knew how he’d feel about that and I tried really hard not to smile when I said it but I could feel the corner of my mouth curling up a tiny bit.“What?” He moaned.“Well… …there’s a bunch that are stuck to your underwear Honey. I’m thinking that most of them will stay on your briefs when we take them off.”“We!” He sighed, embarrassed even more.He looked around constantly to make sure that no one was pulling into the parking area.“Yes ‘We’” I told him.“You can’t be taking off my underwear…You’re my mom.”“I took your underwear off for the first seven years of your life Steven.” I smiled.“I know but…Well…Now I’m grown up.” He tells me with a certain measure of pride. It was kinda hard to take him seriously with him standing there in his underwear looking around like a small monkey in the middle of an unruly heard of wildebeest.“Would you prefer we wait for somebody to drive up and you can ask THEM if they’d mind giving you a hand?”“Nooooo…”“OK then.”I stood up and told him my plan.“I need you to slide both your hands down into the front of your briefs and I’m going to slide both my hands down the back…”“You’re k**ding?” He moaned as he shook his head and looked around again. Then he rested his forehead on the frame of the side window.“Do you want all these needles out?”“Yessssss…” He moaned.“Well then… …When we get our hands down your underwear….”I smiled a little. I couldn’t help it.“Moooooom!”“Sorry… …when we get our hands down there… …we need to pull the material out as far as we can away from your body. We’ll try to slide the underwear down and off without rubbing them against you. Hopefully most of the needles will come with them.”“Hopefully? … Most?”” He asked with a sad look in his eyes.“That’s the plan.” I told him.He just looked at me for a minute, then he scanned the area again. Content for the moment that we were along, he rested his head down again on the top of the door and sighed this long agonizing sigh. You’d have thought I was asking him to squat down in the display window of Macy’s and take a shit…Mid-day on Christmas Eve!“Do you have a better plan?”“Nooooo…”“Well, let’s try it.”I reached for the back of his underwear.“What about the needles that don’t come off with my underwear?” He asked me.I just looked at him.At that point I realized that I would have to pick them off my son with the tweezers. They were small needles; hard to see. the biggest ones were 1/4 inch and very, very thin. I was going to have to squat down and pick them out of my son’s ass… …and then turn him around and pick them out of anywhere else I found them.“I’ll have to pick them out…” I told him bluntly. Now it was my turn to look around and see if anyone was around. the monkey had a friend.It was kinda weird but I felt kinda like giggling. I felt really funny knowing that I might have to get down on my knees in front of my naked son and be that close to his privates. Maybe even touch them.I wondered if he would let me do that. What if he wouldn’t? If HE couldn’t pick them out and he wouldn’t let me do it… …I would have to try and get him in the truck , bring him home and hope a shower might do it or…take him to the Emergency Room.Then I thought, “Suppose he starts to get hard?”The thought made my stomach feel funny. At first I thought it was kind of amusing, then… I was amazed I had even thought of such a thing.“Maybe we should just go to the ER.” I thought briefly.“Are we gunna do this.” Steven sounded pretty miserable.“Sure, you ready?”“Yeah, I guess…” He said as he turned towards the open door; his back to me.I let my hands slide into my son’s underwear very slowly. I felt the backs of my hands against the hard cheeks of his ass.“Ouch… …ouch… …ow…” Steve squirmed around as we both slid our hands into his briefs. I could feel the odd cactus needle poking my hands as well.“You Ok?” I asked him.“Yeah… …yeah… …let’s just get them off Mom, the needles are poking me everywhere. Shit…”“Everywhere…” I thought. “Wow. This is gunna be interesting.”We pulled the material out and away from his body and slowly began to work them down.“Easy Mom.”Steve kept his vigil, surveying the surrounding area and the road that led to the dunes.“I am Sweetie.”As I bent down to lower his briefs to the ground, his ass came into full view. His ass moved so close to my face as he bent over pulling the front of his underwear down, that my cheek almost brushed against his skin. As his knees bent… …I could see his balls hanging down between his legs. the sight took me by surprise. I hadn’t seen any BALLS in quite some time.He stepped out of his briefs and looked over his shoulder at me and then browsed around again…Still no sign of anyone.I took his briefs and threw them in the back of the trailer. I figured I’d just throw them away when we got home. When I turned back to my son, he stood with his front facing the open door and his back side towards me. He looked pretty strapping; a good bit older than 15 from this angle.{I figured that was just the lonely divorcee throwing her two cents in.}I stood up behind Steve and tried to comfort him a little.“Don’t worry Steve. Hardly anyone comes up here once it starts to get dark.”We both knew that was just wishful thinking. I didn’t think it was such a big deal. I figured if anyone came up here, they’d park as far away from us as the parking area would allow. Certainly granting us enough time and privacy to at least get my son into the truck with the doors closed. I think Steven was more worried that someone might see him naked…with his MOM.It was unlikely we’d meet up with someone that knew I was Steven’s mother. As I know it doesn’t sound very humble but I have a feeling, considering the looks I get from a lot of these young boys, much to their girlfriend’s dismay, that most guys pulling up now catching Steven naked with me…Well…They might consider him a pretty lucky k**.“Have you ever been here at night?” He asked me.“Well, no.” I confessed.“Then how do you know no one ever comes up here at night?”He had me there.“Well…I suppose people that want a nice place to park and fool around, might figure this is a good a place as any.” I told him honestly.“Moooom!”I smiled a little and shrugged my shoulders.“What? It is.”I wasn’t sure what was getting into me.The sun was going down fast. I figured I’d better get started or I would be doing this by flashlight…and we might not be alone while I was doing it.I knelt back down to check his bottom for needles.“How’s it look Mom?” He asked as he lifted his arm up and looked at me from around his ribs.“It looks so cute Honey.” I told him smiling as I tried to make light of the whole situation.“Mooooommmm… Jesus… …Cut it out…”“Sorry… …I only see a few.” I told him, then asked him how the front looked.“I’m not sure.” He said kind of troubled. “I really can’t see too good, let me feel.”After a few seconds, he mumbled. “Shit. . .” There was a long pause.