A Change of Events


A Change of EventsAre you ready? I’ve put your luggage in the car, Susan came out I’ve spoken to the k**s, there ok and have promised to look after the dogs and no parties while were away. Yep i spoke to them as well, don’t worry there going to be ok, there 17 and 16, there good k**s. They have our mobile phone numbers and you can phone them when we get there. Yes your right, Susan got in the car buckled up and off we went. This was the first time we had been away for ages, well since the k**s had been born. Susan and I have been married for 20 years, we have been through our high points and low points, i had finished in the Army and had started my civilian job, the problem was, it was 94 miles from where we lived near her mum and dad. She didn’t want to move, so I had to live in this terrible bed sit, well one thing led to another She was a single woman, we met at work and I went to the gym to keep myself occupied, she wanted to go and we both went together, I helped train her and as she had been married before and but it didn’t work, she had taken this job to get away, she was from a Pakistani family, she wanted to get away for her upbringing and wanted to be as we are in this country. Well it all happened as we were working on a project together, I went to her flat, as where i was it was very boring, well as we worked one night, we started drinking, we started joking and k**ding ourselves. We fell onto her settee, and just looked at each other and we started kissing, we both hadn’t had sex for ages, and both fucked each other all night. She liked to be on top so going upstairs she mounted me and slowly fucked me, she liked to hold onto the headboard and rode me as i fingered her clit and sucked her tits. She was a very good enthusiast fuck. Well i got her to wear, stocking and i got her a really big dildo, she didn’t know i had, one night, i was licking her clit from behind, i slowly put it in her, and kept licking her, she didn’t realise what was going on, she just loved it, riding it hard as i shoved it deep into her wet cunt. It was only when i turned it on, that she realised it, it took her by surprise, as she had never used one before. When i asked her if she liked it after we had finished fucking, she said yes but her religion didn’t allow it, well to cut a long story short, she started to become very religious and a lot of people at work started to cold shoulder her, well she got even more out spoken, she wanted me to go with her, but i didn’t want to so she left and i patched it up with Susan. Well it took a while to get over it, and it had, Susan agreed to move over to where I worked, we settled down and our sex life took off again, I wanted to get a bit adventurous, and so did Susan, she started to write to inmates in the US, and to men in Australia, she came to me one day and asked if I wound mind taking photos of here in sexy underwear, well, this sounded exciting to me, so after what I had done, I thought I owed it to her. She we started taking photos of her; we bought sexy underwear for her, and went out to the fields and in the bedroom and living room, anywhere she and I thought would be a good photo location, at first Susan was very nervous, but i encouraged her and she started to enjoy it and really get into this type of internet sex. I got her didlo’s she liked using then, the rabbit her favourite. So the more she enjoyed it the more adventurous she got. The guys in Australia and in particular one guy, asked her for more and more, they wanted her to do different positions and with sexy underwear they described to her. She has some really good sexy photos i took for her, and put them on her PC what they wanted, and to send across. This guy sent her pictures of his hard cock, it was really big, and a series of pictures of his cock, wanking it till he cum. He put them in a word doc with a story describing what he wanted to do with his cock and to Susan. I had been monitoring Susan’s emails and had read this and many others. It was very erotic and sexually exciting, when she came to me the next day, she asked if we could take some more photos of her on the bed, looking like she was asleep but playing with herself, i said well don’t forget to use your dildo’s so who ever its for he want be disappointed, she looked very nervous, i used this to make my move, what’s up, has he sent you some really erotic photos has he described what he wants to do to you? She said after a while well yes, my cock was rock hard in my trousers, really? Why don’t we read it together? You want be annoyed will you? No, i said you can do this to spice up our sex life, she looked relieved, ok, she started up her PC, and brought up the email with the attachment. I said, why don’t you get your kit on, lay on the bed, think about it as you play with yourself, hang on, i will read it to you, and you can imagine him doing what’s in the word doc, yes let’s do that, she said excited, i realised Susan liked the fantasy of it all the excitement, it really turned her on.She got changed into a deep red black laced bask, black stocking all the way up and thigh high boots the PVC type that cling to you. I got the camera ready and positioned the PC on the cabinet so i could take photos and read the doc. Susan settled herself down, just start touching yourself all over, i shall just take a series of