A Cucks Revenge Part 10&11

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A Cucks Revenge Part 10&11I suggest reading parts part 1 through 9 if you haven’t yet – the links are belowhttps://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-parts-1-2-931390https://xhamster.com/stories/cucks-revenge-part-3-4-931598https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-5-964720https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-6-965408https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-7-8-998218https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-9-9690119** A cucks revenge continued **Part 10 – Couples therapyMy wife and I are in a psychologist’s office. We are in the midst of couple counseling. My mind wanders. I think, I never realized how good angry sex could be. Our marriage might be going to shit but our sex life has never been better. Our sex life feels impassioned as well as bit desperate. These feelings did not exist on my part until I discovered my wife’s infidelity. How many times have I had sex with Jen over the past year after she had been fucked her lover Dick. Just 2 days ago I kissed Jen full on the mouth with Paige’s pussy juice and scent all over my face. Jen saw that Paige had come from the back of the house moments prior with me, of course my wife deduced that I just had sex with Paige. A barrage of questions followed and were hurled at me in anger. Never being the one to kiss and tell I answered no questions. Plus I believed that it would be more productive to answer any questions during couples counseling. I interrupted Jen’s diatribe reminding her that she was still fucking Dick. Her tirade stopped immediately. Jen seemed to realize that we were still in the driveway next to the house where Trish, Mother and Wife of our fellow conspirators in infidelity reside. If there were any victims in this whole mess it would be Trish. I followed my wife to the back door of our house. She defyingly stood in the threshold blocking my entrance. I easily pushed passed her into the house. She whirled caught my arm and pushed me against the back entranceway wall then kissed me passionately. She pulled away then slapped my face. I was still recovering from the minor assault when I realized Jen was down on her knees in front of me tugging at my waistbands of my sweats and underwear. With a speed I could hardly comprehend she had my limp cock in her mouth and sucked it hard in a few seconds. Which was impressive since I had just cum with Paige 15 minutes earlier. Jen took a momentary break to ask, “Can that little slut suck your cock like this?” I didn’t respond.I turned my head and looked out it’s glass of the back door towards the front of the garage. I imagined Paige just on the other side of the glass watching this same women suck her father’s cock in the same location just a few days ago. To be honest, the fact was no one has sucked my cock as well as Jen in 30 years. That is what familiarity brings to a sex life. She knew what I liked without me telling her. I grabbed Jen’s head and thrusted. I face fucked her for a few moments. I grabbed her under armpits forcing her to rise. I led her over the kitchen counter and bent her over it. I lifted her skirt and nearly ripped her panties while pulling them down. I spanked her bare ass and felt her pussy. She was wet. I kelt in back of her, sunk my face between her ass cheeks as I ate her ass and pussy. I was reminded that each woman has a unique scent. I savored most. It seemed I was becoming a connoisseur. The scent on my face was now thoroughly mixed with Paiges. I stood up then sunk my cock into her and fucked her hard with and angry passion. I know this woman, my wife and I know she was loving it. My mind snapped back to the psychologist’s office. Jen was on the couch next to me nearly screaming at me, “Now you’re fucking the little girl next door. Is she even legal?” My eyes were on psychologist Patricia Hanks, PHD. My wife’s question seemed to stir Pat from her blase’ indifferent posture. Pat leaned forward in her chair looking at me waiting for my answer.I said defensively, First off Paige is 18. Legal. We did not fuck. We just had oral sex. Paige initiated it. My wife was indignant and bemoaned, “That little slut!”I chuckled.Jen asked furious and confused, “What in the hell is so funny?”I replied, Paige called you a whore after she caught you and her Father. She watched her daddy Dick jump the fence connecting our backyards. Then he snuck in our back door. Paige was curious so she went to see what was going on. She saw you fellating Dick while looking through the glass in our back door. Minutes later Paige followed you both to a no tell motel in Farmington. She heard you fucking outside your room. She said you were loud and sounded like a whore.Jen was silent and undoubtedly mortified.Pat interjected, “Let’s try to keep name calling out of the dialogue.” I agree. Why do so many women shame other women for being sexual?, directing the