“What?” I asked.“I can feel some though…”“Where?”“…On my… …You know, my thing.”I couldn’t help it. I thought he was so cute the way he couldn’t say penis or dick. He had to say “My thing” in front of his mom. I’d only seen it a thousand times.I couldn’t resist…“What ‘thing’ might that be Hun?“Moooom! Jeeezzz!”“Well jeez Steven.” I mocked him. “You’re almost 16 years-old, certainly you don’t have to refer to it as ‘your thing’ to me.”“Well OK Mom… …I think I have a few needles on my cock!” He told me, mocking me back.“Steven!” I was a bit shocked.I guess it made me realize that that was exactly what it was…A COCK. I can’t describe the feeling when you recognize that your son no-long has a “Pee-Pee”. Somewhere along the line it had gone from his Pee-Pee to his “Thing”, bypassed “Dick” and moved right along to “Cock”. And it Was too. From my vantage point, I could see just the very tip past his balls. That must be hanging pretty good to pass his balls, I thought. [A very un-motherly thought] I even found myself wanting him to turn around so I could see it.At this point I wasn’t thinking sex…I was just curious…to see how much he’d… changed… over the years.“I’m sorry mom, but you started it.”“I know.” I admitted.And he was right, I HAD started it. I obviously wasn’t taking this as seriously as my son.I went back to work. I removed about ten needles from Steve’s backside. I was so close to him I could smell my son’s sweat. I didn’t find his musk unpleasant at all.“I think I got them all Steve. Tell me if this hurts”I took the palm of my hand and very softly and slowly slid it over his eskişehir escort thigh. I didn’t feel anything and he didn’t scream, so I figured we were OK on the thigh..“Feel Ok?” I asked.“Uhh, yeah.” He told me nervously.“If there’s any in there you should feel them stick you when my hand goes over them.” I told him. “How ‘bout this?” I asked as I let my hand softly slide to my son’s muscular butt. I felt him tense up.]I thought that I was doing that to see if we could see if there were any cactus needles in his butt, but when I let my hand glide over his ass for the second time… …I think I might have done it because I liked the way it felt. At that very moment… …something changed in me. I felt like things had become…different.“Does that feel OK Steve?” I asked him softly. I noticed that my tone had slightly changed. As I heard myself say it… …I felt funny…Odd. I wasn’t sure what I meant when I asked or how he would take it. I felt conflicted but compelled.“Ummm… …Yeah Mom.” He told me. “It feels good…”As he trailed off, I thought I heard a “Tone” in his voice as well. I glanced up and saw my son looking around his body at me again. When our eyes met… …my stomach flipped again. For a second I saw the same thing in his eyes as I had heard in his voice. I think something changed for him too. I couldn’t believe it. I kept lightly moving my hand over his ass cheeks; first this way and then that way. First one cheek…and then the other.At this point I realized my nipples were actually getting taut under the material of my bathing suit top. I immediately looked down to see if it was noticeable. It was. My tits were pretty big and they pushed hard against the material. I wondered if that was something that Steve would pick up on.Wow, I thought to myself. Where the hell was this coming from?I reached into the First Aid kit again and pulled out an antiseptic wipe. I opened it and began to gently rub it over my son’s thigh and ass cheeks. I spent way too much time doing that and I doubt that went unnoticed by my son.He jerked his butt, “It’s cold…” He whispered down to me.Then…The moment had arrived. I swallowed…“I guess I better check the front…” I told my son from my squatting position. I tried to sound like it was no big deal, like going shopping or mentioning the errands I had to run. I hoped I was pulling it off.I watched his eyes searching the grounds, checking for company. We were alone at the far side of the parking area and we were running out of light fast.He lowered his head and turned around slowly, shyly. As he turned, his “Thing” came into view. I drew a quick breath, cleared my throat, and quickly shifted my eyes to the ground as if I’d dropped something, looking for nothing in particular, I searched the ground. I was shocked at my reaction.I was kneeling in front of my naked son, his “Thing” hung soft out of a small bush of brown pubic hair only a foot and a half away from my face.His ball sack was big and hung down between his legs like a proud bull, cradling his soft dick. It was maybe four inches long and the loose skin around it snuggled up to his cockhead like it was wearing a little turtleneck sweater. Under other circumstances it might have been cute. But considering the surprising twitch I felt between my legs…CUTE may not be the right word.“Do you see them Mom?”At first I thought he was talking about his balls. I almost told him “Yes, of course I see them, they’re really big.” but my son’s voice reminded me of what I was supposed to be doing.“Ummmm, Yeah Hun. A few…”I placed one hand on his thigh to steady myself as I squatted and began plucking out the needles that I saw on the front of his thighs. Slowly I moved higher and higher up the front of his legs to each side of his dick. I saw a few on the edge of his pubic area. I let my hand slide up my son’s thigh and used my fingers to move the hair out of the way so I could pluck the tiny spears from his skin. I felt him jerk back a little bit when my fingers moved through his pubic hair.“Did I hurt you?”“Umm, no.”“Then hold still.” I told him as what I hoped sounded like a concerned mother.For some reason it seems important to me to mention…I’d never had an impure thought regarding my son. the closest I’d ever had to a “Sexual” thought was to wonder if he was into girls yet and if he masturbated. And that was some years back. I didn’t know where all this was coming from.I looked up at him and saw that he was staring down at me pretty intensely.“You OK?” I asked. “Should I stop?”I thought he might be freaking out until he told me ‘no’.“No… …I mean… …Ya gotta get’em, right?” He asked me with a look on his face that I couldn‘t figure. “I’m good…” He added after a few seconds.Twenty-two all together…Twenty-two needles on the front of his legs and in his pubic area. With those gone, I let my hand gently rest on my son’s bare hip to keep my balance. I looked up at Steve. His eyes were glued to my face.“Steve…”“Uh…yeah Mom.”“I’m gunna have to check between your legs.” I told him. “…and your… …thing too.” I added.I waited for him to stop me or say something.“Ok…” Was all he said.