photos, she started touching her tits and squeezing her nipples, her hands went all over her body along her stockings her boots and onto her clit which was covered by a thin black lace throng. I was taking a load of photos, close up middle range and capturing the whole room. Starting to read the doc, he was a fattish guy nothing to look at but sort of cheeky the sort of thing that women like, but he had a big thick cock. Well Susan he started, this is what I think of the last photos you sent to me, see how big my cock is, i want to feel you all over lick you tits and suck you clit till you screaming, i want to tie you up spread eagle and really play with you. This big cock I’m going to shove it down your throat and make you suck and gag on it, i want my balls sucked hard. Then I’m going to ram it in your wet hole, I’m not to be gentle you want it hard and fast and you’re going to get it. All the way in, fucking you and pulling your arms back, them I’m going to fuck your arse, hard as well, you dirty bitch you want to be fuck and satisfied, you don’t look like you’re getting it eh, well I’m going to give it to you long hard and fast, Susan was by now well into fingering her hole and clit, i took the dig dildo and pushed it into her wet hole, she gasped, but put both her hands on it and pushed it in and out of her with her legs wide apart. I took photos of it all, and with only my hand in view i fingered her clit, she came with an all mighty orgasm screaming and shouting yes, yes fuck me hard ram in me, you big cocked barstard fuck my arse do me fuck me all. Well, i just had to fuck her, i pulled her over and rammed my cock in her, with the dildo i fuck her arse and used the dildo on her we pussy, she came again and again, really loving it, go on fuck me don’t stop this is fantastic keep reading. I went on with the story till he had his cock shooting his load all over his hand, there he said I’m going to rub this in your tits, then you going to suck me hard again, then I’m going to tie you over the table, and my fried is coming over to fuck and you suck us both. Well, this really was a new level, I had read this but i wanted to see Susan’s reaction to this, as i was reading this I was also fucking her, she had her eyes closed and was cumming yes she moaned, bring him on you can both fuck my pussy till it hurts, fuck me till I scream for mercy! We finished her sex session, did you like it i asked? Yes she said it was very exciting erotic and adventures, fantasying about it then fingering myself getting that dildo in me it was so big, do you think his cock is that big, well i said it may be bigger you cannot judge to well, i thought good, i shall get her a anadolu yakası escort big 12 inch one see how she takes that, it was always a fantasy of mine to see Susan getting fucked by another guy or guys, i think this proves she would be up for it if the circumstances where right. Ok i said, let me get these off the camera, sort out the definition and put them on your PC, ok, then Susan said, why don’t you help me write the reply, i jumped at the chance, good idea, sort of from a man’s prospective what he would be expecting to hear, yes that’s it, ok, only if you get more sexy kit on so i can play with you, that way you’re writing it in a very sexy mood, so he gets really excited, good Susan smiled, let me wash then we can begin.Susan went and had a quick shower, came back and got dressed in a very sexy short black dress black high heeled shoes black stockings suspender belt front opening bra. I had the photos ready. We got down to the reply. Susan started the reply with a fantasy, she wanted to meet him in a motel, he came in feeling her she slowly went down to his trousers and got his cock out and sucked him hard, he undressed her to her stockings and fucked her in every way he wanted, as she was writing this, i helped with the man’s bit’s and played with her. She added the photos and sent it off. We had a great sex afternoon acting it out.This was a period of great sexual fantasies, the guy she emailed with this sex session was going ape shit, and he sent back photos after photos of himself. I helped Susan with her replies and photos. We went out for walks with her sexy clothing on as he wanted, loads of photos, i kept the under lying theme of going with other men. This guy loved that, he sent photos of him and other guys with their cocks out, telling Susan how they wanted to fuck her all together. Susan was really getting excited with this idea. She became more interested each time, she got them to explain what exactly they wanted to do to her, and what they wanted her to do. So what happened? Well, one weekend, she went to her mothers, when she was there she bumped into an old friend of her Dads, he phoned her and sent text messages, she wrote a letter to him, and they phoned each other, i happened to read one of the text messages he said i should have fucked you 20 years ago, we agreed to let her carry this on, as she liked the excitement of it all. Then one week she said she wanted to go and see him, well ok i had done it, and i thought well if i have if she wanted to… she said she found the idea at first not to her liking but the way the guys she was emailing made it sound, she was very curious to see what it was like, she said i want to see how it feels with another man. So we packed her overnight