A Birthday Weekend to Remember Ch. 01


Varun and I had been good friends at school when I was still studying in Chennai. Subsequently I had moved to Delhi, finished my schooling and had in a sense permanently relocated to the US for my undergraduate education. My father, who had started his overseas business venture while we were still in India, had now shifted to the US. A year after I finished high school, my mother and I joined him and the coveted US Green Card was now ours to flout.

In the interim few years, I had kept in touch with Varun through the odd postal letter but usually on short phone conversations during any trips back to Chennai where both sets of my grandparents lived. It was in my Junior year at University that my parents decided that we need take a full month off to visit Chennai to see the grandparents who were aging and with whom we hadn’t spent much time in the previous few years. One granddad had recently survived a minor stroke and there was a general feeling of guilt in my parents that they had left their own parents uncared for and vulnerable.

Fall semester usually ended in mid to late December and classes resumed soon after the New Year. I had to make a special request to two of my professors to be allowed to take my semester exams early and by myself so as to be able to travel my with parents on the same date as they.

Chennai was somewhat of a sleepy city in the late eighties. The typical airport stench of phenoyl hit us as we entered the main airport building upon arrival. Being December, the weather was reasonably pleasant by local standards. As we drove from the airport, I felt that not much had changed in the intervening few years since I had left the city.

It took a full three days before I managed to get over some of the jet-lag. The reunion with the grandparents and the rest of the extended family had all gone well. I was however getting a bit restless already. While my grandparents lived in an independent house (still common in those days), it was one of those old construction buildings from the sixties. The toilet was the Indian style hole-in-the-ground, air-conditioning available only in the living room and power cuts were all too frequent. It was not much different than when I was younger but the intervening years in Delhi (which was better in terms of material comforts) and then the living in the US had now spoilt me. I was no longer able to adjust as easily as I thought I could. There was almost a full month of stay left and one could indulge in distractions like shopping, relative visiting etc. only to a certain extent without getting bored. Beyond this, was the thought of having an inactive sex life for the next thirty odd days. The situation was not necessarily the most ideal for someone like moi.

It was in such moment of bored musings that I gave a call to Varun and he immediately agreed to meet up. It was late afternoon and I suggested we rendezvous at the Drive-in Woodlands near Gemini circle. It was a popular hangout place when I was in school and boasted some excellent local tiffin items. Varun looked much the same since the last I had met him which was a few years go. Unlike many in our batch, he didn’t yet have his growth spurt and remained somewhat on the shorter side when it came to height. We caught up on each other’s recent life history. He himself was doing a course in Commerce with a view to become an Chartered Accountant. I vaguely remembered that their family had their own business concern and he had always been one of those “richer than average” kids in the old days. He would more than likely join his father in the family business once he finished college.

As our initial catch-up conversation ended, he invited me to drop in at his house anytime. It turned out he was going through a lean phase too in terms of friends. The old gang from school was no dispersed in various cities and he wasn’t too comfortable with his college mates. Also, his house was not too far from where my grandparents lived – a fifteen to twenty minute walk was all it took. I promised to drop in the very next day as I was looking for ways to kill time as well.

Next day, I headed to Varun’s house promptly after lunch. The door was opened by his sister Aparna. I remembered her from my schooldays in Chennai. She was one year junior to us. Varun had mentioned that she was in college doing a BSc. course in Physics. What he hadn’t mentioned was that she had turned into a wonderfully fine looking young girl. In a long sleeveless frock, she was quite the pretty young thing. She must have been nineteen then. Varun’s family was from the Chettiar community. With sharp features and a pretty face, Aparna had a lovely slim figure with well formed breasts for her age.

“Hi – been a long time.”

“Hey Sri! Yes. Varun told us you were in town and you guys had met yesterday. You’ve really grown so tall and look different.”

“You’ve grown tall too, since I saw you last.”

I sensed she could feel my face boring down her body güvenilir bahis siteleri especially lingering over her chest and was on my guard instantly to be less obvious. Varun came out from inside just then. We went up to his room, hung around shooting the bull, basically trying to see what we could the rest of the day. A little while later, I heard a voice call his name asking him to come down.