“Tell me if I hurt you.”He just shook his head with these tiny little shakes and looked around the truck again nervously.I held the tweezers in one hand and let my other hand slide from his hip to his thigh.“Spread your legs a little Honey.”I couldn’t help but smile. I felt giggly. It sounded so funny. That was surely a sentence I’d never expected to say to my son.Steve looked down at me and complied without saying anything. I apologized for the smile.“You think this is funny, don’t you?” He asked, not sounding very pleased.“No Honey. Not really.”My hand moved gently…Maybe too gently…to the inside of his thigh.“Feel OK?”He shook his head nervously. “Um-hum”I held his gaze for a second. It looked like he wanted to say something but nothing came out of his mouth.“What?” I asked.“Nothing.” He said and checked around again.I went back to my task. I checked the inside of one thigh…Nothing.I gently rubbed the palm of my hand over the area in question, as I’d done to each place I’d already inspected. With the confirmation of no more needles, I slowly wiped his inner thigh clean with a cool antiseptic wipe. I could feel that he was holding his breath. I glanced up expecting to find him making sure the coast was clear or staring down at me with a nervous, uncomfortable look in his eyes. But his eyes were closed and I could feel a low rumbling coming from deep in his chest, finding its way to the hand that now caressed the inside of his strong thigh.I would like to say that I was checking, or even cleaning his inner thigh…But that’s not the way it felt to me. And it was obviously not the way it felt to Steven either.I took a deep breath, “Now the other side.” I warned him. I did the same thing to the other side. Four or five little hair splinters and I was sliding my hand over his nice skin in search of the straggler. This search seemed to take even longer this time.I looked up, still allowing my hand to glide in slow, small circles from just above his knee, up along his inner leg and around to the cheek of his butt.“Feel anything?” I asked.Of course I meant any cactus needles, but my voice had somehow become more of a soft, sultry whisper. I believe Steven noticed as well. There was a long pause while he seemingly contemplated the question.“Yeah, no…I mean no needles.” He finally mumbled before searching the parking-lot once more.“Still clear?” I asked knowing full well the answer. I knew that if anyone was coming up the road that Steven would have been running around in circles, waving his arms in the air looking for the fire exits.“Hum-huh.”“I’m gunna check your COCK now.” I tried to make it sound light, perhaps even a little mocking but I couldn’t seem to muster the smile that should have gone along with it, which make it sound more….naughty than humorous. He had no response for me.I put the tweezers on the front seat and slid my hand closer to his dick. I reached out delicately and pinched the tip of his soft, thin penis with my thumb and forefinger to begin my inspection.He jerked back a little bit, pulling his dick from my measly grasp, “Mom?”I glanced up, “Hold still Sweetie.” I told him. “I’ll try not to hurt you.”I’m pretty sure that’s not what he was worried about.I reached for his dick again; nibbling on my bottom lip and pinched the tip, the way one might pick up a used tissue or a little something they didn’t really care to touch. But that certainly wasn’t the case here. I didn’t seem to mind this a bit.As my fingers made contact again, I looked up at Steven. He was staring down at me, doing the same thing I was doing…Biting his lip.“It’s OK.” I tried to assure him, not really knowing how much truth there was to the statement.The mother in me said it was fine…I was helping; this was my job. But the feeling in my stomach and the warmth that had begun to settle between my legs made me wonder what I was really doing here. the hardness of my nipples only provided another reason to wonder. I was liking this…A lot…Way more than I should have.“You OK?”“Um-hum.”I mustered a smile again and continued.He sucked in a quick breath when I leaned in even closer to examine his balls. I carefully moved the fingers of my other hand over his ball sack. I felt him jerk back again. My face was right next to his dick and I’m pretty sure it didn’t go unnoticed.I glanced up to find Steve staring down at me, momentarily forgetting all about his relentless search for anyone that might….A little while ago I might have said “…anyone that might SEE…” maybe even “…anyone that might INTERRUPT…” but now I think the word CATCH seemed more appropriate. …his relentless search for anyone that might catch us.“Am I hurting you?”“No.” He told me adamantly. “Not at all.” He added in a much lower tone, closer to a whisper.I let go of his ball sack, leaned back steadying myself on the open door; the tip of his dick still in my possession, and looked up at my son. I wished I could read his mind. I stared at him for a long second.“You OK?”“Yeah-No-I’m fine. . .” He told me then quickly scanned the parking lot.I went back to what I was doing. I leaned in and cupped his balls, moving them side to side as I examined them. I was very thorough. Very, very thorough. I saw two tiny cactus needles in the wrinkles on his ball sack, retrieved the tweezers and carefully plucked them out.“Did I hurt you?” I asked him. He just shook his head ‘no’ and then checked around the truck again before settling down to watch me.I checked his balls slowly with my eyes; extremely aware of the head of his dick between my fingers the entire time.“Let me know if you feel anything.” I told him as I gently let my fingers slide over the skin of his ball sack. I looked up at Steve and his eyes were fixed on me.“What?” I asked again.This time he smiled.“What?”“Nothing, it’s just that this is. . .kinda. . .”“Kinda what?”“Well, I never expected. . .you know.”“Never expected what Steve?”“Well…I never expected to see you. . .you know. . . down there.” He told me with an odd look on his face. I watched as the smile slowly drifted away and his expression turned more…subdued…like when you drift off point and forget your train of thought.His comment struck me kind of funny and made me realize that evidently I wasn’t the only one that thought of this little encounter as. . . . . .more than medical.“Are you implying that I might be doing something besides administering first-aid?” I asked lightheartedly. I tried hard not to smile; fully aware that I still held the head of my son’s dick with my fingers.“No-No. I mean…I didn’t mean. . .”“Calm down Sweetie. I’m just teasing.” I told him.I thought about the times I’d looked up at a man from this position before. Men seemed to really enjoy it. And quite frankly, I’ve seen a few pictures that my ex. had taken of me doing exactly that and I thought I looked pretty sexy.