question towards Pat.Pat took some time to assemble her thoughts and was about to answer. Jen interrupted her in a tearful sob, “Paige saw us!? She knows? Oh God! Trish probably knows.” Pat addressed Jen, “So you have continued your sexual affair with your neighbor?”Jen tearfully noded her affirmation silently looking dejected.Pat addressed Jen, “Do you want your marriage to continue?”Jen looked at me, “Yes! I don’t want to divorce.”Pat continues, “Why have you continued your sexual affair with your neighbor?”Jen replied, I guess I’m addicted to the excitement. Any romance or passion in our sex life dissapeared for years prior to my affair with Rick. He flirted with me for years after they moved in nextdoor. I enjoyed flirting with him. Rick made me feel sexually attractive again. He wore me down. I gave in. Our sex was…. is pasionate. I thought I was in love with Rick but I confused lust with love. I know now any thoughts of running off with Rick to a happily ever after ending were just fantasies. Pat addressed me, “How do you feel about what Jen just said?”I paused and consider saying, First thing that comes to mind is I feel numb. I was angry at first when I found them fucking. I was a mess, but I am no angel. I went out to a bar and had sex with another woman in her minivan. I also had a sex with a coworker. tuzla escort bayan Neither are emotional affairs. To be honest my sex life hasn’t been this good for years. Sex with Jen has even become more passionate. Pat added, “What about Rick’s daughter Paige next door?”Paige and I have become friends over the past few months. I’ve been working out and training with her. I had no intention of having anything inappropriate happen between Paige and I. Paige had mentioned that she that she had a date for the prom. Then she admitted that she had never given a boy/man….. Fellatio. Paige suggested that she practice on me. She wore me down with pleading. It seemed logical at the time.Pat addressed me, “Do you want your marriage to continue?” I paused and considered, Yes. Jen put a hand on my knee.Pat addressed both of us, “Have you considered opening your marriage? Staying married while having other sexual partners.” Jen shook her head no.I answered for us, I mentioned opening our marriage but Jen doesn’t want that. She promised to stop her affair and work on our marriage. Since then I’ve caught her having sex on video at our house several times. Now Paige can confirm that their affair has continued. I want to stay married but I just don’t know how I can rebuild trust with Jen. Pat nodded as to take all this in and addressed Jen. Pat addresses Jen, “Do you hear what Don is saying Jen?”Jen just nods. Pat addresses both us, “Well our time is up today. I suggest that you both refrain from any extramarital sexual contact with others for now.”Jen and I both nodded our heads in agreement then left Patricia Hanks PHD’s office. On the drive home both Jen and I were silent.Part 11 – El Round 3 My Mother and Father in law had become quite the gamblers in their retirement. They had built up Comps through a loyalty rewards program at their favorite casino downtown. My Father in law had been dead for a while. My Mother in law El would lose her husbands comps if she didn’t use them within a month. El did some research and found that the best deal she could get on accommodations was a 2 bedroom suite package at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino Biloxi, Mississippi. El asked her daughter, my wife, Jen and I to join her. We both agreed to go with El for an extended weekend at first. When the vacation was less than 2 weeks away and grew to a total of 5 days Jen opted out because of work obligations. I was disappointed. El pleaded with Jen to reconsider. She counted on us to drive the 14 hours it would take to get there. She has night blindness and hates to drive. The reservations were non refundable. Jen suggested that I still go. Just because she had work obligations shouldn’t mean that the trip be cancelled for everyone. El and I both feigned disappointment at being alone together for 5 days without Jen. First day of vacation: I was at El’s door bright and early at 6:00 am sharp. Her bags were ready at the door. She was ready and bubbling with excitement. El looked years younger. She was wearing a form fitting tennis dress which had a short skirt and tennis shoes. El saw me admiring her attire. She said “You like?” as she did a little twirl. Then she lifted the skirt and flashed panties beneath. I felt a stirring in my loins. El added “It’s comfy for travel. We were on the road by 6:05 am. We chatted for a while. By 7:30 we were stuck in our first traffic jam. We caught the beginning of rush hour going through our first major city. This is when I realized that El and I did not have the same musical tastes. I liked hard rock. El liked new country and easy listening. After 2 hours of battling over the radio El changed the station to AM conservative talk radio. OH HELL NO! I will not