As I followed him out of his room and looked down the railing, I noticed the lady who must have obviously done the calling. As we walked down the stairs, I realized she was a very fine looking woman – of medium height, with lovely chocolaty dark skin, a beautiful face, a well kept body, a set of full heavy breasts and a hint of lipstick on the lips. She was wearing a sleeveless salwar kameez. Her waist length hair was nicely brushed and knotted the traditional way to hang behind her back.

“Amma – you remember Sri?”

“Hi aunty.” I said. What a beautiful looking mom she was. No doubt Aparna had taken her after her mother in looks and in body type. Those familiar feelings of arousal were starting to crop up again.

Much like her daughter before her, I think Jayashree aunty sensed the admiration (or was it a leer?) in my looks. I could see her smiling back.

“Hi Sri – so many years since I saw you. You’ve grown so tall and filled out.”

I was trying to remember when I had seen her last – must have been quite a few years ago. Of course, at that age, my sexual proclivities were just beginning and doubtless she had just been one of the many school moms I had come across. But now, my hormones were in overdrive. Various thoughts were rushing through my head – the primary one was regret about being in India only for a few weeks more and missing out on the possibility of any intimate interactions with Jayashree aunty.

“I’ve made tea for everyone. Come, sit and drink.”

I gathered that the afternoon 3pm tea was a family ritual. There were some of the typical namkeen snacks to take along with the tea. Jayashree aunty quizzed me about what all I had been upto after leaving Chennai and my student life in the US.

“Dei – any girlfriends?” This query came in from Varun, in a playful and teasing tone.

I hesitated a bit. I could see both Jayashree aunty and Aparna looking at me inquisitively, waiting for an answer.


There were a few chuckles around the table. Dating wasn’t such a common concept in India and definitely not in Chennai in those times.

“White girl aa?”

I was surprised at this question coming from Jayashree aunty. I hesitated a bit. “White” -yes, but “girl” would be a stretch. Back in the US I was in the midst of a torrid affair with Marion, a delectable mother of my college junior, married and in her early forties. But I very well couldn’t say that.

“Err.. Yes.”

“Stop amma – you are embarrassing him.”

This came from Aparna. I got the feeling they all wanted to quiz me more on this topic but were a bit embarrassed to do so in front of each other. Being a US returnee, which was a novelty then, I was obviously an object of some curiosity. As the conversation diverted to other topics, I did the inevitable of stealing glances at both Aparna and her mother drinking in their lovely figures and beautiful faces.

The topic veered to sports and health, fitness etc. I mentioned my gym routine and how it had helped me buff up. I felt both the ladies were looking at my body appreciatively as I pointed to my flat stomach. I could sense Varun being a bit uncomfortable just then, because he obviously didn’t come across in a good light when it came to physical comparison. I decided to move the conversation away to other topics and soon we were talking about other things like the movies and music. Both Aparna and her mother Jayashree were lovely conversationalists and I was sorry that the discussion eventually had to end.

“Feel free to come by whenever.” A friendly invitation from my friend’s mom – and who was I to refuse.

It wasn’t the first time I had been in a situation like this – meeting someone and getting infatuated in an instant and then carrying a raging hard-on all the while trying to hide it. That day was no different. Indian toilets, no toilet paper etc. etc were somewhat of dampeners when it came to wanking off and then cleaning up. That night I fantasized about Jayashree aunty and Aparna, separately and then making love to the two of them together. An impossible dream, no doubt – but a very pleasant and pleasurable fantasy to play over in the mind.

On the next day, I made it a point to visit Varun’s house again. The two ladies were looking yummy as usual. But I didn’t get much chance to talk with them. The new Bond film, “License to Kill” was releasing finally in India and in the theaters in Chennai that Friday. In those days, movies from the West invariably released months and years after being shown in the West. This mobilbahis one was several months late as well. Varun suggested we go see the film and I immediately agreed. It had been a long time since I had been to a cinema in India. He agreed to have the tickets booked via his driver.