bag, and she went up to his place. She stayed three days, when she came back, she was quiet, i said ok what’s the matter? well did you fuck him, she was defensive at first, but then looked at me well yes we went out to his local pub, i had got changed in his place, ok what did you wear? well he told me what he wanted, tight short dress, stockings suspenders, G string and my front opening bra, he is much older than me well yes he’s nearly the same age as your Dad, yes i know that’s the weird thing, at times it felt very odd and times it felt ok, we had loads to drink, and chatted and laughed, the men at his pub, kept on saying to him who’s this then you’re young bit of fuck? He kept saying yer, she is, he looked and sounded like the guy from Australia, nothing special to look at but there was a basic ruggedness about him something that draws women to a sort of down and dirty fucking. We came out of there and got a taxi back to his place, he has hard hands and he rubbed me all over, it felt as if i wasn’t in control, her pushed me on the bed, and pushed my dress up pulled my G string out of the way his big hard hands and his big thick fingers where in my pussy , he got me so wet, it was really erotic and i just lost control, her turned me over and pulled my are upwards and rammed his cock in me, just like the guy described on the emails. His cock is very thick and it felt so different in me, stretching my cunt, he was just fucking me, no finesse grunting as he pumped his cock in and out, the whole thing was so base but so fucking great, it’s hard to describe it, but i just lost it and fucked his cock as he rammed it in. He wanted to fuck my arse but i wouldn’t let him, So It was different, with another man, his cock felt different, everything about it was different, but you just admitted you found it exciting, yes i did, it was so exciting, so are you going to see him again? Yes, i want to try this for a while, i know Susan, she gets into things has fun then becomes bored, i helped her chose her underwear, and he bought her kit as well. She had a few months of sex fun. Well as predicted it stopped, he was mucking her around. So we were going away to draw a line under it. Getting to the hotel we booked in, went out and generally looked around. We had dinner that night, i ordered a bottle of wine to our room, while Susan was getting ready, before going to this weekend, i had been to the porno shop and had a good chat with the guy running it, he had this pick me up he called it, he said put this in her drink, before she eats, it takes about 1 hour but it will drop all her hang ups and the more she drinks the more sexy she gets, you can get her to do anything you want, it really heightens her sex drive, it makes her like a MILF. i poured us both a glass, but making sure she has the lot in her glass. Getting dressed myself, we had music on in the back ground and the lights low, Susan had put on a trouser suit, as i was in the shower, she came in with two more glasses of wine, do you think this is okay? Well i said from the shower, did you bring anything more revealing i laughed, she giggled ok I shall have a look, finishing off my shower, i got out drying myself with a raging hard on, going into the bedroom with my cock leading the way Susan was standing by the bed, well what do you think? She has on a black velvet one piece dress very short, it came just under her arse, if she bent over even slightly, you could see her arse and skin tight, it was very open cut at the back down to the small of her back and very low cut at the front, black suspender tights with seams, high heeled black open shoes purple see through throng, finishing it off with her black bra that opened at the front, well? Well i said look at me dose that answer your question? Oh yes it does, she slowly wanked my cock, and sitting on the bed suck me really slowly, that’s good, well that’s all for now, later she smiled, get dressed, we having dinner, getting dressed i thought to myself, the guy said it took about an hour to work, but then i did pour the whole bottle in her drink, good this could be a very interesting night, putting the small digital camera in my pocket we went for dinner. Going into the restaurant, Susan got a lot of admiring looks, and a lot of women with envious looks. We sat down and while we were eating i was touching her legs, she was gripping my cock we both giggled like small k**s, in the back ground, we heard and saw a big party going on, speaking to the waiter, her said it was a business convention and everyone is welcome to join, come on Susan let’s make a night of it, yes she laughed let’s do that. We got up from the table and went into the party, it was full of people, i guided Susan to the bar, and picked a spot next to two black guys. Can we use that stool guys? Yer sure they said, no problem for a good looking lady, Susan thanked them and got herself up on the stool, she was showing a lot of leg, and her dress rode up so much you could easily see the gusset of her purple throng, which see didn’t do anything to cover up these guys were looking all over her, i stood behind her, they introduced themselves, Steve and Matt, they were over from the States for this big international ataşehir escort convention. I got us all drinks, Susan was flirting with them like mad it was really fantastic for me; i hope my