“Maybe you shouldn’t think so highly of yourself.” I thought, “ That was a long time ago.”Then…I felt it move. It tugged at my fingers, as if it were pulling away from me, then twitched.I tried to ignore it.“Do your balls feel Ok?” I asked him as I went back to the task at hand. He shook his head ‘yes’ slowly.“I have to check everywhere… “ I nodded my head towards his dick. “…Ok?”He shook his head again and I let his large balls slide out of my hand to get another antiseptic wipe, my eyes never leaving his dick.It twitched again. And once again my stomach fluttered.It looked like his dick was responding to my touch but the look on his face told me he was trying hard not to let it happen.I could have stopped… …but I didn’t. I opened another antiseptic wipe and started to softly rub his balls with the tissue.“Mom?”I looked up, waited for him to continue, but he didn’t. He looked like he might be in pain.“Does it hurt?”I was pretty sure it didn’t. I believed he was just embarrassed by the fact that he was getting aroused. His mother squatting down in front of him, in her skimpy jean shorts and bathing suit top, with her hard nipples pushing at the thin material, was having a reaction and he was trying so hard not to let it happen.I should be telling you that’s where it ended, that I just stopped, but that wasn’t the case. This was the time that I should have realized that this whole thing had gotten out of control, that I should be ashamed of myself for the way I was acting, the turn my thoughts had taken, the pleasure that I was feeling, the place I found myself…But none of that happened.“Steve…”“Yeah…”I let the tip of his penis fall from my grasp, “Should I stop?” I asked softly, desperately hoping he wouldn’t tell me I should.He licked his dry lips, whispered ‘n-no’ timidly and looked around as if making sure no one heard him.“Ya know Steven…” I whispered to him from my squatting position near his dick, one hand on the front of his thigh, the elbow of my other arm resting on one knee, the wipe still in my hand.I took a second, “…It would be a lot easier to check your… …your dick…” I paused again while I considered my words, “ …if maybe you just let it happen.” I told him matter-of-factly, fully aware of the implications as I squatted in front of my naked son waiting for a response.“Let what happen?” He asked a bit surprised and perhaps I heard a small measure of denial as well. Perhaps he’d realized I’d noticed the twitch between his legs or maybe because he was trying so hard not to get an erection…but realized he was failing.“Just let it get hard.” I told him like it was some sound advice pasted down from mother to c***d generation after generation. I raised the Antiseptic wipe up and cupped his ball sac as if to prove that it was a good idea.It was quite obvious to me that my agenda had changed a bit. I wondered if he had noticed too.His mouth dropped open and he immediately looked around the area like a bank robber poking his head out the front door of the bank plotting his escape, then his eyes shifted down to me again.“Mom… …But..”I waited for him to continue… …but he fell silent.I had crossed the line…a long time ago so I let my hand softly wander his ballsSlowly…………… sterilizing… soothing…fondling…caressing {One of those} as I talked to him.“If it’s hard Steve…” I began, “…I’ll be able to see escort eskişehir all of it, I mean, all the skin…unwrinkled.” I told him.There was a good bit of truth there. I couldn’t see all of the skin if there were tiny folds that might hide any of those hateful needles. I couldn’t touch his dick to ‘’check’’ to ‘’sanitize’’ until I could see ALL of it.“I’m afraid there might be a spur in one of the wrinkled parts.” I told him as I let a single fingertip touch the turtleneck behind the head of his dick to show where I was talking about.“But Mom…” My son looked down at me as he visibly tried to ignore my touch; tried to keep his dick from getting hard.“Wouldn’t that be… …wrong?” He asked. His eyes begged me to say the word “No”.“It’s Ok Steve. I know you’re embarrassed and I know you feel funny…”“Don’t you?”I swallowed, “Well sure…My fingers held his soft ball sac and very lightly squeezed… I almost lost my train of thought…But no matter how we might feel… I rubbed and nursed his large balls with the moist wipe …this has to be done. We have to make sure there aren’t any more needles, right?” I asked him.Figuring I’d give him a way out if that was truly what he wanted, I gave him a choice, “…Unless you think maybe your good enough to get your pants on now and we can get out of here. Maybe you could just get in the shower when we get home and hope that…”“Ga-head.” He cut me off. It would seem he wanted me to continue with my “First Aid”.“You sure?”“Yeah, ga-head.”I fell quiet, more than happy to resume my motherly duty, letting my fingers caress each nut in turn with the damp toweled that smelled of alcohol. I reached up with my other hand and took his penis tip between my finger tips again as I’d done before.“Besides Sweetie…once I start to check you to see if there are any needles down here… …I don’t think you’re gunna be able to keep it from getting hard anyways, do you?”And it was the truth. If I knew “Guys”, no matter what else did or didn’t happen, him getting hard was the inevitable…Unless I was once again thinking too highly of myself.“I… …I don’t know if…You know”“If what?” I asked my son quietly, most of my interest remaining between his legs.“If I can… …you know?”“You mean, get hard?” I asked with some jesting.He shook his head real fast up and down. I smiled up at him.“What, because I’m your mom?”“Well…Well yeah.” He whispered and scrutinized the surrounding area.“Really?” I asked, willing to bet he was wrong, knowing full well the process had already begun.I slid the soft tissue over his balls as I moved real close to him. Close enough that he could feel my breath on him. I watched and felt his dick twitch again.“I can see that it’s kinda moving by itself already Sweetie.”He looked embarrassed.I thought that maybe I could help this along.I dropped the alcohol tissue on the ground and cupped his balls in my bare hand again.“You like this… …don’t you Steven…” I whispered softly to his dick.He looked all around urgently and then back down at his mother squatting between his legs caressing his balls, breathing on him. He shook his head yes.“Just relax then.” I whispered. “Here, maybe this will help…”I gently let his dick slip from my grasp, still caressing the new toy I’d found hanging between his legs, I brought my finger up to my mouth, and wet the tip of it with my tongue. His dick hung limp in front of me but a tiny bit longer than it was a few minutes ago. I took my wet fingertip and touched my son’s piss slit, being careful not to touch anywhere else that cactus needles might be hiding and I made tiny circles as my warm breath blew over him.