So that Friday afternoon I headed straight to Pilot theater for the 3:30pm show. Varun was going to come there directly. It was a bit of a surprise to find him along with his mother and sister waiting by the entrance. Apparently they were keen on seeing the movie too. Jayashree aunty was looking lovely in a dark colored saree accentuating her figure wonderfully. Aparna was in a salwar and looking quite nice as well. Our seats were at the back of the theater. I ended up sitting between Aparna and Varun with aunty on seated next to Aparna. As with all Bond movies, there was a fair amount skin and several Bond girls dallying with the hero. Typically these were embarrassing to see with parents or women – and usually us young Indian males would try to see this without moms and dads around.

It was one of those kissing scenes – Timothy Dalton on the boat with a lovely young woman – you knew a Bond moment was coming, and I had a slight smile on my face in expectation of the ongoing smooching and the bedding scene that was to follow. On a sudden intuition, I glanced to my right. Aparna was staring at me, observing my reaction to the kissing scene. Doubly embarrassing at that time was that Jayashree aunty was doing the same, from behind Aparna. I caught both eyes and quickly turned my head back to the screen where it remained fixed for the next several minutes.

During the interval, we walked out to grab some snacks and chit-chatted about the film till then. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the movie especially when compared to earlier Bond flicks. Varun, his mother and sister, all took the opposite view though. We had a bit of friendly back and forth on this.

Aparna commented – “I think Sri is just missing Marion and grumpy about everything.” This evinced a bout of laughter from everyone as we headed back into the watch the second half.

Over the next few days, I visited Varun’s house on and off. Jayashree aunty would always be there with a friendly smile and welcoming tone. I was getting more and more drawn to her – her dusky body and that beautiful face were successfully further inflaming my lustful thoughts with each visit. I was finding it difficult to take my eyes off her and my stare would invariably find itself lingering in the direction of her body. Once or twice I saw both Varun and Aparna notice my staring at their mother but neither of them said anything or reacted in anyway. She had magnificent breasts, not large, but just correctly sized – that stood full and firm, encapsulated tightly underneath her blouse. At night my dreams would heavily feature suckling on those breasts along with a fantasy of drinking milk from them.

There was always just a little bit of cleavage and no more. She had good taste in her sarees and always looked fetching in them. On one side, there was a beautiful midriff exposed between her hips and to the bottom of her blouse. The dark, smooth skin on the exposed sections of her back and neck were inviting and looked ready to be licked. By the end of each visit, I would end up with a painful hard-on which I would try to hide. Final relief would inevitably come only after I reached back home.

I was taking notice of Aparna as well. She was also very pretty. She had obviously taken after her mother in terms of looks. Her breasts were also well filled out, but not yet close to her mom’s in terms of attractiveness. She would often join Varun and I in his room when we were hanging out during the day. Her usual dress, a salwar kameez, did an excellent job of hiding all her valuable body assets from the male gaze. Her face, therefore always stood out for me – a very pretty one with kissable, pouty lips. I used to often imagine her lips wrapped around my cock, going down on me.

At one of the times i was alone with Varun he did happen to mention that I would sometimes be a topic of discussion within their family during dinnertime. There was some amount of curiosity about my having a girlfriend, Marion and how quickly I had turned “western” given my rather more sedate background from my younger days when I used to live in Chennai.

My mother knew I was visiting an old school friend’s place frequently all those days.

“You are going there a bit too often. I’m not sure what Varun’s family thinks of us, allowing you to pile on to them just about every other day.”

US returnees were mini-celebrities in families and neighbourhoods those days. This was mainly because they were thought to be “rich” in the West and would typically bring back a bunch of “western” stuff that was not available in India in the local markets. It was ironic that many of these were available in a K-Mart for less bahis siteleri than USD 10 but were treated as luxury items in India. These included daily items from soaps, shampoos, cookies to slightly more expensive gifts such as perfumes and then coveted electronic items that would be sneaked through Indian Customs without paying the cumbersome duties that existed those days. We were allowed two large suitcases per person and the typical practice would be to have one suitcase full of “gift” items to distribute coming into India, thus emptying it. Then one would do a whole lot of shopping for Indian items such as clothes, spices, food items etc. and take back to the US.