fantasy comes true, so far so good. Both of them where leaning over Susan and making the conversation even more flirtatious Susan was loving it, she was really responding to these guys, she had a thing she told me once about black guys, well let’s see, i was watching Steve and Matt, they were brushing Susan’s legs now and then with their hands, Susan was responding by i noticed, opening her legs slightly, i said i have to go to the toilet, can you guys look after Susan i smiled, Yer sure no problem take your time, i went off but doubled back, with me away, they started to touch Susan, first her legs rubbing them all the way up to her sex, and i noticed under dress, i knew they were playing with her clit, she sort of sat up straight, and her head went back a bit, yep, there fingering her, they didn’t see me, they were too busy getting into Susan, Matt, was stroking her back and Steve was putting his hand in side her dress and squeezing her tits. Then i watched as Steve leant over and started to whisper, Susan pulled his head round with both hands and whispered her reply into his ear, he started kissing her neck, Susan really was responding, she lent her neck over for more of it to be kissed, she then turned her lips and kissed him erotically, putting her hand round his neck and pulling him really close. She had turned to Steve and i watched as he positioned himself between her legs he was touching her legs as he was in between them and wide apart so he easily run his hand up the front of her thighs and disappeared up her dress, showing her suspender tights and purple throng, he lent forward to whisper in her ear again Susan looked around a bit and nodded, i knew he was playing with her pussy as she put her head on his shoulders, i noticed a small rhythmic movement, oh her hips, as he fingered her sex. Matt was up close behind her, feeling her from behind. His hands covered her tits and rubbed her thighs from behind, There was some very heavy kissing and touching going on, no one else was even looking everyone was there for fun. Matt moved round a bit so both of them where in front of Susan, they both where using their hands on her to great effect, Susan’s hands moved so she was feeling Steve’s and Matt’s cocks she looked down and in that silent movie situation, i could imagine what she was saying to them both, they both smiled at her and held her hands on their cock, moving them so she was wanking them hard. Both the guys lent into Susan and whispered in each ear, smiling as they did, she was smiling back and started looking round for me, if I’m not wrong it could have been lets go back to your room and you can get our cocks out and we can really fuck you.Ok, let’s move this on to the next level, i walked back over, they didn’t see me, they were too busy, standing behind Susan’s stool, i watched them literally fucking each other, well I’m back, they sort of disengaged but i noticed Steve stayed between Susan’s legs and his hands still stroking her thighs, Susan had that faraway look, well it looks like you guys have really be looking after Susan, they smiled yer she is one piece of woman who really needs looking after, looking at Susan, well Susan do you need these guys to really look after you? She said oh yes they want to and so do i. Ok let’s go to our room so you guys can look after her, she really needs it. We all left, getting to out room, i let them in and said make your selves comfortable, I’ll go and get more wine, ok you do that where going to start looking after Susan, i said with a smile yes you guys do that, give her a real good looking after. Getting four bottles, i went back to the room, slowly letting myself in, they were all on the bed, both of the guys had their clothes off, and Susan was sucking them both hard, they were big! They had her tits out, her dress up round her waist, both of them where squeezing her tits and fingering her. Susan was like a woman possessed, sucking wanking, moaning, everything. Steve moved down to her cunt and started licking her she was letting out small intense screams, moaning and gyrating, that’s it, lick my pussy ,lick it hard, ahh that’s it get your fingers in me don’t stop, Matt, held her head and fuck gagged her mouth, umm, it’s so big, yes baby suck it take it all, suck my balls, Steve got up and positioned her legs with his really big cock at the entrance to her wet sex, ok Susan now we get down to some good hard sucking and fucking gripping her arse he rammed his cock deep into her cunt, she tensed up holding Matt’s cock fuck it’s so fucking big, its filling me so much, fuck what a feeling, Yer baby it is and you going to get it all, ahh fuck it’s so fucking big, it feels like is going to come out of my mouth! this is the best fuck ever, yer baby when you’ve had black you never look back, yes i see why ahh that’s it fuck me like that, fuck my pussy make it hurt, yer we will you’re going to feel like out cocks are still in you for a week! Steve started to fuck her hard and fast with long deep strokes, she was gasping screaming begging for more yer do that i what that feeling, Matt was ramming his cock in her mouth, she was cumming time after time, i just sat there watching the show, and taking the best porno photos ever, and yes i filmed it every bit of it. What a show. They used her and fucked her hard and fast all night everywhere in the