“Holy crap, Mom!”He took a quick breath held his it, and stood there frozen.I could see his dick starting to move freely of its own will. Waking from this sorry slumber my son tried his best to impose.“That’s it Steven…” I whispered. “…Just let it happen… …let it get hard.”“Ok… …Ok Mom, but…..” He trailed off nervously and looked around again to make sure no one was around to see what was happening.Within a few seconds his dick started to get hard. the thought that I was purposely getting my son’s dick hard sent a wave of heat rolling through me, the likes of which I’d never known. I took in a deep breath and steadied myself.There was no k**ding myself, I knew exactly what I was doing. There was no first-aid going on here, no nursing of any kind. There was nothing motherly about this at all.“There-ya-go.” I cooed.Another minute and it stuck straight out from his pubic hair about six, almost seven inches long. I was very surprised at how thick it got; much thicker than I would have expected. {As if I had ever expected to be in this particular position doing anything like this}Realizing that this wasn’t just all play, I reluctantly stopped my fondling and began to inspect his hard dick for cactus needles.I looked up at my son, “Do you feel anything?” I asked him. the question surprised him.“I mean do you feel anything like a cactus needle sticking you?” I smiled up at him.“Down at the very bottom…” He told me.As I looked closer, I saw two needles at the base of his penis. I retrieved the tweezers and plucked them out and continued to look. I couldn’t see any more.I looked up at Steve again and told him,“Tell me if you feel anything when I do this.”“MOM…”He was nervous. He knew what I was about to do. I had done it to his leg, to his ass and to his balls as well. I was going to rub my hand over his “THING” now to see if there were any needles I might have missed. He looked all around again. To look at him you might had though he had one leg in a trap and was giving some serious thought to chewing it off to get away.“You OK?”“I’m…I…It’s…”“Want me to stop?”“No!” he said almost before I finished asking.I could have asked him to do this himself. He could have told me that he was capable of doing it as well. None of that happened. I think at this point, he wanted me to do this as much as I wanted too. My son stood in front of me and watched me as my hand slowly reached for his erection.I slid one finger over it, barely touching its hardness. I could feel and see that his dick was beginning to pulse with his heartbeat. It no longer looked like my son’s “Thing”. It looked like a “Cock” now; a hard, thick, aroused cock.I took two fingers and slowly began to glide them over the top of my son’s dick. Slowly, softly I let my fingers caress his cock. I moved my fingers to one side and then the other, along the top then along the bottom. I was very methodical.I looked up at Steven as I did this. His eyes were fixed on my hand as I worked it gently over and all around his, now extremely hard dick.“God Mom…”“Hurt?”“Nnoooo!”“Ok so far?” I asked.His eyes met mine. He shook his head “Yeah” and then took another quick glance around trying to maintain his guard but finding it very difficult. I could feel his legs quivering as I slid one hand up and down on his thigh; a short path up and down.I moved my fingers to the bottom of my son’s dick and let them lightly slide all the way back up to the head. A trip that seemed to be getting longer as time went on. A moan escaped his mouth and he quickly tried to suck it back in, but the damage was done. There was no doubt, he couldn’t hide the fact that he liked what I was doing. This , in turn, motivated me, encouraged me. I looked up at him and smiled a quiet, knowing smile.“It looks like it’s not so difficult to get a hard-on in front of your Mom after all, Huh?”He didn’t answer. “Huh?” I pushed.“You’re really pretty!” He blurted out, as if that was some secret he’d sworn, given his solemn oath, not to ever reveal. In spite of everything, I felt myself blush.“Thank you.” Was all I could say. I smiled and he smiled back“It’s harder trying not to get one I think.” He blushed as he said it to me.The way he said it or maybe just his tone made me wonder. So I stuck my neck out a little further, {Any further and there was a strong possibility my neck might not support my head}“Hum, sounds like this might not be the first time I’ve gotten you hard Sweetie?”I could tell the statement embarrassed him but I really wanted to know and this seemed like a good time to ask.“So have I?”“I can’t help it Mom.” He tells me kind of defensively almost as if I’ve somehow forced this confession from him.“It’s Ok Steve…” I whispered looking at his hard dick, watching my fingers slide up and down its length, both of us knowing now that my inspection as gone on way to long. “It’s nice to know that I can still make someone excited.” I told him somewhat pathetically.“You do…A lot” My son told me as his breathing got a little bit quicker and he once again took note of who might be coming down the road.“I think you do it to my friends. . . . . .You know, give them boners I mean.” He made clear. He was becoming a fountain of information. Teasing his hard dick seemed to have loosened his tongue a bit too.“Really? And how would you know that?” I asked curiously, looking up from his dick.“Well…They say stuff about you all the time…” He told me shyly.I was pleasantly shocked. Shocked and intrigued. My fingers rested on the tip of his dick and waited to see how this would play out.“Really?” I asked kinda flattered.I knew I shouldn’t have but I liked knowing that someone thought I was sexy enough to give them boners.Dusk was on us now and the light was dim, but yet there I was, still squatting in front of my son.“Hum, I’d like to talk about that some more, maybe later. But right now we’re losing light.”I went back to ‘’examining’’ my son. I wanted to continue playing but had now understood this wasn’t the time or the place.“I don’t see any more needles… …does it feel like I’ve missed any?” I asked, my fingers making one last trip to the base of his dick.“Mom!”“Yeah Honey. . .”“It… …It feels pretty good.”Well, I’d figured it had, but I wasn’t really expecting the announcement. My eyebrows went up, surprised by his honesty and his willingness to…share.I felt my pussy quiver when my son told me it felt good. Forgetting {Or simply not caring} where we were, I slowly closed my two fingers and my thumb around my son’s hard dick and very, very slowly began to move my hand back and forth over his hard shaft. I guess what I’m trying to say is; I started to jerk my own son off.“Oh Jeeesss…” Steve’s head jerked in circles over the top of the truck trying to look everywhere at once. I felt his body stiffen and tense even more than it had already been.