The situation was no different with us. My mom had bought a random assortment of items to be given as “gifts” to local relatives, friends and we still had a bunch of unused items waiting to be doled out to whoever showed up.

“Take them something at least. I’ll put somethings in a bag and give you tomorrow.”

My mom was quite thoughtful in picking something out for each in Varun’s family. There were a few chocolate bars and a few packs of Oreo cookies. For Varun and his dad, she picked out two Timex watches that she bought at a Black Friday sale. For Aparna, there was a small make-up kit. For Varun’s mom, she had picked out a dull silver color bracelet that really looked more like thick band/strap and which was color neutral in that it could probably go with any dress.

The reaction was all smiles as I took the gifts over the following day. All “foreign” goods were deemed high value luxury items. Aparna was taken with the make-up kit. Some of the items in there were new to her and she started experimenting right-away. The bracelet for Jayashree aunty was a little more tricky. It had a pull-apart clasp and a tiny push button that was hard to find and was used to lock the bracelet in place once on the wrist. Aunty was having trouble putting it on easily. I offered to help and took her wrist in my hand. I felt a slight flinch from her side as I took her hand in mine but nothing after that. It took a few minutes for me to figure out how the mechanism worked – way more complicated than it needed to be.

She remarked, “If it is taking you this much time to figure out how to get this on, I’d never have been able to to it.”

As I struggled to put the bracelet on smoothly, I realized I was getting a good feel of her hand and wrist. Her skin felt smooth and inviting to my fingers. I could also smell her body which appeared to be steeped in the aroma of Mysore Sandal soap, very popular those days. It is amazing how the right perfume or odor can improve a woman’s attractiveness. I could sense my arousal beginning in my loins.

Aparna was sitting there next to us, still examining the contents of her make-up kit.

“Don’t you ever buy any such bracelets for your girlfriend? I thought you would be an expert in these things by now.”

It was a teasing remark coming from her which elicited a few chortles of laughter from Varun and his mother. Eventually, I got that damn bracelet thing on correctly. I had Jayashree aunty try that a few times on her own before she was comfortable with it. All through this time, I had kept holding her wrist in my hands and enjoying the feel of her bare skin. I could see that aunty really liked wearing that silver band and she didn’t seem to mind my holding her hand either, On an intuition, I glanced to my side and I noticed Aparna staring at at her mother’s and my hands locked in a gentle grip. We had obviously been like that for a few minutes. I gently moved my hands away and resumed some general chit-chat.

For the rest of the time I was there that day, I kept having the feeling that Aparna was catching me each time I tried to stare at her mother. I wondered if she suspected that I had a crush on her mom. However there was nothing in her conversation or demeanour otherwise to suggest any such thing. This feeling of being watched by Aparna continued over the next few days whenever I was at Varun’s house. It got to the point that i had to make sure I was out of her line of vision before I’d sneak a glance at Jayashree aunty who looked so yummy and graceful. What a lovely mom she was. I was also attracted to her kind and friendly disposition, always with a gentle smile on her face.

It was a few days after this, one evening, that I got a call from Varun.

“Hey Sri, you don’t have any plans for this weekend, do you?”

“ha ha. No, we don’t really celebrate Christmas you know. So – nothing special.”

“I think I’ve told you, we have a house in Injambakkam, by the beach. We are planning to go there this weekend. We have a pool and the beach is there. It is also amma’s birthday on Sunday. Why don’t you join us? We will pick you up when we leave and drop you at your house on the way back.”

“Oh! When are you leaving and when do you come back? That sounds fantastic. I’ll need to ask my parents also.”

“Great! Unless you call back otherwise, I’ll tell amma that you are coming along with us. Christmas is on Monday so we’ll come back on Tuesday sometime during the day”

“When is your mother’s birthday?”

“24th – Sunday.”

“Oh – just missed being a Christmas baby.”