room, they greased her arse and both of them fucked her arse, her cunt her mouth. She was well and truly looked after.The guys left our room in the early hours, leaving Susan sprawled out on the bed, in a satisfied, sleep, well that’s guys I think you really looked after her, yes we did and she did have a nice tight pussy, not any more, as a matter of interest, what where you guys whispering to her at the bar? How did you know that? Well you guys where to busy fingering Susan and touching her i was standing just a few feet away watching the show, well we started by asking if she had ever been with a black man before? She just said no i haven’t but always wanted to see if it’s true they have huge cocks that’s where we knew she wanted to fuck. Ok and she did, when do you guys go home? Where here till tomorrow, really, well so are we, want a repeat performance? Yep, ok I shall get her dressed up your place say 7? Oh yer we can give her a going away fuck marathon, yes that’s what she needs. She had her clothing on but what a sight, they just left her there, legs open tits out covered in there, black cocks cum, all over her face her tits and oozing out of her cunt what a site, and yes I filmed the scene all of it. While I left Susan sleeping, I down loaded all of the pics and videos onto the laptop, changed the batteries for new ones ready for tonight, had a shower and lay down on the bed to a satisfied sleep. Susan woke up in the early afternoon, stretching herself, she looked around, i had got up earlier and got showered and dressed, what time is it? 3.30 In the afternoon how you feeling? She reached down to her cunt stretched and aching, wow that was fantastic. They were so big, and didn’t they fuck me, i felt so used. God it feels like there still in me, that Steve, he was a really big cocked guy and he can really pump his meat. Well, you need to have a shower get something to eat if you’re hungry and get dressed, why? Because those guys, they’re not going back to night its tomorrow, and where invited to their room with some of their friends at 7. What! Your joking, oh no, they liked fucking you so much they want to give you a good fuck farewell. Susan sat there taking it all in, Steve especially, his last words where I’m looking forward to stretching her sweet pussy tonight and if she’s not here I’m coming round to get her. Not allowing her to think i took her hand and lead her into the bathroom, you get showered, ümraniye escort I’ll find you something to wear, fixing Susan a drink, making sure it was heavily laced with that magic potion, thinking to myself, what can I get her to wear? There’s going to be lots of couples there, so it sounds like a swapping party, so I need Susan to be the main attraction, looking through her bag, I found a red sheer one piece sleeveless dress made of a stretch material that clung to the body low cut at the front, it was very short, at the very top of her thigh. Another pair of dark sheer crutchless tights, no knickers and bra this time, to finish it off, high heeled black shoes, Good she would look fantastic in this and a big advertisement saying come on fuck me. Susan got out of the shower, oh my pussy it aches, its throbbing she put her leg up on the bed and pulled her lips apart, her cunt was red and looked well fucked, in fact, you could see her clit slightly pulsating, well you’re going to get a lot more tonight, i have selected these for you , i bet your going to be well and truly used and abused tonight, looking at the cloths on the bed Susan smiled yes in those i am, i moved over and sitting on the bed, Susan stated putting on her sexy cloths, i watched her put on her makeup, Susan looked fantastic, handing her the glass of wine i said well here’s to another experience for you, oh yes I’m looking forward to this, in one gulp she downed her drink, great, she’s really into this, grabbing the keys and the camera we went to the guys room and knocked on their door, looking at Susan, she was all excited, well, I have found out something more about her, she loves this, dirty bitch, Steve opened the door, hi guys come on in, well you look so good Susan, as he gave her a big hug and a really passionate kiss, Susan returned it with excited passion, his hands where all over her, as his big hands found her sex, no knickers eh? So you’re already, yes I am, and she added don’t worry Susan you’re not going to be disappointed, filled up , but not disappointed. Glancing down I saw Steve’s fingers, where wet! Holding Susan round the waist, Steve led us into the room. The lights where low and soft music was playing in the back ground, there were six other couples in the flat. Steve introduced us to them all, now where all here, let’s get the party going, he handed Susan a drink, and leading her over to sofa he sat down with her. Getting a drink, and looking for some where to sit, a young African woman came over and holding my arm said come and sit with me and my husband, smiling I went with her and sat opposite Susan and Steve. The atmosphere was electric; every woman there was dress to kill, you could feel everyone waiting for the start, people’s eyes were looking at each other sort of, who I fancy here looks, Loti and her husband who I was now sitting with, where from the same organisation as Steve and Matt. Well, your company or who you guys work for is really something, is