“Does this feel good too?” I asked, sounding the way I felt; like a slut.“Yeah, yeah it does.“ He confessed, his eyes never ending the search.“Do you want me to stop Steven?”“Mom… …suppose… …someone…” He pushed into my hand. He looked down into my eyes. “…Someone could see us?” He whispered.The question made me shudder. I found the thought of somebody “Catching” us oddly stimulating…Very exciting. I hadn’t realized that might be something I might find so stimulating.I curled another finger around my son’s hard dick and continued to slowly masturbate him.“Do you want me to stop then?” I asked again as I looked up at him from between his legs.There was a time I could have asked his father to buy me a brand new pink Mercedes convertible from a place almost just like this and I would have been driving with the wind blowing through my long blonde hair the very next day.He looked down at his mother stroking him and chewed his lip. I could feel him pushing into my hand a little as I moved my hand over his cock. the motion had gone from tentative to sensual in a very short time. All of this had gone from medical to sexual in record breaking time. Although I have to admit, I’m not really sure what the old record was.“No… …No Mom… …Don’t stop…”I watched my own hand as I stroked Steven’s dick. I felt my pussy getting so hot. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and was even surprised that this was something Steven would WANT me to do.“How did I get here?” I asked myself. I had never thought about my son this way before. We had set out this morning to go dirt bike riding and now here I was……actually loving the way his hard dick felt in my hand, knowing full well what was going to happen if I kept stroking his cock.M nipples ached now. I wanted to touch them. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted to finger myself. I couldn’t believe how fast this was all escalating. Once it had taken a sexual overtone, it took on a life and momentum of its own. I wanted to finger myself right here in front of my own son. the thought made my pussy burn and throb even more. I leaned in closer to Steven’s dick. Things were becoming…had become…hard to control.“Does it feel good Steve? Does it feel good when I do this to your cock?” I asked him in a voice he’d probably never heard before.I had lost control. I looked up at Steve and waited for an answer as I tightened my grip on his hard dick and began to move my hand faster.He was looking all around. That was good. As long as he was the look-out… …I could probably get away with touching myself.I let my hand slide down to the front of my shorts and trace over my hot cunt. I could feel the heat right through the flimsy crotch of my jean shorts. I stared at Steven’s dick as my fingers traced over the outline of my pussy.The more I did this the more excited I got. I whispered up to my son.“Steve… …Want me to blow you?”I don’t think I really expected a response. I think I just said it to hear myself say it.“Oh my God, you’re k**ding!?!” I heard him ask as I opened my mouth and moved my lips closer to Steven’s hard dick.I felt a surge of fire burn though me. It felt like I was actually going to cum. Just as I felt the tip of my son’s cock touch my lips… …I knew I would cum before he did.I felt him pull back. I moved forward to take him in my mouth in spite of this unexpected change of heart. the time to stop me had come and gone.“MOM!…” He started to say something and I opened my mouth and closed my lips around his dick.“MOM!!!” He pulled his cock away from me.I thought, Oh-My-God! He was freaking out. He had never seen me like this and I’m sure never expected to. I knew I had gone too far; way, way too far.“I see lights coming down the road Mom.”I got up quickly to look. He was right. There was a set of head lights coming down the road to the parking area. It wasn’t really that dark yet. Thank god he had his lights on.I reached in the back seat and grabbed the pair of pants I had brought for Steven. I threw them to him.“Here, put your pants on Steve.”I felt like I was hurrying my boyfriend out the back door as my parents came in the front. the car was still a long ways away from us so I was confidant they couldn’t see anything.“Stay calm Steve. They can’t see us yet.” I assured him.He put his pants on and hopped in the front seat. By this time I was around the truck and in my seat with the door shut. I was starting the truck as Steven was reaching in the back seat for a shirt. He was dressed and calm in plenty of time. the car pulled up and parked at the other end of the parking area.“It’s probably just a young couple looking for some privacy.” I told my son as I cut a sly look at him.“Yeah, probably coming up here to make out and stuff…” He said back with a smile on his face.“…And stuff.” I repeated with a smile of my own and turned out of the parking area.We were eskişehir escort bayan pretty quiet for the first ten or fifteen minutes of the ride home. I was the one that broke the silence.“Steve, have you ever had a girl do…what I was doing to you?”He just looked straight ahead and told me no.“Have you ever done it to yourself?”“Mom…” He looked out the side window.“Steve… …it’s Ok. Everyone masturbates.” I told him.He turned his head towards me…“Do you?” He asked.I should have expected it.“Well, as a matter of fact… …yes, sometimes I do. Especially since your father left.” A burst of honesty on my part.His eyes got big.“To be honest with you Steven, I was about to stick my hand down the front of my shorts when that car pulled up.”“You’re k**ding… …Really?” My son asked with such enthusiasm in his voice. It was like finding out your best friend got a new bike for X-mass too.“What? Do you think I‘m too old to still enjoy things like that?”“Well, no… …I guess not… it’s just that….”“Just what?”“I guess I just never really thought you’d do stuff like that… …not really.”“I thought you said I’ve gotten you hard before and that your friends have said stuff about me?”“Well, I did… …They have said stuff… …You have made me hard… …I mean… …I mean that I didn’t think you… …played with yourself.” Steven was nervous, trying to stay on the path.“Well… …I do.” I told him. Then I thought about it for a minute.“I guess I have to… …I don’t have anyone to do it for me.” I told him. the sad truth settled us into a quiet, somber moment.After a while, Steven eyed me for a second and then told me shyly, “I have a few times, I guess.” He confessed.