listen to any of this negative talk radio. In fact news of any sort for the next 5 days. Let’s make some ground rules. I don’t want to hear anything about our presidents latest blunder or wacko right wing conspiracy. I don’t want to hear the liberals outrage of being treated unfairly. I could give a fuck if world falls apart within the next five days. I just want to gamble, eat, drink and fuck. Not in that order necessarily. Agreed?After my intense but short tirade I looked over at El. She looked like a schoolgirl that was just scolded. The car was silent for another 5 minutes. El broke the silence saying “I need to pee stop at the next rest area” we were silent for the 15 miles until I pulled into the rest area parking. We both went to our genders restroom. I finished and waited for El in the car. I watched her as she returned with a smirk on her face. El entered the car and sat down. She reached over and opened her balled hand then released her panties into my lap. I noticed the wet spot in the panties crotch.El said, “Now I am really comfy. Why don’t you get a bit more comfortable too. Do you have loose shorts or boxers that could pass for outerwear? I’ve got an idea how to make the drive more pleasurable and make the time fly.” I rooted around my duffle bag and found a pair of loose cotton shorts I usually sleep in. I went back into the restroom and changed into them. My cock began to stiffen imagining what El had in store for making our ride. I was fully aware of my hardening cock making a tent out of the front of my loose shorts as I returned to the car. El said, Now that looks more comfy for you. Would you like a drink or snack before we get back on the road?I shook my head no, buckled up and put the car in gear. We weren’t on the road too long before El raised the front of her skirt to show me her pussy. She wanted to show me that it was clean shaven. I stared over at her bare pussy a few times before she asked, “Well what do you think?. This is what the young girls are doing right? My pussy feels funny. It kinda reminds me of when I was a girl. Does Jen shave her pubes?Overwhelmed by her flashing and questions I stammered, To be honest with you El, It’s hard to keep my eyes on the road. I think your pussy is sexy anyway you are comfortable with it. Jen started shaving recently. However I think it was done for my neighbor. I was in the passing lane speeding to make up time. I noticed that a semi began speeding up in the right lane escort tuzla to match our speed. I noticed that I wasn’t the only man distracted by El’s pussy. The trucker had an elevated view and he was looking straight down into El’s lap. I made El aware of the trucker. She just looked up and laughed at being caught exposed. El shifted in her seat and lifted a leg on the dash to give the truck a better view. The trucker mouthed “THANK YOU” and licked his lips. Then the trucker mouthed “SHOW ME YOUR TITS” El gleefully pulled her top down and exposed her mature breasts. When I looked back at the trucker he had his phone up and was taking pictures or video. I began to worry that we would cause an accident so I sped up. El waved goodbye to the trucker as we pulled away. Once we pulled away from the she laughed and said, That was so fun! I said, You know you made that truckers day. He had a smile on his face a mile wide. Who knew you were such an exhibitionist.El had her hand between her spread legs. She said, “Oh my GOD! I am so horny.” El lifted her hand from her pussy, looked at it and added, “and so wet”. She unbuckled then leaned over her seat towards the back seat. Her bare ass and pussy were facing the windshield. I can only imagine what oncoming traffic saw coming at them. I couldn’t help reaching out and grabbing her bare butt cheek and squeezing. I slid a finger down her crack from anus to clit and she was very wet. She cooed and wiggled her ass when I touched her. All the while El rooted through her over sized bag. When she finally found what she was looking for she sat back down in her carseat. She was holding the rabbit vibrator that we purchased together at the adult store in one hand. She showed me that she had a butt plug in her other hand. El looked at me and beamed. El said, “Don you created a monster. I have opened up sexually. I am such a slut now. I use the rabbit a couple times a day now. I watch porn now. You know the nice stuff. I went back to the store. I talked to the sales girl and she recommended this butt plug for anal play. See it vibrates. We’ll use this later.”El tossed the new butt plug back into her bag. She sat back in her seat and spread her legs. She turned the rabbit on to vibrate and it buzzed. El put the toy against her opening enjoying the sensation for a bit. She leaned back and inserted the phallic part of the toy into her pussy until the fingers on the arm touched either side of her clit. El cooed with pleasure then hit another switch on the rabbit. I recognized the new noise emanating from the rabbit. I pictured the shaft rotating ball bearings under a lifelike silicone skin against the inside of her vagina. El immediately reacted to the sensation. She began breathing heavy hand moaning. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. Cars next to us and didn’t seem to notice that El was masturbating. Even though she now had her feet up against the dashboard, mouth open and moaning loudly. With the adult toy buried in her exposed pussy.El suddenly looked over at me demanding, “Show me your cock Don. Let me see your beautiful cock!” I pulled the leg opening of my shorts up and over exposing my cock to sunlight. El reached over with her left hand and encircled by hardness. She squeezed and pulled erratically too engrossed into her own pleasure to concentrate on mine yet. Right now my cock was just another tool to get El closer to her climax, which she was rushing towards. El gripped my cock and squeezed tightly as she groaned through her orgasm. El seemed to melt into her seat lethargically. She turned off the rabbit and removed it from her pussy. El looked at me and my cock in her post orgasmic bliss. She put her toy back into her big bag in the back seat. El came back with a pillow that she placed on the center console. With a sultry tone she said “Looks as if you could use a little attention.” El gave me a mischievous smile then pulled her top down reveal her breasts. She laid down a bit awkwardly at first. Belly on the pillow, Hip and ass on her seat with her head in my lap. I noticed that she was cramped for space between me and the steering wheel. So I set the cruise control for a few miles over the speed limit. I moved the seat back to give her more room. She seemed to adjust to a comfortable position. Her hand hand was between my legs. Her cheek on my pubis and thigh. She moved the fabric of my shorts completely away from my cock and balls giving her full access. El gently touched my manhood while looking at it. El admittied, “Have I ever told you how much I adore a mans cock? I never quite realized till after Bud died. I even like playing with them when they’re soft.” El then teases by gently blowing on it followed by soft kisses. My cock involuntarily jumps in response to the stimulation. She simultaneously cups and fondles my balls with her hand. We are in no hurry. We have plenty of time. No race to orgasm. Just a slow relaxing tease. I show my gratitude by gently caressing El with my right hand. Left hand on the wheel. I touched her neck between her ear and shoulder. I rubbed her bare back, neck and shoulders. I moved my hand down in front and cup her breast. I rolled a hardened nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger. She purred in reaction to the attention to her body. I was rewarded by feeling her mouth on my cock with her tongue lapping lazy circles around the circumcised head. I felt myself growing even harder in her mouth. El rolled onto her belly to give mouth better to my cock. I had no access to her bare breasts. However I could feel one tit pressed against my bare thigh. So my left hand caressed her head, neck, and back. She was enjoying my attention to her bare skin. I reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt. I extended my middle finger. As I slowly lifted her skirt up my middle followed her ass crack up to it’s northern origin. This bared her mature buttocks. I began to massage her ass. My middle finger traveled down her crack till I felt her puckered asshole. The tip of my finger made lazy circles around it. I knew enough not to penetrate her without lube. I could tell El liked it. Her mouth was traveling further down my cock tuzla escort with each exquisitely slow cycle from tip back down till she could go no further. I could feel her lips wrapped around the base and her tongue lapping at my balls. She was deep throating. She slowly came back up sucking harder. I was in ecstasy.Out of the corner of my eye I saw a semi pulled next to maintaining our speed. After a while I bent down over the steering wheel to look up and over at him. He caught my eye. Gave me a thumbs up with the biggest smile. I stayed with him long enough for him to bring up his camera and take a quick picture. I noticed some speeders were coming up behind me in the passing lane. So I sped up to get in front of the semi and moved to the right lane. The car went back to the set cruise control speed. Which was good timing because I felt I was about to come. El had been sucking with purpose for several minutes now. It felt incredibly good. This was becoming one of my best best blow jobs of all time. It wouldn’t be long before I came. So I gave El a heads up, (pun intended). However El kept her mouth on me from my first spasm of ejaculation to swallowing my last drop. I shuddered through my orgasm. I had a hard time keeping from being distracted. Finally, she released me when my cock began to soften. El sat up wiping her mouth and smiling devilishly. She then put her arms out and stretched topless. A lovely sight