this what you guys do when you go on these conference meeting? Yer, we do, it’s only once or twice a year when we get out half yearly get together within our organisation, well why not? We not hurting anyone, and we want to experiment without any complications. Well yes, why not indeed? Steve interrupted, ok here’s the game, we all pick a card, the lowest losses the highest has to give the lowest a task, anything you want! Everyone was excited with this, so Steve dealt out the cards one each, well as you can imagine Susan got the lowest, and Matt got the highest, Ok Susan, i want you to lay on the table in the middle of the room, and I’m going to blind fold you, you have to guess who’s tongue is licking your pussy, Susan got up, smiling, she lay on the table, Matt got up and blind folded her, and he tied her arms to the legs of the table, i was expecting Matt to start licking her, but Loti, stood up and whispered in my ear, i like licking a woman’s pussy and you wife’s pussy looks sweet, she moved across and spread Susan’s legs open, slowly playing with her clit with her fingers, Susan started to squirm and moan, OOOH God that’s so good, Loti, got her tongue to work on Susan’s clit, her fingers going in and out of her, as only a woman knows, Susan was building up to a big orgasm, everyone was looking intensely at this sex play, and a lot of the couples where touching each other as it got more erotic. Susan came with a big screaming orgasm, pleading for more. Loti, got up and came and sat down, Matt untied her and took the blind fold off, well Susan, who’s tongue was that, God i don’t know, but I want more it was a fantastic cunt licking. Ok as you don’t know, you have to sit down, but your forfeit is you have to take your dress off. Susan slowly dropped it to the floor, leaving her crutchless stocking on and her high heels, she sat down next to Steve and Matt, Steve dealt the cards again, and as he did this, he and Matt had one of Susan’s legs over their laps, and where blatantly fingering her cunt and playing with her tits, Susan had her hands on their cocks. Loti, whispered in my ear, your wife taste delicious, i must lick her pussy again, before Steve could call the cards, she moved across and planted her face straight into her pussy, Steve and Matt, held her legs, as Loti licked Susan to another orgasm. Oh My God, I’ve never had my cunt licked by a woman, as she squirmed and bucked Loti’s husband got up dropped his trousers and got out a huge cock, he walked across and Loti, guided it into Susan’s wet cunt AAAAHHHH, Fuck that’s so fucking big, its stretching my cunt so much I’m going to explode, without a word he started to pump Susan with big long deep strokes, getting faster and faster, everyone was looking at this and cheering him on, go on, fuck her hard, fill her ram it into the bitch she wants to fuck, yes fuck me fuck me hard. Loti carried on licking her cunt and her husband’s cock as he pumped her pussy, another guy got up went round the back of the sofa holding Susan’s head, he got his hard cock out and rammed it deep into her throat, fucking her hard, he didn’t last long, Susan was sucking hard and he groaned and shoot his cum down her throat. He pulled his cock out and immediately it was replaced with another. All the guys had their cocks out and where taking it in turns to fuck Susan. It descended into an orgy, everyone was fucking anyone, Susan got the most attention, i sat back and let Loti suck my cock as i watched Susan get the fucking of her life, not only was she getting fucked in every hole now, but the guys and girls where turning her over, fucking her from behind, holding her over some guys cock and lowing her onto it, she had cocks in her arse, cunt, mouth, women licking her fingering her, at one point, she had cocks in her cunt, arse and mouth, a woman licking her clit and sucking which ever cock was pounding her pussy, another woman rubbing her cunt over her mouth and licking her clit, in-between Susan sucking a cock.Loti, rode me as i sat back gyrating on my cock a good long satisfying fuck. She told me as she fucked me that they as a group got together on their company trips and fucked. If they could find any other couples like-minded or just wanted to experience swinging away from their homes without any hang ups well, she said why not. I shot my load in her and she sucked my hard again. This went on all night, Susan was completely fucked, and we left in the early hours, went back to our room and collapsed. We left in the morning and drove home, going over this incredible weekend, Susan said she found it the most exciting time of our lives, looking at her, i said well we can always be there next time there in town, I smiled yes let’s do that, as long as no one finds out, don’t worry who would? Loti, said there always discrete, i also had her number, so we can phone her, yes let’s do that, good i said as i drove, there back her in three weeks and the guys have already got me to book you in there for a return fucking, as Steve said as we left your pussy should have stopped aching and be ready for more, you never? Yep, i did, oh and in your bag is the video they made, your joking nope I’m not, it’s a little extra, so when where home and we have cleaned up you can watch yourself getting the fuck of your life. Oh yes i cannot wait, nor can I .Here’s to next time.