“That’s Ok Steve. Like I said, everybody does it at one time or another.” That seemed to put his mind at ease.We remained quiet for a few more minutes. I wanted to ask him about his friends and what they had said about me. I wanted to ask him what he thought about what I’d said to him before we were interrupted; about me wanting to blow him.When I thought about that… …my pussy got really warm again. I was amazed. Not only had I started to give my son a hand-job… …but I told him I wanted to blow him as well. And I actually had it in my mouth for a second too. My coochie twitched as I recalled what it felt like. I would have been sucking his dick right now had it not been for that car coming. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I thought about that.I began to wonder if the moment had passed. Had the chance come and gone? I glanced at my son’s crotch. I couldn’t tell if he was still hard or not. I wondered if I would have the nerve to start that fire again. Would he be receptive if I did? He seemed like it, but I couldn’t be sure.I knew what I had done was wrong. I just hoped that I hadn’t made a mistake that would change the way we acted or felt towards each other.We pulled into the drive way and I turned off the truck.“What do you say we unload the trailer tomorrow?” I suggested to my son. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable about what I’d done now.“Yeah… …That’s fine Mom.”We both sat in the truck and silently looked around for a few uneasy minutes.“Steve… …Are you Ok?” I asked him.I was concerned. I hoped he wasn’t feeling bad or uncomfortable for something that I had pushed him into.“Yeah Mom. I’m good…”He looked like he had more to say.“Buuuut…” I encouraged him along and then braced myself.“Well…” He moved around uneasy in his seat.“What is it honey?”I was waiting for my young son to tell me how wrong it was to do what I had done.“I… ….I wish that car hadn’t come up on us is all.”I sighed and smiled at my son. I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved to hear him say that.“You liked what I was doing to you, huh?”He looked shyly down into his lap and shook his head yes. I took a deep breath, rubbing my hands aimlessly on the steering wheel.“Would you……like to go in the house now and I’ll……finish what I started?”Steven jerked his head up like I’d thrown a cooler of ice water on him.“Really!?!”To say my son looked thrilled was to say that Orville and Wilber Wright had a good idea. …It didn’t quite cover it. . You’d think I just gave him a credit card and turned him loose in the Motor Cross store.“You’d do that?” He asked me wide-eyed excited.“Sure… …If you want me to.”“I do Mom… …I do…but…”“But what Steven?”` He looked around again and then whispered to me as if someone might hear.“Can we do it right here in the truck?”I was shocked, shocked and excited by his request.“You mean right here in the front seat…in front of our house?”“Not exactly…” He told me.I didn’t quite know where he was going with this.“What do you mean Honey?”“Can we do it like we were before?”I was a little confused until Steven opened his door and stepped outside of the truck. He stood where he stood when we were parked at the sand dunes.“You mean…”My heart started beating a thousand times a second as I watched my son slowly begin to unbutton his pants. I had a hard time swallowing when he slide them down to his knees. Was this really happening? With the light of the open door, I could see his hard thick cock sticking straight out. It was my turn to look around now to see if anyone could see us.Our nearest neighbors were pretty far away…Too far… to see what Steven and I were actually about to do. Our house was somewhat far off the road and there were trees and shrubs that lined the front of the property that would make it very hard for anybody to see what we were doing. But where the driveway met the road… …it was wide open. I supposed that someone would have to drive by awfully slow to even have a chance at seeing what we were doing.But if someone were to pull up into the driveway… …there was a good chance they would be able to see what I was doing to my son before I could stop and he could pull up his pants. I have to admit, that was one of the things that turned me on when I was stroking Steven’s dick at the sand dunes. I guess it had turned him on as well.I got out of the truck, walked around the front end and stopped next to Steven. My pussy was red hot as I looked at his hard dick just waiting there for me. I looked around nervously and then squatted down in front of Steven with a girlish smile on my face.“I can’t believe this.” I said out loud as my hand reached for my son’s hard cock. We both moaned as my fingers closed around his dick. I slowly started to jerk my son off again.“Keep a look out Baby.” I told him as I stroked his nice hard dick.I felt my pussy aching again. It throbbed and pulsed as my hand worked Steven’s cock. It was crying for attention…Soon it would be screaming.I reached up and started to fondle his balls. His dick felt so hard in my hand and it had been a long time since I’ve enjoyed that feeling. I guess all the little pricklies were gone. I could see the head of his dick becoming wet with his pre-cum as it shined in the dim cab light of the truck. It made me wonder…“When you masturbate, do you cum a lot.” I asked unashamed.“Mooom?”“Sorry. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.” I told him with a naughty smile.“Oh my god!” He mumbled as he stood guard.I moved my finger to the tip of his dick and made small circles again through the tiny droplets of pre-cum that oozed out of the little slit as I stroked him. He was starting to move his hips a little bit now and I’d noticed he’d tightened his grip in the door handle.“That feel good Sweetie?”“Yeah Mom. Jeez, it feels great.”I stroked his dick slowly trying to milk as much pre-cum out as I could. I couldn’t get over how thick his dick felt in my hand…how good. I loved how hot it felt and how much my son really wanted me to do this. I began to jerk it a little faster.“Oh Mom… …God that feels so awesome.”“Are you looking out Steven? Are you making sure we don’t get caught?” I cooed up to him.I felt so dirty having to ask my son that. Here I was jerking him off in front of the house, asking him to watch out for people. It was an avenue I’d never explored before. It was so exciting.“You’re so hard Honey.” I couldn’t help but tell him. I was getting so excited that I was beginning to tremble a little. I could feel it in my legs as I squatted in front of him by the open door. I was starting to lose control again.I reached down and unsnapped my shorts.“I’m going to play with myself Honey.” My breathing was heavy.“I’m gunna make myself cum… …I was so close before….” I whispered as I took a quick peek towards the street and slipped my hand into my shorts.“Girls cum too?” He asked almost stunned.I felt him sway in a slow but urgent dance and push into my hand with a little more feeling now. His hips were moving back and forth as I jerked him off.