indeed. Which is why the trucker in back of us sped up and changed lanes to our left. The semi pulled up alongside of us and matched our speed. The trucker gave us a quick double honk. El leaned over me and looked up at the semi giving the trucker a quick view of her hanging breasts. She asked, “What’s his problem?”I replied, I think he likes your naked backside and oral skills. He pulled up on the other side of us a while ago” El seemed excited about her accidental exhibtionism. I suggested that she let the guy see the rest of you. I slowed down till I could see the trucker in the semi’s side mirror. I looked back at us. El cupped the bottom her breasts and moved them seductively while she motioned to have him to move over to the right lane. I slowed down then moved over behind his rig. He must have seen us signaling him because he signaled and began to move over. El swivelled in her seat to face the passenger side window. She put her back against the pillow on the center console. She spread her legs and began to rub her clit. Her swollen labia danced below her fingers. She rolled an erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger with the other hand. I pulled up along side of the semi and matched speed. El began to laugh. I bent down and looked up at the trucker. He had his phone out. The look on his face was priceless, wide eyed and excited. Like a k** realizing that santa got him just what he wanted on Christmas day. El and I realized we might be causing too much of a distraction. I worried that we would cause an accident after a prolonged period of distracting the truck from keeping his eyes on the road. El waved at the trucker sat up and kissed the windows glass leaving a lipstick print against the window. I sped up and pulled away from El’s grateful audience. El giggled like a naughty schoolgirl, turned back around and went back to laying on my lap. She played with my limp member with her hand and lips. Then her mouth was on my cock once more. She suckled it like a contented baby at its Mother’s breast. Never in my life have I had a woman that enjoyed the act of giving head as much as El. I could feel her passion as she sucked my cock from flaccid to turgid in a matter of minutes. We continued like this as the time and miles flew by. El sat up telling me she had to pee and to stop at the next rest stop. I told her I just saw a sign saying there was a rest area in 4 miles. El pulled her top up and looked in the visors vanity mirror to primp. She made her final adjustments as we pulled off the freeway into the rest area, I opened her door and assisted her on getting out of the car. El’s body was noticeably stiff after being in the car for so long. My cock was noticeably stiff in my shorts. El and I locked arms as we slowly walked toward the restrooms. I waited for El outside after I had finished peeing. Women notoriously take longer in the restroom. Older women even longer. I felt eyes upon me as I waited. I glanced over and saw a man in a truckers cap staring at me while he vaped. I did a double take when I recognized the unique saying on the truckers cap “I Licked It So It’s Mine”. The trucker looked back in recognition and nodded. I took a few steps towards him. He was the first to break the silence.The trucker said, “She’s a little old for you isn’t she?”I said, I like to think more experienced. “What is she some kind of discount lot Lizard you picked up at another rest area?”Understanding that a lot lizard was slang for a truck stop prostitute. I answered, Have some respect man. That is my Mother in law that you are speaking about.The trucker broke out in a wide smile. He began to let out hints of a country drawl saying, “Damn son! That’s even better, I had a mind to fuck my ex’s after our divorce and she wasn’t half as hot as your M.I.L.”I quipped back, I’m not divorced. The trucker just shook his head and chuckled as El rejoined me and grabbed my arm. The trucker politely tipped the bill of his cap politely and said “Mam”I told the trucker that my girlfriend and I must be getting back on the road so we bid the trucker our goodbyes. El must have felt the trucker eyes upon her as we walked back. She pulled me close a asked “Is that our trucker we played with? I nodded my affirmation. As we got back to our car El checked around to see that only the truckers eyes were upon her. She lifted her skirt partially baring pantyless ass with a buttplug inserted in her anus. I got into the driver side in time to see the trucker scrambling to grab his smartphone for more pictures. It seemed the trucker had missed his photo opportunity so I encouraged El to give him another chance. I watched El lift her skirt and bend over while holding on to the passenger door. She gave the trucker ample opportunity to find the zoom button on his phone’s camera app. When I saw that a couple was seconds away from catching a view of El’s naked ass I warned her. El straightened up and got into the car. We were back on the road in seconds.