“You bet they can.” I told him uninhibited, sure that he was gunna see for himself in just a few minutes.After a minute or so my son leaned down and whispered,“You said you wanted to blow me Mom… …Do you still want to?”His words made me shiver from head to toes. I couldn’t believe my ears. Hearing him say that to me brought me right up to the edge.“Yes…” I moaned as my fingers strummed and pinched my swollen clit.“Yes… …Oh my god… …yes… …I want to Baby. I want to blow you.” I told him as I leaned in closer to his dick. He was no longer my son. He was now a hard cock that I needed to suck. He was someone that was gunna give me his cum. No…He was someone I was gunna TAKE the cum I wanted from.I closed my eyes, rubbed Steven’s hard cock all over my face as my orgasm leaped up and took hold of me with both hands. I couldn’t have cared less who drove up that driveway now. I rubbed the wet swollen head over my eyes, my cheeks, moaning, kissing and, breathing through my open mouth. My body quivered and shook as my fingers turned the key and opened the door to ecstasy. I had to drop to my knees and hold tight to Steven’s cock to keep from falling over as I drove my fingers into my sopping pussy. Afraid to seal my trashing mouth around Steven’s cock, I nibbled at it roughly and drew an urgent but precise design over my lips, spreading the precious few drops of cum over my lips like a bitter/sweet lipstick.I came in my shorts, hard.I could hear Steven gasping but if he’d actually said anything to me…I couldn’t say for sure.“Mmmmmmm Hummmm… Yessssss…Oh Christ Yes!!!” I moaned as best I could, Steven’s dick pressed firmly against my lips.Steven, no doubt, now knew for sure that girls can cum. That…or he might have thought his mother was having an aneurism. I’m sure they both looked and felt the same.As my world slowly began to come back into focus, I looked up at my son. I had been neglecting him. For how long, I’m not sure. I knelt there on the driveway in front of him, one hand down my shorts and the other holding onto his cock for dear life. My mouth fell open, his cock pressed against my cheek, but no words came out. I just tried to breath, as my ass shook off the last of my orgasm. My pussy softly tugged and pulled at my fingers, each thrush giving way to a more genteel, more subdued tremble until there was just this pure sense of satisfaction…A kind of thickness that surrounded me, as I drenched my panties. I could hear the wet squishing sounds as my fingers stroked my tired coochie like a jockey strokes his winning mare after a good run.He looked down at me, “Did you cum?”I just smiled and shook my head as I slowly began to kiss his swollen cock head and move my hand back and forth once again.“Sorry.” I whispered. I had no idea how long he’d watched me as I knelt on the asphalt in front of him by the open door of our truck.No one was looking out. I was watching my son’s beautiful cock and he was watching me. Anyone could have walked right up on us right and neither one of us would have been the wiser. I admit, at that point in time… …I didn‘t care.I pulled my soaking wet hand out of my panties and slid my slippery fingers around his rigid dick; a warm, moist glove around his aching hardness.“Oh my God Mom!!!”“Mmmmmmmm…” I liked it as much as he did. “I wanna blow you now.” I told him with no qualms. I wanted to suck his dick. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to taste it.Steven moved his hips forward and I opened my mouth to take his cock inside my mouth.We both moaned as I swallowed his dick all the way to his balls right there in the driveway. God I loved the feeling of having a hard cock in my mouth again and the unmentionable circumstances, the wrongness, the taboo of the union only helped to feed the lust.I moved both my hands to my son’s ass and began bobbing my mouth over the entire length of his dick, from the very tip until his soft pubic hair tickled my nose. I looked up at him and him down at me. There was no lookout, not watcher. There was just his cock, my mouth and the chance that anyone could see what we were doing. the feeling was indescribable.“Mom!!! Moooooommmmm!!!!”My first thought should have been that someone was pulling into the driveway, but I felt Steven’s ass tighten and he lifted up onto his tip toes, one hand on my shoulder, the other white knuckled on the door frame. There was no doubt what was happening.The first explosion of hot cum threw itself down my throat nearly choking me…The second shot out of his throbbing dick as I tried to recover. My lips held tight to the crown of his prick as it splashed the inside of my mouth with considerable force. I swallowed but there was just too much. I grabbed his cock as quick as I could and began jerking it; pumping him into my open mouth.“OH God Mom!!! OH MY GOD!!!There was no way I was going to swallow all of it. It came to fast and too much. It poured out over my bottom lip and ran down my chin. Unwilling to lose it all and sure there couldn’t possibly be much more, I closed my mouth around him again and sucked. I loved the feeling. I let my other hand find its way down my shorts again.There I was… …kneeling in my own driveway in front of my almost 16 year old son, sucking the cum from his dick while I fingered myself to another unbelievable orgasm. And, although I didn’t look hard, I found no shame or disgrace in what I was doing. I was loving it. the fact that it was wrong didn’t bother me one bit.I must have swallowed three or four times before he stopped shooting cum in my mouth and down my throat. I continued sucking and mouthing his empty cock anyway. I let it pop out of my mouth just long enough to tell him, “Just keep watch. I want to do this ‘til I cum again, Ok?” I just wanted more. I had been denied for so long and now I wanted what I wanted.He had no complaints.“It will only take a minute Sweetie…” I told him like I was slipping out to the store for a loaf of bread. I closed my eyes, wrapped my lips around his cock again and caressed it with my tongue, licked up any traces of his thick cum, made love to his cock with my mouth…as I strummed my clit and rubbed my hungry pussy.“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” I reached between Steve’s legs, cupped his ass in my hand and drew him to me as I sucked his cock back in my mouth and held it there, unmoving, frozen, a statue of lust as I came again.When I finely let my son‘s limp cock slip out from between my wet lips, I was spent.“I don’t think I ever came that hard.” I whispered.Then, realizing where we were. I whispered,“Pull your pants up.” I started to help him with the task. “Let’s go in the house Honey.” I stood up looking at both my hands in the dim light of the cab. “ …We need a shower.” I told him as I licked his cum off of my chin.Steve buttoned his pants, shut the truck door and followed me into the house. We had gotten away with it…So far.